Hawaii Kilaeau Volcano 50-day Study – Rainbow is Covenant of Fire

Hawaii Volcano Earthquakes 2018 4.2+

May 3 2018 5.1 Kilauea Hawaii

Beltane pagan activity * National Day of Prayer * Manna Fell Day 1

Counting Omer L’g B’ Day 3318 Iyyar

Ascension Yeshua Jesus – Omer Day 40 Iyyar 25

Shavuot/Pentecost – Omer Day 50Sivan 6

FIFTY 4.2+ Volcano Quakes in 50 days

Five consecutive 4.9 begin SHAVUOT – Day 18, May 20 – Sivan 6 Sunday

Eleven consecutive 5.3 begin Sabbath Shelech (send) – Day 39, June 10

Fortieth Day Counting of Omer – Ascension – 4.0

Fiftieth Day June 21 was Summer Solace – 5.4 7 Tammuz

Day 1 – May 3 18 Iyyar Fern Acres Hawaii 5.1 Manna fell first day

National Day Prayer

L’g B’ 33rd Counting Omer

Day 2 – May 4 19 Iyyar Fern Acres Hawaii 5.4 4.4 6.9 4.6 4.6 4.8

Day 3 – May 5 20 Iyyar Pahala, Leilani Hawaii 5.3 4.7 4.6 Emor (say) SABBATH

Day 4 – May 6 21 Iyyar 4.3

Day 5 – May 7 22 Iyyar

Day 6 – May 8 23 Iyyar

Day 7 – May 9 24 Iyyar

Day 8 – May 10 25 Iyyar 4.0 ASCENSION Yeshua/Jesus

40 Day Count Omer

Day 9 – May 11 26 Iyyar

Day 10 – May 12 27 Iyyar 4.2 Behar/Bechukotai Sabbath

Day 11 – May 13 28 Iyyar Leilani Estes Hawaii 4.6

Day 12 – May 14 29 Iyyar

Day 13 – May 15 1 Sivan Death of Korah earth opens

Day 14 – May 16 2 Sivan 4.4 Moses ascends Mt. Sinai

Day 15 – May 17 3 Sivan 5.0 5.0 3 days to prepare boundaries

Day 16 – May 18 4 Sivan Moses writes 68 Chpt Torah

Day 17 – May 19 5 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.0 Bamidbar (in the wilderness) SABBATH

Rubin finds mandrakes

People accept Torah

Day 18 – May 20 6 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.9 Sunday SHAVUOT

50th Day Count Omer

Day 19 – May 21 7 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.9

Day 20 – May 22 8 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.9

Day 21 – May 23 9 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.9

Day 22 – May 24 10 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.9

Day 23 – May 25 11 Sivan Volcano Hawaii

Day 24 – May 26 12 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.0 4.7 4.7 Naso (take up) SABBATH

Day 25 – May 27 13 Sivan

Day 26 – May 28 14 Sivan

Day 27 – May 29 14 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Judah birth and death

Day 28 – May 30 15 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3

Day 29 – May 31 16 Sivan

Day 30 – June 01 17 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.4

Day 31 – June 02 18 Sivan

Day 32 – June 03 19 Sivan Beha’alotcha (when you set up) Sbth

Day 33 – June 04 20 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.4 Toxic Ash – LEAVE or stay inside

Day 34 – June 05 21 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.4

Day 35 – June 06 22 Sivan Miriam punished with leprosy

Day 36 – June 07 23 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.4 War against Benjmn, Fuego Volc 5.2

Day 37 – June 08 24 Sivan Zechariah Restoration Zion, Temple

Day 38 – June 09 25 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.2 5.2 G7 Meet US Grmy Itly Brtn Fr Jpn Canada – Trump slow to sign pact

Day 39 – June 10 26 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Shelach (send) SABBATH

Day 40 – June 11 27 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 40th Day Hawaii Eruption

Day 41 – June 12 28 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Israel arrives in Paran

Day 42 – June 13 29 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Twelves spies go to Canaan

Day 43 – June 14 30 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.2 5.3 President Trump 72nd Birthday

Day 44 – June 15 1 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Joseph birth and death

Day 45 – June 16 2 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 5.3

Day 46 – June 17 3 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 4.2 5.3 Korach SABBATH 600 homes

