The Kansas City Chiefs – 2020 wages changed in 2021. Losers: Isaiah 55:8-9

From the west coast through the Midwest we look to The East…Miami.

The Chief Is Come – In Crimson washed as Snow – Both teams are wearing red..

Yes, our Chief at creation had one GOAL in mind.

Yes, our Chief ADONAI IS still operating with one GOAL in mind.

Yes, our Chief ADONAI will again operate with us being ONE with Him in our minds.

The Kansas City Chiefs qualified to stand before our world at the beginning of the month of Shevat, our February.

The Los Angeles 49er’s qualified to stand before our world today…with the KS Chiefs both representing RED.

RED – Man – made of blood

WHITE – One Man – made of God-blood atoned for our iniquities.

The depth of our Creator is beyond measure. But, we can be sure that He worked through His creation and man.

I write from the KC Chief’s turf which includes Independence, Missouri. Harry S Truman was the president that finally declared Isra’el to be a nation in the Spring of 1948. But it was November 11, 1947 that the Britain mandate took effect RETURNING Ya’cov back to his deeded land…shown in The Bible…that has endured since that promise and fulfillment.

The pride gets lopped off.

Who are the PROUD? Those that hold claim to God’s Words and turn them into their own words. Isaiah 55:8-9 says we may not do that. It is a too much for us to claim we have God in our back pocket and He does what we say. God honors respect but it can be taken away just as quickly as given…and so it was by 2021.

Shevat 1 begins the month of COMFORT! Whose comfort? God’s comfort. The Book of Zechariah declares the end from the beginning and shows it to us. This book shows The Creator’s goal for our earth…even to the very end where man is called to come to Jerusalem to celebrate.

President Trump, Vice President Pence, BB Netanyahu and even Russia’s President Putin recognize Israel as a Nation to be honored on our earth. It is only the deceiver that argues border disputes because they don’t want the truth.

The first deceiver, Satan, said that Chanoah “would NOT surely die” declaring God a liar. God had a relationship with Adam first…and entire week of time…before the woman was bone from his bone. Being ‘deceived’ was no excuse for disobedience. What was relayed to the woman was DO NOT eat from THAT tree.

Sin – missing God’s mark. Sin is revealed…because of free choice. ALL have free choice, thus we all determine whose side we are on while on this earth. This is called, Santification.

Today, The Chief’s football team is back with their original coach. The competition we are about to witness today began fifty-four years ago. The NFL Champions play the AFL champions to come together to play in a game called, The Super Bowl.

If we listen closely…of which I’ve only been able to listen to the Kansas City owner’s of the Chief…you will hear, see and feel their LOVE for our CHIEF of whom allowed them this honor today. He pointed to the heavens declaring to whom is to be given the honor of these accomplishments. And, it goes further as we listen closely…he said that they are ‘pastors’.

What is a pastor? Pastor’s lead flocks: their own family, a group, our world. A pastor goes after one fallen sheep as a good shepherd.

If we listen closely…amongst all the excitement of the cheering…we hear to whom credit is being given. We hear from the Chief’s owners and players that they won for HIS Kingdom that is coming.

Yes, we have “KINGDOM” language being spoken just as The Chief’s stand before ALL the kingdoms via satellite. This game was set up by our Creator…not as ‘sports spectacular’, but as another venue to declare His hand on our earth.

Will The Chief’s win? I hope so…but I’m not a soothsayer to determine that. But, what we can know for sure is that God’s directs men’s path even as they choose their own walks. We walk out our lives all to give Him glory and by that desire He directs our path.

It took a jubilee of time…FIFTY YEARS (50) for this game to appear ON our earth. It is happening in a year that declares clears vision; 20 20. Everyone recognizes this year as clear vision. It is a year that ALL things are revealed.

A Jubilee of time is a time of release…return…for what was sold is NOW given back in full and at times with interest.

Israel is clearly seen as a independent nation with 48 nation’s presidents and ambassadors joining in her celebration of Holocaust Remembrance. It is no co-incidence that there are forty-eight…she was recognized by our United States President Harry S Truman in 1948 as the Nation of Israel. In 2017, she changed her name to Isra’el, as our 45th president Donald J Trump confirmed Jerusalem as her capital.

