Seventh Day of Awe – What happens on this day?


Tishrei 7 – Days of Awe – Tishrei 1-10

TISHREI 7 – Day of Awe Seven

Seven – Zayin – Weapon – ז

The Hebrew year 5777 is completed. It is now 5778. The three sevens more than impress us of what it takes to bring man to REST on the earth. REST REST REST….SABBATH SABBATH SABBATH…ZAYIN  ZAYIN  ZAYIN.

In the last weeks of the Hebrew year 5777 more and more of The Creator’s creation was speaking out.  The patterns of their happenings occurred as the Sabbath was beginning.

Even our calf Monday’s Montana, of whom was exactly 60 days old, that almost died from the fierce heat; occurred on the Sabbath, July 22, 2017.   He arose and was joined to his mother the next day on Sunday.   He had a name change to give honor to that Sabbath miracle of him raising his head and hoof after specifically praying for that sign of life from him.  It was so amazing as four of us stood over him and witnessed God’s hand on him.  It was for our faith to grow that I know it happened.  His new name is Mattot Ma’sai; the titles of the two Torah reading of that Sabbath.

Storms bring families together on weekends and many are still living together.  Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose, and now Maria along with Mexico and Japan’s earthquakes have brought families under one roof.  People were sharing generators and even helping each other from the temptation of looting.  Many still sleep in temporary shelters as their homes have molded.   People connected to family via cells phone and yet cell phone service went down in the United States and outside countries.

What I’m reporting is that these storms would strike at The Sabbath of rest. The mercy of The Creator, of whom prepared these storms in people’s lives so they would turn to Him, was also gracious to bring the storm’s strength when people normally should be with their families on the weekend. He tells us to hide when they come…don’t even go back home…just run.

Tishrei 7 – Jubilee Calendar:

In the year 1333 – Noach was preparing the ark with food for them and the animals. It is almost one rosh chodesh (month) before they load the animals and God shuts the door. They are filling the ark right now on Tishrei 7 (Month One) and the door is closed on Cheshvan 10 (Month Two) according to the Book of Genesis. In the Book of Jubilees, which is very specific on the days things occur, it states that the door was closed and the water began on Cheshvan 17. Perhaps the door had been closed and now Cheshvan 17 was take off day. In any case, both accounts agree that Month Two Day Seventeen the great deluge began. The Book of Jubilees also states that Adom and Chanoh sin occurred the same day…Month Two Day Seventeen….17 Cheshvan.

ALERT – What will Cheshvan 17 look like in the Gregorian calendar 2017? The date is November 6, 2017.

(My grandson Bennett Ryan’s birthday. He was born on election day 2012. I’m blessed to be with him.)

Thus Tishrei 7 1333 was Preparation Day of finishing any building projects and it was harvesting food so all the clean and unclean specie would arrive to the other side of the water veil.

Tishrei 7 – Adom called it Month One Day Seven – Adom was one day old and now he was instructed to rest on Day Seven of creation.

Adom: Month One is one day old.

He was probably learning all about his new body that was covered in a soft material called flesh. He would learn to eat and see his other body functions begin. His eyes were in a wonder as well for all that he was seeing…all the creatures and nature must have truly amazed him.

So, far we have Adom being amazed and his GGGG grandson Noach doing the same thing….being amazed at LIFE…and being instructed how to take care of it so it did not perish from the earth. Both of these men on Month One Day Seven were in their own wonderlands wondering what LIFE was all about.

Adom was just seeing what new life looked like and Noach was on the other end seeing what man had become after 1333 years. Man had lifted himself up up and up in pride just as the year screamed at Noach in it’s meaning of lift, lift, lift. Yes, the Creator would resolve the problem by lifting them off the earth to save them, but there were only eight chosen as the remnant. Eight people would look to populate the earth through the 8000th year. Then a new system would be put in place for those that did desire to ‘bow the knee’ to The Creator that came in flesh. The child was on the earth in year 7 and 8 AD perspectively. His birth even began a new calculation but they would take Before Christ (BC) and change it to BCE and say it meant Before Common Era… (always trying to remove that the anointed one came.)

Tishrei 7 – 1931

Japan invades Manchuria begins WWII (86 years ago)

Tishrei 7 – 1964 – Second Arab Summit – The Arabs declare to destroy Israel and sends two notes to the United Nations over summit resolutions. They make this proclamation over water rights.

President Johnson Water Act supported Israel in their rights to divert water Israel’s desert could bloom.

Once again, we see The Creator teaching man to take care of the earth and bloom.

Tishrei 7 – 1994 – Frank Corder dies after crashing a 1971 Cesna 150 on White House lawn. Seven years on 9.11.2001 the practice run becomes real killing 3000.

Tishrei 7 – 2008 – 6.3 E Xizang earthquake.

Tishrei 7 – 2015 – 17 4.5+ earthquakes occur on earth. (4.5 at Jalafe Abad Kyrgyzstan)

Tishrei 7 – 2015 – World Council of Churches sponsors “World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel”.

These are the things listed on my Hebrew calendar as I track events.

Tishrei 7 2017

5778 years from the creation of the world

Year 2 of cycle 305 of lunar (small) cycle

Year 10 of cycle 207 of solar (big) cycle

Ma’aser Ani (tithe for the poor) –

Year three of the shmita cycle

1948 years from the destruction of our Holy Temple

70 years from establishment of State of Israel

51 years from the liberation of Jerusalem


Rosh Hashanah 1

1 Tishri

21 September 2017

Fast of Gedaliah

4 Tishrei

24 September 2017

Yom Kippur

10 Tishrei

30 September 2017 – Sabbath – This fast will occur and not be deferred as it is The Fast commanded by ADONAI.

Sukkot – Feast of Tabernacles

15 Tishrei

5 October 2017

Chanukah 1

25 Kislev

13 December 2017

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