Trump pushes US Embassy move in Israel amid outcry – CNN

Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel. This recognition has to happen so The Temple can be built so the Nations can be atoned for on Yom Kippur.  If they don’t come, They are punished. Zechariah 14 is future!  

Perhaps Trump will only serve one term (4 years), but G-d has put hooks in his nose to draw him to this….The Temple.  Then in 3.5 years. (1260 days) we could see the abomination that brings desolation and another election. 

It is Yahweh’s judgement that arrives that drives men to hide under rocks. Gods chosen ones will be protected under His wings of the Torah.  

Yes, peace will come only when The Messiach stands and splits open the Temple Mount declaring it His. The next  3.5 years He rules the earth and then The Real Final Solution. 


Moving the US embassy means ‘obedience ‘ to our Creator that brings His protection  from the enemy!  

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