14 million in crops loss

Day 47 – June 18 4 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 5.3

Day 48 – June 19 5 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Ezekiel receives vision while captive

Day 49 – June 20 6 Tammuz Volcano Hawaii 4.6 5.3 Eruptions may hold captive 2 yrs

Day 50 – June 21 7 Tammuz 5.4 JUBILEE – 50th Day, Yo’vel

Summer Solstice

50 4.2+ Volcano Earthquakes in FIFTY DAYS – 42 – number of loud silencing to bring change

Day 51 – June 22 9 Tammuz Jerusalem broken up, famine prevailed, Nebuchadnezzar’s army breached walls Jerusalem

Day 52 – June 23 10 Tammuz Hawaii Volcano 5.3 Chukat (statute) Shabbat

Day 53 – June 24 11 Tammuz Hawaii Volcano 4.6 5.2

Day 53 – June 25 12 Tammuz

The Kilauea Hawaii volcano grew stronger at the reading of Korah in 2018. Is the removal of six hundred (600) Kilauea homes the same example of what happens to those that disregard ADONAI’s authority of Mosche with Korach? The name Mosch is synonymous with The Torah. Adonai had the people in the wilderness separate themselves from three arrogant clans: Korach(Levites), Datan and Aviram (Ruebenites). The earth was ordered to open up to swallow these clans…their homes and anyone standing with them would perish. In 2018, at exactly the same time of Hawaii’s fire-blazing lava-flowing volcano, the Korach rebellion was being studied throughout the world. The modern 21st-century man still worships false gods and follows false leaders. Hawaii promotes dancing to their gods.

I Sam 6:19 “for ADONAI struck the people of Beit-Shemesh for looking at the ark of ADONAI. He killed 50,070 of the people; the people mourned because ADONAI had struck them with such a terrible slaughter.

Another account of Beit-Shemesh –

2Ki 14:11 But Amatzyah wouldn’t listen. So Y’ho’ash king of Isra’el went up; and he and Amatzyah king of Y’hudah had it out face-to-face at Beit-Shemesh, which belongs to Y’hudah.

2Ki 14:12 Y’hudah was defeated by Isra’el, and every man fled to his tent.

2Ki 14:13 Y’ho’ash king of Isra’el took Amatzyah king of Y’hudah, the son of Y’ho’ash the son of Achazyah, prisoner at Beit-Shemesh. Then he went to Yerushalayim and demolished the wall of Yerushalayim between the Gate of Efrayim and the Corner Gate, a section 600 feet long.

At the end of this 50-day Study on Hawaii Volcano 600 homes have been destroyed.

Amatzyah son of Yo’ash – age 25 when he ruled. Rules 29 years = 54 years retired. Taken prisoner at Beit-Shemesh (where ark was looked upon…50,070 died). He went to Jerusalem and took all articles from Temple…hostages and return to Shomron (Samaria).

2Ki 14:3 He did what was right from Adonai’s perspective, although not like David his ancestor; he lived the same way as his father Yo’ash.

2Ki 14:4 However, the high places were not removed; the people still sacrificed and offered on the high places.

Historical facts for Sivan taken from El Shaddai Ministries calendar 2017-2018

Sivan 1 was May 15, 2018.

Sivan 1 – People of Israel arrive in Sinai Wilderness witnessing mountain on fire. Death of Korah and his followers as earth opens up and consumes their homes. Their family and friends were taken alive dropping into Shoel.

Disciples remain for the last 5 days of the Omer praying in Jerusalem.

Ezekiel receives prophecy.

Sivan 2 – The People of Israel are chosen. Moses ascends Mt. Sinai.

Sivan 3 – Three preparatory days of Hagbalah (Boundaries) begin.

Sivan 4 – Moses writes first 68 chapters of Torah.

Sivan 5 – Reuben finds mandrakes that Rachel will buy from Leah. Joseph is then born after this superstitious act of eating them to become fertile and then lying with Jacob. Rachel still worships Laban’s idols as she takes them with her as they leave. She will die giving birth to Benjamin (son of right hand/strength)

Sivan 6 – (Some declare this 50th Day Counting Omer/Shavuot)

Sivan 13 – Moses ascends Mt. Sinai.

