The Ark / White House is God’s shofar call.

CHESHVAN 10 – Presidential Elect Trump – The Ark/White House is ready! Door closed and waiting….January 20, 2017.

CHESHVAN 17: Noach Flood Begins * Serpent deceives woman in 8th year * Kristalknacht 1938

The Hebrew month of Cheshvan in the new year of 5777 has some very interesting concerns for our world. The Georgian calendar, issued by Pope Gregory, date is November 7 2016. The Hebrew date is Cheshvan 7, but it begins at dusk. Thus, for a short six hours…it is the same day. Don’t let this confuse you, as Adonai declared the evening before the day; and thus, the Hebrew calendar begins the next day at evening.

It is unusual for the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars to align; but in November 2016 they are six hours apart. In December 2016 they are date for date. No eye will miss what Adonai is ready to say. Christmas and Chanukah will be the same day.. Kislev 25 is December 25….AMAZING!


The month of Cheshvan shows us many things, but when you think about it you will be reminded of the flood since in Genesis it is declared that the flood began on the second month, seventeenth day. Since we are before God setting up the Hebrew month of Nissan, when Mosche brings the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, Tishrei is still considered the first month…even recognized with Adom at the ‘Creation Account.’

Many things have entered into my mind this last week confirming the dates of the flood. We know we can trust the bible….but what about trusting a happen-stance event and even trusting a book that was thrown out of the Bible in 1885 only perhaps because of too many pages to print?

These two things I’d like to add into our equation of perhaps why men are fooled in these ‘last days’ of history. Yes, patterns repeat themselves and they will repeat in the ‘end of days.’ Just as Chanukah is replayed in history, it is the picture to examine as it repeats in…’the last days.’

Patterns of Noach in Gan (garden)

Patterns of the Flood

Patterns of Chanukah (Feast of Dedication)

Patterns in Leaders (Noche, Mosche and President Elect Donald Trump)

I am going to suggest to the reader that both of Noache and Mosch’s events are tied together. (And, we will want to track Donald Trump right now as he is a picture of these two partriachs.)

Why are they connected? Because if we count forty days and forty nights from Cheshvan 17 (when the flood waters first burst forth), it takes us to Chanukah. Noach’s travels point to Chanukah. Adonai was dedicated to mankind to keep them alive on the earth. The waters stopped forty days after Cheshvan 17 which is Kislev 27. The month of Cheshvan has 29 days. Chanukah is celebrated for eight days beginning Kislev 25. It would the ‘Third Day’ of what is also known as The Festival of Lights. And, we could say that it was the first time Noach had seen ‘light’ since the waters stopped and the sun came out.

Insert…. Since writing this article the world has witnessed an ‘historical’ leadership change which has reflected in a negative and in a positive way across the earth. Donald Trumps name could mean the dawn of the Hebrew trumpet (shofar). His name in the dictionary expresses one that is dependable to lead and be looked up to. i.e. to be looked upon as a good example. A trumpet is also used as a warning.

Donald Trump is hard to understand from a human eye. But we must understand that it is G-d who sets kings upon the earth. These kings may not know much about their creator at the time of their appointment; but they all get to know him by the end of their reign. Even the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, ate grass like an animal for seven years and in the end returned to only praise the God of heaven and earth to his dying day. Daniel 4:28-3

King Nebuchadnezzar and his son Belshazzar reigned during Israel’s seventy years of captivity in Babylon. These kings both gave witness to the miracles seen through Daniel’s witness. 

Donald Trump became President Elect on November 9 2016 in the early morning hours. Within 40 hours he was ushered into the ark of the White House by Barack Obama; the king who was sworn into the White House eight years earlier with his hand on the Koran.

 It has been one complete Shemittah cycle that the world has been whirling down is wars and more wars with the nations borders and America’s borders dissolving. Jobs have been shipped to other countries. 

This new Moses held up his staff and was polite and thankful for the previous king’s work. But, now a restructuring would occur that would undo most of the harm done from this Koran-believing king.

The Temple door had opened to the dawning of the Hebrew-shofar king. By dusk, Cheshvan 10 that ark door was closed behind Donald Trump. He had now been put inside the new ark and would take ownership on January 20, 2017. 

2017 represents the dawn of the 600th anniversary of mankind through Adom on the earth. God had just placed businessman Donald Trump at the helm of this great ark and along side him would be his Jewish son-in-law and BB Netanyahu from Israel. All of Trump’s family are married to, courting or connected to Jews. 

Russia’s President Putin looks forward to an open role in governing the world with America. A powerful alliance is hoped to be formed from the leaders of the world that had never been formed before.

This was not even The Reagan years….it was something no one could explain. There were no politics involved because there were no ‘special interest’ groups to touted.  It was a whole new world opening up that the world had never seen before. It was a new kind of flood coming in. It looked to be one of a promising peace. But, as with Noach, it would be a bumpy ride until the members of family decide they do want to be part of the new ark.

Cheshvan 10 – Veteran’s Day honored all active and deceased people who fought for freedom. Noach would be added to that memory as on Cheshvan 10 the door to the ark closed. He would be remembered into eternity.

