Esther Purim 2020 – Fasting for foreigner C V19

Where were you THIRTY years ago? Where was I (now 69) THIRTY years ago? What was Yeshua Jesus doing THIRTY years before his ministry began? Studying The Instructions so He knew how to complete every prophecy about himself on perfect schedule.

The priests had THIRTY years of training before they could be a priest. Just as we see Ya’cov (Jacob) standing before Pharaoh to bless him Pharaoh at age 130. And, isn’t it amazing that Ya’cov finally was united with his firstborn son from his favored bride (Rachel) at age 130.

Ya’cov was told through the witness of a colored coat (intentionally bloodied by brothers) that their half brother was dead…via animals killing him. When in truth, they had wanted to kill him but were talked into just selling him into Egypt (the world).

By the year 2020 our world (Egypt) has been sold a colored-coat lie. The colorful materialism has directed our eyes away from ‘truth’. We are living in a ‘virus’ (pestilence)…understood and yet not understood.

The major topic that consumed our airwaves since December was “impeachment”. Impeachment rhetoric distracted our President and Americans. The rebuttals strengthened Americans as they heard from their President. The stock markets climbed to 29700…ready to tip 3000 points. It was ‘glory days’ for our President whose skills boosted American confidence so much that the ‘chant’ would change from “Make America Great” to ‘Keep America Great’. The ‘Rallies For Freedom’ again rang throughout every race and creed in America.

Then President Trump flew to India and was NOT on American soil. The stock market headed down by 2000 points until he returned and calmed their nerves. This open communication with United States citizens has made him a step above any president in history. They know he cares about them and yet the safety of our entire world. Battles are fought every day has taught Americans they can stand up for righteousness sake….they can support Israel opening without being crushed by a boycott.

Was CV, G5 planned for President Trump’s presidential destruction…America’s destruction? I have many opinions but they do not count. Only biblical thought can be entertained to make sense. Our Creator is in control of ALL things. I believe that we are walking out the thoughts and actions of Ezra. Depopulating our earth can be likened to depopulating Abraham’s children from their promised heritage, Jerusalem. Ezra was fasting and praying because the tribes had married ‘foreigners’ and had children with them. If they remained foreign to God’s ways, they were to be divorced…and left in beautiful Babylon.

Mankind has always been determined to fill the earth…not empty the earth. Individuals can shorten their stay on this earth and blow away in the wind just as a blade of grass dies and blows away…as life is but vanity.

Today, healers test for frequencies to find and heal pestilence. President Trump is investigating this quicker route for testing and healing. He ask Pharma to join Therapeutics to answer the world’s CV19 pandemic. We should say, “Thank you President Trump, for showing great care for us as a nation and as individuals.”

As a redhead, I can quickly write down my thoughts and think all should at least consider some of these thoughts. But, with people falling over dead and not understanding the real ‘truth’ I slowed my comments to only a few personal friends. As Purim enters our world…we will feel it’s purging of God’s enemies. Friday night I attended a PURIM celebration of removing the Hamans from the Jews lives. Today another group is celebrating by having their children come in costumes of those biblical characters of that story-line.

God chose a quick-training path for me over the last several weeks. I’m retired and had time to follow u-tube sites sent to me. I always listen to something in it’s entirety before I forward….this takes time. I have stayed up until wee hours of the morning to listen to what the enemy says about our God-appointed President. When they spoke against Moses it was considered God-slander as it was God who appointed him as their leader.

I can never change my stand against ‘sexual immorality’ even as it seems that I then hate a gay relative. It is the same for the murder of a child through abortion. Even FB has been infiltrated so you can NOT stand for Biblical justice. I was called to task by a cousin that I was violating FB rules. I had to start a personal page on FB so no one is offended by ‘truth’. My answer: Sorry for having offended thee…give me a rosary to pray…what is my penance suppose to be? NO! NO! I’d rather leave FB and use other forums than be quiet about righteous matters.