Sivan 15 – Judah birth and death. Israelites reach Sinai.

Sivan 22 – Miriam punished with leprosy.

Sivan 23 – Uncle Mordechi drafts decree all Jews of Medo-Persia Empire they can strike their enemies.

Sivan 28 – Israel arrives in Paran.

Sivan 29 – Twelves spies leave for Canaan.

Historical facts of Tammuz from El Shaddai Ministries calendar 2017-2018.

Tammuz 1 was June 15 in 2018.

Tammuz 1 – Waters receded from mountain tops. Birth death Joseph. Isaac and family went to Egypt.

Tammuz 3 – Sun stands still for Joshua. News Day 46 – 600 Hawaii homes destroyed to date.*

Tammuz 5 – Ezekiel receives vision while in captivity.

Tammuz 9 – Nebuchadnezzar’s army breached walls of Jerusalem…famine prevailed.

Tammuz 10 – Israel’s King Zedekiah captured by Babylonians.

Tammuz 16 – Golden calf made.

Tammuz 17 – Moses breaks two tablets. Temple service disrupted by Babylonian siege. Jerusalem walls breached by Romans. Dire Straits begins (Tammuz 17 to Av 9). King Menashe placed an idol in The Temple. The American colonies declared their independence, 1776.

Tammuz 18 – Golden calf destroyed. It’s gold is removed and put in the water streams which makes the people sick and several thousand die.

* Gen 14:7 Pharaoh took 600 fine chariots to chase the Israelites. 600 homes were lost as of June 18, 2018…many of the rich and famous…as well as the poor. Hawaiian islands worship other gods.

2Ki 14:13 Y’ho’ash king of Isra’el took Amatzyah king of Y’hudah, the son of Y’ho’ash the son of Achazyah, prisoner at Beit-Shemesh. Then he went to Yerushalayim and demolished the wall of Yerushalayim between the Gate of Efrayim and the Corner Gate, a section 600 feet long.

by Bonnie Laux yhebrew.com

SEVENTY – The summary of all prophetic numbers.

Gen 24:9 – 70 leaders at a distance went up with Mosch, Aharon and Hur,

Rev 12:11 “They defeated him because of The Lamb’s blood and because of the message of their witness. Even when facing death they did not cling to life.”

I Sam 6:1 “The ark of ADONAI was in the country of the P’lishtim for seven months.

I Sam 5:1-5 “The P’lishtim had captured the ark of God and brought it from Even-‘Ezer to Ashdod. The the P’lishtim took the ark of God, brought it to the temple of Dagon and set it next to Dagon. But early the next morning, when the people of Ashdod got up, there was Dagon, fallen down on his face to the ground before the ark of ADONAI. They took Dagon and set him in his place again; but early the following morning, when they got up, Dagon was again fallen down and both hands lay there, severed, on the threshold, all that was left of Dagon was his torso. This is why, to this day, the priests of Dagon and those entering the temple never walk on the threshold of Dagon in Ashdod.”


There is a ‘threshold covenant’ that we witness among newly married couples. The groom will carry his bride across the threshold of the home in which they will reside. He will take care of her and protect her according to their house beliefs. People crossing that threshold are to be protected by the owners pf that home when they are in that home.   If a person does not agree with the person’s beliefs that live in that house, they might enter through a window. We would then know them as a thief that has come to seek, destroy and to kill.

Day 40 – June 11 27 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 4.1 5.3 40th Day Hawaii Eruption

Day 41 – June 12 28 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Israel arrives in Paran

Day 42 – June 13 29 Sivan Volcano Hawaii 5.3 Twelves spies go to Canaan

Day 40 – Noach’s flood rained 40 days and 40 nights. Then the Eruption stopped.

Day 41 – Noach ark now safe.

Day 40 – Adom is 40 days and 40 nights from Day of Deception (Cheshvan 17, Month 2 Day 17)

Day 41 – Adom arrives to exit of Gan of Eden

Day 42 – Adom and Chanoah are put out on the soil from which Adom was made. Just as the 12 spies searched out the ‘old land’ from which they once were raised, Adom will stop back onto the land from which he had been.

40 is a completion-cycle number. Then comes silence so change can work itself into the pattern of life.