On November 11 2016  Donald Trump had been to the White House and knew how it’s members would need to be re-instructed and even the house itself redecorated. By Friday he was choosing his cabinet with the Torah reading known as Lech Lecha meaning ‘Go forth.”

Donald J Trump was born on June 14 1946. It was Friday, Erev Sabbath with the Torah reading Beha’alotcha meaning, ‘when you set up.’ He has had three wives with several children of whom all get along. He has been a man that has set up much on the earth and at seventy years of age he is told to “Go Forth.”

 His experience with the earth has taught him many things about mankind. His “Make America Great’ theme will now permeate through God’s earth as the earth shows respect for itself and no longer tolerate parasites scavenging the earth to seek whom they can devour. 

Noach sat for seven days in Shiva before the flood began to remove what was evil from the earth. The last seven years of government has been sitting Shiva and now it’s mourning is done. It is time to move into the mode of cleansing.

This is easy to talk about because God has orchestrated every day according to the path of Noach…a righteous man before God. If the world desires to be righteous they will get in the ark with President Elect Trump as on Cheshvan 17, the flood waters begin. Forty days later is Chanukah. What day is it on the Hebrew calendar? It is Christmas Day. It is a day that people celebrate materialism…they even say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Christmas is really at The Feast of Tabernacles if you’re wanting to celebrate the birth of the Hebrew Jesus. That is another story that can be proven by backdating Zechariah impregnating Elizabeth.

On December 25 2016 it will be Chanukah, Kislev 25. The calendars are aligned day for day. This is the rarest of conditions. Are both days saying the same thing? Isn’t it a day of giving thanks for The Savior? Everyone can come together to give dication to The Creator of the Earth? Yes, Christians mean well, but have the wrong day. God has a sense of humor and order. He placed Chanukah on Christmas to show the real celebration of dedication to Him and his purposes of salvation. Even Yeshua Jesus stood at the Porch of Solomon giving memory to the Maccabees winning it back from the enemy. Will President Elect Trump already have plans for that new Temple during Chanukah? I pray so….

now back to my original writings…..

The Temple had been lost to the enemy of Rome in the year 167 BCE. It was won back at the time of Kislev 15 in 163 BCE. Then time was needed to clean The Temple and it was calculated at ten days. Thus, Kislev 25-Tevet 2 are the dates that host the eight days of what became known as The Festival of Lights.

Noache’s family felt Adonai’s dedication to them as they had never experienced rain much less felt it’s wrath and power. The light of the sun was once again seen as the rain stopped. Rain is considered a blessing as it waters the earth which brings forth the earth’s fruit. In the future we see in The Book of Zechariah that the ‘holding back’ of rain is considered a punishment. Rain is withheld to the location of where the children of the earth don’t come a worship. There are three festivals mentioned that mankind should desire to join his fellowman in Jerusalem to celebrate G-d together. They are Pesach (Passover), Shavuot and The Feast of Tabernacles.

Therefore, the flood brought great change to a corrupt world. Scripture speak of great flood waters pouring out of Jerusalem as an earthquake splits open the Mt of Olives in the future. It will cleanse evil from the earth and yet those who love God’s words, The Torah, will be cleansed and saved just as we see with Noach and even Moses making it through the flood waters of baptism.

The six-branch menorah was lite on Kislev 25 with what oil was available after three and one-half years of terrorist occupation in 167 BCE with Zeus standing in the Temple and pigs being the only animal allowed to be used for sacrificial blood. No lamb, goat or bull…clean animals representative of The Messiach to come, could the Jews offer to Adonai. Pigs are scavengers and on the list of ‘DO NOT EAT’ forever to all generations. Pigs are set apart for their own purpose of cleansing the earth. You are what you absorb and therefore if an animals does not chew it’s cud it does not digest fully what it consumed. It’s blood therefore is tainted. No blood is to be eaten by a human as blood IS the life of the animal. It wasn’t the animal that was the problem, it was the blood.

Humans are analyzed for their blood type. It is important that they are compatible to a blood donor. So, why do they tempt God…challenge Him… to keep them healthy when they uptake poisoned blood into their bodies through eating blood? The Torah has simple instructions. Isn’t it just better to listen to our Creator, than to go ahead and stand in front of an oncoming car and expect to survive? He told us what to DO and NOT to do in order to live safely on the earth.

The month of Cheshvan is a month of examples from which we are to learn. But, when we throw out the books that hold those examples from which to learn, then we have less and less to reply upon to be held up as ‘truth’…. to be safe on the earth.


We can open up one of the many bibles in our homes and no matter what translation…we will get the idea that it was Month Two, Day Seventeen that the flood waters were released. We can also read The Book of Jubilees which confirms The Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Genesis 7:11 “In the six hundredth year of Noach’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of the heavens were opened.” 12. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

Jubilees 5:22 “And Noach made the ark in all respects as he commanded him, in the twenty-seventh jubilee of the years, in the fifth year on the New Moon of the first month. (Tishrei is the first month)

A jubilee is 50 years with seven segments of seven years with the last year being the 50th year. The fifth year of any jubilee would be years 29 – 35. The first month is Tishrei. Our Creator gave instructions to Noach for seven years starting with Year 29, Month 1, 27th Jubilee. It takes Noach seven years to build the ark. To be exact, it took seven years, one month and sixteen days to build and load the ark. The waters release at the evening that brings in Cheshvan 17. The Jubilee 5:23c account matches the account in Genesis 7:11.

