What Witches Don’t Want You To Know – Mary Lake interview


Perhaps over twenty-five years ago I met up with my second cousin in our small hometown at my mother’s house. She privately shared with me that one of her daughters had tried to kill her several times. I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to say. I was now a born-again Christian and could only think to tell her about her own personal relationship with Jesus that was so important. She did receive with tears His salvation through prayer that day.

My cousin and I were very close and went to Catholic grade school together attending mass every morning. Our public high school class probably had 62 people in it. We had pizza parties and played with the Ouija board. As kids we played the May Pole game. The things that Mary Lake talks about were also part of our lives, but we did them in Iowa instead of Missouri.

What did we open ourselves up to and was it still attached to us? I believe Mary’s testimony. As a born-again Christian she has learned to renounce the paths that give way to the occult.

I personally feel very free in my spirit. I talk with my Savior Jesus Yeshua constantly…daily…as it is He that NEVER fails me. Man will always fail us, but He will not. He says, “Try me and see that I am good!” We can TEST his ways and not be disappointed.

In 2018, the Spirit that lives in me found the ‘spirit of contention’ stirring in my extended family. When visiting with this person….there were many screaming voices going on in that head. We could NOT even ride in a car together or go on a walk together as our spirits will NOT allow it.

This problem has now come to a head in our family. It has brought me into a ‘reality’ check. I can NOT just be a so-called Christian and hope everything goes away. We have to listen to difficult things and try to understand the spiritual realm if we are going to really help our extended family, friends and ourselves.

I pray you will listen to this broadcast by Mary Lake. She hit so many of my hot points that I believe she may hit some points for you.

We can NOT let this take over our families or our churches happen. Demons and witches have become cartoon heroes, TV heroes and life heroes. Oprah Winfrey invites guides into her life and expects you to do the same. I witnessed Actor Dansel Washington squatting down to invite his guide in. He gave claim to this guide giving him the power to perform his acting stunts.

Are these people our new Ouija (weja) boards for the world? Is it okay to put yourself on an ‘astro plain’ to look into the future so you can adjust it for the good? Mary Lake will give you her view as a Christian who did this. She didn’t realize what she was doing because it seemed good to her.

We should NOT be visiting the over side until it’s our time to die….and then it is into His glory that should desire to dwell. Remember, Satan is a created being…looking so pure and full of light, testing God to see how far he can take us…so we prove our ‘faith’ in the saving blood of our One and only Savior Yeshua Jesus.

I saw this cousin last year as we road in our small town parade on a hay rack for our 50th Class Reunion. Her daughter that is not part of Wicca was there helping her as her health is very poor. I believe she is still estranged from her Wicca daughter. I’m sorry I let my cousin down many years ago…as I was just unprepared to help her. And now it is with Mary Lake’s testimony I’m understanding.

My first answer was Jesus in a personal relationship. He is still, The Answer.

True Christians must remind themselves,

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

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