Gluten – The Silent Killer


The word ignorant means that you are ignoring something; thus you have chosen not to be informed.

I woke at 7:00 a.m. today to a beautiful bright November morning.   I found God turning my thoughts to something that has weighted heavy on my heart for three years now. It was in September 2012 that my dear red-headed niece passed away. She threw an embolism from her groin area to her lung.

Jill was sitting in her comfortable leather chair as her husband prepared her first gluten-free meal. It was in that same brown leather chair five days earlier that I said good-bye to her as she held six-week old baby in her arms. I had flown in to visit her, but I would now hang out an extra week in Arizona for her to return with sweet blonde, Adrian. She and her husband, the baby, and their two sweet girls, ages 7 and 8, instead would be staying at our home in the Midwest. God directed her path to visit friends and family in Missouri, Iowa and then to Minnesota before her time came to leave this earth permanently.

Adrian would be seven weeks old when she would pass. Her husband was standing in the kitchen that Saturday quite concerned for her health. She had arrived home over the weekend and it would be Monday when I saw them. Her body temperature started dropping on Wednesday.

My lips would begin their crusade about her a month later.  It was on October 10, 2012 on our 40th Anniversary that I came to realize what the real culprit was behind her death.  I was 62 years old and just learning what I am about to share with you.  We are never to old to learn something new.  I had been ignorant!  I did not mean to ignore this, but I just didn’t think gluten had a thing to do with me…and much less my 38-year old young niece.  I thought it was a faddish thing to market to the public, like organic products.  But, it would have deeper ramifications on our family beyond what we expected.  A dying child is beyond what one might be able to bear.

Yes, we can say she should not have ridden in a car for that many hours, but the truth be told, they stopped so much because Adrian was a very demanding (hungry) baby. He was birthed with red splotches on his body as were both of his sisters. The girls told me that they hated to wear anything that touched their skin as they would itch.  These children were all born gluten intolerant because Jill was gluten intolerant.  She could not absorb nutrition and did not realize the RED blinking light had been turned on and no one knew why it was blinking…..

I was ignorant that these were signs of gluten problems. Moms just think they need to change their laundry detergent when their children itch.   WRONG!

Three years have passed, but I still have not stopped my crusade to try to save mothers and their children. This last week I watching it rise it’s ugly head in my own family.   After hearing Steve Taylor this weekend speak in Iowa about the effects of gluten, I realized that it had seen it thrown up right before me.  There was no fever… but there was choking and then up came globs of it in a grandchild.

The medical establishment agrees that it is affecting most of Americans. Mayo Clinic in 2012 told us that 30 percent of people had gluten intolerance and soon forty per cent would have it. Now in 2015, we know it is leaving a heavy toll.

Jill was 38 years old and now my friend buried his 44- year old son. The year Jill died I buried four cousins ages 60-65. Many of their parents were still living and attended their child’s funeral. My uncle who is 101 now was at Jill’s graveside service.

Social Security….never collected. Is GMO and gluten planned?

To IGNORE something is one thing, but once you know something and do NOT take action…is like murder.  Is their an agenda for a slow death for people?

Mothers would never harm their children intentionally.  But, if after learning of it’s problems and it is evident in their children, it needs to have a round-table discussion on how to beat this gluten problem in their family.  A family is a family and it about each individual seeking what is right for each other…not one person deciding for the entire family.

 Gluten is the executioner and no one knows he arrived and lives with them.

I believe that life is more important than a relationship.  If a family leader will not listen, serious measures should be taken if the children are suffering.  Ignoring evidence is being irresponsible.

Being ignorant of this health issue can not be second guessed.  There are no second chances with death.

We do not have the right to ignore facts. It is pride to think’ we know more than what has been proven.  This is all of our problem and not just someone else problem.

This article is to bring us out of IGNORANCE.

This weekend at the beautiful setting of the Cedar Rapids Country Club, the room was filled with those that are concerned for their health and the health of others. There was a young eight-year old boy of whom had over come ADHD. He worked with his mother and the school nurse to swallow a Selenium capsule that had proprieties that aided his getting off the ‘attention deficient’ drugs. He spoke to us now as a normal child.  I had met him a year earlier and this was a different child.  In fact, he was applauded by his teacher of being one of the best well-behaved with high academics in his class. Golife is a perfect name for him as life is declared over him by all.

America is run by drugs companies who own the GMO producers, such a Monsanto. If you are Ignorant of this fact then you are not listening.

IGNORANT. Just IGNOR this information and keep saying it can’t be true…..

