Violence in The Torah – Part II – chicken bones

Chicken Bones

Bone broth was, is and always shall be recommended as a health remedy. Many remedies are forgotten about as what seems to be a new and better broth takes over. When my friend, Sue, was sick with cancer her pastor’s wife loaded up her refrigerator up with chicken bone broth to help heal her. Many other remedies were recommended to my friend and she would try whatever seems appropriate through her family. Having cancer is not only hard on a person’s body but it is hard on one’s mental state as they struggle to please those that do not want them to die.

On the spiritual side of our lives, we know the foundation stone of our salvation comes through The Messiah named Jesus. My friend Sue held strong to her faith and claimed Scriptures that proclaimed life. She loved the Scripture that said, “I will live because I declare His ways.” Her life was extended for three extra years before she passed on December 26, 2018. The spiritual context of God’s promise is that we know He is speaking about ‘eternal’ life. When we declare His ways here, it gives life in eternity.

My friend does live on in eternity now because she certainly declared God’s name to others probably more than any person I know of on this earth. She was like a walking Torah….she constantly instructed people on how to be saved through Jesus atoning blood. She truly was an amazing friend. I just saw her headstone posted on Facebook beholding a beautifully etched picture of her. She will always be remembered by those that loved her.

Her chicken broth of life was Jesus. She loved Sid Roth who always supported Israel and against Anti-Semitism. Sue even went to Israel with Perry Stone’s before she fell sick.

Let me continue about Sid Roth as I found a ‘chicken bone’ in a book I just bought by him, The Incomplete Church, published in 2007.

What is a chicken bone? When we eat chicken soup, we must be aware of any hidden chicken bones so we don’t choke on it. The chicken bone in Sid Roth’s book printed is the misunderstanding of the verse of what the Gentile’s purpose is.

At the same time that I bought Sid Roth’s book last week I also purchased another book, Restoring The Father’s Teachings. As I am reading this book, I noted that this author realized that they had swallowed a ‘chicken bone’ and was now removing it. And, it is has to do with the same chicken bone eaten by Sid Roth. So, this is not a Sid Roth problem, but it is all clergy that ASSUME things.

All Scripture should be read according to it’s meaning and not according to our imaginations. When Scripture is hard to quickly comprehend we tend to bring our own imaginations into it. Iron sharpens iron means that Scripture sharpens Scripture. We must look at The Scriptures being lived out. We must not just take a sentence and declare what is it’s truth, but we must look to see if what our imagination thinks is true enough to align with the lifestyle that is being lived out in The Bible characters of that time period.

Let me quote Ministries of New Life repentance for their wrong understanding of twenty-three years of Scripture. They have written a prayer guide to repentance for eleven years and on the twelfth year changed their prayer focus. Why? Let me tell you that by their own words how they are now repenting of swallowing a ‘chicken bone’.



Symptoms Evidence A Root Cause

Messiah Identifies The Problem

But I have this against you, you have left the love you had at first.” Rev 2:4

When a patient comes to the doctor with class symptoms typical of a serious lesion, the first priority is to locate the primary or root cause of the problem. If the lesion is malignant, the second focus is to determine if the lesion has metastasized. The primary site/root, the symptoms and metastatic involvement will determine the course of treatment.

This 12th Teshuvah Prayer Guide, Restoring the Father’s Teachings, is distinct from the 11 preceding publications. The earlier Prayer Guides addressed symptoms stemming from the Rev 2:4 offense rather than the root cause; hence the focus of our repentance was the symptoms rather than the root cause. To grasp the Rev 2:4 correction, the Spirit guided the MNL team through a 23-year quest for Truth, comprised of:

I. Three Spiritual Encounters:

9.11.1992 – Rev 2:4 given

10.04.1998 – Dream of the weeping woman

10.27.2014 – Ekklesia out of Alignment

II. A Call to Research and Document the Historical Writings.

Historical records show the Gentile Church Fathers were highly anti-Semitic and antinomian in their teachings and practice.

III. Citywide Repentance Meetings & 12 Teshuvah 40 Days of Prayer.

In 2007 the Spirit led two witnesses to walk out the 40 days of Repentance in Jerusalem for atrocities Christendom committed against the Jewish People. At that time we mistakenly saw Christianity’s persecution of YEHOVAH’S Chosen People as the root issue rather than a grievous symptom.

Messiah Identifies the Answer

Upon completing the 23-year assignment, the Spirit illuminated Rev 2:5,

Remember therefore from where you have fallen.

Repent for turning away from YEHOVAH’S Torah Teachings to embrace the Early Church Father’s teachings / traditions of man.

Do the works you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampsstand from its place, unless you repent. Rev 2:5

Suddenly we understood Messiah’s exhortations. He calls us to:

Remember Messiah and the Apostles lived Torah-observant lifestyles as seen in the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. As they lived Torah-observant lives, they would have taught believers/Notzerim to live accordingly. They attended Synagogue on Sabbath, ate a clean diet (kosher) and observed Rosh Chodesh and other appointed Festivals. Mk 6:2; Lk 4:16, Acts 13:42, 44; Deut 14:3-21; Col 2:16-17.