By 2020 we are clearly seeing liberal media versus unbiased media. We clearly see ‘deceivers’ who believe their own lies about President Trump. The lines are being drawn for ALL men to step over to the side to whom their heart believes.

When Moses told them to move away from those against God’s chosen leaders, the earth opened up and swallowed up those that did NOT move away from those families of Korah.

Today, there are more Christians killed every day for the name of ‘Jesus’ on our earth. Now, today, February 2, 2020 (2.2.2020) at 5:00 pm any foreigner coming in from an infected country will have certain ports of entry to enter. These people will be classified according to their contact with this virus. They may be held in quarantine for 14 days or they may be allowed to self-quarantine themselves in order to stop the spread on what is called a pandemic outbreak of Corona virus.

Isn’t it interesting that it relates to the word ‘cornea’ which gives us our sight. We have become blinded to The King that is returning.

Today is, 2.2.2020 – The number two is also the letter ‘beit’ and is represented by a house. We have today God’s earth…His Temple…His House…our bodies are his temples…with a stadium full of temples and cornea’s all around our world…watching..

House House House House – When something is said twice..that is confirmation of sincerity…but said a third and fourth and fifth time… Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa times 20 …

The Kingdom of God is coming back to our earth through His vessels that let themselves function as His vessels…even though they don’t understand it.

President Trump knows that he is a mere vessel. He gives away his monthly salary to charity and only keeps spending his own money for The Kingdom. He is dedicated to World Peace through Nationalism and not Globalism.

Israel deserves to be a Nation on our earth.

The United States deserves to be a Nation on the earth…as do other upright nations.

It is the Nations that honor God’s words of instruction that will NOT be loped off. We lop ourselves off when we ‘determine what is right in our own eyes.’

Today, it is 50 years…a jubilee of time that The Chief’s were in the Super Bowl – This number is being realized in our minds…it teaches us that God still honors time described in the days of Adam, Enoch, Noach, Abraham, Solomon and Jesus. These Shemittah cycles never went away just because we’ve turned to Greek thinking.

How do men get loped off? They get left behind from those that moved into God-thinking.

Yes, Israel was loped off for a time period because she didn’t want to think as God thought.

Now Israel has been allowed to return…and Christians have struggled what to do with her.

I’ve spent most of my Christian life studying Jesus Return to earth. I have the 7-year tribulation down pat and believe in Jesus’ reign on earth for a thousand years. I’m a red-head and hard to change. In fact, when I now challenge a Christian’s thinking, they just say, “that how you understand The Bible. That’s not our opinion.” This is a blanket statement that covers anything said because ALL that I think is wrong. There is ‘no’ discussion on any verse.

We are told to ‘study to show ourselves approved workman of The Lord’…my paraphrase…since I’ve never been good at memorizing verses. And now I know why. It is not what Noach memorized…but it is the stories his grandfather Enoch left in his writing that they carried in their hearts. It is the stories that play out on our earth that our incredible Creator has for us to give witness that He still is active in our lives.

It is in the very existence that ISRAEL is back….that is a MIRACLE! That proves that The Hebrew…The Jew…is still in function…is still part of God’s plan of salvation for our earth.

When the instructions were enlarged at Mount Sinai….because the people had enlarged into millions of people…the year even changed. The Civil yearly calendar would still change in the fall. But now another ‘head of year’ was given. This would be known as a ‘sacred’ calendar beginning in the spring. God had brought them out to worship…and now even in their leaving…they would learn that pattern that pointed to The Messiach…at year 4000…Hebrew name: Yeshuah…similar to God’s name, Yahuahk.

Adam was born on Tishri 1…Day Six. Our earth calculated every activity with God according to that Fall calendar. Then something new was about to happen where mankind would witness our Creator in a new fashion…a new character. Their coming OUT of Egypt (representing the world) would pattern to years in the future (4000 from Adam to be exact) of The Seed promised from Genesis 3.