When we understand ‘the silence’ of the root problem of relationships we can still have relationships. I understand the (silent) pain of a sister defending her brother’s sexual choice. I have had to understand my own pain of close relatives choosing sexual perversion spoken of in the bible. How do you ‘uninvite’ that couple from staying over in your home? It is not easy to stop defilement of our homes. The home is your place to protect. Being a ‘believer’ does NOT happen without the Holy Spirit’s presence. Thus, we must cast out evil from ourselves and not intentionally dwell amongst it because it will just multiply when it returns. As priests of God’s Word, we can not defile ADONAI’s instructions.

I understand ‘the silence’ of sin comes from just NOT talking about it. It has become a fearful thing to send your child to America’s colleges when they return that CHANGED! How do we all get along in these days of Gohmorah? We’ve come to use the words, ‘Love the sinner, not the sin.’ But, without confronting sin…sin remains. This tolerance still causes judgment with conflict within our families and within our nation. This tolerance has now taken the next escalator up and is now called, CHOICE!

This supposed defect in making correct hormones is suppose to be tolerated by our society. Lack of a chemical making you FEEL like a man or making you FEEL more like a woman has ETERNAL consequence.

So, why not play life on the safe side? When you were born they could see if your reproductive organs were male or female. They did not need an x-ray of a gland near your brain, but they looked and announced…boy..or girl! Why not stop living on FEELINGS and adjust to the fact that God gave your father ALL girls or ALL boys. Are you doing this to please a parent? I don’t think so!

I’m going to tell a short story about a woman who is so in love with her husband and who has several children she is totally adores. When she returned from college she announced to her parents she was gay. Her father did NOT want the wife to discipline her…and for whatever other reasons…they are no longer married today. But, this wife demanded her daughter return home and cancel any gay relationships. Like I said, this daughter is so happy her mother disciplined her with God’s truth about who she was…a woman! She no longer lets anyone confuse her.

People keep asking where is God’s mercy?

We seem to think of mercy as ‘forgiveness’ and therefore no judgment. The words mercy and grace are always used together…never mercy and judgment.

King David sinned with Bathsheba (thou shalt not cover your neighbor’s wife). King David sinned again by impregnating Bethsheba (thou shalt not fornicate). Then to cover up the first two sins, he committed one more to a person who loved God so much that he would not even lie with his own wife while his soldiers were at war.

Uriah’s integrity undermined David. Then, David kept Uriah in the front line of battle so his odds of dying were great. Uriah’s death was avenged by life-for-a-life. Bathsheba’s firstborn son would die because he was a product of intentional murder.

We know God then used this sin to show ‘a type’ of God’s firstborn son of whom also would be killed by intentional murder. David’s firstborn son would die just as God’s firstborn son was ordained to be murdered. David’s ‘second born’ son, Solomon, will have to fight a half-brother for his rightful position as the ‘third king’ of Israel. Adonai’s first-born son died and yet rose up. And, it will be his own half-brothers that murdered him that will now lift Him up to be their King of Kings; even scheduled to sit on King David’s very throne. He is the only one that qualifies to do it…even as King Solomon failed later in his life (leaning on his own earthly wisdom) to lead the people in The Torah…and thus that kingdom fell a few hundred years later at 587 BC.

Israel will always remain on the earth. Just as we saw them return in 517 BC, The Nation of Israel was recognized as ISRA’EL by President Trump in 2017. They are no longer the Nation of Israel but they are to be called, ISRAEL. And, they have their own Israel Bible that all their people are to adhere.

Mercy is only seen through judgment.

Let us think about a few things as we review our world’s ‘current events’.

Who prays twice a day for, The Peace of Jerusalem? The Jew

Who knows that God is The Avenger? The Jew

Who knows that they are never allowed to assimilate or be annihilated? The Jew

Whose products have been boycotted all around the world? Israel

Whose ships were not allowed to dock in America while containers holding perishable items spoiled? Israel

Whose products are thrown off of shelves all around the world because they are labeled, ‘made in Israel’? Israel

MERCY issued: Foreigners products NO longer arrive at America’s borders sea or air. CV infection has closed foreign factories that supply Americans goods.