5:23 “And he entered in the sixth year thereof, in the second month, on the New Moon of the second month, till the sixteenth; and he entered, and all that we brought to him, into the ark, and YAHUAH closed it from without on the seventeenth evening.”

How old was the earth at this accounting? Twenty-seven jubilees (50 x 27) is 1350. Thus, in this Jubilee account, Noach is instructed to build the ark in the year (1350 + 29) 1379. He builds it in year 29 to 35; 1379 – 1385.

Week 1 Years 1-7

Week 2 Years 8-14

Week 3 Years 15-21

Week 4 Years 22-28

Week 5 Years 29-35

Week 6 Years 36-42

Week 7 Years 43-50

Week 7 50th year is Jubilee

God’s weeks and years are not quite the same as what we have been use to thinking. God sorts through history by jubilee years (50). Then weeks are sets of years. As we can see Week One holds years 1-7 in a jubilee cycle. It counts 7 weeks of 7 years coming to 49 years. The 49th year is known as the Sabbath year and the 50th year is the Jubilee, also known for it’s release.


It is one Shemittah cycle (7 years) of preparation. In the Sixth week of the 27th Jubilee of the earth it is the year 1386; (1350 + 36 = 1386).

If we count the years in the family tree of Adom to Noach we find there are 1656 years. Noach is entering the ark at his 600th birthday and comes our of the ark at his 601st birthday.


Now back to our subject of Cheshvan 17…. What else does Adonai give witness for us to examine the importance of this date?

Jubilee 3:16 “And in the first week of the first jubilee, Adom and his woman were in the Garden of Eden for seven years tilling and guarding it, and we gave him work and we instructed him to do everything that is suitable for tillage.”

Jubilee 3:18 “And after the completion of the seven years, which he had completed there, seven years exactly, and in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the serpent came and approached the woman, and the serpent said to the woman, Has ELOHIYM commanded you saying, Ye shall not eat of every tree in the garden?

We see this same type of calculating in determining the Feast of Shavuot. It begins with counting seven weeks of seven until the 50th day known as the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer. It is known as Pentecost and is also seen with Mosche at the Assembly at the base of Mt. Sinai with the Torah given. They were equipped with the Holy Spirit with Mosche and in Jerusalem ten days after Yeshua Jesus ascended to the Father. Thus, the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer and the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer are clocks for us to review as they are patterns that have repeated with great meaning to them.

Seven weeks of seven….plus 1 day. Forty-nine days plus one…is 50 days.

This brings us to talk about Daniel who was in Babylon. He noted that it was foretold that they would only be expelled to Babylon for seventy years. He was a young man when most of the Jews…not all…were taken captive. They were not treated badly and thus many did not want to leave their new home….just as we have today’s Jews around the world and even in America that do NOT want to leave their homes to make Aliyah back to Israel.

Today bible scholars teach about the Seventy-Weeks of Daniel. They know that it is a pattern that happens again. We also know that Chanukah is tied to the last days. It also is a pattern for the last days. The Bible is about prophecy and these stories are for Adonai’s children to learn from so they don’t make the same mistakes. We are took for His coming and seek His return.

So, what are the most recent findings about the 70 pattern? Let’s look at the ‘secret’ things that pop up in our lifetime….

even the holocaust lasted one Shemittah cycle (7 years)….a pattern for Adom to be in the garden before tempted by HaSatan…The Deceiver.

We all know the verse John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that whoever should believe in Him, should not perish but have eternal life.” That verse is powerful and is held up on signs around the world. But, do we know Jubilee 3:18?

Day of Temptation!

Jubilee 3:18 “And after the completion of the seven years, which he had completed there, seven years exactly, and in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the serpent said to the woman…….

This is the day of Temptation. This is the day the Flood waters were released. This is the day of Kristalknacht that officially started the 7-years of Tribulation for the world because of Hitler selling the world on the goal of creating a ‘PERFECT’ race of gods known as Ariens. Yes, it involved the ‘secret’ removal of six million Jews; and it took over 50 million lives to stop the goal of this ‘perfect’ race of people to rule the earth.

Cheshvan 17 2016 has now been suggested to be the day of REVENGE. Cheshvan 5777 began on October 3, 2016. It begins the year 2017 on the Hebrew calendar. It is the 120th Jubilee of our earth. It has been declared the Jubilee year by the new Sanhedrin in Israel. Hillel was part of the Sanhedrin before it was broken up by Roman soldiers. Rabbi Hillel determined the calendar and set the Lord’s Festival in place before all their books were burned and they were burned at the stakes.

