Last Day Pattern: Tishrei 21

The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles is always SEVEN days long. Tishrei 15 – 21. Just as our earth is scheduled for 7000 YEARS. ….just as God rested on DAY 7.

The Feast of Tabernacles is about The Bride…just as our King of Kings arrives to earth for one thousand years to rule as His doubled-edged sword, The Torah (his instructions). It will be without violence but strong spiritual instruction. Also patterned in Adam being given charge on Day Seven….just as Adam and Chanoh lived in the Gan of Eden for 7 years.

There are more pictures given to us in history, but if we JUST go back to the earth’s beginning at Creation and travel to two thousand years later; we find another BRIDE rising up through the Patriarch Abraham. Abraham had three brides through whom came children by Isaac, Ishmael and Keturah’s families. He desired for them to live in unity. And, the story of The Seed continues to be seen through Isaac’s sons (Esau and Ya’cov) battling it out even into today’s history.

Before Isaac’s death both of these sons gave their commitment to their father and mother to live in peace with each other. But, soon after Isaac’s death those whose inheritance had been sold for a bowl of covenant soup and a blessing thought to have given under false pretense, because of a mother who remembered what The Living God had told her before their births….jealousy again rose up in the family.

Esau wanted to remain commmitted to what he had promised his father, Isaac. But his sons cursed him and said they would kill him if he did not join them in removing Ya’cov and his family from the earth. (Does this sound like a similar theme spoken to Jacob’s (Israel) children to date? Yes! Edom (Esau) still wants Ya’cov gone from the face of the earth. And, it is the same quest…land…not spiritual land…but earth’s land…that came through Isaac…not Abraham … really as his land stretched out and was also given to Hagar and Keturah’s children. What Esau’s children wanted was what they really already had…as poor father Isaac was living in poverty until Ya’cov return from the Land of Laven.

Esau’s sons did NOT care what God or their grandfather Isaac had decreed in a blessing because they did NOT know the ways of The Living God. Their vengeance broke out against Ya’cov on the day that Ya’cov’s first wife Leah died. His strength was gone f rom him in her physical support and spiritual support as she loved Isaac’s God…He had given her many children. She had the firstborn rights to marriage and therefore also the ‘first bride’ rights to lie in state with Ya’cov at McPhelah in Hebron…still honored there with Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rivcah (Rebecca).

This family links many families on our earth together. Abraham was an Armenian of whom raised up children to, ‘The Living God’. Through the grandchild Ya’cov (Jacob) via his father Isaac…all the nations could be blessed. All of Abraham’s children were to be blessed by ‘The Living God’, if they would ‘believe’ in His ways. They had already been worshipping, “the unknown god” as Abraham saw his father Terah make idols for Nimrod’s people.

Even the Jewish apostle Paul tried to unravel the mystery of the Greek’s god known as, ‘the unknown god’. So, we know that the pattern of ‘unknown gods’ was, is and will always be on the earth….until He that was, is and is to return comes to ‘declare’ Himself as, The Living God come in the flesh.

Times change but people do NOT. Humans are always seeking ‘to see’ something they can hold on to. They want to believe in new prophets, new visions, new dreams and yet Jesus (Yeshua) said that they would only be given the Sign of Jonah being in the great fish for three days and three nights. If people would not believe in that…they aren’t going to believe on anything else…such as HE that would rise up out of the earth after three days and three nights. The time had come for belief in The Seed that was now called, The Sprout.

People have always wanted a visual and not an invisible. Their lives became ‘patterns’ as and their ‘life activities’ became The Patatern to The Last Days! Therefore, the implementation of The Lord’s Feasts would increase on the earth. Instead of having The Sabbath proclaimed since the days of Creation, they would also implement First Fruit by bringing their first harvest to The Lord. Cain’s was NOT suitable because of a BAD attitude. Shav’out increases as The Spirit of God pours into men like Sheth who begins a new line with Enoch being the seventh righteous man from Adam. Noach, Abraham are seen at these celebratin times as Isaac’s birth is announced. These people’s lives are marked so we REMEMBER what they mean to our heritage. Lest we forget them and our King that is coming duirng this 7000 years of wait. The Sixth Day of Man (vav) is screaming in labor pains just as they fight in the womb of our world as Rebecca (Rivcah) thought she might die from the twins struggling with her. It was then…in that labor that she was told what was going to happen in our world…today…and at the end of days. The older (Esau) was to SERVE the younger (Ya’cov/Israel). Why? Because the older would be strong to supply food fo rth world, but the younger would be capable of shepherding God’s flock spiritually. The natural had to come before the spiritual…but it is the Spiritual that must remain because that goes into eternity. These two were suppose to live in harmony, but it was the children who didn’t understand the ‘purposes’ of The Living God.

