Mystery Man of 10 Elul

Today I speak clearly to you. Not in parables or riddles. I will call you friend and not a stranger!

What does a friend know that a stranger does not know? They know what you’re doing today. They know you so well that they share their life with you. Yeshua Jesus knew Judas so well that he called him friend as he came up to him in the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas knew where Yeshua was…because he was his friend.

The Father and Yeshua knew the plans for a human being to strike the heal of The Redeemer at year four thousand in the earth’s historical plan. Adom (blood) was told this plan at seven years of occupying The Gan of Eden. Adam was told this plan to have hope. Adam was being cast out of the Gan of Eden because all the humans on the earth at that time wanted to be ‘as god’. We know of that deception and blame the other human being that was with him for it.

Since the foundation of the world there has always been a plan for a ‘bride’. With a bride there can be pro-creation. Chanoh was the first bride of the earth and thus she is known as Eve (mother of humanity.) The Bride is also known as a people that SHEMA – hears her groom’s words and prepares for her wedding….she is known to most people as The Church. In reality, this group of people is to have something very special in common in order for Yeshua to return for this bride.

The Father has been very specific about how to live on the earth and then how to prepare for eternity. Adam was formed outside of the Gan of Eden. After a forty-day cleansing, he was placed into this incredible paradise that had many trees in it and one very special tree known as The Tree of Life. He was instructed to eat from this tree which in return caused him to live forever.

From the foundation of the our world this was The Father’s plan….but it was not the fully revealed plan. The Gan of Eden was a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the real wedding to come…the real “PARADISE” to come. Man would have to want to join The Bride’s program of rehearsing…by living out their lives in accordance…so when the Groom came she would know He was the real groom. She would know The Groom because she was also His friend.

Every generation has been given a glimpse of ‘The Plan’ so none can say they didn’t know about it. Every person born has been given an invitation to this wedding. But, they had to wear the correct garment on earth so they could be issued the correct garment at the official wedding.

We have special trees pointing to what happens at the end of 7000 years just as Adam was denied further access to The Tree of Life after only 7 years of feeding from it. Adam had sinned and it truly would have been unmerciful to have let man to bask in sin forever…for eternity. Therefore, the tree that allowed him to live agelessly was protected by Cherubim to deny further access.

Adam was removed to the soil ‘from which he had been made’ and now he would have to ‘toil’ to get the ground to produce it’s fruit. Woman would now bear children in pain and yet still desire their husbands so the earth would still be populated. All humans are created equal and yet the female is taken from Adam’s side bone and is to be a helper. They will work equally and yet he will be responsible for his bride just as The Messiah is head over The Bride.

We see The Messiah lifting up The Bride to be all she can become….because she should act as He acts. He gives the instructions on how to be ‘safe’ on earth while being prepared for eternal purposes. Adam’s seven-year program is laid out in The Book of Jubilees. The earth’s seven-thousand year program is laid out in The Bible as well as in The Book of Jubilees and The Book of Enoch…to name a few.

Yeshua can only say what The Father’s speaks because they are One. The Spirit bears witness to our spirit as things play out and we become part of this grand plan of salvation for us and our earth.

If we know the past, we should remember the past…making dress rehearsals so we know what is going on in God’s thinking. Remember, His ways are not our ways. We can NOT just act out what others have told us, but we must let God’s Spirit indwell us through Yeshua Jesus who will speak to us and show us great things….beyond what we could ever imagine.

Yeshua Jesus’ prayer was that he would not lose any of those following his ways, except for the one that was spoken of from the foundation with Adam.

That man was Judas from Ascarot. At this 4000-year event, since from the days of Creation, there was planned for only one of Yeshua’s ‘friend’ to be allowed access by The Deceiver. The timing had to be perfect in history. At four thousand years it was time for the crushing of Satan’s head, but first The Father’s heel (Yeshua) would be struck down.

Our generation can look back to ‘the heel’ pattern via our Bibles. Adam was told about ‘the heel’ and Abraham’s son experienced it. It was not Ishmael’s bride but Isaac’s bride Rebekah that would inquire to ADONAI about the children in her womb that were constantly fighting (for position).

Ya’cov held onto Esau’s heel trying to hold him (sin) back. But, Esau was born first and now our history books including The Scriptures are full of stories of how Israel (Ya’cov–heel grabber) has to continue to fight for righteousness for the earth’s children.

