Billy Graham honored on Fast of Esther.

Billy Graham lies in honor at our U.S. capitol on The Fast of Esther. A great Day of Remembrance!  Our Creator gives honor to two great evangelists on February 28, 2018.  Queen Esther had 121 provinces fasting and praying morning to night for three days; 13 14 15 Adar.  Is it no wonder that God honored Billy Graham on 13 Adar to be one of the few men in our world to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol?

It is a wonder….it is all purposed and planned according to His pleasure on the earth? Two mere humans were ready to stand for The Messiah.  One looked to His coming and the other told the nation of that coming.

Read the Book of Esther.  Friday, March 2, 2018 is PURIM where her husband, zerksis …. gave permission for every Jew to preemptively defend themselves from their enemies.  75,850 people died in the next several years…as Jews in all of the 121 provinces of Shushan removed their enemies.  Even the govenors helped to find their enemies and remove them.

(Israel, The United States and other countries must continue to sort out and deter Israel’s enemies.)

Is it no wonder that at this time in 2018 that Israel is ready to remove Iran from their troubles?  It is only in The King’s favor that men can function….and Israel exists today because Esther and all the Jews united themselves together and talked to The Creator about their pending annihilation.  The Creator declared a hearty “NO” and uncle Mordecai was lifted up on a horse, just as ‘The King of Kings’ will return riding a white horse….

Billy Graham lead the way of the message of the redemption of the blood of God that came in human flesh.  God would have found another way for the Jew to continue even if hadassah had not made her life a sacrifice.  Hadassah decided to reveal herself to her husband, King Ashausrus, even if it meant her death.  Her king saw her heart and gave her full authority over the 121 provinces to ‘save’ her people….which then kept the blood line to the Messiach in tact which came through the story of Ruth.

God’s plan is perfect….just as Billy Graham’s life-plan was perfect….and he followed God’s call. He then died ‘on time’ – to be honored ‘on time’ – before the world, just as Jews and others fasted honoring God of whom honored hadassah…the little Jewish girl who came out of Babylon with Daniel’s friends.  They all had to come out of hiding just as we need to come out and stand for ‘Truth’ which is The Messiah’s blood sacrifice.

We should all give praise as we witness the ‘Hand of God’ on our world at this very moment in time… The Fast of Esther and PURIM with Billy Graham’s message being laid before us.  Billy Graham wished that he had understood more of the mysteries of God.

May the Graham family unravel the mysteries of God before the world.  Billy was the fore runner of the gospel and all nations have now heard it.  The King’s coming is next…but will the people recognize him?  Is he a Gentile or is He a Jew?   Is his skin white, medium or dark?  Skin color has never mattered as God is NOT a respecter of persons…rich or poor.   He is concerned about the heart…and then you can be counted as a worthy ‘sacrifice’ to him. Be as The Messiach and walk in ‘sacrifice’ proclaiming His goodness.

Today, is a great day…where a mere man passed into eternity and yet He did it at PURIM…a time of celebration because evil Haman was removed from the earth…so the line to The Messiach would continue.

Let The Creator use you for good and not evil.  I thank The Creator for showing us two calendars…..because we see Him even better on The Hebrew calendar.

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