Anti-Christ revealed via Chanukah

The End Time Mysteries revealed by Rabi Cahn.

Antiochus Epiphanies (God Manifest) strove to change all traditions and all you’ve known. A change that is different and of un-natural order. Incredible interview…Johnathan Cahn explains why our world is changing from natural to un-natural…placing them in positions of power.

What was holy is NOW profane….the spirit of arrogance and blasphemy.

Jesus and God were never used as themes of jokes. Today God is a joke.

Zeus is Uopra…Europe… He rides her..she is unfaithful. Foreshadows seen today as even U.S. Supreme Courts are defiled changing God’s laws…making evil look good.

The Myth of Europe rides Zeus….and comes into our bodily temples….

2nd of 2 parts….go to utube to see more.

61 million abortions 1973-2018. Removing God’s image from the earth.

613 commandments and we know in the first ten it says, DO NOT MURDER!

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