62 Million Slaughtered

Roe V Wade 46th Anniversary – Under Total Lunar Eclipse #134

January 21 1973 – 2019

Our firstborn child was born in 1973

Today, is January 21, 2019…. It is the Memorial of the loss of over 62 million children. Yes, over 6 million unworthy gypsies, Jews and those not qualified to be in perfect form and color…were measured by Hitler’s chariot man to experiment on then dispose of human beings treated as worthless trash to be burned.

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I separated you for myself. I have appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”

Man became obsessed with an anti-Bible notions…because the Bible was only stories and not really true stories…how could a whale swallow a human being? How could there have been a world-wide flood…God is not judgmental!

If everyone is getting saved, then why did Jesus the Messiah die and resurrect? Yes, he does not desire any should perish…but the fact remains… they do…because of choice.

Darwin had his opinion and these were instilled into the mind of people even via communists that loved selling cars to the world. Newspaper companies were owned and operated by those not admitting to be communists but they were. Today we now see the name Ford still running around the world and Netflix wants us to forget about the founders past and only think of buying from his son today. Netflix’s agenda is to have us forget and forgive all who had a connection with Hitler…even though the awards pinned on Ford’s and others chests and the award plagues given out for supporting that regime are still available to be seen today.

Thus, a total of over 50 million people, created in God’s image, died to resolve that issue. But, still at the January 20 2019 I call The Great Darkening Except Isra’el Eclipse, the world is faced with murders they still participate in. Today, January 21, 1973 Supreme Court ruling of Roe v Wade should be remembered and all efforts to reverse……..so we can STOP being called, “Dark America.”

62 Million children have been murdered..with most of their organs sold. The boyfriend, mother, family or family friend who helps encourage such actions or helps pay for abortions are all in it together. It is only about ‘the mass’ being removed but the organ-harvesters know exactly what human organs are needed to sell. They prefer catching ‘the mass’ while it’s heart still beats but they settle for saline solution as they poison her lungs with salt.

When we can’t see that child’s Creator we think God is not watching. When we can’t see the baby inside the womb we don’t’ think it’s real except for the mother who feels it kicking inside of her….and screaming as saline is injected into the uterus.

Nine months 20 days…42 weeks…..that is how long it took David to take a census of his kingdom. He wanted to make sure he had the strength to fight his enemies. He had been told not to take a census because his God was always able. Jo’ab reminded him not to do it…so there was a reminder just in case David had forgotten. David knew what he wanted and ‘ate the forbidden fruit’ that took the time of pregnancy.

Nine months and 20 days…the exact time of a human or even a calf’s gestation time..hidden away in a womb to grow in safety would remind us of what God said.

“Thou shalt not murder.” We don’t need to know the Scripture verse because we all know it by heart. It is buried in our hearts….but my daughter is too young…a child would ruin her life…and a rapists boyfriend did it….you calculate. And, if genes are involved how do we know if the child won’t come out stupid….buying into genetics has caused a huge problem in abortion schemes. Who is stupid?

32,000 warriors came to defeat Midian. 22,000 are sent home. 1/3.

10,000 warriors was still too many. 300 were to remain. 1/3.

Judges 7:2 Adonai said to Gid`on, “There are too many people with you for me to hand Midyan over to them, because I don’t want Isra’el to be able to boast against me, ‘We saved ourselves by our own strength.’

Jdg 7:3 Therefore, proclaim to the people ‘Anyone who is anxious or afraid should go back home, while we stay here on Mount Gil`ad.’ ” Twenty-two thousand returned, but ten thousand remained.

Jdg 7:4 Adonai said to Gid`on, “There are still too many people. Have them come down to the water, and there I will screen them for you. If I say of anyone, ‘This one is for you,’ he will go with you; and if I say, ‘This one is not for you,’ he won’t go with you.”

Jdg 7:5 So he brought the people down to the water, and Adonai said to Gid`on, “Put to one side everyone who laps up water with his tongue the way a dog does, and put to the other side everyone who gets down on his knees to drink.”

Jdg 7:6 Three hundred lapped, putting their hand to their mouth; all the rest of the men got down on their knees to drink water.

Jdg 7:7 Adonai said to Gid`on, “I will use the three hundred men who lapped the water to save you; I will hand Midyan over to you. Let all these others go back home.”

Are you the one that put your face in the water and could not fully drink because you would stop breathing as your nose was also covered up by the water. Was it saline water? Are you the Gentile…known as a dog…known as the foreigner…that could protect but you didn’t. You lent on your own understanding of how you wanted life to turn our for your daughter.

Adoption……we are adopted….into God’s kingdom. Adoption is also us accepting the parents who are willing to raise us. They were willing to feed and clothe us so we are not naked. This family wanted a child and for some reason unknown but known to The Creator…needed them to take a child to raise. It did not mean the girl or woman..the mother…did not want that child…but other forces came into play that caused them to put the child up for adoption.