The Lord’s Feasts would increase as men increased on the earth. SEVEN Feasts and yet EIGHT feasts would include The Sabbath. The Sabbath was for The Land. The Sabbath was made for man…because without the land resting…man would not have healthy soil to produce the food to eat.

Babylon was a 70-year program pointing back to the original instruction at Creation…The Land would cry out if it didn’t get rest. The earth is scheudled to produce for 7000 years. Then a BIG change happens. Seven is pictures as a tool…a a hammer. The letter Tsade is likened to tzar as a strong leader that helps life to exist. The Hebrew has root words that connect and seven connects our world into a program for survival not disaster. God’s sword is His words….in double strength so they penetrate the heart…unto righteous living. King Yeshua Jesus would have been put on a donkey the Seventh Day…The Sabbath / Saturday. Palms were placed on the ground in front of him…riding on an unbroken colt…another miracle seen in that day and also filling up that prophecy of how he The Messiach would arrive.

The Deceiver in the Gan of Eden is described as a serpent. Something so tightly wound in deception that a human of great wisdom can’t see through it. Adam literally accepted the death penalty for his bride. She accepted the deception and he didn’t want to live without her. He was NOT deceived but actually laid his life down to The Lord in seeking her forgiveness. ‘So, until death so we depart’ is what use to be declared in wedding vows. Now, another door was opened…The Door of Repentance. Would they walk through it?

The Gan of Eden Tabernacle – The Gan of Eden was not…then it was planted and occupied…and then it was NOT to be entered and guarded by Cheribim…and other Seraphim (angels) guarded the ‘Tree of Life’. These are pictures for us now, but they were reality on our earth. It would take a Flood of water to bury it all and wait for the next Grand Tabernacle to arrive from Heaven at Day Eight…8000 years.

Mosch’s Tabernacle was NOT and then The Wilderness Tabernacle was and then it was NOT. Solomon’s Temple was NOT and then it was at CITY OF PEACE and yet it was without for a short time (70 years) and then it WAS again…but not ever as in the ‘days of Solomon. And, then in 70 AD it was NOT and it’s gold burned off it’s stones.

We are told without a doubt about an incredible TABERACLE that will stand erect on the earth. Not made by human hands it will look like a phylactery on earth’s round head. It will not be black as on a Jew’s head but it will be bright and gleaming for ALL the world to see it’s grandeur. The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles has and MUST continue to point to that TABERNACLE as it is the Groom’s gift to his Bride….a New Gan of Eden…like no other garden ever planted on the earth before.

My personal participation at different celebrations in the Kansas City area in 2019 gave me more insight into The Lord’s Wedding Feast. I suggest you join some celebration in your area next year. It is in unifying ourselves to The Lord’s activities that we experience personal spiritual growth and we see the world’ future.

Last Day lesson – These dates never change! That means that on Tishrei 21 it will ALWAYS be the LAST DAY of The Lord’s Wedding Feast. It is at this wedding feast that he wants His Bride to complet her journey to him. It’s the last day of the Wedding Feast. They have consimated their union of agreeing on how to raise their children. The children must now be SPIRITUAL first as all humanity’s failings are done.

All of the rehearsals for 6000 years brought them into a thousand-year period of understanding. There is no more excuse as all are being taught by those generations called ‘the greatest’. These believers in Yeshua are known as, ‘the greatest in the kingdom’. They are called great because they are not ‘Lawless’. They have God’s instruction and are able to teach God’s instructions because they have rehearsed them while on earth…all 6000 years worth of Torah keeping believer will teach The Nations.

The final wedding garment is white. Why, white? Because He that wears the garment dipped in red blood made their garments white. We are to know both The Father’s name and The Son’s name. These names are NOT Greek in nature. The name revealed to the world has been Yeshua meaning salvation. When Abram became Abraham he had the letter Hei added to his name. When God breathes into us it is with Hei… Say, Hay taking a breath out of your mouth…not sucking air in. God blew breath into Adam….the was given a spirit just like God has a spirit.

Now, let’s take the name of Yeshua and add the breath of God to it….Hei added at the end…just like Sari had ah added to her name changing her name to Sarah when she conceived Isaac. Isaac is our strongest tie because he had one wife and only a set of twins with that wife. Isaac never really leaves his father Abraham’s land dying at age 180…living five years longer than Abraham. His one hundred and his eighty years are patterns to give respect to…Eight shows us that 8000-year plan to bring in the New Heaven and Earth. (100 x 80 = 8000)

Yeshua becomes Yeshuah…God’s breath went into Yeshua. He lifted him up from the grave and gave him His own name…Yeshuah.