Our Creator’s hand is giving MERCY to those children that call on His Name. We have a ‘living God’ who shows Himself even in ‘EXACT MEASUARE FOR MEASURE’….if we are willing to give credit where credit is due.

Distorting God’s instructions…whether in sexual misuse, ‘murder’ misuse, coveting, slandering God’s appointed leaders…and many other misuses…releases ‘MERCY’ seen as “JUDGEMENT’.

If we continue to think…it’s just the world’s conspiracy…then fine…but within those human conspiracies we will find that there was first a ‘Spiritual’ one. Yahweh’s REAL CONSPIRACY…of bringing righteous justice to our earth is laid out in a full coat-of-color.

His coat of color is made of fine linen…so sheer that electricity permeates it. It is so pure that when blood spills on it…it stains it. You will never rub blood out of linen…it will have to be thrown away.

The Temple lamps wicks were the old bloodied priest’s linen garments. Baby Yeshua Jesus was swaddled in the linen garments as Miriam was first-cousin to Elizabeth (a Levite and married to a Levite priest, Zechariah). You can bet Elizabeth’s baby Yochanan (John) was wrapped in that priestly material as well.

Do we just think we are to wear a Roman shield to be protected? Yeshua felt the pressure of those Roman shields as they came and got him at the Gan of Gethsemane. He was pressed that night that blood dripped from his body just thinking of being separated by The Father. Yeshua Jesus’ garment was a tunic made of one piece….a priestly garment.

Did the angel comforting Yeshua Jesus that night in the Gan of Gethsemane have sexual persuasions for Yeshua? Even this thought makes me sick to think of such insults against our savior…and especially by supposed holy men of God. Last week lawyers published the testimony of David Hyles…son of Jack Hyles (deceased) who used this biblical garden scene to prey upon young Christian girls. The mandate that these girls should submit to his sexual requests because they were likened to an angel that served Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane is beyond perversion of any Bible much less The King James version they quote entirely from.

Jack Hyles knew about his son’s sin and just said that he ‘does that’ with all the girls…laughing it off when the female first brought it to the head of the college’ attention years ago. Long time friend of Jack Hyles, David Gibbs Sr., knew about these sins going on against the girls and instead of fighting for the ‘victims’, stood up for the church leadership defending them as men of God. Could we all just ‘throw up’ here. Lying leadership are moved to other states where the problems continue to rise up and continue to be pushed down. MERCY with JUDGEMENT is here…let is fall down…because God will NOT be used….

”Don’t make your words, my words. You don’t even know my ways!” says The Lord.

When living in Cedar Rapids Iowa in the 1980’s, I was appalled to see pornography on Targets shelves. I thought it was a family store. When reporting it they did nothing until I continued to pursue the matter. They removed it and then it showed up again as I continued to check their shelves. Later, Target donated part of their proceeds to the LGBT. I still mentally remember my commitment to physically boycott Target from my life. Then, Sam’s Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa donated ten percent of their proceeds during Black Friday to LBGT. I contacted them to speak with someone personally as to why I was canceling my membership. I have lived in three states now and have never ever given them one more of my dollars.

In 2020, I still do NOT visit any store that links themselves to movements that I know are anti-Scripture. Today….I will boycott legal organizations that support priests, pastors, lay people…that sexually abuse.

Eve has been used for pastors to discredit woman and make jokes about them. Once corrected and the pastor does not change, I leave that church. I don’t tolerate ‘women’ jokes. It’s demeaning and it’s not true. Adam had free will and joined her. And, he had the instructions 7 days before she was created. The instructions were NOT told to Eve (Chanoh) but to Adam. It was Adam’s failure of exact communication from God that brought both of them to their nakedness before God. Woman are ‘helpmates’ and equal in everything in God’s eyes. God is color blind and sex blind. God is a spirit that is constantly creating…holding our universe together…therefore is male and female. Many men can grasp that concept…can you?