In the ‘end of days’ we see prophecy being completed to its fullest with Israel blooming in her land. It began with the United Nations on November 9 1947. It has been 70 years that Israel has been tortured and beat up by her brothers. It has been the ‘stranger and foreigners’ that have desired to join in her Judea values. That is why Christians can not turn their backs on Israel of the Bible. Their foundation is not the twelve apostles, but the twelve tribes. The fathers are not Peter, Paul and John, but Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. There are twelve nation tribes that are to carry God’s Torah to the world and yet man has made idols out of men who were only to declare the works that proved the Messiach was Yeshua Jesus…the anointed one…the Messiach.

What else happens in our time-line that can picture Adom only being in the garden (Gan) for seven years? And then they are removed together forty-two days later. There are forty-two weeks in a human gestation period….then a baby is born. Adom and Chanok are removed to the soil from which they were formed…outside the beautiful gan. Seven years they enjoyed what life is suppose to be like.

For seven years exactly Adom lived in the Gan…and then on the 17th day…of the second month…Satan deceives. Forty-two days later is 1 Tevet…. It represents God’s dedication to His cause of bringing The Messiach….The Light of the World. In 163 BCE the Maccabees win The Temple back from the Romans with General Titus in charge. They are part Jewish and desire correct Temple worship. They die in that battle as they fight with the resurrected Essence and other Jews. So, the picture is not just about Jews fighting for the Temple, but those that believe in their God Yahuah. The story of Esther also shows us the governors of 127 provinces that fight to help the Jews remain in their homes and not be annihilated.

Do we see 120 and then 7 more towns. Couldn’t it be the 120th Jubilee of the earth and now the final children of Adom fight the last seven years into that 121th Jubilee of the earth?

We can not discount anything with patterns that flow from the past…things will be similar, but different.

Or, as another bible scholar declares that it’s possible with Barak Obama declaring a covenant of PEACE with the world in 2009 as he was awarded the Nobel Peace prize….that Obama had done nothing to declare peace yet….but that Obama was declaring his covenant with the world to bring peace. It is stated that a Covenant of Peace will be declared in the ‘end of days.’ But, it will be false as we certainly see our world is truly NOT at peace. Two hundred and sixty-two heads were removed by ISIS two days ago with more under way proving their control of nations.

Yes, it was a failed peace by Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. That award was given on November 9, 2009. Daniel’s 1260th day from that award was October 3, 2016. On the Hebrew calendar it was Tishrei 1…The Feast of Trumpets…also known as Rosh Hoshanna..head of the year…for the Hebrew Civil Calendar.

Then Daniel speaks of the 1290th day from the Abomination of Desolation and that brings it to Cheshvan 1….The second month. And then Daniel says one more thing…. He says that if you can make it to the 1335th day, then you will be blessed. Let’s call this 

The Day of Blessing.

In this pattern that floats up through our time line….that date is determined to be November 17, 2016. Cheshvan 17 begins the evening of November 17 2016.

Again, we have a pattern running through the earth that is leading to a CHANGE…at CHESHVAN 17.

It is now 45 days into the new Hebrew year 5777 or 2017.

It is completing the 120th Jubilee of the earth which has it’s 50th Jubilee year ending on September 23, 2017. That day will complete the 120th Jubilee of the earth and bringing in the 121th Jubilee.

This ties me into the story I keep repeating that shows us that Jacob was with Laban for twenty years and comes out to have Benjamin, the Son of My Right Hand, in the twenty-first year. Another way to say it is that Jacob had the son that pictures The Messiach in his THIRD Shemittah cycle or THIRD day. That has always been the message of the return of The Messiach…He returns in the Third Day.

We also know that the the 120th Jubilee is the 6000th year of the earth. Every one thousand years is as one day to the LORD. Thus we are at the end of the Sixth day and coming into the Seventh Day known as the Sabbath of rest. All will agree that the seventh of anything numerical bring rest. The seventh day of the LORD is it’s 7000th year. In which King Messiach is to reign for that one day which is the millennial reign (1000 years).

Are there signs in the heavens? Yes, but they are not about horoscopes..which is forbidden to entertain. But, the signs in the heavens right now at this time have Virgo lying on her side ready to give birth. She has the twelve stars crowned at her head. She is Israel with the twelve tribes at her head giving birth to The Messiach. The stars are not the twelve apostles and she is NOT Rome giving birth. This pictures Israel giving birth to The Messiach from whom will rule from Jerusalem.

In September 2017 Jupiter will be entering Virgo and staying there for forty-two days. Jupiter represents righteousness with Virgo being Israel. Forty-two is the time of gestation of a birthing. Could this be the birthing of a new world? Adom and Chanok sinned but were not removed for forty-two days (Tevet 1). They are a pattern to the coming Messiach.

This number forty is continually being a pattern for rulership and cleansing. Even as we see Mosche had three sets of forty career sets applied to his life. He lived in Pharaohs house, in the house of detestable Midianites and then in the desert with grumbling Israelites of whom were removed over forty years and he began with a fresh new children…601,750 twenty to forty years old were ready to cross the Jordan and take the land…of which took around twenty years…the same number (20) that Jacob decided to cross back over to his original family. And we are now in the 120th Jubilee of the earth… completed and ready for a new government ruled out of Israel.

