Measurement – Leprosy reviewed 7 days

April 26, 2020 – Melanie Trump’s Birthday

Parshah 27 Tazria, she conceived; Metzora, leper

Leviticus 12-15, Isaiah 66

In the previous study we covered God’s hand on Hannah, now a mother of four. She is the daughter of a pastor and in love with Jesus. She teaches piano to many with a servant’s heart. Her newborn is Adam Christian coming home from the hospital today…just being there one day.

Hospitals use to keep mothers five and perhaps six days. But, out health care is truly shot. Let us pray for all new mothers and their babies during this time of an intentional biological weapon leashed upon our world. Our countries borders are closed and even states want you to contain and move about. Even hospitals are closed for elective procedures just to make way for the CV19 patients that are very few. We are thankful for that as people have isolated very well. .Yes, babies still are being delivered but with only one chosen family member allowed to be present.

Tzara’at isolates those that might have it for seven days and then another seven days if still in question. This is a skin issue of swelling. Today’s virus swells the throat and lungs. But, we are containing away from people with authorities checking to make sure you’re at home….you will need to answer your land line if you have one.

Melanie and Donald Trump will celebrate her birthday with people who have contained. Queen Elizabeth had to cancel their celebrations for her so to stay contained. We even see her and husband Prince Philip standing six feet from each other at their Windsor seclusion.

It seems plagues and Tzara’at are treated very similar with the difference being one has a spiritual leader to be brought before and one has a government authority to hold the person accountable. Is one about a spiritual problem and the other a physical problem? Hmm…perhaps they are both spiritual problems happening because of disobedience.

Leprosy today does not cause people to die. But, because they look bad from scabs all over their body they at times have been secluded to islands…such as off the coast of California where the tours ships tell you to wave with only your small finger and thumb showing. The people on the island lose their pendages and no longer have some of their fingers and toes. Hanson’s disease is what these people have…not tazara’at.

God is speaking about different things that have gone deep into the skin that needs to checked to see if it became ‘tazara’at’. Each of these findings isolates the person for seven days. If it does not spread but is still there the person is to isolate another seven days…making fourteen (14) days. If faded and hasn’t spread then he can be declared clean. He then is to wash his clothes to be clean. For ‘chronic tazar’at’ read Leviticus 13:9-13…if his body becomes completely covered in white…he is clean! Miriam was Moses and Aharon sister who was cast outside the camp from tazara’at…it came from her ‘evil speech’ against her brother…which was really against ADONAI’s anointed person…her very own brother Moses.

  1. Swelling, scab or bright spot on the skin.
  2. In place of boil, white or reddish-white swelling.
  3. Sore deep in head or beard.
  4. Forehead reddish-white swelling.
  5. Clothing, leather,

Parshah 28, Leviticus 14:1 – 15:33

Infected with tzara’at

Laws for Cleansing Lepers

Lev 14:1  Adonai said to Moshe, 

Lev 14:2  “This is to be the law concerning the person afflicted with tzara`at on the day of his purification. He is to be brought to the cohen, 

Lev 14:3  and the cohen is to go outside the camp and examine him there. If he sees that the tzara`at sores have been healed in the afflicted person, 

Lev 14:4  then the cohen will order that two living clean birds be taken for the one to be purified, along with cedar-wood, scarlet yarn and hyssop leaves. 

Lev 14:5  The cohen is to order one of the birds slaughtered in a clay pot over running water. 

Lev 14:6  As for the live bird, he is to take it with the cedar-wood, scarlet yarn and hyssop and dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird slaughtered over running water, 

Lev 14:7  and sprinkle the person to be purified from the tzara`at seven times. Next he is to set the live bird free in an open field. 

Lev 14:8  He who is to be purified must wash his clothes, shave off all his hair and bathe himself in water. Then he will be clean; and after that, he may enter the camp; but he must live outside his tent for seven days. 

Lev 14:9  On the seventh day he is to shave all the hair off his head, also his beard and eyebrows—he must shave off all his hair; and he is to wash his clothes and bathe his body in water; and he will be clean. 

What is the message in all of this. It is speaking about how our Creator is cleaning up our earth before his arrival at Day Seven. The washing represents baptism. Shaving all hair off is coming humbly before our King that is arriving…He examines us to see if our mind and thoughts are clean…It is not the heart that deceives..but it our mind that leads our heart to become hardened.

Lev 14:8b and after that, he may enter the camp; but he must live outside his tent for seven days. 

We are in ADONAI’s camp, still being santified for 7000 years until His arrival.