GLUTEN – The Slow Killer – What does it look like?

When you think of the word ‘glu’ you think of something that it is designed to hold things together. And, you are exactly correct. This makes you wise, just in knowing what glu means. Thus, you are no longer ignorant. This glu is sprinkled on food to hold it together and give it shine. It is in dog food and when you dip your hands in to scoop out your pets food, you now have it on your skin. The skin is very absorbing and now it’s in your system.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats – Since they are in our breads and beer, people have a beer belly or a bread belly.

OATS – Even Steel Oats…act like glu. So, even though the manufacturer will tell you that they are GF (Gluten-free) oats, your body will not be able to break down their molecular structure.

These items were never made for the human being. It seems millet and rice were normal staples for breads. Even at the time of Joseph and that famine, it was probably a grain like millet that sustained them.   But, even as the Genetically Modified Organisms have given us higher production to feed our growing world, it has now become what is killing the world. Many countries will not longer import our grains as they have been hybridized.   Grains have to be of a certain molecule in order for our human body to break it down and become absorbed to benefit our bodies.

Steve Taylor, Physician Assistant, told us that it is not what we eat and not what we can absorb that is key to our health; but, it is ‘What we can digest into the cellular level’ that is key.

POISON IVY swells skin.

No one is allergic to poison ivy’s, but we are probably intolerant to them The ivy’s juices will stick to your skin which cause infectious blisters that spread the ivy’s juices. Stopping the skin from being irritated is key to stopping the spread of poison ivy. You are NOT allergic to poison ivy because more than likely you have not ingested it to have anti bodies created to fight it. Gluten is a similar culprit but acts more like a ‘lightning strike’. When the molecules can’t break down they crash into the intestinal wall, which has billions of villa, leaving a scar. And, the gluten molecule keep crashing and crashing into your villa swelling your gut. This is why people get very uncomfortable when they eat things with gluten in it and then feel like throwing up.

This ‘gluten-puke’ will resemble flam. Babies nursing will puke up their milk because they can’t absorb the milk through their gluten-lined tummys. These babies will nurse often and not be satisfied.  The gluten is passed to the baby through the breast milk.  As much as I love breast milk for babies, if the mother can NOT stop eating gluten it would be better to raise the child on formula with minerals added.  Baby formula only has 14 vitamins and minerals in it.  This is horrible…but at least the baby will get some nutrition to go into their little bodies.

Human beings will continue to eat more and more because their central nervous system is telling the brain that it is still hungry.  Thus, we have obesity or we have malnutrition in children and adults…of which…..both are due to gluten intolerance.

I call gluten a ‘silent’ killer.’ It is going to swell your villa that draws nutrition to your cellular level.   Villa are finger-like hairs that draw the broken down foods into your blood stream.  If these fingers flatten, they can not draw nutrition into the body.  People don’t realize what is happening to them, so it is the “Silent Killer.”   It may take years for parents to realize that their children have a problem.  When they are born with skin issues and that clears up, the child will develop respiratory problems….as my brother had asthma as a child.  He barely remember inhalers, but I do remember them.  Now, it has grown to other areas such as constipation or diarrhea.  It will take it’s toll as it travels around your body.

Remember, no one is allergic to gluten, but we are intolerant to it.  If you don’t have any signs of gluten today, just take yourself off of it for three weeks and then go back on it.  You will then know how severe it is.

Steven Taylor, Physician’s Assistant from Wisconsin spoke about this menace that people are ignorant of that is killing us. He understands the threat that it is to our very lives. He says that if we can not absorb at the cellular level then we will die. Diseases are caused by malnutrition. The human body needs calories to burn for energy and our tanks are depleted.

The human body will try to protect itself – throwing it up….looks like globs of thick mucus.

I watch my two dogs eat grass trying to give themselves enzymes that will soothe their stomach. Then I will see them throw up. They are not sick, but they know their stomach hurts. Unfortunately, I have not found a gluten-free dog food. I have found grain-free dog food, but grain-free is not gluten-free. There are still fillers containing gluten put in the food to hold food together.

Dogs and humans are carnivores. They can digest meats. Cows are not carnivores as they eat grasses. The saying goes that you give cows grain to what? Fatten them up. Is that true then of humans as well. Grains are carbohydrates that are sugars. The cow has several stomachs in which protozoa pass from one stomach to the next. Protozoa are little micro bugs that eat the grasses.  It is the protozoa that are actually being absorbed as nutrition for the cow.  It takes several stomachs to finally give the cow enough nutrition from these protozoa that are digested in the final gut.

