The Great Depression brings 1935 Social Security Act…what about 2035?

What did the year 1935 bring to our world?  What will our world look like in 2035?  Will it begin a cycle of freedom in the return of The Messiach?  What is 35 really all about?  This is a new thought not presented by most writers.  It’s been on my mind and now I read this blog that showed more about 1935.   Let us keep the years that were to be years of blessing before us and examine if they really were years of blessing or cursing.

Are we still battling the Romans but in different clothing?  Who are the new Romans?

Do priests populate the earth with children?  Do the LBGT…etc…(too many initials to remember) groups populate the earth with God’s image?  What other forms present on our earth stop the ‘image’ of The Creator from flourishing?  War definitely removes the image of G-d.

In 1935 there were social reforms that brought about programs that are still with us today.   These social programs did not stop WWII and the Holocaust.  Instead, the world created jobs and made a fortune taking 7 years to rescue the Jews (1938-1945)….an entire Shemittah cycle of destruction.

1935 saw the reverse of blessing as men built war machines removing the population from the earth in the excuse of growing a ‘higher’ specie of man.  Darwinism unleashed itself and a monkey became our father….and these teaching are back!

Will 2035 unleash blessing or cursing on our world?

“A financial burst bringing with it a massive financial downturn negatively affecting millions and once again back to a new War to bring the country out of financial decline. Thus completing the cycle of the free world.”

This article shows how 1935 tried to save America.   Are it’s programs necessary almost one-hundred years later?

The social programs of 1935 definitely attach to The 35 Paradigm.  It ties directly to Daniels 1335th day or year or blessing if…..   It is suppose to be a year of blessing if you can make it to that year.   It will be a blessing for those that desire to multiply on the earth or it is death to those that choose not to multiply God’s image on the earth.

The 35th Paradigm is definitely proof positive in Noach flood journey.   His family will begin to populate the earth in the year 1335 AM (since Adom.)  The Book of Jubilees definitely declares the flood year to be 1333.  He gets off the ark in the year 1334 and they then can begin reproduction in 1335….the year of blessing.  Noach had experienced what Daniel was speaking about for the future inhabitants.  This paradigm still fits our world today….and the next 35 is approaching…2035.

My proposed age of when Yeshua Jesus dies for the penalty of sin for all men is age 35.  He is the blessing to those that will believe in His resurrection.  If he was born in -1 BC then he is 35 when he dies in the year 34 AD…a Shemittah release year.  Please look up my other blogs about these years….it’s really fun to see them in the shadows of the patriachs such as Jacob’s family.

America’s social change of 1935 manifested programs to end war and stimulate America’s economy.  Instead it allowed The Holocaust to give jobs through war.  Our world had agreed with war and we don’t seem to know how to survive without it’s economy.  But, it has moved to an invisible currency called bit-coin….and clings to it to become millionaires.

I believe we can live without war and I look to 2035 as being The Final Solution to bring blessing as The Messiach returns.

via The Great Depression

“David M. Kennedy wrote of the ‘Social Security Act of 1935’ the new deal’s ‘Gift to millions of Americans, farmers and workers, immigrants and blue-bloods, children and the elderly’ this was an Industrial Recovery Act set into place to stimulate recovery.”

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