In the Book of Jubilees we see that Adom was given Chanok in the second week, sixth day. They knew each other and then a cleansing took place. Adom was given thirty days plus three days and then another seven days for a total of forty days. After that forty days he was placed in the new gan. Chanok had her cleansing double that of Adom. She had sixty days, plus six days and then 14 days for a total of eighty days.

These are certainly things to ponder, but they are also pictures of our Creator’s prophetic plan for the future. There is a reason for dates and times to be recorded that have now made it into our generations to comprehend so that we are not ignorant of The LORD’S Day. It is a day of vengeance—Not Sunday! …and all will fall flat and bow their knee. Jerusalem will split in half as the feet of YAHWEH stand on that mountain. He will shake the planet and mountains will fall.

Jubilee 3:33 “And on the New Moon of the fourth month, Adom and his woman went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of Elda in the land of their creation.”

I could end this right now as I know our heads could be spinning…but there is more. The study of SEVENTY is key..

Israel is now seventy years as a nation. The United Nations recognized them on November 9 1947. They are also fifty years old from recapturing Jerusalem in 1967. I’m going to tell you more about 1967 but first just ask yourself two questions and then we’ll come back to this.

We know that no man is perfect but The Messiach Yeshua that is coming. Thus, no man has lived past 1000 years old. The first man Adom died at age 930 years old. He was short seventy years. Israel is now seventy years old and makes up for Adom’s lacking of seventy years.

Noach was a righteous man but yet imperfect as he also lives to only 950 years. Yes, that is a long life, but not even one day as far as the LORD is concerned. Thus we have fifty years lacking from Noach. Noach missed one Jubilee, 50 years. He completed 19 jubilees and then died at 950 years of age.

I’ve been thinking about my life beginning in the 19th century as I was born in 1950. Then we went into the twentieth century after a holocaust that I just learned about and took serious a few years back. In the year 2000 we entered the twenty-first century. My heart can not let go of the facts about Jacob’s life living outside of his family and he leaves in the twentieth year and has a son whose name is given and then re-named to Benjamin, Son of my right hand. This son picture the The Messiach of whom is in birth pains during our twentieth century. Yeshua Messiach arrives in the twenty-first century just as Benjamin arrived in the twenty-first year…but only after his idol worshiping mother dies. Jacob is no longer tending others sheep but he has returned to take control of his now twelve sons….because it is of utmost important that they represent the God of Abraham, Noach, Enoch and Adom well. Jacob had a deep lineage that was counting on these children to live righteously. Jacob’s children still did it wrong and even came against this Jacob’s only son of Rachel that was left, Benjamin. Joseph had been sold into slavery only to become their savior….as Yeshua Jesus shows the same suffering servant and then King Messiach that is soon to arrive.

It is also amazing to me that Benjamin is considered a horrible person for marrying a prostitute and she is sexually molested by his brothers to the point that she dies. He is horrified and cuts her into ten pieces and each member is delivered a part of her body. The ten tribes return to the Benjamites and kill most of them so they are almost extinct. There was a way found for the Benjamites to stay in existence so the tribe was not totally destroyed from the earth.  The men that ran into the woods and hid themselves from the slauhter could return to take wives from the Benjaminite maidens thar danced before them.   This shows the Messiach’s bride, Israel, wed once again in their future, but ckeansed first of idolatry. 

This to me is a clear picture of today. The ten tribes were lost because of false worship and only Judah and Benjamin remained which still today are called the two Southern tribes. Jews comes from the word Judah. It is the area of Judea and Samaria that are right now being contested by the world  and United States officials to not be allowed annexation into Israel. Here we have areas with Jews living in them, but because of terrorism, fear causes these locations not to have official Israeli IDF protection. Benjamin is still being disowned.  Thus must change immediately. 

Israel will be 100 years old (2 Jubilees) in 2047. I want to look at one more thing pertaining to Adom and Chanoh having children and our Israel today.

The Jubilees 3:18 explains that Satan deceived them on Cheshvan 17. It will be 42 days later on Tevet 1 that they are removed. Does this align with Adom not being able to go into the Garden of Eden for forty days and now we see almost the same time period used before they leave. Is this a picture of full maturity to giving birth to another promise or another plan of salvation for mankind? We must remember that Yahweh’s plans for the redemption of all mankind will not be thwarted. He will always make a way with or without mankind for that redemption to occur. Esther was also an example for that as if she didn’t do it, God would provide another way. There is always a plan of purification so the Messiach can arrive…and on schedule.

Next we see that it is not until the first Jubilee ends and the second Jubilee begins that Adom and Chanoh have children. Jubilee 3:35 “And they had no son till the first jubilee, and after this he knew her…” Jubilee 4:1″AND in the third week in the second jubilee she gave birth to Qayin, and in the fourth she gave birth to Hevel, and in the fifth she gave birth to her daughter Awan. 2. And in the first year of the third jubilee, Qayin slew Hevel because ELOHIYM accepted the sacrifice of Hevel, and did not accept the offering of Qayin.”