At the Super Bowl date of 2.2.2020 we can learn many things about our Lord’s return. I believe it points to His coming…which could be any time. This confirms God’s intention to build His House. Even MaHomes shows us The Homes / dwelling place of God.

The plans He has for us is to STOP fighting. When I hear about missionaries who have goals to go out into the world to fight against ‘evangelicals’ I cringe. It saddens me that we fight over ‘bible versions’. We are indoctrinated into a particular view on ‘baptism’. We ask the sheep to attend classes on ‘church doctrine’.

I met Shirley yesterday, with the first time being last August. She speaks Chinese and English. She has no children as she and her husband travel the world. They have lived in Israel for eight years serving along side Israeli’s meeting the needs in Israel through a non-profit organization.

She was just in South Carolina speaking to Chinese woman in a church there. She just returned from Switzerland speaking in Chinese there. She lives with friends in our Kansas City area for now and will soon return to Israel in March. I’m hoping to have her over to our home so I can learn how to be an effective person studying under a rabbi. I want to know how does The Gentile (myself) live with The Jew and shine for Yeshua Jesus? She beams with joy in her life and yet she is burdened with my same burdens…just confronted by a Baptist young man, single age 22, who wants to be a missionary to promote his churches doctrine.

As we walked to our cars…she said that the main problem that she has with today’s church, is that they will only read a sentence in our precious bibles with their ‘doctrinal’ eyes.

This is exactly what has ‘crushed’ my spirit…and, even more so just lately. I believe we study from many bible versions including The Hebrew to show ourselves approved workman of The Lord? In fact Scripture gives an example that ten gentiles will chase one Jew. There will be more Gentiles wanting to learn The Torah than there are enough Hebrew teachers. It could be 1000 Gentiles to 1 Jew. And, that is exactly what is happening on our earth. I pray my friends do NOT reject being involved in this prophecy.

There are currently over 40,000 different denominations of religion in our world. I am almost 70 years old and after attending Catholic school through the eighth grade…I have NOT lost my love for Jesus. I was born in 1950…a jubilee year in it’s own number. In the eighth month of this year I will turn 70 years old…and I’m finally glad to reach that number because it bears many patterns designed by God.

Israel was taken captive for 70 years in Babylon….a beautiful place in which they made even more beautiful…beholding to the world’s eyes. It was hard to leave it. They had to return by even leaving their wives, husbands and children behind…as NO foreigner is allowed to build the foundation of God’s house.

Today, ISRAEL is once again coming out of bondage. They are 70 plus a few years old (1948-2020)…as they were in Ezra’s days before they worked on The Temple’s foundation stones. President Trump called the people to hear about is deceptive impeachment on December 18, 2019. On ISRAEL’S calendar the date was Month Nine Day Twenty…Kislev 20. (Five days before Chanukah)

Since then, I’ve alerted people to recognize that God is now using President Trump as he did Ezra. Once the foreigner-sin was found out, the two tribes of Judah and Binyamin left to talk to their families. They immediately admitted their sin…but to walk away was a BIG decision. This would take talking to each member personally. They take God personally or they would reject him personally. Would the tribes issue the ‘impeach’ papers to Ezra? This is prophetic because this same situation beheld President Trump.

In Ezra’s day they returned in TEN days to say…some will not..but YES they must resolve this sin problem if they wanted The Temple (God’s presence) to be with them. It took them THREE months (Tevet Shevat Adar) to go before their judges and complete the task of divorcing ‘the foreigner’. The foreigner would stay in beautiful Babylon with them returning to build the foundation. Nissan 1 it was completed…exactly the day that ADONAI told Moses to make this a new year.

Nissan 1 – New Year – Head of Sacredness was still playing in The Days of Ezra.

Today, we stand watching the Hand of God on a team that is allowing themselves to be vessels. Many do NOT understand it and may look very heathen to us in their action…even one player ‘marked’ their territory as a dog lifts his leg to pee. Yes, these are still just mere human beings…just as President Trump is a mere human being…just as Ezra was a mere human being…but holding a title that gave respect..a priest..a prophet representing our Creator.

