Trump helps Israel to add Flesh to Dry Bones!

President Trump is God’s chosen man for this time in history. We must support him as he has proven his loyalty to Israel. Israel is the ‘dry bones’ resurrected. Let us help her put on flesh so Torah (Yeshua Jesus) can return to reign. Jesus is the Living Word. His words fill up our Bibles with instruction. The word Torah means instruction. We are instructed to bless The Land of Israel….she needs righteous people leading her to be an example to our world.

For such a time as this:

Join President Trumps Team.

4 thoughts on “Trump helps Israel to add Flesh to Dry Bones!

  1. Two kings are fighting in luciferian camps. One is obama – 6th king. The other is trump – 7th king. They were born into the system.
    Trump facts – He was born 333 days after the first successful Abomb test his grandfather was part of. 16 Jul 1945 to 14 Jun 1946 is 333 days.
    From 14 Jun 1946 birthday to 14 May 1948 is 700 days.
    From 14 Jun 1946 to the eve of the end of the mayan calendar is 66 years 6 months and 6 days.
    From 14 Jun 1946 to the inauguration 20 Jan 2017 is 70 years 7 months and 7 days
    From hitler’s birthday 20 Apr 1889 to 20 Jan 2017 is exactly 6666 weeks.
    6/14 is the fulfillment of Mitzvot day 6/13 expression. The synagogues of satan want to make trump their false messiah.

    The ones running Israel are of the saturnian death cult. The chain/remphan star flying on the flag was forbidden by Yahuah. The Jewish gematria value for “death” = 118. The start of the mayan calendar was 11 Aug 3114BC. It is the death cult expression 118 <> 811. The satanic/leviathan symbol makes 118<>811. The keys to death and hades can be found at Revelation 1:18.

    The current Jewish year is fake. 5780 will fall on the thelemic 93 cult date of 9/30 as 01 Tishrei. 5780 – 3114 (mayan) = 2666 years.

    This expression was used in the US nuclear testing program as the signature for desecration of light. From 16 Jul 1945 first fission reaction to the Ivy Mike fusion thermonuclear blast (ritual against Archangel Michael) is 2666 days.
    The thermonuclear 11.1.1952 date is from the sol magic square math of 111 base root. 111 x 2 = 222. 222 x 2 = 444. 444 x 2 = 888. 888 x 2 = 1776.

    This same cadence can be found from the Hezekiah miracle where the year length was changed from 360 days to 365.25 (falling away alignment with son of perdition) 705BC to the birth year of obama 1961AD = 2666 years.

    The virgin birthday expression is 23 Sept. The US nuclear testing program ended 23 Sept 1992 and exactly 23 years later the poser pope met the winner of the son of perdition contest, obama, on 23 Sept 2015 in the UN year of light. francis is the 266th pope and 23 Sept in a non ;spa year is the 266th day. The beginning of the last chapter of the mystery babylon US (Ephraim in a curse) 1776 was actually 5776 anno lucis masonic count. The UN year of light 2016 was actually the synagogues of satan year 5776.

    The thelemists ( started by satanic fake jewish kabalists) use the expression 93 as a greeting.
    The concept is totally antichrist. The crucifixion is the 93rd day on the gregorian luciferic calendar. The original date is 03 Apr 33AD. 266 days later is 25 Dec which is nimrod’s birthday. his sign is the X and it is the last (7th day) of the death cult saturnalia festival known as sol invictus. From 23 Sept to 25 Dec is 93 days.

