Alignment Series 1 – Lesson 2 – Ministries New Life 2020

Power Lessons – The Natural first then the physical

Have ears to hear and eyes to see. We have missed Revelation 2:4 and are guilty of Revelation 2:5. What is the message to The Churches? We do NOT realize we are naked, poor and blind.


Genesis 3:15 – First prophecy of Messiah’s coming.

Acts 3:19-21 repent that your sins be forgiven that the time of restoration may come…coming through repentance.

People ask from what shall I repent? I love Jesus!!!!

Everything He says is true. When we lay Torah aside we don’t know our sins.

Deut 15:

Adom is our type…natural…Yeshua Jesus is spiritual.

Noach is a type.

Joseph is a type.

Multiple types who our Messiah that is coming….to save many alive.

Acts 7 Steven when being stoned recounts “but when Joseph came the second time” ….

Natural and spiritual agree because they both come from the mouth of the prophets.

Who will The Prophet be like? Like Moses….like the types!

The first two days are the first two thousand years. Without Torah they do NOT have fear of the LORD.

The next two thousand years is called Torah…taught by the prophets. Two thousand years without Torah…two thousand years with Torah.

What day are we now? We are closing the Sixth day.

Now….listen to Marilyn’s sincere plea to understand what is required of us in this Sixth Day. We are the generation of favor…and without excuse…we see Jesus…but will He know us? Is he Greek to you?

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