What Happens on Tammuz 13


1523 First printed Sefer HaChinuch – still given as a Bar Mitzva gift.

1836 President James Madison dies

1941 Jew yellow badge required in Baltic States

1942 40,000 Russian Jews are trapped

1949 7.5 earthquake Tajikistan July 10. 12,000 estimated dead. ALL buildings destroyed in that zone that was 60-65 miles long and four to five mile wide. The slide was one-half (1.5) mile wide and 100 feet deep. 225 mile an hour buried 20 villages.

2014 40,000 Israeli Reservists called up to defend Israel from Hamas in Gaza. A ground offense will start. Israel personally phoned 100,000 Gaza citizens and told to leave to the west and the south.

2014 6.5 Japan earthquake, Erev Sabbath. This was the 36th 6.5 earthquake of 2014 for the world.

2015 Michigan 3.3 quake. Investigating explosion at Union City, 30 June. Heavy Muslim populous.

2015 4.6 Greece

2015 6.0 Papa New Guinea

2015 Pakistan – 1200 die from June heat

2016 12 4.5+ earthquakes this day; Chile, Japan

2016 Ramadan May 27 – June 26, Iyyar 24 to Sivan 20. Day 34 Counting Omer, Eve of Shabbot.

2018 – Tammuz so far has been disastrous for Guatemala and Hawaii.  Volcanoes killed 97 with several hundred missing and presumed dead in Guatemala…ash covers their towns.  They were trapped….sound familiar as to the pattern of 40,000 Russian Jews being trapped in 1942?

Hawaii’s losses increase every day.  It began on The National Day of Prayer which was the first day the manna fell for the children in the desert with Moses.   By Tammuz 3 600 homes were gone and 14 million in crops.  The Kilauea Hawaii volcano had consistent fire shooting 500 feet in the air…the people were told to leave.  4.0 earthquakes and up were looked at by me and only on The Fortieth (40) Day of the Counting of the Omer….which is always The Ascension of Jesus/Yeshua…our Savior…the highest recorded volcano quake was 4.0.

Yes….you can mark 25 Iyyar…this year’s May 10 as truly being the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer….the Ascension was ‘marked’ by a 4.0 via Hawaii’s volcano.

Hawaii’s first 50 days of volcanic activity produced

50   4.2 earthquakes

5  consecutive 4.9 quakes being the highest May 20 to May 24 (6 Sivan (Shavuot) to 10 Sivan.

Yes, the 7 x 7 number…49 began and stopped at that time….five days of 4.9 quakes…beginning with Pentecost also know as Shavuot…the giving of the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaChodesh.  It’s an amazing ‘hand of God’ for those that will believe.  NO other 4.9 happen in this 50-day period.

NO other 4.0 happens in this 50-day period.

This report will post soon….go and check it out…so we see God’s hand operating on our earth right now.

Tammuz 1 began June 17, 2018 –  It began with he fifth consistent 5.3 volcanic quake.  These 5.3 and 5.4 will continue every day and the volcano intensifies and is now predicted to last several years.

Wow….and it also woke up Mauna Loa….the second largest volcano in the world that consumes half of Hawaii.  It showed signs of waking up at the 6.9 earthquake on May 4, 2018.

The rainbow above the fire that Aurora Observatory is a covenant promise of FIRE.

We always look at the rainbow in praise that God will never destroy the earth again by water….but what was the rest of the verse?

IT WILL BE BY FIRE….Volcano Fire….carrying ASH.

Yes….it’s time to rethink your position about Who God is?  Is He real?  YES…YES and YES.

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