Eli judged 40 years; Samuel judged for 40 years; King Saul reigned 40 years; King David reigned 40 years; Solomon reigned 37 years.

42 is a number of ‘return to the old/new path.’ A number of ‘silence’ to bring about change at the door of the house….Dahlet/Beit…door/house…threshold.

The woman stood at the door asking for a child and told her she would have one in due season. Covenant told at door. Door closed when dead…opened door..closed door…walked around getting warm again..opened door and laid on him again…came alive. Closed door..she opened door and found son alive.

(Picture of resurrection) Promise of son…son died…took three days…door opened…released back into life…saw father…door opened again to return to earth…walked though door…He is the door.

The spies wanted to go in (enter door) because they did NOT trust what had for them….they had to see it to know what to expect…the large people scared them. (they closed the door behind them…then opened the door again in battle…God closed the door as they died…They didn’t go through that door again…listened to God for 40 years..died…then entered in.

Adom didn’t want to go back to the land from which he was made, but the gates (dahlet/4) were being closed..now there was only the old path before them.

Noach didn’t want to enter the new land but after forty days and nights of torrential waters, there was no other way but to go back to the old land…the old path that made them start opening doors (dahlet/4) all over again. The veil of rain was their dahlet/door to the future.

On Day 42 a calmer ark-life would become the norm. It took 42 days of resolve to want to live. The noise outside and inside the ark was so loud that it was deafening. The silence of the animals in the Gan of Eden was so quiet after the fall that it was ‘deafening.’ The joyous chatter had stopped…change came…and it would mean that man would now talk more with The Creator. They would build a relationship with Elohim who would always direct their paths…even as men still devised their own way.

4 – Dahlet – Door (opening, entrance, gate, cauldron)

At 4000 years – Israel’s kings were removed….

At 4100 years – Israel Prepares for The Messiach’s Return

At 4200 years – Kingdom is restored.

At 4000 more years – In the ‘8th’ Day (8000 years) The King of Kings will reign bringing The New Heaven and Earth down to this earth’s atmosphere.

The ark protected 8 people for one year and seventeen days.

Samuel had 80 ADONAI Believers stand guard prepared to slaughter those dressed in robes inside Dagon’s temple. Dagon believers and these 80 guards searched high and low so no ADONAI believer had a robe on. Anyone without a robe on was cast out.

John gives account in The Book of Revelations that he saw those wearing robes return with ADONAI on white horses. This Cloud of Witnesses return with The King of Kings of whom robe is dipped in blood…since He was The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Samuel 7 even speaks of the little lamb that was sacrificed that stopped The Ark Plague.

I Sam 6:1 “The ark of ADONAI was in the country of the P’lishtim for seven months.” None of their cities could contain it without dying or breaking out in tumors.

I Sam 6:19 “for ADONAI struck the people of Beit-Shemesh for looking at the ark of ADONAI. He killed 50,070 of the people; the people mourned because ADONAI had struck them with such a terrible slaughter.

I Sam 7:1-2 “So the men of Kiryat-Ye’arim came and brought back the ark of ADONAI. They took it to the home of Avinadav on the hill and appointed his son El’azar to guard the ark of ADONAI. From the day that the ark arrived in Kiryat-Ye’arim a long time elapsed, twenty years; and all the people of Isra’el yearned for ADONAI.

This 20 years corresponds to Jacob yearning to return home to his original land in Canaan after working for Laban. And, it was an El’azar that was the trusted servant of Abraham that left the homeland and traveled to Laban’s house to find Isaac’s bride..Laban’s sister, Rebekah (Jacob’s mother.)

The Ark Plague was ONLY stopped when a small little lamb was sacrificed by Samuel; I Samuel 7:9. This picture of a lamb being slain looked into the future to THE LAMB that would be slain on a stake outside the walls of Jerusalem.

Abraham’s previous sacrifice of his only son Isaac was Abraham’s only lamb given to him by God. This patterns to God sending his only begotten Son….picturing forward to the stake at Jerusalem.

These pictures never pattern to humans being encouraged to murder another human being…there is no heavenly reward for doing such a thing and there certainly should never be any earthly reward for removing the ‘image of God’ from the earth.

Adom had a burnt sacrifice immediately in the original land following his exit from the beautiful Gan of Eden.

