Feasts of Lord

What is the ‘Living Torah’


How Can instructions be alive?

Have you ever thought what that really means.

Torah is known as being the “instructions’ from God. Adam received instructions, Noah received instructions, animals follow instructions, etc.

God is forced to make a BIG correction because man for 1576 years turned away from God instructions. Noache will build the biggest ark to save eight people and animals according to torah (God’s instructions.)

Garstang’s excavation of Jericho in 1931 showed that city was captured in 1407 BCE. Thus the Exodus can be placed at 1447 BCE. God’s instructions through Moses is known as The Torah and the first five books of the bible are known as Torah.

The Mt. Sinai instructions are confirmed by the person we know as the Living Torah, Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus.) Yeshua is known as the Word of God and is even called that in Genesis 1:1. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God.” Yeshua even refers to Himself as the ‘green tree’ that they didn’t recognize in their time.

The Torah lives in us. How? The Holy Spirit indwells believers. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals God to us and it is the Holy Spirit that quickens your spirit that you are violating God’s instruction (torah). As a born-again person (believer in Yeshua Messiah) you now possess the Holy Spirit.

So, when asked the questions…What is the Living Torah, I think of Yeshua immediately.

And, the Jews know that the Messiah coming can NOT violate Torah. If He violates it in one point, He is not the REAL Messiah. That is why they kept questioning Jesus. They tried to find fault with Him and instead, Jesus kept correcting them that they had added too many new laws that God had never intended. They had made the yoke of living with God cumbersome and not a joy. Jesus said His yoke (Torah/instruction) was light/easy.

Would you like to see more of God in your life? Here is a suggestion and I think you will stand amazed. I am no longer amazed; now I am in Awe!

Feasts of Lord

Read the Torah Scriptures that apply to the Hebrew calendar for that week. You can find the Parsah studies on line or on a Hebrew calendar. Don’t put God in a box but give Him the freedom to talk to you. Some of the studies continue into the next week but in general you will see God’s hand.

Where will you see His hand?  The lessons will appear right as you speak to someone. The Living Torah may show up in your job, the weather around you and the world; your friends action or politics. Pay special attention to Israel. Their Yom Kippur War occurred on Yom Kippur. It was a Day of Judgment – The nations came surprisingly attacking them, but it was God resting with them during the next two weeks (Feast of Tabernacles) that bought them together to survive that war.

I love the story of David being in the Field and gets his bride Abigail. That happens in Elul and Yom Kippur (40 days later on Tishrei 10). We can expect the same things in that month (August/September this year)….you just have to watch.  I will be on this blog showing you…it does not have to be a fearful time.

And, you may be challenged by others in what the study was about or you may find yourself challenging others.

I’ve been observing The Hand of God and looking for patterns. I can definitely tell you what each month is about. Our Fourth of July lines up with Tammuz 17…Pearl Harbor is Kislev which is a war month…etc. The yhebrew.com blog site will cover these subjects as the month happens. You will see things connect in the world. It sounds strange…but God’s ways are not our ways.

What you will find is that God is not on an linear calendar. He has set up the world on a circular pattern that keeps going…but in patterns. His appointments with us are planned in a sequence. He will show up in your life in this pattern to be with you with teaching us what He desires for our lives at that time. He works in the world the same way.

Some will be very exact as we just studied the locust plaque.  The cicadus  in my woods are not locust.  But, there are millions of them  across the Midwest.  We have another batch in 10 years but further east in the US.  2011 will be another Shemittah year.  I’m going to check into this.

I could use the comets as one example as they are on a 17-year cycle. Isaac Newton told Haley that the comet he saw would be back and he told him why. Haley’s Comet should really be called, Isaac’s comet… The sea animals, animals, birds that migrate all have their own instructions (torah) and stay on their pattern to accomplish God’s purpose for them to stay alive on His earth.

I decided to write this article right now because we just talked about this in my Hebrew class on the Sabbath. I also have been wondering about the 17 year cycle of these locusts. Are they here to eat the fields in that Shemittah year of rest. I know many things are only for the land of Israel, but I’m witnessing God applying things to the world in general. I don’t want to take away from Israel’s being ‘set apart’ to Him, but I do see God honoring his same instructions to The nations. Therefore, if I see Hi in application it makes me want to honor Him even as I live outside. It’s not ‘replacing’ Israel, but ‘honoring’ Israel. Believers are grafted into her and need not take her over. We are “Set-apart/holy” only because she is first.

The Living Torah is us living our lives by it.

We have a relationship with our savior Messiah and therefore He send the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) that sets you apart to God. Now, you live your lives and you are convicted of wrong doing. Sin is violating any of God’s instructions (Torah).

God has set up what He calls, The Lord’s Feasts. They aren’t the Jews Feasts, but they are His feasts.

Unfortunately, man has not understood correctly and has thought that the word seasons meant as in English to be winter, spring, summer and fall. But, the word season in Hebrew is mo’ed or appointment. God has set up appointments for us to observe and for the lack of understanding Hebrew, man has not been showing up for these appointments.

This year is 2015 and men have been learning about the blood moons and that God does have appointments with us; men are starting to show up. May 24 Sunday, Sivan 6 was Shavuot. Monday, May 25 2015 was Memorial Day. That weekend we had the Sabbath to celebrate, Shavuot to celebrate…remember Yeshua died, taught us, and then went back to the Father and then the Holy Spirit came. What a great Memorial happening…on America’s Memorial Day. We are a young nation but we’ve had many wars and they continue. Israel was fighting their way to freedom at the same time.