Repent for following traditions taught by man rather than the Torah Teachings of our Father. In Mk 7:7-9, Messiah said to leaders,

In vain do they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. You leave the Commandment of Elohim and hold to the tradition of men. He said, ‘You have a fine way of rejecting the Commandments of Elohim in order to establish your traditions!’

Do Teshuvah/Return/Repent. The focus of the daily prayers it to address the Root offense as Messiah revealed in the Rev 2:4 correction. Thus the Repentance Focus for each of the 40 Days of Teshuvah is offering repentance prayers for our failure to Honor Our Father’s Name and Word as we walked contrary to His Torah Teachings.


Greek Scholar William Morford, translator of One New Man Bible, states, “Christian translators nearly always translate Torah (Hebrew) and Nomos (Greek) as Law, even though that is not the meaning of either the Hebrew of the Greek. Torah means teaching or instruction, not law. p. 1804

The Scriptures state that the Eternal Father gave His Torah Teachings/Instructions Mouth to mouth to Moses at Mt. Sinai. His teachings are for all believers. Num 12:7-8; Ex 12:49; Lev 24:22; Num 9:14; 15:15-16, 29.

copied from: page 4, 5 Complete The Restoration – Restoring The Father’s Teachings, Ministries of New Life. 913.383.3222

Ministries of New Life have thrown out the ‘chicken bones’. They have admitted their error. For forty days I will follow this book and repent with them. A large group meets every day in repentance in Kansas City, Missouri. They are repenting even our ancestors who observed the ‘traditions’ of men instead of God’s traditions. It is a time of personal confession, Ekklesia – Church intercession/repentance, Israel thanksgiving intercession and The Nations.

I suggest you get this book..only $15.00…and use it the next several years as a guide. You will enjoy it’s colorful foldouts on The Seven Church Assemblies spoken of in The Book of Revelations. And it’s colorful Prophetic Overview of the Seven Festivals Moed’im-Sacred Appointments.

When we understand Paul’s message of The Salvation of the Heathens (Gentiles) we would understand that the Gentile is to also be zealous for The Torah…which is displayed in him that is known as, The Word…The Living Word….Jesus to Christians / Yeshua to Hebrews.

I could close here, but first I must close this issue with the wonderful God-fearer Sid Roth. His book is outstanding in so many ways….but here is the first chicken bone I threw out immediately as I opened it up for the first time today and started at page 56.


GOD HAS A MARVELOUS PLAN for bringing about the unity of the Jew and the Gentile in Messiah Jesus. The apostle Paul wrote, “To provoke (the Jews) to jealously, salvation has come to the Gentiles.” (Rom. 11:11). God wants to use Gentiles to bring the Jewish people back into the Body of Messiah. Somehow that truth has gotten lost. To provoke the Jew to jealousy means to demonstrate the supernatural peace, healing, strong family relationships, and love that only come from intimacy with God. It means causing the Jew to want what Gentile believers have.

Instead of driving the Jewish people to jealousy, the Christian Church has simply driven them away.

Sid Roth goes on to show describe the Christian leaders in our history of whom “Through the centuries, Church leaders’ accusations and statements against the Jew have led to a vicious form of “Christian” anti-Semitism. Here are a few examples:”

Justin Martyr, Origen, Eusebius, St Hilary of Poitiers, St Ephraem, St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, The Crusaders, Martin Luther are some that he describes the details of their actions on pages 58-61.

We can hang the blame on these men, but what about ‘the church’ today? How many years have gone by that we have misused the terms: “Until the times of the Gentile has come in”; “Provoke the Jew to Jealousy”; “Gentle Grafted In”?

Many Christians don’t even know they are grafted into the ways of Jesus. As we can see from Sid Roth’s statement it is the Christian lifestyle that is to win the Jew to Jesus. Really?

Get the repentance book published by Ministries of New Life. Begin repentance my friends. I’m sure these next forty days is going to recharge me as I read it and meet with people who believe in repentance. Let’s just call this Day One of your awakening. I’m sure I’ll be back to share what God is doing in these next forty days.

Every Eye Will See!” September 1 2019 is 1 Elul 5779. Pope Gregory and Rabbi Hillel are seeing each other face-to-face for thirty days. These calendars are aligned day-for-day. Perhaps this is the day your eyes will be opened to His Truth giving you 20 20 vision. This alignment will not happen again until 2026.

In the Hebrew month of Elul it is said that, ‘The King’ comes out to into the field’ to draw near to His subjects. He wants to see their hearts. On Av 30 Moses is heading back up Mt. Sinai. The next day is Elul 1 which begins 40 days of repentance for those standing at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Moses returns on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10.

Moses Mt. Sinai experience lasted forty days and forty nights. He will not eat or drink but draw near to Elohim to see if God will forgive ALL those that rejected His ways…The Torah.

Yeshua Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Light. How did He live? Check it out…get this book!

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