Noach had a burnt offering immediately exiting the ark on the new land.

Beit-Shemesh burnt the ark cart and heifers has a burnt offering. I Sam 6:14-15.

Sh’mu’el had a burnt offering of one little lamb to stop the Ark plague that killed 50,070 Hebrews.


We can believe on ‘The Lamb’ that was slain on the Mount of Olives at the time of Rome’s Tiberius.  God’s ‘Lamb’ was on schedule.   Rome’s younger Tiberius was age 42 when he began to reign. The squeezing pressure from his forerunners culminated when his mother died.   Tiberius changed and became very authoritative as big changes were taking place.  Ten of thousands of Jews were killed as King Yeshua’s resurrection spread throughout the land.  By 70 AD Solomon’s Temple would be torn down as the soldiers scavenged the gold that had melted into it’s stones.   The Temple was ransacked by Roman soldiers as Rome paid them in scavenging The Temple structure itself.

Tiberius had no family  and few friends left as many had been killed by his friend to whom he had entrusted the The Empire. When Tiberius returns to Rome reclaiming his position as acting Emperor…. things changed.

Who can see God and live?  Jacob lived because He had respect for The Angel of The Lord he wrestled with all through the night.  No respect….no life…no blessing…no name change.

I Sam 6:19 “for ADONAI struck the people of Beit-Shemesh for looking at the ark of ADONAI. He killed 50,070 of the people; the people mourned because ADONAI had struck them with such a terrible slaughter.

50,070 is a jubilee number…50. 70…a number completing all prophetic numbers. But…there is always more….a major loss of people…for looking at the ark.  And, did they also open it and look inside the ark?

There are no adjectives in Hebrew so it would probably read… ‘ark looked’ or it could read it, ‘looked ark’. The words ‘at’ or ‘in’ can not be added to the text. Thus, if they looked (in the or at the) ark…50,070 died.  The ark had been made ‘common’.

I Sam 6:20 “The people of Beit-Shemesh asked, “Who can stand before ADONAI, this holy God? To whom can we send it, to get it away from us?”

Today, the people of Israel might think the same thing as they are to stand before our world for the sake of God’s righteousness….not their own…because they will always fail.   They are put in stressful situations in order to show their belief in the true living God known as, ADONAI.   And, aren’t they responsible for The ark and it’s safety should it be found?   And, shouldn’t they protect people from looking “in” the ark when it is found?  It is said that there is a great charge of electricity that emits from the ark as it has stone, gold and wood to make it untouchable.

The lessons that we learn from previous mistakes must be dealt with in the future. Why do we need to see inside the ark? Why do we even need the ark if God has deemed it hidden? If 50,070 Hebrews died viewing it, then perhaps it could be ten times that number or more since there are more believers and viewers of The Torah today.

The Ark is a new discussion that this author finds interesting in returning the ark to it’s proper owners via the prophet Samuel. He is a prophet of great renown that judged Israel for forty years. We are now forty jubilees (50 x 40 = 2000 years) from The Messiach being the sacrificed lamb. Perhaps the ark should be left alone so the world does not have another excuse to hate God should so many die by looking upon it.

Or, perhaps The Ark is to be revealed in ADONAI’S timing to prove it was with them.  King Saul kept it with them when they went to battle the enemy.   ADONAI controlled the blood flow of those battles just as He does today. We are not to look to miracles, artifacts or even a temple to saves us.  We are to look to The One sacrifice that was made to save those that would believe it.   A man named Lazarus even even told that it would do no good to send someone back to warn his five brothers of the torments of Shoel because if they would not even believe the miracle of one that was raised from the dead…meaning The Messiach Yeshua Jesus….why would they believe that messenger.

Instead, men seem to prefer God’s wrath to spread out on the earth. People use the words ‘bad or good luck’ or they blame ‘mother nature’ when distress hits them.   Why do we not want to look to ADONAI and seek what caused these troubles.  Instead, we don’t look to God…but Mother Nature…. no one wants a judging God…but only one that issues mercy…and grace.  Without Law there is no need for mercy and grace.

At least the Muslim says, “If Allah wills it.” Thus, the P’lishtim could have said, “If Dagon wills it.”