Yeshua Jesus died outside The Camp…the Walls of Jerusalem. We examine Yeshua there on that piece of wood, his blood flowing like scarlet yarn and hyssop that he was offered to drink.

ADONAI examines us outside The New Camp for 7000 years. He is our Healer and if we do NOT heal, we are left to isolate again. If we do NOT heal through the hyssop encounter we are burnt up because our leprosy is contageous to others. There is no place for idolators, fornicators, liars, homosexual, murderers, etc. in The Kingdom of God.

The one bird slaughtered with cedar wood, red scarlet yarn and hyssop was Yeshua our Messiah to be seen as a future event in the Hebrews life. This was purposed to look to their salvation. Now, we still see it purposed to show our salvation since now it has become a reality. If we lose seeing this picture…we lose seeing and telling about this picture of our salvation. We are commanded to “remember” ADONAI’s stories. We are commanded to continue these ‘remembrances’ for those that can’t find Yeshua any other way. These pictures open their eyes and ears.

The mercy and grace that we behold is that we can learn from these Scriptures. We can see the continual unfolding of ourMessiach. At first he was The Suffering Servant for our penalty of sin, and NOW He comes as our Savior with a strong sword in his hand to avenge. Those that spit leprosy on our earth must be burnt off the earth. Dragon’s that leave stains MUST be discarded.

Our world will burn but not disappear. It will be renewed with it’s occupants having renewed minds in knowing how to be healed…They hold unto their hope and wait for our earth to finish it’s course of 7000 years while looking toward that end time also when Day Eight or eight thousand years begin.

WHO allowed this sin to flourish in our home? ADONAI said to Mosche I will do t his…so I can remove it…in Day Seven. Only through this type of ‘sin examination’ is it possible to have a ‘Purification’ that is perfect.

Eight is the letter ‘hei’ pictured by a ‘gate.’ Behold is it’s meaning…many say, ‘grace’. When you say this letter you breathe out like saying the English word, hay. This is what is considered the sound when ADONAI breathed into Adam’s lungs giving him life. Hei…behold Adom…made of life blood.

Lev 14:10  “On the eighth day he is to take two male lambs without defect…

by The Eighth Day these lambs have represented:

One male lamb for the Suffering Servant and one male lamb for The King of Kings to arrive—my thinking on it.

By The Eighth day the female lamb represents the female Bride of Yeshua. Those that have followed Him to The Wedding Banquet to eat lamb…agreeing and partaking because they are Believers in this plan of redemption…blood from The Living God, our Living God.

Lev 14:10  “On the eighth day he is to take two male lambs without defect, one female lamb in its first year without defect and six-and-a-half quarts of fine flour for a grain offering, mixed with olive oil, and two-thirds of a pint of olive oil. 

On The Eighth Day it will be the first year that we are without defect. Our earth spent 4,000 years looking to The Messiach that is recognized as The Suffering Servant and the next 2,000 years of growing in numbers as the stars in the sky. These stars now look for The Son to reign one thousand years to complete the prophecy ruling David’s throne…filling up that man would live to be one thousand years old and not die. No one in Adam’s generation lived to be one thousand years old. They all fell short of that day. Thus, it will happen that man lives to be one thousand years old and beyond…stepping into ‘The Eighth Day after being examined outside the City Gate one more time…with The Deceivers being loosed for a short time and then cast out into burning fire…forever in torment.

WHO gives ALL THINGS according to His purpose?

Lev 14:34  “When you have entered the land of Kena`an which I am giving you as a possession, and I put an infection of tzara`at in a house in the land that you possess, 

So WHO ordained our world for it’s current PLAGUE called CV found in 2019? The same God who ordains all things to complete a program to draw men to Himself..through His Son, Yeshua jesus. There is only ONE God…and we still don’t know His correct name…but he will wear it on His thigh…also seen with his vesture dipped in blood…remembering His blood and The Blood of The Saints…You my friend are NOT to worry…but hold fast…because one bird flies free and we are truly free in Him and the Ruach HaChodesh is upon our earth and is available to indwell in you.

Our house (earth) is sealed up for SEVEN THOUSAND YEARS working out it’s salvation / purification time.

Lev 14:38  he is to go out of the house to its door and seal up the house for seven days. 

Lev 14:39  The cohen will come again on the seventh day and examine the house;

Yeshua Jesus came to The Temple House and hung himself on it’s doorposts..via a stake in the ground…killed by crucifixion. He could not come in our time period because we are not killing our enemies by crucifixion. He was born just at the perfect time in history where the perfect piece of wood and hyssop were ready.

