Evolution Vs. God Movie

Are you an atheist?  Are you a fanatical atheist?  Is your faith in human professors?  Why does a poster say that Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Carol Saigan, Albert Einstein and others are athiests when they are not?  What can we believe?

Spell SHOP………S.H.O.P.

What do you do at a green light?

Be honest, what did you first think?  STOP   ….  Yes!

GREEN Light……..

Listen to Ray Comfort explain so you are not laid to rest without God’s hope for you.

Eternal life after physical death is a guarantee for all humans.  We have a soul…animals do not.

Do not be mislead by teachers who want your eternal soul………with them in the Lake of Fire.

2 thoughts on “Evolution Vs. God Movie

  1. I meant to write that constantine highjacked the true Sabbath on 07 Mar 321AD.
    Right after the gregorian antichrist calendar was adopted by the whore of babylon Church created in satan’s eternal city of roma, the next pope, sixtus five had the obelisk from helipolis, egypt erected in St Peter’s Square. roma is a fake whore protectorate goddess by the way.

    It came from heliopolis which means city of the sun. The modern day name is Cairo. The RCC symbols are chi and rho > cairo. The distance from where it was to where it was deposited is 1332 statute miles or 666 x 2. The symbol around the obelisk, the X of nimrod ( first babylonian king’s symbol) breaks the cross. The opposite is on the Union Jack ( unification of Jacob – true 12 tribe restoration).

    Add the true birthday of Christ being highjacked and deposited on nimrod’s birthday which rome honored as a gift giving day, the last day of the saturnalia festival on 25 Dec. It is a ritual 266 days after the crucifixion day of 03 Apr. The current pope being the 266th just adds to the mystery. The day now being known as Xmas adds to the clear effort by the RCC to replace Yeshua with an imposter who is the son of perdition. They clearly were and are honoring the son of perdition with the math and nomenclature of the calendar. The fact that Sept – Dec were made misnomers and moved to the 9-12 months and the months were the rubber meets the road honor the first two roman emperors who were defied plus the birth of the US in one month and the birthday of the antichrist in the other. Both roman emperors were deified. Why would the RCC allow a calendar to be adopted where months and days are named for roman, greek and pagan deities? That is blasphemous in itself.

    Daniel tells you the son of perdition would attempt to change the times and laws. The RCC sits on the seven hills, and the archbishops and cardinals wear scarlet and purple. Now 300 priests are being arraigned in the Pennsylvania area for pedophilia? 300? That is epidemic. How can a Church not identify this problem considering the centuries of abuse? It is because something sinister runs it and allows this to happen. The situation is designed to destroy Christianity.


  2. I would like to see an atheist refute the precision of this math. This was revealed to me by Hashem not long ago.

    Yeshua said, he was not here for Judah but to reclaim the house of Israel. Israel was divided into two Kingdoms. The northern Kingdom was Israel and the southern Kingdom was Judah. In 722BC, Israel was overrun by the Assyrians and the diaspora was essentially started where the tribes were scattered all over this earth. The clear indication is that the US is Ephraim and Zechariah 9 is about to fulfilled with it being made into the bow of Judah.

    The divine math becomes obvious with the sign in the sky. On 04 Jul (the birthdate of the last chapter of the mystery babylon and a proud Ephraim) 1054AD a supernova appeared in the sky. Take 722BC and add 1054AD to it. The duration is 1776 years. Now go exactly 722 years the other way from the supernova date. It is to the day the birth of the US 04 Jul 1776. From the beginning of the Christian Era it is another 1776 year interval.

    In Daniel 5:25 Hashem used the writing on the wall phrase “mene mene tekel upharsin”. This translates into the number 2520. Now go 722 years behind 722BC. 1444BC the Israelites enter the Promised Land. 40 years behind that in 1484BC is the Exodus.

    Bishop Ussher calculated the time from Creation to the Christian Era as 4004 years. It appears he was right. 4004 -1484 = 2520 years. The Israelites were released from egyptian captivity exactly 2520 years after Creation.

    Now add the year the Israelites went into the Promised Land 1444BC to the year the US was born 1776BC. It is 3220 years which I think is a secret the skull and bones 322 society has carried with them.

    dietrich eckhart (founder of nazism) said in his memoirs that hitler (in a satanic ceremony) was possessed by the spirit of satan when he looked at the spear of longinus that pierced Yeshua’s side.

    hitler was born 20 Apr 1889. The 20 Apr number is significant in the sense that the days of the beast start on 19 Apr and ends 13 days later on beltane 01 May. “may first” has the dubious distinction of being the only day to = 666 in English gematria. It is no coincidence that the bavarian illuminati was founded on beltane 01 May 1776 and their seal on the dollar bill has the roman numerals for 1776. Add another 13 days and you are at the birthday of Israel. The sum total is 26 which is the G-d number. G = 7, O = 15 and D = 4. The sum is 26. The YHVH tetragrammaton = 26 and Moses was the 26th generation from Creation and received the Law. The splitting in half creates the unlucky number 13. The Friday 13th designation is an effort to desecrate the start of the true Sabbath.

    Now take the 1444BC Promised Land entry year and then add the birth year of hitler. 1444 + 1889 = 3333 years for the fallen third. So we see there is a skull and bones duration to the 1776 date of 3220 years. Were they anticipating satan/lucifer appearing in flesh? I think so.