Did the P’lishtim learn to respect the elohim of the Hebrews? To that very day in Samu’el’s time they will NOT walk on the threshold upon which Dagon fell.

And, what about the gods of Hawaii? If the land and air are gods, then why have these gods allowed themselves to be consumed in fire, lava and deadly air?

Are these gods upset and casting out it’s own people of whom have cared for these islands for thousands of year?  Or, are they ‘fake gods.’   hula was a religious activity in honor of the goddess Laka.  (Today we still use the hula hoop keep that god alive.)

Heiau, temple to the gods…  Two types: agricultural mapele type was dedicated to the god Lono.

luakini were large war temples, where animal and human sacrifices were made.  The luakini could only be entered by ali’i (mana), the king, important chiefs and nobility and members of the Ku priesthood.

Hale ali’i, the house of the chief was residence for the high chief and meeting lesser chiefs.  Feathers hung outside signified royalty.  No woman or children were allowed inside.

EXCLUSIVE CLUBS breed contempt –

The reading of Korach meaning bald was read on June 17, Tammuz 3 2018. Numbers 16:1-18:32, I Samuel 11:14-12:22 were read. I Samuel continues to set up the first kingship without telling prideful Sha’ul that he had been chosen by ADONAI. He isn’t even present as his name is called out among the Benjamites. Sha’ul was looked down upon as an unworthy king until I Sam 11:6 “The Spirit of God fell on Sha’ul when he heard this; blazing furiously with anger, he seized a pair of oxen and them in pieces; then he sent them throughout the territory of Isra’el with messengers saying, “Anyone who doesn’t come and follow Sha’ul and Sh’mu’el, this is what will be done to his oxen!”

The Korach study is attached to I Sam 11-12 warning people to obey the king that God placed in their midst even though God never liked doing it. It was the people that wanted a king instead of God’s appointed judges. Korach was bald (empty in his thinking) in his attitude toward Moses and Aharon being the leaders. The prophet Sh’mu’el had served The Temple well and had prepared his two sons to become judges over the people. But the people rejected them and wanted a king instead.

Men devise their own ways, but God will direct their path. The plans of God will never be thwarted by men’s arrogance. As the Kilauea volcano continues to intensify in it’s eruptions which they believe could continue for several years, they have another active volcano waking up…it’s name is Mauna Loa.

Mauna Loa consumes half of the area of State of Hawaii. The May 3, 2018 Day of Prayer, the Day the Manna Fell in the desert 6.9 earthquake not only set Kilauea off, but it also moved Mauna Loa. Usually one or the other volcano are active at one time.  But, this time is will be different….they both activate at the same time.

Mauna Loa, from it’s ocean floor to top, is 17 km (56,000 feet) tall (another 50,000 number).  As Mauna Loa lifted up it caused Kilauea to draw down and begin to empty it’s cauldron…which has caved in 60 meters which is 197 feet since May 3, 2018.   These are unprecedented times in volcanic activity since Mauna Loa is the second largest volcano on the earth.

June 3 2018 – 30 days later Hawaii quiets of no earthquake over 4.5….BUT….Al Fuego in Guatemala spews ask and mud trapping and killing 99 with 197 missing and assumed dead.  If people could be measured in meters…it would be 60 meters of people….just as we see that Kilauea caved in 197 feet to empty it’s cauldron on May 3.  Why are these numbers what they are?  I can not tell you…but our Creator knows…and His secrets are for us to look into.

Two volcanoes in 30 days burning up 600 homes and killing 99 + 197 = 296 humans removed to somewhere….60 meters…600 homes….within 30 days….a month (rosh chodesh).  Is there going to be a third?  Korach, Dadan and Avram were the families involved in the Korach study on June 16, 2018…Sabbath…3 Tammuz.  Let us study to see what lessons God has for us.  Numbers 16:1-18:32; I Sam 11:14-12:22; John 19:1-17.

The Korach study shows us that God wants us to remember what He has done through the annuals of time.  His patterns continue and we must know our Bible in order to see God in our lives…..ignorance is NOT bliss.

I Sam 12:6 reminds them of their rebellion against “Mosch and Aharon who brought your ancestors up from the land of Egypt.”

