Horsemen of the earth on 4 Shevat

4 Shevat

Man-Made Kings

Four – Letter Dahlet – Picture of Door – ד

1929 – Michael King born January 15, 1929

Michael’s brother went to England and was impressed with Martin Luther. He adds Luther to name so he can sound like Martin Luther King. Younger Michael is influenced and does the same calling himself, Michael Luther King. Today Michael King is called Martin Luther King, Jr.

Six years later to the day on Hebrew calendar – Another created king.

1935 – World’s King of Rock born – Elvis Elvira Presley – 4 Shevat

Elected Kings

1953 – Harry S Truman – 33rd U.S. president retires. First president to retire in January instead of April. From Independence, Missouri was first to recognize Isra’el as an independent nation in spring of 1948. He crossed out the name Palestine and wrote in, Isra’el.

Oil and Ice Kings

1991 – 4 Shevat – 4″ oil slick – Kings of Arabia Kuwait intentionally set the world’s worst oil slick so America could not land.

1994 – Bill Clinton meets Arab King Assad of Syria in Geneva. He wants to give Isra’el’s Golan Heights for peace. Next day, Sivan 5, 6.9 earthquake rocks California.

2001 – 3.8 Montana – January 28. 9th largest US 2001 quake..Shemittah year.

2015 – King Baudouin ice shelf – 70 square mile piece of ice broke off. Last time this large of a piece broke off was 1960. (Torah portion called BO ‘go’.) Did not affect sea level rising.

2015First Leut Mu’ath al-Kaseasbeh beheaded by Islamic State ISIS. Kidnapped in Syria. 1/26/15 ISIS demanded $200 million for two men.

2017 – USS Antietam run aground. January 31 struck by S Korean 60-70 ft fishing boat with guided missile. First of 4 hits Jan – August 2017.

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