I began this writing to bring us to this point. Our Creator has a plan that we are to BELIEVE. But, if we don’t investigate by looking at events and people’s lives, then we never see God alive (real) in our very own lives. We do NOT see ADONAI as actively participating to bring about His return.

Now, I’m going to speak to you about a man that spent 70 years of his life developing Israel. I’m going to write this so that you try to guess of whom I’m speaking.

If you could write your obituary, what would you like it to say? Here are some words about this man’s life.

Key figure in his country.


Awarded crowns

Defense Warrior

Heart problems

His son was at his side when he died.

Is this King David?

He stood before the world aligned with God’s enemies.

The world watched him for 7 years build something.

It this Adam?

Is this King Solomon?

Do you know what month is known as, “The King is in the Field”?

It is in this month that on the TENTH DAY (10) this man signs an agreement to divide Israel’s land.

It is in this month on that same TENTH DAY (10) 23 years to-the-day, this man is given a stroke.

ELUL 10 – Mosch is up on Mt. Sinai for the second time asking ADONAI to forgive the people for the sin of worshipping the Golden Calf at the month known as Tammuz (July). Mosch had fasted 40 days and 40 nights at Sivan/Tammuz and now he is fasting against 40 days and 40 nights in Elul/Tishrei.

These are the days we are in right now, my friends. September 1, 2019 was 1 Elul 5779. The Pope Gregory and Rabbi Hillel calendars are seeing each other face-to-face….just as Mosch is speaking to God face-to-face…without dying. Face-to-face…means without parable, vision or dream. Face-to-face…direct words…with NO misunderstanding of what is being said.

If you’ve guessed Mosch as the ‘mystery man’…the answer is, “No”.

Mosch was a key figure in his country, he acted as their king, awarded crowns (tablets), their Defense Warrior with his grandson Eleazar at his side when he died. But, he NEVER joined the enemy even after 120 years of life…in fact he fled Egypt and that lifestyle after being lifted up in it for 40 years.

But, Mosch did have a spiritual heart problem that showed up in pride. Instead of speaking to the rock to bring forth water (to the nations) he and his brother Aharon strike the rock. The water stilled flowed (God’s Word) so the people could drink, but these two leaders would not cross over to see The Promised land. For forty years Mosch lead grumbling people even knowing he would not personally enter, The Land.

Our Creator put up with grumbling people for four thousand years even knowing he personally would come in the flesh and die for their sin penalty which is eternal death. Yeshua Jesus walked in The Land.

First there had to be Land….which Adam saw and Abraham saw afar off. Abram was told it would be 400 years to The Land. They had to multiply in order to conquer…and it would take 430 years from the time Isaac was born that The Land would be crossed into.

And isn’t it something to think about that at 4030 years…Yeshua’s ministry is recorded as having begun.

Yeshua began his ministry at age 30.

Exo 4:11 Adonai answered him, “Who gives a person a mouth? Who makes a person dumb or deaf, keen-sighted or blind? Isn’t it I, Adonai?

Exo 4:12 Now, therefore, go; and I will be with your mouth and will teach you what to say.”

Exo 4:13 But he replied, “Please, Lord, send someone else — anyone you want!”

Exo 4:14 At this, Adonai’s anger blazed up against Moshe; he said, “Don’t you have a brother, Aharon the Levi? I know that he’s a good speaker. In fact, here he is now, coming out to meet you; and he’ll be happy to see you.

Exo 4:15 You will speak to him and put the words in his mouth; and I will be with your mouth and his, teaching you both what to do.

Aharon did great things in helping The Hebrews leave Egypt. Egypt was a place of protection as they grew into a multitude and yet they were not free to have ‘dress rehearsals’. Aharon’s son Eleazar would replace Aharon as priest..standing next to Aharon as he dies.

Moses did great things in helping The Hebrews leave Egypt. He blessed the twelve tribes each individually knowing his life course was finished. One hundred twenty years of life was mourned 30 days and then they crossed over. One hundred and twenty jubilees is 6000 years; 50 x 120.

Yeshuah (Joshua) son Nun (life) replaced Mosch, known as The Torah, as leader. Yeshuah crossed over and brought them into the land where they would be able to do The Torah Mosch instructed them to do.

It is in The Millennial reign (1000 years) that Torah will be played out perfectly on our earth. It is scheduled at 6000 years from Adam….completing at 7000 years where our earth goes into a New Gan of Eden brought down from above.