I Sam 12:16 “Now therefore, hold still and see the great deed which ADONAI will perform before your very eyes. Now is wheat harvest time, isn’t it? I am going to call on ADONAI to send thunder and rain. Then you will understand and see how wicked from ADONAI’S viewpoint is the thing you have done in asking for a king.”

They asked Sh’mu’el, “Pray to ADONAI your God for your servants, so that we won’t die; because to all our other sins now we’ve added this evil as well, asking for a king over us.” I Sam12:20.

In 2018….our world has glorified Presidents who bowed at their whims. We, the people, voted in a new president in 2016 who was a shock to even Republicans that he won. He was God’s choice for America and already he has recognized Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. He even authorized the United States Embassy to be moved to that location. What other nations are following? Instead, the world cries daily and continues to uplift the old president….rejecting the leadership that God placed before them….The Last Trump was called…King Cyrus was given to the world…to draw men back toward Jerusalem…back to the beginning with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whose lives grew in Egypt and then brought out in great numbers from Egypt.

This people group is to lead the world, ‘Back To The Torah.’  But instead,  off the coast of California harbors reject ships carrying Israeli products.  They set up embargoes so Israeli products can not reach the shore and then into our store shelves.   And, we wonder why California has had so many fires?

And, what location did ADONAI decide to make a statement in 2018? HAWAII…..The land of Paradise…tropical trees brought to a black volcano planted to now look like a paradise. Pearl Harbor happened at Hawaii in 1941 and brought America into WWII to save the Jews from further death camps and burning ovens. Why HAWAII? Let us look at their history from Wikipedia….

But first, before you tire of reading this chapter…let us finish Korach’s study with the last first being I Samuel 12:22. (This is God’s reputation that is being spoken of)

“For the sake of His great reputation, ADONAI will not abandon his people; because it has pleased ADONAI to make you a people for himself.”

I always want to hear “the rest of the story” so let’s finish Sh’mu’el speech to them.

I Sam 12:23-25 “As for me, far be it from me to sin against ADONAI by ceasing to pray for you! Rather, I will continue instructing you in the good and right way. Only fear ADONAI, and serve him faithfully with all your heart; for think what great things he has done for you! However, if you insist on doing wicked things, you will be swept away—both you and your king!”

The 2018 Plague of Fire and Water began on the day the ‘manna fell’ to feed the Israeli’s almost 3500 years ago on 18 Iyyar.

In Hawaii the word ‘mana’ is known as governing with power.  Hawaii’s higher and lower chiefs of the realms govern with Ali’i called, mana. This author believes that ADONAI took Hawaii’s ‘mana power’ and poured ash and fire on their ‘fake gods’  powers. Instead of receiving ADONAI’S blessing of manna from heaven that fed the Israelites for forty years, Hawaii got toxic laze…which is a close word to ‘latrine’. The fake god Dagon’s temple is now a permanent latrine according to I Samuel.

2 Kings 13:6 moreover, the asherah continued to stand in Shomron.

2Ki 14:11 But Amatzyah wouldn’t listen. So Y’ho’ash king of Isra’el went up; and he and Amatzyah king of Y’hudah had it out face-to-face at Beit-Shemesh, which belongs to Y’hudah.

2Ki 14:12 Y’hudah was defeated by Isra’el, and every man fled to his tent.

2Ki 14:13 Y’ho’ash king of Isra’el took Amatzyah king of Y’hudah, the son of Y’ho’ash the son of Achazyah, prisoner at Beit-Shemesh. Then he went to Yerushalayim and demolished the wall of Yerushalayim between the Gate of Efrayim and the Corner Gate, a section 600 feet long.

The Worship of the ‘golden calf’ was going on in the desert of Arabia.  Aharon participates in pleasing the people helping make the ‘false image’.  But, he will not cross into the promise land for his attitude of speaking in pride as if they were God himself.   They are responsible together for striking the rock instead of speaking to it in order for water to come out of it.  This water represents the Holy Spirit.   God will NOT be denied His glory.  He will not share His honor.

The removal of the northern and southern kingdoms should also be seen as God directed as each try to remove the other.