Humans also have bugs. We take what is called pro-biotics which can add billions of live bugs to our digestive tract. People who are on antibiotics wipe out bad and good bugs at the same time. If they do not add probiotics back into their gestational tract after taking a series of antibiotics, their digestive tract is compromised and they continue to not be able to absorb nutrition thus being open to disease.

The goal of this article was to educate you on seeing the signs of gluten intolerance in your children and yourself. I wish I had known this before our beautiful Jill passed.

Skin – bumps on back of arms, bumps on face, thighs. Eczema, Roseau, ruddy complexion, dry cracked heels, white dry elbows or knees.

Respiratory – Labored breathing (other than exercise), prone to bronchitis, inhaler (ever in life time), prone to lung infections, emphysema.

Bowel – Constipation or diarrhea. Gluten will stop you up or it will have things run through. Normal movements should occur directly after you eat…thus, if you eat three times a day you should eliminate three times a day. In take requires quick output.

Throw-Up  – Choking up globs of glu.

Babies/children – Won’t gain weight.

Babies/children – Gain too much weight

The central nervous system will be calm if it receives the correct minerals and nutrition. If the central nervous system is suppressed, the body will feel hungry requesting excessive calories for the body. The central nervous system controls cravings for eating,pop, drugs, smoking, gambling, lust, or anything that is addictive. A normal person is in control of themselves because their body does not have cravings.

If people or children are going to sweat….then they must add minerals back into their system immediately.   Drinking water is not the syrup your body just sweat out. Gatorade is not a mineral supplement…it may have 0 or 4 minerals.

If you do not give your body minerals with high doses of calcium, your heart will give out…which means death. The heart is a muscle and requires calcium. Liquid calcium and liquid minerals are the best for absorption such as Dr. Wallach’s Osteo FX and the Youngevity’s Beyond Tangy Tangerine powder. There are 77 minerals that come from an estuary in Utah. They were laid down at the time of the flood.  Sixty minerals are required for your body and so there are even a few that God knows about that man doesn’t in the special liquid known as BTT.

The last item that Jill needed was the Essential Fatty Acids.  Dr. Wallach teaches about EFA’s being put in their capsule through a nitrogen chamber is important so as not to degrade the EFA with oxygen which creats free radicals that are harmful to you. This would have prevented the embolism that rose to her lung. She had grown to over 300 pounds with the last child. All her children had ruddy skin when they were born and her girls never like wearing pants as it made them itch.

If you have children that only like to wear dresses, this could be a sign of gluten-intolerance because of their skin sensitivity. The skin is the first place it shows up and then it will move to another organ.  Body temperatures are also running higher and so you’ll notice coats not being necessary.  But, they are sensitive to heat as their body temperatures are already high fighting the gluten.

Breathing can be labored as they sleep.  Colds set in easily for respiratory infections.

Children may sit a long time on the toilet for their bowel movement. Reading books and magazines in a bathroom is a sign of a gluten-intolerant family. The bathroom should be quick and out.

Throwing up goo when sick or not sick.

If a child rejects certain foods, ask them if when they eat that particular food if it hurts their tummy.   This food may have gluten in it or it may not. But, this food may not absorb and make them want to throw up or give them diarrhea. Listen to your child and get them off of any gluten. It may not be that food, but the previous gluten they ate that is the problem.

Remember….GLUTEN swells the villi. When the villa is swollen it can not allow absorption. Nutrition can not get to the cellular level…..and we are on the Road to Death. The intestine becomes scarred over time and non-functional.

The good news is that the body will heal these scars when off gluten.

Medical prescriptions may NOT absorb; thus, the doctor continues to increase the dosage.

Gluten is passed to the baby in the womb. Pregnant woman should not eat gluten.

Gluten creates an unhealthy environment and causes an unhealthy baby…thus causing a miscarriage.

Gluten is passed in the mother’s breast milk. Nursing mothers should not eat gluten.

Nursing mothers need minerals as they will pass to the baby through the milk.

Minerals can be given to children adjusted according to their body weight.

Excessive supplements will pass through the body. There has never been a death claim because of a human taking supplements.

Healthy urine should be bright yellow. Unhealthy urine is a murky yellow.  While attending our grandson’s Air Force Basic Training, we noticed that every bathroom had a chart of what color urine should be. As parents, we are in charge of our children’s urine color……….BRIGHT YELLOW!

We MUST not let our children die.

You MUST not let YOU die.

I am not making medical claims, but declaring health concerns.

Gluten is a life and death issue.

Gluten ignorance is not a choice.

Gluten, NOT a choice!

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