There must always be the physical acceptance first so then the spiritual can happen. That is a pattern in itself even as we accept what Yeshua did on the stake to be given his new name, Yeshuah. We also receive new names and I would say it will have the letter ‘Hei’ added to give you your Hebrew wedding name.

Why is Day Seven called, The Last Day? Succot 7 – The Last Day! It is always on the date, Tishrei 21.

LAST DAY – Always Tishrei 21

Feast of Tabernacles

Day Seven

LAST DAY – Year 21 Day Seven

Ya’cov Leaves Laven (world)

Binyamin Born – Year 21.86

7000 – 8000 Millennial Reign

Feast Tabernacles Lived in Reality

(Suffering Brother Yosef 7 years old when full brother Ben (son of strength) born)

Yosef sold in TEN years – age 17; Binyamin is left alone age 10)

Enoch defines TEN generations, 700 years each; 7000 years.

Year 7900 – 8000 Watchers Released; on last day (100 years)

Seven days of 100 years = 700 years.

EIGHTH DAY – Always Tishri 22

Shemini Atzaret is always Tishrei 22

It is always a 24-hour SABBATH – no work but still somber…remembering The Wedding.

It is also known as Eighth Day.

It is known as the final opportunity to repentance before books closed for the New Civil Year. We want to go into the next year not holding any grudges against our fellow man or speaking evil against them. It is a time to seek God personally so I can be a good wife (steward) of His word this next year. I’ve agreed to The Marriage Covenant set out before me. I will give honor and obey unto His righteous ways…and not be lawless, but be lawful to His ways because He died for my penalty of sins on the cross.


Ya’cov’s Troubles: Distressed in years 15-21

Year 15-20 – In Third Shemittah cycle with Laven Ya’cov had his wages changed ten times. (Enoch talks about ten generations and how they change before year 8000.)

After SIX years (our 6000 years) he calls his two wives (our Gentile and Jewish Believers in Messiah) to come with him to his father Isaac’s homse land (our millenial reign on earth).

Year 20 Ya’cov’s family chased for SEVEN days by Laven. (Our 7000 years of worldly influence.)

Ya’cov is chased by Laven one week. Then he meets Esau’s Family and passes one-half of his flocks and herds into the care of Esau’s 400 men. (4000 years pass before and 4000 years pass after Yeshua’s Execution and resurrection on earth’s soil. The world’s Nimrod and Esau shepherds influence God’s children.)

Sixth Year of Third Shemittah Cycle – Year 20 (our year 2020 is likened to our world seeing clearly with 20 20 vision….they must decide to leave the world (Laven) and RETURN to The Father.)

Seventh Year of Third Shemittah Cycle – Year 21 – LAST DAY! 7+7+7 (emphatic numbers stressing sincerity of their importance….said in triple.)

End of 21st Year Benjamin Born … Rachel dies after naming her son, ‘Son of Suffering’. Ya’cov returns home after returning his mother home to her husband and his father Issac who was too weak to attend Ya’cov’s Shauvot celebration. Ya’cov had gone with his herdsman to take flocks to Isaac so they would not starve. Esau had taken from his father Isaac while Ya’cov was gone for twenty-one years. (This story is told in The Book of Jubilees describing Rachel dying in year 2186 when her second son is born.)

A Name Change — Ya’cov returns home to Rachel having already died. He changes his twelth child’s name to “Son of my Strength’…Binyamin. Three complete Shemittah cycles have passed since Ya’cov left quickly with only a staff in his hand. Before he left, his Father Isaac knew of the deception and still gave him another blessing as he left. He has now been double blessed by his father Isaac.

Ya’cov favored wife Rachel always seems to be complaining to Isaac’s God. She does NOT have trust in their future and steals her father’s idols made of gold. As she sits on them she lies to her own father of whom is looking for them. The curse of the person who stole them falls on her and thus she dies giving birth to her second son, Benjamen.

This son carries the names of: ‘Son of My Suffering’ as well as ‘Son of My Strength’. This Binyamin is a picture to The Seed that is expected to Suffer as a Servant and also rise up as King of Kings. Thus, this young Binyamin is a picture to Yeshua who does Suffer and who will return to reign as King.

Binyamin has TEN sons when Ya’cov takes his entire family of 70 down into Egypt during the last FIVE years of a 7-year famine.

The Brides of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov have all died before the Famous Seven Year Famine.

