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Why do tide cycles take 24 hours and 50 minutes? What is a neap tide? And more.
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The word for 50 in Hebrew is yovel…or in English jubilee. In Hebrew yovel means to set free…rest. If a person has secured himself to work for his master there is a time that he can be released from that commitment. He may take everything he has earned except his family. If he has gained a family he will probably decide to stay with his family and master. The master is to treat him even better than his own children.

Yeshua Jesus is our Master. He has secured us by His blood. His body was pierced for our transgressions…not His…He was sinless. He never violated The Torah in one point. In fact, he filled it up proving He was and still is The Torah…known today as The Living Word/Living Instructions/God in the flesh.

Even the moon is set to a pattern of 24 hours of work…and yet, no on our earth’s waters, an extra yovel (jubilee) of time. Fifty minutes extra has been given to our moon to do it’s work on the earth making it a perfect earth rotating around the sun as it does it. The Son known as Yeshua Jesus is whom we rotate around.

It may be a mystery as to why the extra 50 (jubilee) minutes of time is necessary, but it is not for us to question as it is God that holds our universe in place and in perfect order. It is the moon’s gravitational pull that holds everything in place.

So, for the people who fight for a 360-day calendar such as Enoch explains in The Book of Enoch, we may want consider the moon’s jubilee. Enoch’s generation did not have all the waters to hold that we have today. It was after The Flood that our earth experienced rain for the first time. The land seemed to have been one piece when the volcanoes fired up and burnt most living things. These volcanoes split open the earth from where the waters burst forth from under the earth during the time of Noach’s Flood. The waters also came from the water shed that was held back above the earth as well. And, it was in the Day of Babel that it is recorded that the lands were split apart causing them to be surrounded by water.

Perhaps we have the Hebrew’s 365-day calendar to hold back the waters that now press against the separated lands of our earth. We truly live in a different day than when Enoch told about their 360-day calendar.

It is always in God’s timing and ways that we must submit. It is the Sanhedrin in Israel that has to struggle with all the arguments that mankind presents to them as to the ‘whys’ of God. They have not had to understand God, but they have had to to OBEY Him. The word, Shema…means to Hear first…then obey…do!

Thus, after looking at the moon that takes an extra 50 minutes to hold our waters from our shores so we don’t drown….I will hold fast and continue to give honor to the Sanhedrin established in Israel. I will do this even though I don’t understand they ‘why’ of it. I will trust those that Trust and Obey, my same God, without questioning Him.

I will Trusting and Obey instead of having to See and then believe. Let us not be a ‘doubting Thomas’ who had to see His piercings before He would believe He rose from the dead. Let us trust in what we’ve heard and obey because we’re told it is to keep us safe while living in human flesh on His earth.

We Trust in Yeshua Jesus atoning blood and now we live as He did…In His instruction known as Torah. Torah is not legalistic legislation demanding to be honored, but it is a lifestyle we do because our King ask us to.

He will only recognize those that are walking out His ways and position them into higher positions of responsibility in the time to come. Those that don’t teach Torah now will be called, least in the kingdom of God.

Just like the moon….we can’t change it’s course just because we’ve imagined we could. It’s course is set to the jubilee…freedom…not to die from a flood ever again.

We can’t change God’s instruction (The Torah) for our lives just because we think it is old fashioned and out of place in our modern world.

It is for our Creator to set the guideline of who He let’s rule over His greater things…even the angels in the future.

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