Genesis 4:2-5 “And she bore his brother Hevel. And Hevel was a keeper of sheep, but Qayin was a tiller of the ground. 3 And in process of time it came to pass, that Qayin brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto YAHUAH. 4 And Hevel, he also brought the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And YAHUAH had respect unto Hevel and to his offering.

When we see sacrifice it means if was something that could substitute ones own life…as it was worth ones life. Hevel brought the ‘fat’ of a ‘firstling’ animal. It was the life blood of this animal that represented Hevel’s own life blood. There is nothing better that could have been given. When fat cooks it has a savoring aroma to it.

When Adom was removed from the Garden of Eden he immediately offered a fat offering along with spices that is declared a very sweet aroma to the LORD. It showed his humble and sorrowful heart of being removed from the Gan. There was an umbilical cord that took him forty days to gain access to the Garden of Eden and that umbilical cord lasted seven years to the day before the deceptiveness of being ‘like god’ crept into their beings. And then for another forty-two days that cord held them there until the release of good-byes were done. There was a time-period of birthing and almost exact time-period before returning to their original land. These are pictures for us to see how our Creator determines judgment with time.

The animals all spoke one language and now they were silenced and removed as well after the forty-two days. It is as if the sins of one animal fell on them all.

Jubilee 3:28 “And on the day on which Adom went forth from the Garden, he offered a sweet savour an offering, frankincense, galbanum, and stacte, and spices in the morning with the rising of the sun from the day when he covered his shame.”

Jubilee 3:29 ” And on that day was the mouth of the beasts, and of cattle, and of birds, and of whatsoever walks, and whatsoever moves, so that they could no longer speak: for they had all spoken one with another with one lip and with on tongue.

Jubilee 3:30 “And he sent out of the Garden of Eden all flesh that was in the Garden of Eden, and all flesh was scattered according to its kinds, and according to its types unto the places which had been created for them.”

The removal to a new land began with a sacrifice on that soil, by Adom, on Tevet 1.

The removal to a new land began with a sacrifice on that new soil by Noach, on Cheshvan 28.

Adom shows us he was in The Garden of Eden for seven years. We know Tishrei is the first month for Adom and Noach.

Adom is removed on The New Moon of the Fourth month….which is Tevet 1. It is Chanukah Day 6, Year 7 of Adom being created. He was not removed from the Garden for six weeks which is 42 days.

There are four months that Adonai has requested that man keep track of by giving note to it’s new moon. It is the first, fourth, seventh and tenth months. If man keeps tracks of these months, then he will not lose ten days which causes great troubles in the future.

Jubilees 5:23 “And on the New Moon of the first month, and on the New Moon of the fourth month, and on the New Moon of the seventh month, and the New Moon of the tenth month are the days of remembrance, and the days of the seasons in the four divisions of the year. These are written and ordained as a testimony forever.”

Jubilees 5:24 “And Noach ordained them for himself as feasts for the generations forever, 25 so they would be a memorial unto him.

Let’s now look at what man has given as names to these months.

Yahweh’s Months: 1 4 7 10

Month One – Tishrei

Month Four – Tevet

Month Seven – Nissan

Month Ten- Tammuz

Babylonian Names: Tishrei, Tevet, Nissan, Tammuz

At the time of Mosche when the Israelites were to be brought out of slavery from Egypt, Adonai declared Nissan to be a first month as well. This begins a spring season of budding forth and is also an ecclesiastical new beginning with the Torah. Thus Nissan is a first month and Tishrei is a first month when relating to pre-Mosche.

I tell you this because no matter how you count back and forth these four months are still the same months that are to be honored in order to keep the months aligned for all of what Adonai has intended for us to see… I call them TTNT

Tishrei is Month 1 and 7

Tevet is Month 4 and 10

Nissan is Month 7 and 1

Tammuz is Month 10 and 4

Now, what do we think? The story of Adom and Noach center around these four months:

Adom is born on 1 Tishrei, 1st month.

Adom is removed from The Garden of Eden, new location 1 Tevet (Jubilee 3:33) 1st month

Noach instructed to build ark 1Tishrei (Jubilee 5:22, 6:25) 1st month

Noach the flood gates of the deep were closed 1 Tevet (Jubilee 5:29) (waters held on earth) 4th month

Noach water begin to recede, mountains first seen – 1 Tammuz (Genesis 8:5))10th month

Noach spirit powers the earth, 150 days + 40 days = 190 days; 1 Tammuz (Genesis 7:20) 10th month

Noach removed cover of ark, humans revived on 1 Tishrei (Genesis 8:13) (1st month)

Noach flood waters recede into earths abyss (Jubilee 6:26b) 1 Nissan (7th months)

Noach 150 days from Cheshvan 17 is Nissan 17 – Unleavened Bread (7th month)

The Rosh Chodesh (day one) of these months are key to Adom and Noach. We also see day 17 being noted in Nissan, also one of the ‘marked’ months. Noach is sitting 22.5 ft above the earth’s veil of water in the mountains of Ararat. The ark is shaped likened to The Temple with it’s 22.5 ft high doors that is covered by a veil at the front and one at the back. Noach pictures the future Temple and with the ark sitting above the earth’s waters being a veil between the past and future world on Nissan 17..which will be The Feast of Unleavened Bread; the resurrection of The Messiach. This is a powerful a picture.

