What Has Trump Done?


And it just gets better. We love our PRESIDENT TRUMP! He won the FIRST Caucus held in our United Sates with 97.1%. Iowa is where I was born and raised…and raised up our family in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I love Iowa. They are REAL people… and yet those people have let aliens come to live among them. Many of our friends were Democrats…because we all get to have an opinion. But, today…SOCIALISM? Communism is the next step up and now that is being entertained? REALLY IOWA? No wonder God is not allowing you to release such an anti-God stand as your app shut down. It is God who controls which way the wind blows…and today it blows against you. Come away from your haughtiness. My parents were Democrats when I grew up. Then when I was in high school my mother moved to be a republican as a cousin ran for office…because the beliefs changed for that system. I was born in 1950 and went to business school moving out of our home in 1968. Change was taking place as my dad referenced his younger brother as having liberal ideas….he had changed to Republican, too.

When democratic platforms change…people have to re-evaluate their platform. In this evaluation fathers, brothers, and wives can come against each other. Stubborn: My Dad’s family is of German descent which brings good work ethics along with stubborn to change. But, it would be in the latter years of my father’s life that he could join in this Republican belief…because it now held his old beliefs. Today, we have the same thing as even liberal democrats are grasping with an even far more liberal system than what they had first signed on.

My grandfather spoke some German as he was schooled by a German teacher whose ideas permeated those children’s minds. It was a one-room school house setting in rural Iowa. My grandfather’s parents spoke full German as they came from Germany.

These legal immigrants settling in Iowa…with some working carpentry in Canada. World War II then came with my grandfather now living in Iowa. They were from Germany speaking only German. Were they looked ‘down upon’ or looked ‘upon’ because they were from Germany? Were they ever connected to Hitler? I don’t think they were connected because of their time of arrival to the United States…but perhaps they still brought their attitudes of Darwin with them.

I’ve always prayed that none of them would have looked down upon people that I remember my mother calling, ‘a dirty Jew’. Anti-Semitism was spread through FORD Motors and many other corporates who took their money….printed papers…putting them on the new rails that crossed America to every coast. Mr. Ford was awarded one of the highest awards by Hitler for being a huge financial contributor to Hitler’s war.

Did my grandfather fall for the elites idea of a pure society? He was a redhead but I only knew him as a slow old man sitting in his rocking chair always ready with a smile while giving us a stick of Juicy Fruit gum.

I think we always want to know our background, so we can hope and pray that none of them had been DECEIVED into wrong thinking. I always heard about people who went to Canada to escape not fighting in a war. Now, we see people coming to America for what? To escape their own persecution…to escape what goes against their belief as their country changed? I’m praying that was my grandfather’s father. Their lives were in Germany during WWI and WWII. It was a horrible thing to see so much death. America was good to my family….and now when I’m 69 years old I look at America and it’s political system and ask ‘Look what has happened to the Democratic party that my Dad, Paul, loved.

We last about 70 years on this earth and 80 years if you’re blessed The Lord says. My Dad died in a nursing home with Parkinson but really he died from a stereopsis poisoning when they removed a catheter from him. That infection killed him within 24 hours. We have diseases that hit us but it is in the weakening of our bodies that something else may kill us.

The disease America has began with Anti-Semitism that spread because of an idea that man evolved from a monkey. That monkey-man has now stood upright for so long that he will declare himself God one day….because, after all, that’s how evolution must be, Right? Wrong!

When a society does NOT accept how man was created…in God’s image…in His stature…to walk in His ways, it falls. Societies have lopped themselves off from the trueness of what God is. God has no evil in His Spirit but He does serve justice. God brought them out of Egypt by the character of His name: El Shaddai…strength of power…a STRONG hand of mercy toward The Hebrew…working with his RIGHT hand of strength our Savior…Jesus Yeshua. These hands are NOT Anti-Semitic but Abrahamic friendly.

At The Exodus another ‘head of year’ was installed to impress upon us the power of this name…El Shaddai. It is still the name that shows ‘mercy/grace/strength/power’ all blended to deliver us. We are to remember that Head of Year…Rosh HaChodesh. Aviv (Nissan) celebrates green barley. He is The Green Tree even hung on a tree at 4000 years from Adam. In fact, The Exodus New Year pointed to the next exodus to happen in the month of Aviv (Nissan)…the death and resurrection of The God-Son Yeshua our Messiah on Aviv 17.