    12/21 end of mayan calendar date is a ritual against Yeshua in the Temple. At 12 years old he preached in the Temple for 3 days. Exactly 21 years later at Passover once again, he died for the sins of this world and preached to the prisoners of hades. First on the physical plane and then on the spiritual plane. 12 X 21 = 252 which is the base of the mene mene tekel upharsin concept of 2520. The 252nd day of the year is 9 Sept which is the day Washington DC was named and the USA was named. It is the ritual day against the tree of life in the curse which is the olive tree. The UNIX timestamp which is of the black cube saturnian death cult system started its count on 01 Jan 1970 midnight UTC. Exactly 1 billion seconds later is 09 Sept 2001 1:46:40AM UTC. The first plane hits the trade tower at 8:46:40AM 11 Sept 2001. The dark ritual involves Judges 9:9 and 9:11 where first the olive tree speaks and then the tree of knowledge, the fig tree speaks.
    The plane numbers were totally ritual
    11 – speaks for itself
    77 – God longitude of DC
    93 – thelemic number
    175 – lifespan of Abraham The luciferians know this is Ephraim. The true Israel is spiritual. What rules the physical Israel is a rothschild mafia. The masons set the cornerstone of the phallus of aton (WM Monument – 6660 inches tall) on 4 Jul 1848. Israel was born 14 May 1948. Abraham was born 1948 years after Creation. Yahweh made a covenant with him at Genesis 12:7 that is offspring would inherit the land. He was 75 years old at the covenant.
    1848 + 175 = 2023. 1948 + 75 = 2023.
    The moloch worshipping herbert hoover was inaugurated on the old date of 04 Mar 1929. 666 weeks later is 7 Dec 1941. The 12/7 date is a blood ritual against the fulfillment of Genesis 12:7 to attempt to destroy Ephraim and the other scattered tribes that have accepted Yeshua as their Savior. There simply is no other way to the Father.

    trump is part of the system. Yeshua said, You shall know a tree by the fruit it bears.” trump is born 6/14 which is 30 days after 5/14. obama is born 8/4 which is 30 days after 7/4. The 5/14 date is the 133rd day in a non leap year and halfway to the 23 Sept date at 266 days.

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    1. 1948 +75 = 2123. It seems everything is part of a system. Where is the good side to any side of this. Trump’s fruit (whether eating kosher or not) is supporting Israel. Thus, he is the man of the hour in place for certain purposes.


    2. Hello…bookoflife…a year later. What do you think now? This weeks Torah Parshah is about The East Gate with Manasseh (Gentile), Rueben (first born) and Gad (good fortune) set up to guard it. It was FIRST given but LAST to settle…for the last shall be first theme. He comes as lightening from East to West…I believe Yeshua is the Messiach will show up at this East Gate to battle our enemies. PA attorney by day and palm date farmer by night teaches infiltrating that land. Now Israel will look like the occupier when an easement was never granted. Trump has issued a real estate prescription which tells them to move off…as our borders will once again be set. By terrorism and slitting throats at Itamar the barbed wire looks like the border when it’s not. We can no longer let school kids cross your back yard or it becomes an easement. The owner must put up a barrier if the violators keep using it as their school path. It took Trump to get Israsel to understand International Real Estate. Notice has been given…four years to accept. You can’t divide something if you don’t have it. Israel MUST re-occupy the land of Binyamin…brother to Manasseh. He is coming at The East Gate….so powerful our earth will shake and those mountains will rise up. He will set up His location for His New City. Amein.


    3. I keep going over all these dates and times. So all things are set to a schedule. I’d like to see what they convert to on the Hebrew calendar. Do you give credence to any of the Hebrew calendar dates being correct? I think YHWH can show up on all calendars as His ways are much higher than ours. The evil ones certainly are counterfeiters.
      YHWH determines when someone is born….even a c-section I guess…He knew they would do that.
      How is Trump part of the system…in what way. I see him acting out on days that are exact in Scripture and similar things like Ezra 9, 10 and ‘impeachment’ with no papers,,,,I’ll get back to you attitude just as Binyamin and Judah said we’ll get back to you.
      I’ll hold all these thing in my mind as we walk closer and closer…YHWH holds all the keys to these secrets you’ve been shown. Thank you.
      Do you see the US having a government any longer? What will this next two years look like? Perhaps we won’t need a government and will just be on ‘survival’ mode…especially if a meteor hits…which some are quite concerned.
      Is it from lucifer thinking to tell us that God’s War began on 27 Elul 2015? That is 11 September 2015. Who can we believe…if not a young man just returning from a near dead experience…Nathan. Now 20 who could go to battle now to become that hero for YHWH he spoke about. 2 million will die he said,,,but some survive.


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