I started writing this because of the mayflies that just closed a US bridge after a motorcycle crashed. BBC News 6/14/2015, “A dense swarm of mayflies caused motorcycle crashes and the overnight closure of a bridge in the US state of Pennsylvania.” It closed Saturday (Sabbath). “Piles of mayflies up to 2 feet (.6m) deep were seen the morning after. Immature mayflies live in water, before hatching as adults to mate in swarms. It was like a blizzard in June said the fire chief.” There were flying people’s mouths and in their clothing. By Sunday morning they were 2 Feet Deep!

In Missouri the sound of the sakada locusts is almost deafening. They come out of the ground every seventeen years and in this being the Shemittah year 20142015 I was wondering if they will just breed and go back in the ground or if they’ll hang around and eat some crops? In this Shemittah year in Missouri the corn did get planted but is almost yellow from so much rain. The hay can’t get cut or bailed. The beans are NOT in yet. We have record rain in Missouri and record drought in CA, WA, Idaho, etc. This is again what I see as the plague time of Egypt. Last month was Nissan…the time of the coming out of Egypt with a mighty hand. First plagues and then the Water miracle. The Shemittah year means that what God will lift up He will lift up and what is to rest, will rest. It’s a pattern…to understand and work with…not be upset about. It’s God rest for the earth and purification. Man just needs to get out of the way…

Locusts and mayflies is exactly what we’ve been discussing for the plaques of Egypt and just last week the readings were about the Israelites complaining about food to God and so he sends hoards of peasants to feed several millions people. The Hebrews must have kept eating the birds after thirty days and they were rotting. God’s anger rose up against them as He was trying to get them to stop being murmurers.

Anyway, what I’m expressing is that we will see things happen on our earth at the similar time it happened in the bible. They are important lessons. It might not be the exact story, but it will have the same lesson.

If God operates in a consistent manner in the little/big things…as nothing is little with God. Then, what do we think he’s going to do with the BIGGER things…like Messiah’s Second Coming?

If we truly say we LOVE God with all our heart body and soul, then why don’t we know His WAYS?

Seeing the Hand of God in life is exciting to me.

I think it’s fun to see Israel’s Father Abraham in 1948 BCE and IsraEL born in 1948 CE.

What is next? We are leaving the month of Sivan…where Yeshua stayed and gave his last instructions to the people. Mosche had been getting the instructions for the people and was confirming things. The Holy Spirit was given at Mt. Sinai and in Jerusalem on the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer known as The Festival of weeks. Seven weeks will connect up with the year of Jubilee one day.

Sivan…A great month that we counted the Omer for fifty days. Earthquakes cut lose on the Sabbath at Nepal and the Chili volcano looked like Mt. Sinai. No one can’t tell me that I wasn’t revisiting 1447 BCE. There was more than that and ISIS was Israel’s first battle that made them think they could go without God into the second taking of Canaan. That is the lesson this week. It will only be by God going with them that they can succeed. I fight daily trying to show people how loving Israel is loving God.

False Worship is next …. TAMMUZ – We’re headed into the Fourth of July… which, I’m sorry to tell you, is when our founders had America birthed. July 4 is 17 Tammuz 1776. Pride in America…oh my.  I’ve written about this and will bring it forward again since the Fourth is coming soon.

Two things:   Tammuz 1.

  1. What is Moses doing? He is up on Mt. Sinai getting the first instructions from God for the children. What are the kids doing? They are trying to get Aharon to build them something they can see that represents God. We never deem to replace God, but men always seem to want to see something that reminds them of God. Well, in this case they chose the Egyptian’s god, the calf, which will be Taurus the Bull/Ox in the skies.
  1. Ramadan begins Tammuz 1, July 18, 2015. For thirty-days the Muslims will hurry home from work after fasting all day. They will break fast at sunset and then go out and party. Or, they will go out and remove the pig from the face of the earth. This could be a very scary month.

In fact, at this time the Jews don’t get married or even date. From Tammuz 17 to Av 9 is known as The Dire Straits. More about that later…but it is a time to be on our knees for Israel and ourselves.

Isn’t it a little weird to bring the Creator of the Universe into such a form as a calf? Nothing can even compare to what man can think of as an image for our Creator. He said don’t try, but we keep trying. And, we get in trouble as we begin to worship angels and now other dead people called saints, and even humans on this earth we treat as gods.

And, Islam is worshiping a meteor that fell from the sky. Men always need some visual and we pick strange things.

God tells Mosche to go down and see what the people are making such a wild commotion about. God knew it was false worship. God gives the date and discipline occurs the next day. The gold is removed from the calf and put in the water. People drink the waters and die.

What waters are you drinking? It seems right now we have unfit waters with so much flooding and then we have NO water as the rich and famous in California are arguing why their three-acre homes are worthy of staying green. One movie star had a bill of $800.00. For water?

Messiah Yeshua is that pure water. He is life and teaches us to love. But, He also shows us how to fight and pre-defend ourselves. If you know the enemy is coming…how many swords are enough? Yeshua thought that the two swords would be enough in their particular situation. Being prepared is important and being an undivided family is key. The families encircled the Tent of Meeting. They worked together as a wall of protection.

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