From our Messiah who came at 4000 years, we see the next 4000 years playing out before us. At 8000 years (the number of new beginnings) we will behold what has never before been seen by human eyes.

These ‘dress rehearsals’ have always played out on our earth and will continue. Men and woman are placed on this earth at special times in history. If Moses would have been drown..another would have risen up to take his place. Abortion is against God’s plan and devised by The Deceiver. It is a terrible thing to remove human beings born in God’s purpose. Abortion happens because that there is no real understanding of God’s purpose for man.

God purposed Adam, Noach, Mosch to be born. Their life-cycles even were recorded for our benefit to see the character of our Creator. From this character formation we can see how to live our own lives.

Let’s go back to our ‘mystery man’. He truly was a man born with a purpose….and He is attached to Abraham, Isaac, Ya’cov and King David. There are all about The Land, The People, The Nation, The Nations.

Here is what was said about Aharon and Moses. This ‘mystery man’ would be buried inside, The Land, whereas Aharon and Moses were buried outside, The Land. This ‘mystery man’ spent 70 years of his life building The Land. But, how did this ‘mystery man’ end his life? How did Moses and Aharon end their lives? What was said about them?

Deu 32:39 See now that I, yes, I, am he; and there is no god beside me. I put to death, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal; no one saves anyone from my hand!

Deu 32:40 ” ‘For I lift up my hand to heaven and swear, “As surely as I am alive forever,

We must not remove one word or change the meaning of what God spoke. He is alive FOREVER!

Deu 32:41 if I sharpen my flashing sword and set my hand to judgment, I will render vengeance to my foes, repay those who hate me.

Deu 32:42 I will make my arrows drunk with blood, my sword will devour flesh – the blood of the slain and the captives, flesh from the wild-haired heads of the enemy.” ‘

Deu 32:43 “Sing out, you nations, about his people! For he will avenge the blood of his servants. He will render vengeance to his adversaries and make atonement for the land of his people.”

When we are told the future via John’s Book of Revelation spoken via Jesus and other New Testament books with Jesus speaking, we see the saint’s blood being avenged. We see a living active Elohim (God) acting on the earth answering the question of ‘Oh, how long Oh Lord before our blood is avenged?”

So, to the New only ministers of our world, we can NOT put God in a box and call him a just God by declaring him a God of only mercy. He is our avenger and we should take peace in knowing that there is justice met out to our enemies. We should take comfort in knowing that even good men receive correction for going against God’s will. In fact, it is what we would call, ‘believers’ that The Bible is written to. It is speaking correction to The Churches who has lost their first love…

Our ‘mystery man’ started out good – fighting in all of Israel’s battles and even becoming their President. But in the end, he made a mistake…and it was about The Land. In that huge mistake, is how he will now be remembered. Mosch never got to cross over and yet we see him at the Transfiguration when Yeshua Jesus is on the earth.

Pastors and teachers should not be leading their flocks astray with false doctrine of NEW only in this modern-day era. If God says that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow then we are must accept that His character does not change either. What we see from the past will continue to be His character in the future. The patterns from the past will come into our future.

Deu 32:44 Moshe came and proclaimed all the words of this song in the hearing of the people and of Hosea the son of Nun.

Deu 32:45 When he had finished speaking all these words to all Isra’el,

Deu 32:46 he said to them, “Take to heart all the words of my testimony against you today, so that you can use them in charging your children to be careful to obey all the words of this Torah.

Deu 32:47 For this is not a trivial matter for you; on the contrary, it is your life! Through it you will live long in the land you are crossing the Yarden to possess.”

Deu 32:48 That same day Adonai said to Moshe,

Deu 32:49 “Go up into the `Avarim Range, to Mount N’vo, in the land of Mo’av across from Yericho; and look out over the land of Kena`an, which I am giving the people of Isra’el as a possession.

Deu 32:50 On the mountain you are ascending you will die and be gathered to your people, just as Aharon your brother died on Mount Hor and was gathered to his people.

(Neither Aharon nor Mosch entered The Land…after forty years of learning what to do in that land.)

Deu 32:51 The reason for this is that both of you broke faith with me there among the people of Isra’el at the M’rivat-Kadesh Spring, in the Tzin Desert; you failed to demonstrate my holiness there among the people of Isra’el.