ADONAI told Moses that something different was about to happen. He said that he was now going to deliver them my a name they knew, but they did NOT know it (experience) it.

I know my husband as an accountant but until I’ve had him do my taxes I’ve never known him as my personal tax accountant.

God is ready to reveal himself as yud hey vav hey, the tetra gramatan – El Shaddai. So, what is this all about? Mosch would lift his left hand to isue the plagues. It would be with El Shaddai power now seen throughout the world (Egypt) that they would be brought out to correct worship. God’s left hand is known for it’s mercy and grace…not a sloppy grace…but the strength of God poured out to save man from ‘doing what is right in their own eyes’. Without this GRACE – strength – Israel would still keep returning to what was comfortable to them. They had to see GRACE in POWER to know who God really was. Grace is always visible…not invisible.

The power of the son’s strength is in his right hand…and now we see his left hand lifted up on the earth in power and might…for ALL men to see Him. We don’t normally see this hand…and even question God why so many died in the holocaust and wars and even suicide.

If we don’t see God in the small things…we will NOT see him in the larger. Today, we have a large happening…The Chief’s Kingdom verses The 49ers.

Fifty resets the time clock…a jubilee of time has passed for The Chief’s with God reminding us of HIS standards of time and what they have always meant.

Forty-Nine is the fight to release. Forty has always completed a kings reign. Even though David ruled 38 years while Solomon was being set in place. Then when David reached 40 years…he died so Solomon could reign. There is a pattern of space…which does not always suit the Greek-thinking Gentile. Nine is the letter tet representing by a weaved basket or snake. Anything that twists because it takes a twisting to accomplish. And this twisting can be servere, especially since it’s the number before 50 Jubilee of release. Everything that was to fall will fall, and everything that was to return…is returned or returning.

I close with even the blessing of Kansas City temperatures reaching 67 degrees as Florida Super Bowl temperatures reach 70. It’s an open celebration for KS chieftans to cheer together. The Chief’s owners claiming players to be pastors. Are they going to be pastors? Are they pastoring now? That I have not investigated.

But, what we do know is that God set this up. How many know what The Kingdom is about? Or, are we thinking 22 .. let’s get rid of evangelicals who play with stringed instruments that make us ungodly. Didn’t David play a harp? Didn’t David dance for joy? Isn’t Yeshua from that House of David and we know that it is from the house David that our Messiach comes?

Let’s get rid of doctrines and stop fighting.

We know that The Jew loped themselves off for not obeying The Land rest instructed in The Torah.

We know that The Gentile will lop themselves off for being ‘haughty’.

It’s always been about The Land. The Land will expand…into all the earth…as Christian come away from their own ‘doctrines’ just as the pharisees were reprimanded for enforcing their self-imposed doctrines.

Ezra and 450 others (known as The Great Assembly) verbalized The Torah when coming out of Babylon. They buried the spoken Torah into their hearts. Each king via his scribe was to write The Torah once a year during their reign. Then, the King was to read it to the people every day. King Solomon started good, but ended badly…even hiding The Torah away so even the people could NOT read it.

Will the Christian accept being taught by a rabbi who wants to teach them Torah? Or, will we just continue to kill them even by our words…as they are NOT worthy…dirty Jews..Unsaved people not knowing our Jesus? And now that we are so doctrinal withh our new gospels (messages) to spread in the world…we don’t have time to listen to Torah that is suppose to go to ALL nations. The Jesus Gospel has gone out to all the world, and so now is the only thing left is to purify our own church doctrines? Isn’t it suppose to be so simple that a child can understand? At age 5 a Jewish child has memorized The Torah.

This is NOT how many times you can read through The Bible. It’s how much you can STUDY it…to show you’re worthy to be a workman….loving Jesus first…and then obeying God’s Torah.

Happy Super Bowl my friends.

God is speaking to a perverse nation…that has become so far removed that we can NOT even read God’s word other than from a King James? ….a king from England who named The Book of James after himself…. Let’s remove that deception…it was written by Jesus’ brother Ya’cov (Jacob).

