Fast of Tammuz cords attach to cloned Sheep Dolly

Cords of Idol Worship – TAMMUZ

Today is Sunday, Tammuz 18 2018.   It is The Fast of Tammuz of the ‘golden calf.’  Adonai told Moses to quickly go down and see what his rebellious children had done.  Moses is carrying the two tables of God’s words on them and throws them down purposefully in disgust over the people’s lack of faith in ADONAI.

Any fast is deferred to the next day should if fall on the Sabbath since the Sabbath is designed for joy.  Except for Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10 should it fall on the Sabbath.  When The Lord issues a fast…it is observed no matter what day.

The Fast of Tammuz was declared by the children of Israel since it commemorates their sin of having idols before them.  It reminds them of that terrible sin after coming out of Egypt of desiring to set up a statue to remind them of God.  They were familiar with the bull god from Egypt and it was the month to celebrate it…the bull was also seen in the heavens.  Jacob had also married a woman of whom after twenty years was still attached to them  She died giving birth to Benjamin (Rachel).

We must have ‘NO OTHER GODS’ before us:  Other gods….

In 2018, this author is reminded of other events that tie together that happened this same day…18 Tammuz.    Idolatry tries to replace God.  Man is defiant in his heart and will be removed.

22 Years Ago: On July 5, 1996, Tammuz 18, Dolly the sheep would be born after being cloned from a mammary gland…cloned by Ian Wilmut Scottland.  This ‘golden sheep’ is hidden from the world until Purim, February 23, 1997.   Her birth sent the world in an uproar as to what man would do next….create super humans?   Dolly was highly protected and yet produced twins and other babies. She died of a lung infection in March 2003 at Passover.

The full story of Dolly’s connections to the Hebrew calendar  can be read at She is born on 18 Tammuz, revealed at Purim as Esther is reveals to her husband, and Dolly dies at Pesach.   Hmm….if we would look at the Hebrew calendar we would see God connecting men’s activities to Israel’s history.

Today our world is taking human genes and organs and mixing them with machinery making robots. They have not let up on their quest for super humans.


1298 Austria massacre

1882 King Louis IX issued yellow badges

1925 Montana USA 6.0 earthquake felt 1600 sq kilometers SW Montana, 803,000 sq kilometers N Dakota to Washington; Canadian border to central Wyoming had the last aftershock.

1996 Dolly sheep born via cloning, July 5

2009 Shehaldrin volcano yellow alert for persistent thermal anomaly, July 10.

2010 Hurricane Alex stop British Petroleum Mexico Gulf clean-up.

2015 12 4.5+ earthquakes in world.

2016 22 4.5+ earthquakes in world. (‘golden calf’ fast deferred to Sunday July 24)


2018 May 3 to now —  the time the Israelites are building ‘golden calf’.

2018  Kilaeau Volcano constant eruptions of 5.3+.  600 homes destroyed, 500 ‘ fire towers of lava….Hawaii’s second largest volcano in world wakes up..Mauna Loa…makes up half of the island of Hawaii.

2018   Guatemala Al Fuego (Mountain of Fire) Volcano erupts killing/missing 300.

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