Powerful months and dates that pattern to our future…. Chanukah will be played out again as is the story of Esther. Esther and Purim show up in the Noach Flood as the ark passes over those dates in Adar in much distress rocking through the tremulous waters.

Tishrei 1 – The Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hoshanna (Head of Year).

Tevet 1 – Chanukah Day 6 (Kislev 25 – Tevet 2) Feast of Dedication, Festival of Lights

Tammuz 1 – Mosche with God on Mt. Sinai for the first time..until Tammuz 17..worship of golden calf. Today, Tammuz 17 to Av 9 is known as The Dire Straits…a 3-week period of fasting for past sins.

Nissan 17 – Feast Unleavened Bread

Second Month, Seventeenth Day

Cheshvan 17 – Satan deceived Chanoh and Adom

Cheshvan 17 – Flood waters release for 40 days and 40 nights (80 12’s)

Cheshvan 17 – Kristalknacht 1938 – glass windows broken taking Jews to ghettos

Cheshvan 17 – 1335th Day from Obama Nobel PEACE Covenant, 2009.

Cheshvan 17 – 42 weeks from Obama Nobel PEACE Covenant 2009

42 weeks – Obama PEACE Covenant 2009 to 2016

42 days – Adom removed from Garden of Eden (6 weeks)

42 days – Cheshvan 17 to Tevet 1

42 weeks – Gestation of a human being

40 days – before Adom could go into Garden Eden

80 days – before Chanoh could go into Garden Eden

7 years to the day (1 Shemittah cycle) Satan arrives to deceive

7 years of trouble (1 Shemittah cycle) Satanic deception – Torahlessness

7 year Holocaust – 1938 – 1945 (1 Shemittah cycle) – Satanic Hitler – Torahless World

7 year Obama-nation – 2008-2016 – Torahless/Lawless One

7 years – Adom Chanoh naked

7 days – Noach door closed Cheshvan 10; sits sheva 7 days to Cheshvan 17

70 years – Adom shorted (Jubilees 4:30)

70 nations come from Shem Ham Yapheth (Gen 10:1)

70 children by Jacob going into Egypt

70 Nations – offerings in wilderness and Temple

70 years Israel a nation; 1947 – 2017; Torah awareness on the earth.

50 years of Jerusalem; 1967 – 2017; Where Messiach reigns for 1000 years

50 years – Noach shorted in his years

17 AD – 80th Jubilee – Yeshua Jesus in ‘Suffering Servant’ ministry

2017 – 120th Jubilee – 40 Jubilees later; Yeshua Messiach arrives to reign

17 years old – Joseph lost

17 years – Jacob (age 130) enjoys Joseph again before he dies at age 147.

17 AD – 80th Jubilee of earth.

17th Cheshvan – Adom Chanoh deceived. Flood waters. 1335th day from Nobel Peace Covenant 2009.

17 AV- Noach sends out dove

22 Hebrew letters

22 species (Jubilee 3:16)

21 – Benjamin born – 3rd Shemittah cycle

21 – Years (3 weeks) Hevel mourned (Jubilee

21st Century – Earth moans for delivery

100 Week 1, Year 1, 3rd Jubilee Cain slew Hevel

101 Adom age when Hevel slain

100 Abraham bore Isaac

600 – Noach age at deluge

601 – Noach age begins life again

6000 year old earth ready for deluge,

6001 – Year 1 – Life begins again

Jubilee 6:24 explains Noah’s ark voyage and how it stretched itself out and was marked by these four months….it’s amazing friends…read it.

I’m going to close with a prophecy from the book of Jubilees that has certainly come true in my life time and yours. Men have not honored these four months and therefore we eat blood in our meat and do not know what day it is. I close with these scriptures and I hope they burn in our hearts enough that we want to change our ways so The Messiach can find a remnant of people of whom still do care and want to do things The Creators way.

Jubilee 6:31 And there is no neglecting this commandment for a single year or from year to year. And command you the children of Yisrael that they observe the years according to the reckoning three hundred and sixty four days, and these will constitute complete year, and they will not disturb its time from its days and from its feasts; for everything will fall out in them according to their testimony, and they will not leave out any day nor disturb any feasts.

But, if they do disturb them………….

Jubilee 6:34 “And all the children of Israel will forget and will not find the paths of years, and will forget the New Moons, the seasons (appointed times, mo’edim), and Shabbathot and the will go wrong as to all the order of the years.

Jubilee 6:37 “For this reason the years will come upon them when they will disturb the order, and make an abominable day the day of testimony, and an unclean day a feast day, and they will confound all the days, and the holy with the unclean and the unclean with the holy; for they will go wrong as to the months and Shabbathot and feasts and jubilees.

Noach write that because of not holding fast to these four months that have thirteen weeks between them, that after his death this is what will happen.