The woman seems to be the one at fault for showing her ‘curves’. Even dresses can NOT hide a buxom woman’s curves…so I say this…let’s put the blame where it is due. In the lustful eye of the beholder perhaps even using Scripture against the female as ‘stupid blond’.

Woman are to look beautiful…and at the same time never luring to provoke an outsider. I dress for my Creator and my husband. May I be a beautiful bride adorned for her husband….not just treated as, ‘barefoot and pregnant’. Pregnancy is a blessed time of a woman’s life…but you know what I’m talking about. I honor my husband as we both love each other in His love..lifting each other up in honor to, The Lord.





Sexual sin

Male and Female


Times of the Gentile

The Church is warned not to be haughty’or they could be loped off. Many of today’s churches are so filled up with grace, they expect no judgment. The Church says they believe in all The Bible…it happened…but it just does NOT apply to how humans live today.

Sabbath and murder are discussed in the first ten of the 613 instructions. If we can’t even obey some of the first ten…how can The Messiah ever return? These instructions don’t save us but they do guide us to be like Him that does do them all.

Since Creation Week, God declared man to rest on Day Seven. Many people take this very serious and find the Rosh Chodesh of the month and count that as Day One that begins the four weeks of that month. Day 7, 14, 21 and 28 would then always be the Sabbath. Very interesting and something to think about!

(So, when we ask what to repent about…what we don’t understand is called, ‘sins of ignorance’. But, once we understand…it’s now sin.)

Day Seven relates to our earth resting at year 7000. Adam’s first three children were each born 7 years apart. Ya’cov (Jacob) was with his father-in-law Laven for three 7-year cycles. Laven did NOT know Ya’cov had left with his family for three days. Then it took him seven days to catch up with him…a total of TEN days to finally build a memorial of ‘no death’ between them. (Enoch 93 shows TEN generations of history, each 700 years long…making 7000 years.)

There are many many patterns to show us year 7000 of rest to be the millennial reign of Yeshua. We also know Yeshua is scheduled to return in the early years of the third day. Another study…another writing… But, we do know it will be soon as we are in that 21st century of time…with Binyamin born year 2186. If our calendar is off 210 years….that puts our coming “Son of Strength/right hand” coming sooner.

If we chose to ignore these ‘types’, symbols or patterns it is then that we look at our world and create our own ‘rapture’ theories. Jesus said, Many will get tired of waiting for my return and say he just is not going to come…so let’s do life our way.

The Torah (instruction) was given to the Jews to go to ALL the world. Jewish Paul was given a charge to tell The Gentile how they could be grafted into this great message and The Torah.

These Jewish men took The Torah and the words of the Prophets to show that Yeshua Jesus’ blood sacrifice culminated with all prophecies fulfilled. It’s not The Torah that was fulfilled…meaning done…but The Prophecies were fulfilled…filled up. He didn’t miss one prophecy being completed…or he could NOT have been the Messiach.

Key Point: Torah not fulfilled….Prophecies were fulfilled. Filled up…completed…to show Jesus was the Messiah they were looking for.

Next program: God’s presence on our earth via The Temple which references back to his ‘First Coming’. Yes, sacrifice will be implemented for us to “REMEMBER”…strong’s #2142.

WARS – Plagues will be birthing paines….NOT delivery.

Who has persecuted Christians and it’s own people via communism? CHINA

What country did NOT get to host their demonic dragon New Year 2020? CHINA

Who has openly persecuted Jews and Christians and more than openly speaks of wiping each off the face of the earth? IRAN / radical Islam.

What country hosted the 2016 Olympics with demonic imagery? South Korea

What country promoted ‘girls in ‘butch’ clothing in 2016? South Korea

Who took Jewish children during the Holocaust and made them one universal religion? ITALY

Let’s now list the TOP THREE countries with the CV:


Who has killed more than 60 million babies? America

BUT….the nation that repents….Return to Torah…can change their punishment….so a remnant will be left to go out and start again!