This I tell you because I just witnessed a woman of probably age 46 who came to her mother’s funeral, Monday before the eclipse. She drove by herself because her mother’s brothers thought it too far to drive from North Dakota. As I did not understand who this person was and she was saying how she amazingly looked this woman and that she had met this woman’s husband in 1992 I wondered if she was her sister. She said that she even thought she did weird crazy things like this woman. With enough questions in my mind…I ask, “Are you a sister?” No, she said, I’m her daughter….her first daughter.

Then my husband and I realized that her hurt was still in her as she had a hard time with her feelings

as she came to give respects to the woman who bore her, but didn’t raise her. She was the ‘firstborn’

and that had been adopted.

My natural response came forward that I would say to any one that was adopted. “Wow, isn’t it great that she had you. Isn’t it great that she knew what was best for you…and she did not abort you.”

She looked amazed at me as if understanding her mother for the first time. And then she smiled…”Yes, it is great.”

In this church yard where her mother’s funeral meal was held were 620 pink and blue crosses just installed in the church yard for The Remembrance of Roe V Wade 1973. Each cross represented 10,000 humans that were NOT adopted…but murdered. For every 2 million babies that have parents wanting to adopt them, there are 1.5 million that abort those children. There are not enough babies to adopt.

She had to know she was not involved in those 620 crosses. She had been given life. She kept commenting how her mother was a wilder woman in her life…and I could only say that every week..three times a week…her mother sat in church directly across the isle, never missing. She had helped build that church 47 years ago and we sang in the choir together. She never knew that side of her mother because she never came to be involved in her life. It was the mother that had moved away from her family.

Her soul was weeping for the loss of not having a life-time with her mother…but she left knowing she had been loved enough not to be aborted. And, she was not hidden from her mother’s life. She had even been invited to meet her husband….and therefore she did know her sisters who wept uncontrollably at this mother’s funeral. She did get to see all those that stood in the bitter cold of 17 degrees placing her in the ground.

My friend was placed in the ground on December 31, 2018 in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. We huddled together while standing in a bitter cold wind but it was warm enough to give my friend Sue a soft rain of blessing at her beautiful graveside service.

I will tell you one more story as my heart is still dealing with it. It is about my first cousin’s son. His 25-year old son was buried on Friday, January 18, 2019. At 1:30 am his had a snowmobile accident that sent him hurling into a river. He was returning on his own and not riding with a partner. His father was part of that snowmobiling party of four. Later the police removed his body from the river. It truly is a heart-break to have a child die before you and before your eyes.

But, his son left him a grandchild of three months old. They had not married yet but had plans to. His son did not abort his baby. This baby will now be so special as she is his son’s child.

How can we abort my friend. God says not to murder…as He knew you before you were in the womb David cried.

Adonai even reminds Jeremiah.

Jer 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I separated you for myself. I have appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”

How can we blame a parent for giving us life….and finding adoptive parents as their own heart breaks doing it?

How can we abort when a grandchild was deemed to be left?

I close because my eyes are tearing up…….this dark day of the Saros Series 134 eclipse opens doors to light if we want to walk through that door. It is ‘light’ in Isra’el but not in most of the world. They are sitting under it’s judgments.

My friend Megan got married in our back yard as we hosted their wedding. Nine months later she had Ayla…a daughter with a red-headed blond temper…beautiful Ayla has tried her mother…but she loves her. Megan is again quickly pregnant for a September 2019 baby. I will talk about her babies later, but she is so excited to see what God is doing in her life through these children…even as the firstborn is still nursing at her breast at eight months old she now takes prenatal vitamins so secure the health of her second born.

Her Ayla is God’s timing…born on Pesach/Passover Day One…Nissan 15. The day of Yeshua/Jesus crucifixion. She will always be able to talk about the one who gave her salvation by dying on that stake.

Her second looks to be born at the time of the Hebrew New Year known as Feast of Trumpets…which leads to Yom Kippur which is followed by The Feast of Trumpets. She does not have a due date but we know it will again be special…because each child is born exactly on time.

I will finish with more strange happens with our friends having babies. Megan’s good friend who also loves observing The Lord’s Feast also had their baby on Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles 2018. This is the third child born within our small..group that has been born ON one of the few days of The Lord’s Feasts. Both of these couples were married under a ‘sukkot’ outside honoring our Hebrew Yeshua Jesus.

The other birth that began this pattern in our very small group was Olga. She is a Jew who came from the Ukraine when Russia was invading. C sought out a Jewish wife and Olga brought two children with her. They joined C’s family that already had three children but about to enter high school. They would have their first child on Passover Day One….a second daughter is born later that needs prayer for health issues. She too was born special but I can’t think when it was.