Efrayim represents the gentile nations.  The northern kingdom removed the Gentile’s gate that was 600 feet long.    The Kilaeau volcano in Hawaii removed 600 homes at the gates of the United States.   The Gentiles are warned NOT to resent the ways of the Jews that they are grafted into.   Those ways are called, The Torah.  And, those ways were clarified when Jesus Yeshua was on the earth.  He filled up those instructions…never removing any of them.  He was the fulfillment that they spoke of and thus is the only one qualified to be The Messiach.  He had never broken one Torah instruction although he couldn’t even do them all as He was never a high priest on earth nor was he a woman of whom had certain instructions.  Therefore, we know we can only observe those things that are available for us to observe.  Even without The Temple currently not on the earth, we can not do those things that it required…but we do what we can with what is instructed.

Gentles are chastised for their haughtiness….just as Efraiyim was.   The gates are removed.  The cauldrons are doors opening up and spewing out fire and ash.  These gates control the cities and their state.   Volcanoes control the world as they cause air pollution with ash that is glass-like material.    The fog caused by the fiery lava hitting the ocean water is known as ‘vog’.  It is poisonous and destructive to breathe.  Laze is also poisonous and steams up through the fault lines in the ground.

Today’s Gentiles whether Christian or not think they have the whole picture of what God wants for the earth while they throw out The Torah.  You can tell their conviction by if they teach their children to rest on the Sabbath…the 7th day of the week…as was our example at Creation.  But we accept being taught that it was just a Big Bang and man was not really created by a Creator.  Netflix is destroying our image of who God is.

Hawaii is known for serving a pig with an apple in it’s mouth.  A pig is an abomination to God….set apart for just that purpose.  Who will follow the instructions of God without having to know why?    Eating scavengers not only sickens people but it defies Torah.  But, people will only stop doing something once they understand the why of it.  Our Creator didn’t tell Adom why not to eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil…He just said…don’t do it.  It was the ‘old serpent’ that told Adom the ‘false why.’

Did the ‘devil’ make Adom do it?  No!  Adom chose to follow his wife’s missing the mark.  Now they would both ‘miss the mark’ and together live in the consequence of their pride of wanting to be ‘a god.’

Hawaii teaches their visitors and people about their gods of old….  Carbon dating shows their history beginning in the short time frame of 1219 to 1266.   Their cast lifestyle was learned from Polynesian long-distance navigators from French Polynesia, Tahiti, the Tuamotus and the Samoan Islands.

The world has always found it easy to create an image and believe in it.  ie. a rabbit foot is soft and furry….pushing us to the next step of loving the Easter bunny which we just can not do without and go back to what was planned for us…The Seder/Passover always occurring before the Spring Equinox.  In 2018 Easter and The Seder were the same weekend.  In 2019 they will again be at the same time.  What will you do?  You must decide which  god to will serve.  2018 and 2019 are tests of the spirit that lies within you…the world’s fun ways…or The Torah’s ways that point to ‘righteousness.’

As we bring other traditions into our lives, the original feasts become mundane and ‘common’.   We have found other ‘false’ gods and place ADONAI  last.  The lesson of Beit Shemesh is that we are not to make The Creator common…looking upon him and even touching what is suppose to be set-apart as holy.

ISRAEL is God’s set-apart nation and people group.

We don’t appreciate Israel and actually begin to agree with the world that she shouldn’t even have a Temple on the earth…………..which represents the invisible God.  The Temple in Jerusalem is a place to turn our faces toward and pray…talk to The Creator.

50,070 looked upon ‘The Ark’ at Beit Shemesht while it was in the hands of those that loved Adonai…at Samaria.    Next it was given to and held in the house of Abinadab on the hill.  His home held it for twenty years until the people of Israel yearned for it to be returned to them.

Jacob also left Laban’s house at 20 years because Jacob yearned to go home and be with his family in Canaan…the land of his father.

Let us support Israel so she becomes a ‘praise to the earth.’   She is seventy years as a nation on the earth…no longer to be rejected….by accepted and  the entire land that Abraham was promised should be hers.  If we vote for her land to once again be divided….we will be judged.  God’s promise’s can not be broken…or you will be broken!

Then, perhaps only perhaps…The Creator will ‘forgive us’ for sinning against His instructions….even as we know Jesus personally as our Savior…JUSTICE is meted out on all.

What is His name above all names?  YESHUA!

The ‘rainbow’ is a Covenant of promise of fire…burning fire…to bring men to repentance.

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