We are in ‘Days of Repentance!’

I have friends who ask, “What am I suppose to repent of?”

When will we take personal responsibility for allowing: MURDER * SEXUAL SIN * SABBATH SIN * COVETNESS * IDOLS *

Sin is an action –

Repentance is an action –

There is no salvation without turning from sin…..

There is no salvation without the conviction of sin.

Who convicts us of sin? The Holy Spirit.

Evangelists go out and tell about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins. Sin’s definition: to miss the mark. What mark? The marks that God set before us in The Torah. Over time, there became 613 specific instructions on how to serve in God’s Temple. Adam began with “Love God.” Obey a food instruction and a Sabbath instruction. It was pretty simple. The Food Law was broken which lead to living in a different land. Then a murder occurred which caused Cain to move to a land with harder soil. Each sin caused a land change. This earthly example shows us an eternal example of NO longer having access to God. The Bema Seat Judgment takes people to a land of fire and brimstone.

The first instruction stayed the first instruction. Love God…Love others as you would love yourself.

People have committed so much sin that they do NOT believe anyone could love them. And, that reflects on how they see, The Father….unable to forgive. Even Adam and Chanoh hid themselves from God.

Today, we hide from God in many ways…blaming others (or the devil) for letting us sin. Adam blamed the woman..the woman blamed the deceiver. Deception is what we fight!

Deception should cause us to define sin so we are no longer deceived.

People in quarantine have no excuse to search out ‘deception’. Perhaps this ‘CV plague’ will open many minds to prayer and fasting since they are now in ‘time out’.

My take on sin is that I am personally responsible for my soul. It will be me, myself and I alone that stands before The Bema seat of judgment. There is no one else to blame…The Blame Game is over.

I don’t see that I will be vindicated by loving my gay relative instead of God’s own son, Yeshua Jesus.

I made my own decision about murder (abortion). I can NOT change anything once moving past this earthly veil. I will be held accountable for every word and action…to my demise or to my credit.

This next election is NOT about a man, but it is about sin. Slavery is sin…to hold someone captive in mind or body against their will is taking someone hostage. Black and brown people are being set free in 2020. Babies are to be set free. Oppression of ones faith is to be set free. God’s name is to be known on ALL the earth.

Believers we should say ‘thank you’ that we are the generation that will NOT go away until we see His return. His return happens because ‘the children’ give honor to the Firstborn.

ADONAI’S firstborn son came and died for the PENALTY of our sins. Yeshua Jesus proved to The Messiach that prophesied because He accomplished every prophecy told about him by The Prophets. The prophets were not Mathew, Mark, Luke and Revelation John…nor later Jewish disciple Paul. The Prophets were over a thousand men coming out of Babylon after 70 years of making that area of our world beautiful…likened to a Gan of Eden.

Composed around 450 BC 120 Men of The Great Assembly brought their memories together and wrote down on parchment, The Torah. Then 70 men were commissioned to give it final review to make sure the accounts were correct….is was called, The Oral Torah. They held The Torah in their memories and now it would go back on parchments via their speaking it to the Scribes. This is the text that we want to secure and learn from.

People have confused this with Pharisees and Sadducee added teachings sometimes called ‘high’ fences to make sure the people didn’t violate original Torah.

Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel and even Mordecai were among those men that could remember the foundation stones of Torah and also The Temple’s original foundation…where it had been built. The spiritual is first witnessed and then the natural. As in heaven means just that….as it was seen in a vision it was applied to earth.

Today..tonight..March 8, 2020 at dusk begins The Fast of Esther. These stories should burn in our hearts. Today, Sunday, at Or Halom, Overland Park, Kansas they are celebrating Esther and Purim with their children dressing in costumes of these bible characters. They will read The Book of Esther to remember the miracles God did in preserving the Hebrews.