Deu 32:52 So you will see the land from a distance, but you will not enter the land I am giving to the people of Isra’el.”

The purpose of this writing was not intended to talk about who will be allowed to enter into a happy eternity or who will be destined to an eternity of hell. The purpose was to show you that we have a living, active God who does show up in our life. He does issue correction and it is up to each individual to be in check of their own personal relationship with the one who allowed them safe passage to be born on the earth for their appointed time.

The ‘mystery man’:

He died on Creation Day One – 25 Elul.

He was struck by a head wound on 10 Elul.

No, it’s not Adam as he was born on Tishrei 1, the Day Six of the creation days.

Now, I’ll tell you what the news article said about our ‘mystery man’ so keep guessing….

Died age 93, former president and key figure to Israel’s history. He had a stroke on 13 September, 2016 which was 10 Elul. After suffering this massive stroke his family agreed to have him medically induced into a coma in hopes that he would recover. They released him from the coma after 15 days. On 28 September, 25 Elul 2016 he officially died.

The article begins with an award he was given – The Nobel Peace Prize. This award was given because he, “was a key architect of the Oslo peace accords, for which he was jointly awarded the Nobel peace prize. He was described as being in a serious condition at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer near Tel Aviv.”

Have you guessed the name of the ‘mystery man’ yet? Did he have heart problems? Yes, “Earlier this year, ____ was twice taken to the hospital with heart problems. He received a pacemaker last week.”

We know that The Oslo Peace Accords was designed to bring peace to The Middle East through dividing, The Land.

What has been God’s purpose for Abraham? To bring The Land…The People…The Instruction…for the world.

Yasser Arafat was part of this Nobel Peace Prize. Yitzhak (Isaac) Rabin was part of this prize. And, our ‘mystery man’ was the one that designed it to be signed by the Arab nations. Bill Clinton is in the picture with them receiving their prize.

Within days of this picture, Yasser Arafat backs away from The Oslo Accord and becomes the first president of the new organization still known today as, The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).

Yasser Arafat will soon die from a blood disorder.

Shimon Peres dies of a head wound, a bleeding brain.

Both of these men wanted The Land of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. The Oslo Peace Accord was a total failure as The Arabs now had their new leader and organization to take ALL The Land and not just settle for part of The Land.

Our Creator moved upon Arafat early in those days but our Creator let Shimon Peres live on to be 93 years of age. He would have his bar Mitzvah at age 13 and serve his country in the military at age 23. For seventy years he served Israel in some capacity. The pressure from our world for PEACE gave way to his having his last health issue of a bleeding brain be the cause of his death. His even thinking and then actually writing up The Accord and getting the world to take notice of it’s signing…even with an AWARD being given…could NOT go unnoticed.

10 Elul 1994 Shimon Perez signs The Oslo Peace Accord

10 Elul 2016 Shimon Perez succumbs to bleeding brain. Dead but put in medical coma.

25 Elul 2016 Shimon Perez family requests all life support to end. Creation Day One.

70 years of service to Israel

7-year Presidential term completed in 2014

Is he a picture of Adam allowed in the Gan of Eden of seven years? Yes! Seven years as Israel’s president.

Is he a picture of Israel’s 70-years of captivity in Babylon? Yes, he spent 70 years in bringing them back.

Is he a picture of ten being a time of judgment or fulfillment of purpose? Yes, he made the decision and signed papers on 10 Elul 1994. He was judged that same day, 10 Elul 2016, for his actions….to-the-day…and possibly the hour…on 10 Elul. 22 years later.

What happened on Ten Elul? Moses has now been fasting for ten days and ten nights up on the mountain face-to-face with ADONAI…our Creator. He’s seeking atonement for the people and will return in 40 days…Yom Kippur…10 Tishrei.

What was Ten Elul 2016….Shimon Perez was now in the presence of The Creator reviewing his life-cycle that had been laid out for him. Had he walked out every step possible in faith to bring Israel back to her land or did he falter and compromise The Land because of pressure from the nations.

Do I believe in the judgments of God? I do! And, I take them personally for myself most of all. When people suffer we must take a look at what we’ve changed from doing what use to be correct in God’s eyes, or perhaps have we not changed to move toward Him ever. It is in ‘the shakings’ that we see Him as a just God.

What if we were left to just ‘feeling’ good about ourselves all the time. Why did Yeshua pray to The Father to ‘keep’ those that he loved from The Deceiver…except he knew he would lose the one to perdition.