Numbers are important to these days of The Feast of Tabernacles. The purpose of this Festival is to join ourselves to our husband. The purpose of Succot is to come together as ONE family…no longer arguing about ‘the details’. We put everything aside and GO out into the world (Egypt) to find safety among it’s other members. At Sukkot the sukkot is built with extra chairs so a stranger can visit and stay the entire time if they like. It is a time to feed the poor and needy. It is a time to DO Torah and not just think about it.

Ya’cov’s brides had to decide to leave or stay with their father. Times must have been hard for Laven as he had used up what should have been his daughter’s inheritance. In that distress…they went with their husband not knowing how that family would receive them. Years 20 and 21 proved to be times of stress but as they moved into year 22…new tents appeared that they could settle in.

Third Shemittah Cycle Ended – Fourth Begins with Binyamin Born. Four is the Dahlet and pictured as a door. It opens up….just as Yeshua Jesus knocks on the Door…asking The Bride to come out. She claims that she has already been out in the rain and got all wet. She asks him if he could come back when it’s dry. This woman does NOT know the Torah. She does NOT know that rain means blessing….she was out in the blessing and was not appreciative. She didn’t realize that the rain fed the earth that fed the people. There is a dry season that twists the ground so it won’t produce. The years 36 to 42 are likened to the Sixth arm on the Seven-branched menorah. It’s the sixth day man was added to the Creation plan. It’s Noach being 600 years of age when he entered the Ark for ONE total year. He was told to let the animals off at exactly one year and ten days when he was now age 601. The human’s were told they could leave the ark at the Rosh Chodesh (new moon/dark) of Month Four. That is 42 days after the animals could step off. Why was ADONAI so specific? Because it was The Pattern.

The Pattern shows Day Six (36 – 42). It’s the time for man to give birth to children, 42 weeks and then the anguish of labor and delivery. 42 weeks is 1,260 days. 42 weeks is 3.5 years that Christians claim as the first and last half of the 7-year tribulation peirod. Eighty Four would be it’s full tribulational gestation. As we look at the number 42 it seems to be showing up more and more in our lives today…at least mine and the people with whom I review their spiritual walk with them. I can only go back to studying the Torah study Mattot-Massei known as Parsha 42. There are lessons for us to learn from the journey’s of Abraham’s family.

We are in the Sixth Day according to living in the year 2019 which is really 6019 when we count from Adam. And, that number could be off because they keep adjusting the calendar. So, are we close? We are not to know the day of the hour…but I believe we an seek God face-to-face as is our rights as ‘children of the king’. We can see life-patterns on our ancestors and even as they show up around us.

One last thought….I give special credit to The Hillel calendar because it became with our real ancestors back with Nehmiah, Ezra and 120 others who put it together as they were being exiled to Babylon at 583 BC. I believe this group over Popes that had their own agendas of making years jubilee years so the people would be required to pay into those coffers. The Gregorian calendar has been allowed to be on our earth as have others. But, it is this Sanhedrin that was held accountable to fix the calendar for The Lord’s Feasts. they were being carried off for not setting the land to rest and thus they would NOT want to be carried off again….and thus….they’ve kept the Shemittah years and we can look to that for our base. But, today’s SAnhedrin is open-minded to listening to the world and yet they have decided to NOT altar Hillel’s calendar as it was reset before the destruction of The Temple in 70 AD. Therefore, to me it is year 5780. And, and therefore, because God will move when He desires to move on our earth. If the years are off….we know the days are NOT. We can calculate the days and months by looking at the moon. The Lord’s Feasts mainly revolve around the full moon except the darkest day of all known as The Feast of Trumpets when the 99 blasts are blown for annoucing of kings.

Therefore, let us look up….as Day Seven 5780 Feast of Tabernacles closes but Day Eight, Tishrei 22 begins…known as Shemini Atzaret. Be at rest with NO work…likened to Yom Kippur…one more day to reflect and ask forgiveness from God and your fellow man. Then Day Nine – Simcht Torah….the scroll is rolled out…our Bibles should be treasured as God’s Word is celebrated all the rest of the year. Celebrating The Torah (God’s instructions) is always Tishrei 23. (These are good days…Ya’cov is holding Baby Binyamin in his arms…and Yoseph is still helping him raise up this child…Both sons of suffering and sons of righteousness. Both picture our Savior who came and is NOW coming again…looking or a PURE bride who doesn’t grab at Ya’cov’s God but rejoices that His instructions are good to live by….because Leah had a heart that loved God…she was blessed to be remembered in the annals of history as a righteous woman.








50 Jubilee/release (year 1 of next cycle)

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