If we are interested in ‘mercy and judgment’ we can look at 75,800 anti-Semitics who lost their lives over the next year as Yahweh’s firstborn’s fought to remain on the earth within those 127 provinces. Haman achieved a decree to kill all the Jews…but the girl Hadassah (Queen Esther) changed the kings mind…and declare the Hebrews could defend themselves. This act of praying and fasting by a community then allowed our Messiah’s lineage to continue…thus bringing Yeshua Jesus to the earth. Many around the world are beginning to fast and pray right now as I finish this article.

You see, without The Torah…no one would recognize who The Messiach was! Today, remains the same…without The Torah we don’t see who accomplished every aspect of it. And, for those not yet saved by God’s firstborn’s blood, they can still look to The Torah to clarify those things that prove Jesus is The Messiach. It is The Torah that proves Jesus died and rose up again.

All 127 provinces were ruled by King Achaskhverosh, Queen Esther’s husband; Esther 8:8. For such a time as this, they fasted and prayed so as NOT to be annihilated from the earth. Tonight March 8 begins, The Fast of Esther. It is not required, but consider it an honor for us to understand this fast and participate if we so desire. And interestingly, First Fruits of Zion have ask for a fast for the corona virus at the same time.

The Amidah prayers also were established at the time the Jews returned from Babylon. This website has posted those prayers. 120 Men of the Great Assembly gave us these prayers. It is called, The Standing Prayer…said while standing three times a day at the hours of 9 am, 12 and 3 pm.

God of History

God of Nature

Sanctification of God

Prayer for Understanding

For Repentance

For Forgiveness

For Deliverance from Affliction

For Healing

For Deliverance from Want

For Gathering of Exiles

For the Righteous Reign of God

For the Righteous and Proselytes

For the Rebuilding of Jerusalem

For the Messianic King

For the Answering of Prayer

For Restoration of Temple Service

Thanksgiving for God’s Unfailing Mercies

For Peace

In the books of Acts we find Peter and John entering the Temple at the hour of ‘the prayer’ referring to saying, the Amidah. It is literally called the hour of ‘the prayer’ in the literal translations. Here we have a man, according to the Scripture was:

Acts 4:22

For the man was above forty years old, on whom this miracle of healing was showed.

Do you realize that meant Yeshua Jesus probably walked past him for a minimum of 100 times in the temple and never healed him! This happened after Yeshua Jesus died at around 33 years of age and this man who was only 7 years older than Yeshua had been lame from his birth.

Acts 3:1-2

Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the house of the prayer, being the ninth hour. And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to make alms of them that entered into the temple.

Every Jew would love to be ‘standing’ during the ‘standing prayer’. So here we have the Holy Spirit at the specific time of the Amidah strengthening this mans ankles!

Acts 3:6-9

Then Peter said, silver and gold have I none; but such as I have I give thee: In the name of Yeshua of Nazareth rise up and walk. And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up: and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. And he leaping into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God. And all the people saw him walking and praising God.

We also know that this is the prayer they were saying right before the Spirit fell at Pentecost.

This was written hundreds of years before Messiah Yeshua Jesus came at year 4000 from Adam.

God of Nature…Yeshua had just risen from the dead!

“You, O ADONAI, are mighty forever, You revive the dead, and You have the power to save. You sustain the living with loving kindness, You revive the dead with great mercy, and You support the falling, heal the sick, set free the bound and keep faith with those who sleep in the dust. Who is like You, Oh doer of mighty acts? Who resembles You, a King who puts to death and restores to life, and causes salvation to flourish? And You are certain to revive the dead.

Blessed are You, Adonai, who revives the dead.

What does the name Yeshua mean? Salvation…yours and mine…

When in Egypt you call him, Isa.

When in Spain you call him, Hey Zeus

When in English you all him, Jesus.

When in Israel, you’ll call him, Yeshua.

So, why not call God’s firstborn by his real name now?

YESHUA… Yes U R my savior!

”Don’t make your words, my words. You don’t even know my ways!” says The Lord.

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