This pattern of children being born on days of God’s Feasts was shocking to us. It had started with Jewish Olga…was this a co-incidence. We then watched two more young couples in our group follow the same pattern. Each of these couples honor The Sabbath and honor God’s Torah…which is honoring The Lord’s Feasts. There are no other people in our group to have children. So, it likened to being 100 percent at this time.

Born on Ascension Day

Buried on Atonement Day – Yom Kippur

Before I began to move in the flow of the Hebrew calendar and encourage others to do so as well…I did not really realize the dates of my grandchildren being born or the death of my red-headed niece, Jill 38. Now, I see clearly the dates that our Creator was moving in their lives as well. Jill was born on The Ascension of Yeshua Jesus and she would be laid in the ground in Iowa as Yom Kippur 2012 began. She loved Jesus as her Savior and had His pictures all throughout her home and teaching their two daughters his love for them, ages 8, 9. She would die also leaving their 7-week old son. That son is precious in their sight….and remains a blessing.


And, now I see these patterns in very small herd of cows (7). One red Angus cow had her black Angus baby born in 2018 on Pentecost which is known as Shavuot. It is the giving of The Torah at Mt. Sinai and it was the same day evidenced of people hearing the story about Jesus’ resurrection in their own language.

The calf was born on the Fiftieth Day of the Counting of the Omer. The church calls this day Pentecost. Jill was born on the 40th Day (Ascension) and now our calf would be born on the 50th day. The Holy Spirit ascended on many disciples that day so the foreigner that came to that festival would hear The Good News. The foreigner could understand what was said to them by someone who never spoke their particular language. (Was it that they had open ears and it came heard to their understanding? Are we open to hear from God?)

Perhaps you are the foreigner today that does not understand, The Feasts of our Lord. Once I knew about them I concentrated on knowing all I could about them….now my prayers are answered in seeing them even in my own personal family and lives.

That Shavuot bull calf was named Savuy by me. If it had been a heifer I would have called her Penny for Pentecost. There are many calf stories that have and will be written…seen at yhebrew.com. Names are very important as we can now tell the ‘why’ behind that name.

Day One Hebrew Calendar – Rosh HaChodesh

When was our beautiful red-headed Reese born? Nissan One…the head of The Ecclesiastical Hebrew calendar. God set this day as the head of the year as they came out of Egypt. Yeshua Jesus was making His way to Jerusalem and will raise up Lazarus from the dead on Nissan 7. It truly is the beginning of the time where things are set free. Yeshua’s final days of ministry go into full gear. New beginnings for us…as He died on Nissan 15 to rise up on Nissan 18. Our Reese truly is a strong-willed focused child and reads her Bible at age 8. She is the head and not the tail in all she does.

When is our first granddaughter born? She is now twenty years old and I love her life-song.

She has fallen in love with Jesus and sings her heart out for Him in her college church and home church. She is captain of bus ministry knocking on doors every Saturday and picking them up on Sunday and then drives hours back to college to again travel to minister to other churches. She stands in the cold at intersections to show people that Jesus is The Way they should go. People give her a thumbs up. She is paying for her own Christian college education to teach. She is an amazing first granddaughter..totally sold out to Jesus….every day she is tabernacling with Him.

Her birthday is Tishrei 15…Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles. She life is molded to His.

Our wedding date…Married on October 10, 1970. After all of these years I know realize what our marriage has been about. We were married on Yom Kippur…The Day of Atonement also known as Day of Judgment. It is a fast day called by The Lord.

Our marriage was not without troubles in it’s first years….but when we both learned about a personal relationship with Jesus we began our honeymoon for life. We committed to raising our children unto The Lord and today each of our three children have married spouses that agree in Spirit about The Lord. All of them and their children walk out their lives serving The Savior.

I am blessed because we are first committed to Him…Him that designed us. No one could ever tell me that the Scriptures that say ‘man devises his ways, but it is God who directs his path’ are not true.

When people say that their faith is shaken….I just think Wow…do you not see God in your life? My faith only grows stronger every day. I believe that ‘faith’ grows. It is when we take time to focus on Him that we see Him. I’m retired and I love to research. How can one be bored in retirement…when there is so much to learn about His ways and pass that on to others. We are told to be ‘witnesses’…and even if this all sounds silly to many….it is not silly to me that has now lived 68 years and whose prayer of ‘seeing God real’ in my life…prayers being answered every day…because they are about Him…and not things of this world. The world will never please us…but His Word holds us steadfast.

LIFE is precious……….have HUGE amounts of children and encourage grandchildren…help pay for the needs of those grandchildren. The womb is where the blessing comes…….and if your womb won’t produce a child…seek to ADOPT. That child will have double families caring and praying to lift that person before ADONAI…our Lord!

Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I separated you for myself. I have appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”

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