Life is not a simple prayer of wanting to escape hell. No one wants to suffer here and certainly no one should want to suffer in a wide-open abyss forever. Life is about repentance for leaving the ways of God. Repentance for leaving the ways that Yeshua Jesus walked out on this earth. He came as an example…to be our friend.

But, many are allowed to come close to know Him…but it seems few want to follow Him. He says that His ways are not difficult and his yoke is easy.

A verse was given to me this week by an incredible woman teacher. She has been weeping in repentance since August 31 for us as people, churches, Israel and the nations. If there has been one thing that I’ve realized since being excited that Pope Gregory’s calendar and Hillel’s Hebrew calendars are exactly aligned in the month of September, 2019….it’s for me.

I have turned a page to see myself more clearly this month. I have seen within myself that I have not known how to pray. I have seen the passion in others that I’ve lacked in myself in praying to The Father. I have been blessed with peace to be with groups of people that love to study The Scriptures and correctly apply them to our lives.

Yes, September 2019 is clearly being seen as a month of new beginnings for me. I fear NOT but rejoice that I have a God that will avenge those that come against His ways. It is NOT man that needs to avenge themselves, because God’s instruction is the correction. It is man’s choice to live by God’s instructions or just live in his own peace wherever he can find it.

It is God’s peace that I have… restful…and yet so awakening…that moves us to not give in to the pressure of the world…to sign documents that give away Abraham’s Promises. The Land is the first struggle…because then there is a place for The People….and then it is The People that must decide to follow a ‘Living God’.

This ‘Living God’ corrects it’s children that believe in The Risen One that came to Abraham’s promised land…the exact site of Abraham’s, Isaac and Ya’cov place of offering. Our Yeshua Jesus came to The Land to rise up. This same Yeshua Jesus will come again to The Land. It is NOT for humans to give it away. In fact, The Land mass described to Abraham was much larger.

So, who is to cross over into that land? You are! It is those that desire to follow YHWH, The Lord. The Gentiles are now wanting to become part of Judaism. The great mystery is that they are grafted in when they accept Yeshua Jesus as their Savior. They do NOT need an official ritual to change themselves as some are teaching. It is always about a circumcised heart…not the flesh.

Perez was a Jew. He lived out his life-course all to raise up The Land and then The People. Let us not begin well to only end badly. Pride overtook Mosch and Aharon when they beat the rock…showing Yeshua Jesus would be struck down for the nations (water).

Mosch is our example. He didn’t want the job and so his brother Aharon was assigned to help. Our family can encourage us or disappoint us. They can lead us up hill or help us to stumble down hill.

But, we also know that the greatest in The Kingdom are those functioning in The Torah through Yeshua Jesus. The least in the Kingdom cross over last and don’t really know about The Lord’s Feasts nor how to teach The Torah…and so they get the ‘least’ positions in The Kingdom that is coming.

For those saved by The Blood of The Lamb, Yeshua Jesus, it is about ending well. Perez started well, but he slowed up progress for, The Kingdom. All that fighting did NOT have to happen and the PLO did NOT have to be developed into an organization which still causes our world troubles. Perez just needed to stand fast and WATCH the Hand of God bring all things about…to His glory…in His timing…through…His children…allowed to be born…’for such a time as this’.

The Torah (instruction) is not legalism…but God’s safest way for us to live on His earth. We must not forget our foundation from where we came. Paul is exhorting the Galatians for drifting away and now doing it wrong. Our world today has drifted off and doesn’t have a clue on how God desires to be worshiped. His worship isn’t music but coming together to point to His Coming…seen in His Feasts…not the Jews Feasts…they are The Lord’s Feasts.

If you abandon The Lord’s Feasts you are also NOT really looking for His return….because His return in seen in His Feasts. His coming Son…Yeshua Jesus is seen in The Feasts. When we abandon The Torah…we abandon The Land…The People…The King’s coming. We abandon the Living Torah…The Word of God…known as Jesus to Christians.

Gal 2:20 When the Messiah was executed on the stake as a criminal, I was too; so that my proud ego no longer lives. But the Messiah lives in me, and the life I now live in my body I live by the same trusting faithfulness that the Son of God had, who loved me and gave himself up for me.

Gal 2:21 I do not reject God’s gracious gift; for if the way in which one attains righteousness is through legalism, then the Messiah’s death was pointless.

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