Democrats act like Esau

Whose team are the Democrats on?

I’m also tired of ‘Israel News’ bashing Israel.  They are coming off my ‘non-slanted’ list of honest reporting.  Mr. Bafoon states that General Qassem Soleimani was on his way to confirm the final arrangement for peace with Saudi Arabia.  What peace was that?  Iran’s peace that pulled the shitte and sunni back together as one?  I think so.  That was NOT good for Israel….and he states as much.  So, why…is he bashing Trump and this decision?  Whose side are you on ‘Israel News’?

What did IRAN say in a tweet immediately after losing their mastermind general?  They will retaliate with 13 possible inflicts, a “historic nightmare” and it could apply to their multi-cultural if they participated with American efforts.

Attacking an American installation which killed an America contractor….was the straw that broke this camel’s back.  From Syria to Yemen this national hero killed thousands.

Our U.S. Embassy in Iraq being attacked lead to more promises of destruction?  What….we are suppose to let the Middle East revert back to Ishmael and Esau joining forces again against Ya’cov?

What day was January 7, 2020?  It was a FAST day.  Did anyone know that besides those honoring The Torah…honoring history from the past?  Hmm….it was the perfect day to say to IRAN. Theyt constantly threaten the world they live in with terror.  King Nebuchadnezzar first touched the walls of Jerusalem on 10 Tevet (January 7)  to finally carry them off to Babylon in that next year….(because God declared their punishment of 70 years for NOT applying Torah to their lives.)

On the Fast of Tevet (10 Tevet), January 7, 2020….it was clearly seen that this mastermind terrorist was NOT on a mission of peace for America.  If he had plans for peace with Saudi Arabia it was for the Saudi’s to back away from working with America with peace in Israel.  There was a ‘Peace of the Decade’ planned and the day it was leaked, a man in Lebanon was set on fire.  That is NOT the peace IRAN wanted the Arab’s to participate in.

YES – I, tearfully, thanked our Creator this morning for NOT one life was lost.  America should be cheering….and instead…continue to criticize the efforts of God to bring peace to his world.

Tevet 10 2020 – People were fasting all over the world for peace.   A major terrorist was removed from our earth before more innocent lives were taken.  Major ‘terrorists’ are being eliminated exactly in The Days of Ezra.

Ezra 10 tells of Ezra standing in front of where The Temple was and crying and weeping with fasting.  They had taken foreign wives and thus violated The Torah.  They had to remove any foreigner who did not follow the God of Abraham,  Isaac and Ya’cov.

Today we see this prophetic time repeated.  They took the months of Tevet, Shevat and Adar to come before their judges to divorce these wives and children.  There can be no other God besides ADONAI on the earth.

The land is being purged just as Ezra’s leaders had to make a commitment to The Torah.

It took time….and this is taking time….but at this time on God’s Calendar it consistently fights for Israel ruling from Jerusalem.

Praise to God for the Trumpet Call he has sent to our earth.  Praise ADONAI for reversing the King Nebuchadnezar…instead of taking them away from Jerusalem, our Creator is returning them.  No one will breach their walls….NO ONE.  They were gone 70 years in Babylon and NOW in our very day of a 7000-year program…we get to help bring Israel back out of the world/Babylon.

Let us NOT forget who t he enemy is….Ishmael was not as evil as Esau.  ESAU’s sons are who took charge and tried to kill Ja’cov.  But, with a single arrow….Ya’cov had to kill his own brother Esau.  Then his 13 sons ran away.

Twelve rockets were cast into Iraq at Americans last night.  Twelve son’s of Israel would be cast into the world to change the world to, The Torah.  The entire Bible is ours.  The NT only confirms what was first spoken.  Let’s get back to the original because then we will live in peace with ISHMAEL….they obey The Torah…no man touches a woman…and if they do consumate, that is that man’s wife.

Oh wow, that act is the act of marriage.  In our Christian world today…we make up our own rules as to who our children should marry.  If that girls does NOT scream out..that is her husband.  It did NOT take a pregnancy…to get married.

Does Islam obey this instruction?  YES!

So, let us return to ALL The Bible….and we will find peace with Ishmael…but perhaps not with ESAU.  He had to be killed.

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