Israel Kristal d. 113 years 330 days; 100 years since bar mitzvah. Guiness Book Oldest Man

Oldest Man on March 11, 2016.  Born Poland September 15, 1903.   Born on Elul 23.  Dies age 113 years and 330 days.  Bar Mitzvah age 13.  He survived the Auschwitz death camp where his first wife, two children and other family members were killed by the Nazis.   The Germans loved his candy.

Israel like the prophet Job…. He married again after the war and moved to Israel in 1950.

He was shy one month of 114 years of age….oldest man on earth…died in August 11, 2017.

World Guiness Book of Record in March 11, 2016  when age 112.

He says that the best thing about reach 113 is that he gets to celebrate 100  years since his bar mitzvah at age 13.

Israel is born on Elul 23 1903, September 15, 1903.  (Month: King is in the Field to know his subjects.)

This man was born as The Creator looked upon the chaos of the world and separated the void from the waters.  His survived as he was at odds with the chaos of WWII.  He was awarded The Guinness Book of Record for the oldest man in the world. He held that title for nearly two years before dying one month before the age 114.  His time of death was perfect….as it spoke more about him being a man lifted up and being an overcomer.

This man’s year of birth (1903), day of birth (Elul 23), bar mitzvah (age 13) day of death ( 113 and 330 days) resonates with the Hebrew letter Gimel (3).

The letter Gimel is also the number three that has the picture language of a camel.  He was high and lifted up after many troubles in order to survive.  He has a sweet attitude toward his awards.  And it was his sweet candy that saved him from be exterminated.

His name is Israel meaning God praiser.  He speaks Hebrew in the land of Israel…now his home land.   Truly a blessed  Jew to be appreciated by our world as God purposed his life as a  Job.  And as Job, The Creator gave him more children that brought grandchildren to sit on his knee before he died, as a Joseph.  (Joseph died age 110 seeing grandchildren from two sons.

I give tribute to this man who just died five months ago at this writing.   He died on 19 Av, August 11, 2017.    It was another Friday…at dusk the Sabbath began with the Torah reading: Ekev (as a result, because).  He was ‘because….for his life result’ of what the world would see God’s goodness in him.  The Torah readings were Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25, Isaiah 49;14-51:3.

Deuteronomy was written in the last thirty days of Mosch’s life.  He reminded them of what he had gone through with them the last forty years.  Mosch was now 120 years and would not cross into the new land with them.  He instructed them not to have other gods before them and to follow Torah so they could live safety with The Creator.  Their lives were to lead the world to The Messiach.  Mosch was speaking to the children as the parents had passed away before their very eyes in the desert the last forty years.  These children woke up to burying someone’s parents every morning.   The parents had been afraid to cross over because of the giants in the land.

This Israel Kristal did not perish because he stayed strong and was determined to outlast the Nazi giants.  Even his last name reminds us of the night the Holocaust unleashed itself and put the Jews in ghettos…Kristalknacht.

I praise Adonai for this man’s testimony as I listened to several versions on utube.  He has a wonderful family that surrounds him now showing the defeat of the Nazi Holocaust.  People must go on and build again and never give up when evil only seems to lurk.

He was given the Guinness Record for the oldest man up to his death on Av 19 2017.  He died at 113 years and 330 days.  Av 19 is the exact time that Noach is floating on the waters of the life looking for life after he send the black raven out.    But, this is when the white dove come back with the Olive Leaf representing Israel.   Israel’s life was full of darkness and then came the light just as he also born Creation time…out of chaos and into light.    This man was elevated by God….to be seen by the world telling of his excitement of his 100 year anniversary since his bar mitzvah.  The holocaust would also be remembered and the land of Israel blessed by a Jew receiving a Book of Guiness Award….for LONG LIFE…..  It is like saying….Long Live The Jew….Amein I say and give praise to our Creator for this man’s life.


1 Adar II – Guinness Award March 11, 2016  112 years and 178 days old.  Given award on Friday with the Torah portion beginning at dusk:  P’kudei ‘accounting of’.  On that day he gave an accounting of his life….now is that amazing?  Yes…because we have an amazing Creator who knew us before we were in our mother’s womb and who orchestrates the steps of men….for moments like this to His glory.  And this award is given on the first day of the month known as Rosh Chodesh.  Adar 13 14 15 show us The Fast of Esther and then the joys of PURIM as the men who wanted to annihilate the Jews were removed.    Amazing again….his story just does not get any better…..WOW!  He gets to tell his Haman Nazi story at the  time of Esther’s time of annihilation.



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