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  1. 6 days before Passover, Jesus was anointed with precious Nard.
    300 x (e) squared=2,216= 6 lunar years (Iyar 11 5,770 to Iyar 11 5,776)
    300 x (e) cubed= 6,025= 4,004 +2,021. James Ussher had creation at 4,004 b.c.
    12 disciples 200 cubits plus 153 fish= 12×353= 1,000 Phi cubed

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  2. My best girlfriend ever died on 18 Tevet after 3 years of cancer. December 26, 2018. She held on to see 30 of her personal offspring come to her home to her bedside at Christmas. Her 18 Tevet death could really be 18 Adar?
    Question: By adding an extra Adar in February this year in 2019, won’t that take us back to the normal calendar?…..except for the second month SimSim lesson.
    What do you make of the crickets at Mecca….blackouts in America…and Total Lunar Eclipse Sunday on Shevat 15…New Year for trees? I’m writing my thoughts now.


    1. It’s always difficult to hear of someones loss. I am sorry for your loss of a dear friend. Times have been significant for me also because of a family loss. It’s an amazing journey. The beginning of feasts are a month late for those on a journey or (effected by death). I believe the analogy of fruit trees (as meat) and circumcision and the times of Noah and the miracle of Cana, Lazarus, etc. are all speaking to the same times. The mess of Revelation is angel speak and a complete confusion. I believe this New Year for trees is the time of Jesus’ first miracle. You can’t harvest fruit until the right time. It’s the central theme of Adam and Eve. Some fruit becomes orlah/obedient/according to law at the new year for trees. God’s time for fruit is from planting the seed plus circumcision time. I believe it is 270 (womb/planting) plus 2922 (solar 8 years)… or prophetic 276 (souls) plus 2,916 (full firkins…3x6stonesx 162 measures). I believe the count started at lamb separation of Pesach Sheni 5,770. I have not convinced anyone; and don’t care to argue it. It is very significant to me.

      I believe the Jewish calendar is off. Meaning Tishri 1 5779 didn’t occur according to hebcal.org on the day they have recorded. I believe 5779 started a month later. In addition, those “on a journey” (I’m including myself) add another month. So my Fall celebrations are 2 months later than the Jewish calendar. I also believe that the count of pentecost/shavuot is 7×7 plus 50=99. I believe that these fall winter feasts are actually a 180 degree mirror of the Spring feasts (Southern Hemisphere). For a Southern Hemisphere Jew to be obedient, I believe their law is tied to the spring of the Southern Hemisphere. So…I believe the 2 week wedding feast that starts on the new year for trees and ends on she vat 28 is the great day of the Feast and that it is 102 days (Shavuot) into the other half of the year.

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      1. This is very interesting to think about. Much more in-depth than my simple 20 theme with Yacov.
        I’ll always be open as our Creator does certainly have depth for those seeking depth. Thank you for sharing. May iron sharpen iron as we encourage one another. I’ll keep your thoughts available.


      2. Hi Peter, What are your thoughts on our world situation now? Looks like we’re going through this…not flown out yet. I believe sinners will be removed. The song that Jesus washes our sin away comes in full view as sinners are washed away…per vision of John watching Yeshua Jesus holding back CA ocean waters while many come behind him for protection. Those chose not to stand with Yeshua were …WASHED AWAY!
        His vision could also show us a meteor that hit and washes many people away…more than we’ve ever seen in our history.
        Perhaps we don’t have to keep saying..Hes coming soon but bring a stronger message of REPENT as John said as the ‘forerunner’. TOTAL REVERANCE is needed to The Torah which is Yeshua filling it up.


      3. Hello Hadassah,
        I tend to look at examples in scripture where God is working with one person at a time; instead of visions, dreams, and angel accounts. The account of Josh 10:12-13 hints at a count from Equinox or Solstice. I believe that the Lazarus story hints at a count from these times as well. The command to count AND “number” the weeks and days has the same hidden time. “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abideth alone”. The Shavuot/Pentecost time starts when? Most everyone will say around the first month (spring). I believe the example of Hezekiah’s Passover hinted at the second month (parrallels with Noah) start. I believe the count is then 49+50. This count would take the time to the end of the first or second wedding feast of AV (Tu B’Av). The hint of “fully come” and “complete her week” come to mind. For me my tragedy time comes to 3760 days which is the number of years when Jesus knew his time. Just like running out of wine at a wedding would be a major tragedy; Jesus had a count and a fix from that time. Our current times have many elements of confusion and people can spin Revelation in any direction. I believe that Revelation, Angel speak, dreams, and Paul are paths that lead away from Jesus. His sacrifice allowed us to be in conversation with The Father. The Father is revealing His times within His living Word. In Esther 9:16 “slew of their foes seventy and five thousand” hides a riddle. What is that number? “Scholars” have written out the number as 75,000. I “see” it as 70 And 5,000=5,070. The chapter 9 account (number of slain) was 500 plus 10 sons. “Let the morrow be the same”=?. Do you count another 510? Can you count dead sons twice? Then we see 300 slain introduced. If the “instuction” from the king is meant to be 500+10+500+300=1,310 then I see the riddle as 3,760 (Jesus time)+1,310=5,070. If the 300 is “unauthorized amount” then I see (500+10+500)-300=710. 5,070+710=5,780 which is year 2,020.

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  3. It’s good to stretch before the game. Here’s the stretch. When God is doing something that “hasn’t been done for a long time” it is a delayed a month. For example when men were effected by death or a long journey they celebrated Passover a month later. See also Hezekiah’s rededication of the temple in the second month. It’s also concealed in Samson’s riddle…If you don’t know the times you pay up 30 sheets (and 30 garments). This year (5,779) started a month too early (wasn’t fall yet for month of fall feasts). If you also add a second month to the Days of Noah…then the 17th of Tevet is actually the celebration of Cheshvan 17… the Day that Noah went into the Ark… which is Christmas of 2018. Hannukah always starts with a sliver of moon light and ends with a sliver of moon light. The “miracle” is when the light doesn’t go out. This year Venus remained and kept the temple lit.

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