By a mighty hand they were saved by miracles….just as God created the miracle of The Flood removing sin from the earth because God was no longer given any glory and man did NOT seek God’s name…or face. Our creator has emotions and is shown by making the earth have emotions. Noach’s name means, COMFORT. Who was to be comforted? God poured out his tears on the earth and was comforted….with fire being the next comfort.

My father and mother were raised in the time that Mr. Ford spread propaganda all across America at the time America should have been there to help The Jew. Instead, America was swung the other direction…by very evil men.

Once we understand our foundation stones and realize how they were deceived, we have to forgive them. I ask my mother why she said the word, ‘nigger’ instead of black. I ask my mother why she thought the Jew was dirty and considered a vagabond. It is just how she grew up she said.

My life path keeps pulling me to the undoing of the ‘deceived’ mind. My mother only went to ‘eighth grade’ in her education as girls helped raise up all the children. Her family had ELEVEN children whereas we have eleven grandchidlren coming from three children. Their lives were completely about raising families on a farm that fed them…there were no quick meals or quick stores.

My father…being a male…did finish high school. My father did enter the Navy and fight in WWII. I tear up right now in knowing that he did NOT go to Canada to avoid a draft. In my mother’s family we did have draft dodgers who left to avoid that war.

It would be after the war when my father was 28 years old that he would marry my other who was 19 years old. My father knew war…my mother was his redhead…full of fun. He needed that fun after what he saw. I’m like my mother…a redhead and I look just like her. But, I’ve been determined not to die like her…early from smoking. I don’t drink, smoke or eat gluten. It’s a disciplined life style. I also am in love with knowing how to love The Jew. I love Jesus and it burns in my heart for others to know him as well.

Because we named our property El Shaddai Boarding in 1985…I know my journey in life has been a powerful one…full of strong mercy, grace, strength and power in Him…my wonderful Creator whose character is defined by his many attributes.

My parents came to love my husband…but in those days they thought I was marrying ‘across the tracks’. Hmm…and hmm again! My husband comes from a family of nine raised at the time of a depression where his father turned to alcohol. My husband had the sweetest mother who never spoke a negative word to anyone even though she received beatings in his earlier years. I’m glad God moved me across that track. I continiue to believe that his heritage is tied to The Jew even as they lived at Alsaz Loraine which continually changed it’s borders in wars between France and Germany. Lack of records before arriving on ships stops further discovery at this time.

Even though we can be happy where we’re at in life, we must never RETURN to the supression of freedom from where our ancestors arrived. Today, I can’t buy a FORD vehicle, but my children can. It is a personal conviction within my being that I can’t even connect from anything in the past that might have had anything to do with the death of one person….much less 50 million people dying because of an ideology that began with the human being coming from a monkey.

What has President Trump and his family and God done for America? I choke up with tears right now as his God-given business talents could be likened to Solomon in his early reign. President Trump avails himself to be used by, El Shaddai. President Trump knows that he is merely a vessel; a pot of clay being molded to help RETURN our world back to, The Creator. He has done more for ISRAEL than any other President in existence; as declared by Prime Minister BB Netanyahu of ISRA’EL.

I desire Life Liberty and Happiness for all. But, it can’t come until we recognize whose we are. We can’t forget what it took for The Hebrew’s to leave beautiful Egypt…they loved their leeks and greens instead of ‘what is it?’ manna. Aren’t we always looking first and then asking before we eat something, “What is it? What is in it?” Just say, ‘manna’ in the future…’what is it?”

If what is in your heart is about Jesus…then good. But, if what is in your heart desires to declare His name as it truly is….call God, El Shaddai right now. Because that is the hand that is moving across our earth…in The Chief’s Kingdom even declared from the Midwest….and yet Satanic Masonic rituals with sexual perversion displayed at half time…we changed to a cartoon channel.

I know His hand is on both my husband and myself. My mother’s grandfather Adam married a Berg. Thus, I see my Hebrew heritage in her. My husband is Lau whose mother was a Mertz. I have always declared I’m thankful for my husband who loves Jesus. We will be married 50 years in October 2020. Since 1985 we have just happened to name all of our properties on acreages with signs declaring the name, El Shaddai. We have lamps and metal plagues with that name lighting our home and hanging on our walls. We have felt the power of that name when a dead calf was brought back to life by declaring, Yeshua our Messiah’s name on him.

If you want to be set apart…know His name…declare it on your walls coming and going from your home…

Declare righteous people who humble themselves to honor Abraham’s children…they are who we are grafted into…Read The Torah…it is from where all of our Bible scriptures are confirmed..

Proverbs 30:4e “What is his name, and what is his son’s name? Surely you know!

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