Jubilee 6:38b “..and for this reason they will go wrong as to the new Moons and seasons and Shabbathot and feasts, and they will eat all kinds of blood with all kinds of flesh.”

Months One, Four, Seven and Month Ten

should have STOPPED us from eating blood.

Now I understand better why our Creator was so specific about Noach’s trip around the calendar. Remembering the timing of Noach gives us the time of future events. If we hold unto the story of Naoch we will survive to the end because we will correctly worship, correctly eat, and correctly determine the times. But, if we don’t keep to the Creator’s calendar, we will be making up days and counting them as holy when they are really profane. An example is that Christians call Sunday, day one, The Lord’s Day. The Lord’s Day or Day of the Lord is a time of wrath. The Sunday people like to eat blood in their meat and they like to eat unclean food such as pork.

This prophecy given in the days of Noach has proven true in the ‘end of days.’

I can try to prove dates have patterns, but until man returns to Torah…God’s instructions…on the right calendar….they will just continue to worship incorrectly. This has lead to being deceived and carried away at Cheshvan 17. They have believed a lie and no longer respect their parents. We see Noach’s children didn’t keep the feasts after he died. But, we see that they were once again implemented with Seth carrying them to Abraham’s family. Today, people want to live in the New Testament and don’t recognize that our Creator works in Covenants…and especially not dispensations.

People don’t really know what their church beliefs are. They stay in churches because of friends and not doctrine. Mankind has moved from the Hebrew calendar to the Pope’s Gregorian calendar that created Easter and Christmas…days never noted on the Hebrew calendar.

I think of the scripture that says that many will say that they knew God and had Jesus in their hearts, but Adonai will look at them funny as they have the wrong clothes on. They wear a Roman soldiers outfit defending what they believe as truth. But they don’t know a thing about the priestly garments. They don’t know why The Lord’s Feast days are important for them today. Their grace has been applied to their lives and they feel they can live as they wish….not getting to know their Creator. They want a easy relationship as life is just too busy and they’ve said their prayer that ‘gets them in’ at least.

It’s the 120th Jubilee of the earth and no one knows what a Jubilee is. We don’t know what a day means, nor a week in a year. The books that give confirmation and more detail have been removed. And, the church that didn’t remove the books….have taken it so personal that they have come to believe that they are Israel. But, now that the real Israel has been set in place, they don’t know what to do with her. The twelve stars around the woman’s head are called apostles, not twelve tribes. The woman is called the ‘church’ and not Israel proper. Thus, we have a communication problem as well as a anti-Jewry problem.

In searching out the patterns of God, I found His pattern in the months. I find His hand in the earth’s earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes and even in oil spills. When it comes to the Bible, I’ve found our trusted church leaders have thrown most of it out. People want a simple life but still seeking to be gods in their own little world. It took one deception on Cheshvan 17 by Satan to the woman. It is still the woman that is deceived….the woman (church) has replaced Israel of whom is called, The Bride.

Is the pattern of seven years being recognized? Are people aware they are in a ‘false religion? Will the people desiring Torah in their lives be able to fully come into recognizing the correct calendar?  I always knew the Hebrew calendar was important as our Creator has been doing some remarkable things on Israel’s special days….but to sit here and type about the result of disobedience coming to the point of eating blood of animals never occurred to me.

Our Creator knew what the end of days would like like…and that prophecy has come true. Man does not think twice about meat in it’s raw state. And, they eat scavengers that have tainted blood. Men die early on our earth today because they are sick early.

Adonai’s words are speaking loudly as men pronounce their own death sentence.

Adonai’s words speak loudly as men can’t connect the patterns of Noah. They say, “As in the days of Noach.” but they don’t know what his days even point to….the Hebrew calendar…..which included the Resurrection of the Messiach…Nissan 17, Unleavened Bread.

Daniel 7:25 “he will speak words against the most high and try to exhaust the holy ones of the most high. He will attempt to alter the seasons (appointments) andthe law (Torah); and the holy ones will be handed over to him for a time, times and half the time. “. This ‘half times’ is two words meaning: appointment, appointments. They are handed over at the appointment of appointments. A great day appointed. (Could it be The Fast known as Yom Kippur?)    This is a great day to discuss  

Months to discuss. 

And, those that know the months still will argue which is Month One, Four, Seven and Ten. They argue because they don’t study to know that each of the four ‘marker’ months have two beginnings. In all of this confusion…. may we just stop and study….so we can show ourselves approved workman of the LORD.

One last bit of information.


I did a study on all 7+ earthquakes since 1900’s.   I noticed that there was never an earthquake on days: four, seven, and ten. They did occur on day one.  This may just raise more questions, but there is a definite pattern in these months that God set apart to be ‘holy.’

Adonai’s hand is all over Donald Trump as Christians fasted and prayed for the right leader for our nation.  And, now Donald Trump is working his way again into the Hebrew calendar just as he was born on the Erev Sabbath, ‘when you set up.’  God has set him up and now that he’s been in the White House so a good transfer can occur from the Obama Administration, the Torah reading is, “Go Forth.’

God’s Hebrew  calendar needs to be respected as it lives and breathes into our lives.

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