Evil snake removed on Temple’s Righteous Wall on Ahmadinejad’s birthday – 23 Cheshvan.


November 1, 2018  23 Cheshvan – snake/evil comes against righteous wall/pigeon/Jew.  Noach’s flood began 17 Cheshvan…even a snake was on the ark on 23 Cheshvan.    They are predators on the earth.  Who else has been a predator of Israel?  IRAN…..

The Sixth president of Iran was born on 23 Cheshvan….a snake on their walls… Ahmadinejad born in 1956.  Ruled Iran 2005 – 2013.  He struck at their heel and Israel continues to strike back at their head.  Who will help?  America’s Obama returned their money but this 70 year old Israel and United States 2018 Presidency is striking back with re-establishing the penalties against Iran for their distasteful actions against Israel….professing nuclear problems to the world.

On Hebrew calendar….23 Cheshvan, “Defiled Stones Removed From Temple.”

IRAN is a defiled stone that has been against since Israel since the days of Abraham when he had to go to Damascus to get Lot.  Iran and Syria had always struck the head of Israel.  In fact, we saw Ephraim cut down in 65 days because that tribe joined Damascus.  If we don’t learn from the past what will we learn from.  Syria is still attacking Israel with another Bears help…Russia.

A ‘Defiled’ snake was removed from Temple Wall…..after stones fell on 10 Av in August…a sign thought to be for The Third Temple to be built.

This broken wall is now filling up with snakes….evil.  The pigeon’s fleeing the snakes is representative of evil coming against The Torah.  Even the Christians nations don’t understand it and try to get Jews to remove it from their lives.

The Torah must return…as The Temple must return.  The snakes are among us as even America’s elections represented those that want their rights and not Torah’s principles….  What is a marriage is now defined by just being  married…it does not matter if it’s your dog or the same sex as yourself.

Evil has been called good…and man is crushed by stones for standing up for Good….same sex marriages.

The Zohar might be mystical, but it’s principles are true.  Snakes are among us and Adonai is writing on His Jerusalem walls messages to Israel and to the world.  We must crush Satan heads……stand strong for Judean values….no MURDER is covered by New Testament ‘love you neighbor.  But love you neighbor never did away with Mosche’s Law…do NOT murder.

Where are the snakes?  Among us….and I will tell you that I never knew you,…be gone…  those workers of iniquity…NO TORAH….I will know you by your works….after I know your HEART….

Yes, the heart comes first……..then your WORKS and prayers will be a sweet aroma to Me.


Zohar –  ancient Jewish writing says

“Just as the pigeon is safe so long as it seeks shelter in the stones of The Temple Mount the Jews  are protected by the Torah commandments.  When the Pigeon comes out from the mount or the Jews away from The Torah, they are in danger.

Snake symbolizes evil coming up and nesting against the holiness…


The Third Temple should be built after  a large rock crashed to the ground where a woman was praying the day after the mourning of The Fast of Tish B’ Av…The Ninth of Av.  ( I fasted with those that were mourning…did you?)

Christians don’t think it is important to even know about what day is what on the Hebrew calendar………..shame….your heels are struck by the snake…deceiving you….  but The Torah will strike back at the head of the snake………YES!

All vineyards shall be wailing…’The Day of The Lord’ is a dark day….it is not Sunday…

When you run from a lion and run into a bear…or go into a house to find shelter and put your hand on a wall to have a snake bite you…..These are dangerous times.    Shall not the Day of The Lord be darkness and not light.

Whoa to inhabitants of earth…weeping…hide from Him who sits on the throne.

Snake appears November 1, 2018…

In Israel a family of 8 were killed in a car accident November 3  (Life of Sarah Torah portion)

In PA USA 11 Massacred in Synagogue on Life of Sarah Torah portion, 25 Cheshvan, 3 November 2018.   Jews continue to be persecuted….our world should be in GREAT mourning. (my flag is still at half-mast.)

Upsetting mayor elections in Israel at time of snake.

Micah 7:17

They will lick the dust like snakes;

they will emerge from their fortresses trembling

like reptiles that crawl about on the earth;

they will come with fear to ADONAI our God,

afraid because of you. CJB


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