    The theosopical societies were abuzz in that time period. The first Temple was destroyed in 587BC. Now add a mene mene tell upharsin interval of 2520 years. The year is 1933. The US goes bankrupt, off the gold standard and a state of emergency is declared that was never lifted. Somebody was aware of dates because gold bullion was declared illegal on the crucifixion date of 03 Apr exactly 1900 years after the event. It was to be handed over by beltane 01 May 1933. On skull and bones 22 Mar 1933, dachau, the first concentration camp was opened. The next day hitler was made furher of germany.

    obama desecrated the Temple Mount 33 years (22 Mar 2013) after the georgia guidestones were dedicated on 22 Mar 1980. This was 80 years after hitler became furher. The obamacare act was signed 23 Mar 2010 exactly 77 years after the date. The 2013 desecration date is 2600 years after the first Temple’s destruction. It looks like it was a subtle hint at what is to come as son of perdition will enter the Temple and declare himself god per 2 Thessalonians 2.

    The apollo/apollyon sun worship concept was started at the Hezekiah miracle which happened in 705BC. The Chinese said the sun set twice in one day that year. Prior to the event at least 15 nations had a calendar with a year that was 360 days in length. Time was changed and the solar calendar became 365.25 days. Now take 705BC and add the birth year of obama (1961) to it. The duration is 2666 years.

    48 years before this event Rome, by legend was created on 21 Apr 753BC. It is one day after the birthday of hitler. QE2 was born on that day in 1926. The julian and then the gregorian calendars were fashioned on the new length of the year around the coming antichrist. The false new year replaced the true calendar Hashem gave Moses that starts 01 Abib. The earliest the true calendar can start on the gregorian is 08 Mar. The 66th day of the year on the gregorian is 07 Mar. The poser constantine declared the day of worship to be “Sun”day and highjacked the true Sabbath.

    The babylonian source code is used on this gregorian calendar. 216 = 6x6x6. 04 Aug, obama’s birthday is the 216th day of the year. 216 days more goes to the 07 Mar date again. From a 07 Mar date forwards 666 days lands on the false new year of 01 Jan. To add to the 666 matrix, ritual is done on the 26 Jun date (6 number of man and 26 number of G-d). The date is 6 months and 6 day before the false new year.

    The UN was chartered in san francisco on 26 Jun 1945. Exactly 70 solar years later on 26 Jun 2015 lgbt legislation was made law in the US. Exactly 6 years , in the 6th month and 6 days before obama was inaugurated on 20 Jan 2009. Ezekiel recorded the eve of this duration with a vision of the coming abomination in the Temple at Ezekiel 8.

    The son of perdition met the poser pope on 23 Sept 2015. It is the 266th day of the luciferic gregorian calendar and his the 266th pope. It is exactly a mene mene tekel upharsin duration of 2520 weeks from when the Jewish IDF retook the Temple Mount on 07 Jun 1967. From the election of obama 04 Nov 2008 to the fourth blood moon 5 days later on 28 Sept is 2520 days. Exactly 1001 years prior to that on the eve of Michaelmas 28 Sept 1014AD a meteor hit the Atlantic Ocean and caused tremendous damage and loss of life according to the Anglo Saxon chronicles.

    The roman system never went away. The secret ruling class uses the year count of ab urbe condita. 1947, the year before the birth of Israel was ritual for them . The NSA and CIA were formed. Project Paperclip ended bringing in the nazi scientists by the 33rd president who was a 33rd degree mason. aleister crowley died that year. The roswell crash occurred on 07 Jul 1947. The desecration of the Temple Mount by obama on 22 Mar 2013 is exactly 24,000 days or 66.666 prophetic years later. Now add the birth year of rome 753BC to 1947AD. It is 2700 AUC. 300 x 3 x 3= 2700 for the fallen third. The Julian calendar has a mysterious start of history at 01 Jan 4713. 4713BC + 1947 = 6660 years. The georgia guidestones year is 2733 (1980 in minutes / 60 minutes/degrre = 33 degrees). 2013 desecration is 2766 AUC.

    A 2112 cadence is used as well. A Venus transit is 243 years. In Jasher 3, Enoch ruled men 243 years. Adam died in the 243rd year of Methuselah’s life. 1776 + 243 = 2019.

    It is my firm belief that the synagogues of satan highjacked the true Jewish calendar and replaced it with an anomaly that honors the 243 year transit of venus aka lucifer. Add 243 years to the current Jewish calendar and see that it is close to what I have presented. Take the birth year of hitler and double it. 1889 x 2 = 3778. Now add 2000 years for the Christian Era. 3778 + 2000 = 5778. What year is celebrated now? Add the chiyyun star flying on the flag and it becomes clear that the “falling away” has affected the Jewish faith as much as current day Christianity. It should come as no surprise that Billy Graham ( a 33rd degree mason) started his televangelic ministry exactly 700,001 days after the crucifixion.

    A 21-12 cadence develops out of the 243 year venus transit. 12 +21…..ending 12 will add to 243. From the birth year of obama 1961 on the skull and bones 22 Mar to 11 Sept 2001 is exactly 2112 weeks. From the Maccabbean Cleansing of the Temple 164BC to the rebirth of Israel is 2112 years. The supernova first sighted on 04 Jul 1054AD disappeared on the resurrection date (06 Apr) 1056AD. Noah was born 1056 years after Creation. 1056 X 2 = 2112.

    There is a tremendous body of facts backed up by blinding mathematical precision which shows an ongoing spiritual battle. I quite frankly do not see how anyone can be an atheist. There are those on this earth running government, finance and religion that have a very different opinion from the atheist. There is only one Savior, Yeshua. It is time for the lost to choose him today. Time is running out.


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