Jeremiah 31:33 “For this is the covenant I will make with the house of Isra’el after those days,” says ADONAI: “I will put my Torah within them and write it on their hearts; I will be their God, and they will be my people.”

And listen to this….

Jeremiah 31:34 No longer will any of them teach his fellow community member or his brother, ‘Know Adonai’; for all will know me, from the least of them to the greatest; because I will forgive their wickedness and remember their sin no more.”

Sin is missing the mark. Violence of The Torah is removing The Torah.

Jeremiah 31:35

This is what ADONAI says,

who gives the sun as light for the day,

who ordained the laws for the moon and stars (witnesses)

to provide light for the night,

who stirs up the sea until its waves roar –

ADONAI-TZVA’OT is his name (Lord of Hosts)

“If these laws leave my presence,” says ADONAI

“then the offspring of Isra’el will stop being

a nation in my presence forever.”

Thus, the sun, moon and stars are God’s witneses that Isra’el will always be on the earth. They are to bring The Torah to mankind. That is their whole purpose in history. If men throw The Torah out…they themselves lop themselves off from the Branch of Jessee…King David…our Messiah.

How will you know Him? He still does Torah…He can’t be The Chief without an instruction manual.

GO Chief’s…from Middle America….where the Light was prophesied to out to the world by a Rabbi standing in Israel.

Today is that day….House.House.House..House… 2.22.2020…Bring The Temple Lord Yeshua.

I am sad to update this article in 2021. Patrick MaHomes..the KC quarterback girlfriend delivered a baby girl February 21, 2021. They still are not married. You can not make your words God’s words. He is huge disappointment to God’s kingdom and I would like to now take away any support for this team. In fact, their drunkenness witnessed in their parade in Kanas City after winning the 2020 Super Bowl showed us they were not good representatives of believers. My friends lost interest in this team and I no longer support them either.

The Super Bowl score in 2021’s Super Bowl was prophetic as well. KC Chiefs 9 – Tet…twist..basket.snake. They twisted God’s word…making their standard of drunkeness with the worldly pleasures God’s standard. God said, “No.” In fact, the main Coach, Andy Reed, who knew his son was a drunk gave him a position as a coach which made him a millionaire. This drunken son, Britt Reed, will hit a young girl standing along side a roadway and put her in a coma three days before the 2021 Super Bowl. This young girl had gone with her mother to help another woman with her daughter stranded on a highway around Kansas City.

We heard nothing about this before The Super Bowl 2021 held on February 7; 25 Shevat. In fact, it was said that the family of the young girl just received one phone call to see how she was. I do not know if she has died….but this drunken family and team have not been responsible in even showing Christian love. Flaunting sexual sin and drunkenness violates what our Creator is about. And why did these teams allow demonic half-time shows in 2020 and again in 2021. They were so repulsive that people turned off the half-time performance so their families minds would not be subject to hypnotic theme. All the same…white faces, red shirts with black tights…all moving the same so as to be ONE with the universe…and Satan dropping down from the sky with them all embracing him. It is unbelievable that we have let Satanists control all that we participate in.

Yes, we can not claim God’s ways…and change His ways to what we believe is right in our own minds. Yes, God did say we would die…and that means spiritual death. How high is the sky? It’s more than to the moon and back Alice. It’s further than to Mars which we landed on last on 6 Adar. Why do men want to escape to a new planet? There is no more talk on our earth about The Kingdom Coming…but we must escape to a new kingdom built on Mars. (February 18, 2021 we landed on Mars!… Eleven days after The Chief’s lost the Super Bowl in Florida…a Republican state where now the Former Office of the President resides. An election stolen because organizations like BLM tricked people into socialism / communision. 2020 many ways were changed by The Deceiver…because God ways are NOT Satana’s ways….nor man’s ways.

Isa 55:8  “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not my ways,” says Adonai. 
Isa 55:9  “As high as the sky is above the earth are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. 

Man was put on earth…but men want to defy God….and reach further than the moon…Alice!

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