This is God speaking…ADONAI…The LORD of all the hosts of heaven…who came and died in flesh…human form.

Lev 14:23  On the eighth day, he will bring them to the cohen for his purification, to the entrance of the tent of meeting before Adonai. 

Lev 14:24  The cohen is to take the lamb of the guilt offering

Yeshua Jesus is our Lamb that took the place of our ‘guilt’ from sin. What a powerful verse…Yeshua’s sacrifice brings us…therefore He brings us as proof of his the entrance of ADONAI great Tabernacle. He opens the door for us to enter it’s gates. He is the Door…Dahlet..Four…at year 4000 from Adam and again at the next 4000 years from Him being ‘The Second Adam’…now God in the flesh slain for sin for all who would believe.

Evil is allowed so it can finally be CAST out forever.

Lev 14:42  Finally, other stones must be set in the place of the first stones and other plaster used to replaster the house. 

We are the new stones…no longer having stoney hearts. We are the new temples that will shine like the stars on a dark night.

What happens if ‘the house’ continues to get dirty during this 7000 years?

Lev 14:45  He must break down the house and take its stones, timber and plaster out of the city to an unclean place. 

Lev 14:46  Moreover, whoever enters the house at any time while it is sealed up will be unclean until evening.

Lev 14:53  But he is to set the live bird free outside the city in an open field; thus will he make atonement for the house; and it will be clean. 

We are freed by having The Holy Spirit dwell in us.

Lev 14:54  “Such is the law for all kinds of tzara`at sores, for a crusted area, 

Lev 14:55  for tzara`at in a garment, for a house, 

Lev 14:56  for a swelling, for a scab and for a bright spot, 

Lev 14:57  to determine when it is clean and when it is unclean. This is the law concerning tzara`at.” 

Leviticus 15 speaks of discharges making people and things unclean. A man’s discharge, a woman’s discharge and anything they have sat on are to be washed with water but they are still unclean until evening and only then can be called clean. An unclean person spitting on someone makes them unclean so we can see that there is a viral concern that finds it’s answer in washing of hands and washing of things.

CV 19 guidelines are found in the OT? Yes, it’s all there!

We see the guidelines are seven days, and another seven days for a total of fourteen days in order to be examined again to be clean. And again, it’s on The Eighth Day that atonement is made by the cohen (priest) before ADONAI on our behalf because of ‘unclean’ discharge.’

God tabernacled among men earlier in earth’s history. Can you image what it was like to stay holy with God that dwelled with mankind? Adam lost it by a single food law…Do Eat all things in this beautiful Gan Eden…but just not from one single tree…and they could not do it.

Lev 15:13  ” ‘When a person with a discharge has become free of it, he is to count seven days for his purification. Then he is to wash his clothes and bathe his body in running water; after that, he will be clean. 

Lev 15:14  On the eighth day, he is to take for himself two doves or two young pigeons, come before Adonai to the entrance of the tent of meeting and give them to the cohen. 

These measurements all point to the same thing…Day Seven and Day Eight…Coming to the ‘ENTRANCE’ of God’s Holy City that will arrive to our earth to begin Day Eight.

Read these last verses yourself….

These Scriptures measure out to us that we are NOT to fornicate with the ways of our world. It is our world that makes us ‘unclean’ to enter into God’s Kingdom. We MUST not take it’s ‘mark’. It is not a vaccine that we should worry about as many vaccines have helped stop polio and certain diseases. We do NOT live in fear. We are to be as wise as serpents in knowing what is a true vaccine and what is trickery.

We have to be steadfast in God’s Word so we can read it and see it’s intent for our future success in giving ADONAI glory for it all. We MUST never put our words in God’s mouth…but we can confirm all the measurements he gives so this puzzling life does fit together to accomplish His purposes. We do NOT live in fear because ADONAI does create what we consider evil….and yet it has much good to accomplish by removing evil….that is finally burnt up.

Isa 45:5 I am Adonai; there is no other; besides me there is no God. I am arming you, although you don’t know me,

Isa 45:6 so that those from the east and those from the west will know that there is none besides me—I am Adonai; there is no other.

Isa 45:7 I form light, I create darkness; I make well-being, I create woe; I, Adonai, do all these things.

Isa 45:8 “Heavens above, rain down justice; let the clouds pour it down. Let the earth open, so that salvation springs up, and justice sprouts with it. I, Adonai, have created it.”

Isa 45:9 Woe to anyone who argues with his maker, like potsherds lying on the ground! Does the clay ask the potter, “What are you doing?” or, “What’s this you’re making, that has no hands?”

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