I Pleaded

Today, Noah sent out the Black Raven and it did NOT return! It is a death day in history! But, The Sabbath can turn evil into happiness. God commands us to rest and only be happy on Day Seven. It is a pattern to The Millennium which is on schedule for years 6000-7000. (This is using a thousand years as a generation and yet we have Enoch who uses 700 years as a generation. Therefore, do not be upset with the year we are in…but be concerned about being obedient to God. We see God in history through connecting patterns of men.)

Sabbath I Pleaded – Va’etchanan – 11 AV 5780, August 1, 2020.

Have you pleaded to someone today?

Have you pleaded about someone today?

Have you pleaded for someone today?

I am ‘Yes’ to all of the above!

Deut 3:23-7:11; Isaiah 40:1-26, Luke 3:2-15

Last night as I began reading the Torah portion about pleading I found myself pleading with two family members the next morning. People become weak because they lose their desire to eat. Weakness and dizziness bring no appetite. Some people don’t even feel hungry in the morning and hold off their eating until afternoon. This causes their body to heat up and sweat out…losing electrolytes….making them weak during the day and needing to sleep. Finally, they are now up at night wide awake and perhaps now not able to sleep.

Our world seems to be coming under a ‘threat of death’ because of slowly starving ourselves. The flu, COVID and even our eye imbalance of looking down has caused to us lose our appetite for eating good food. People are needing to be reminded to eat as their bodies are shutting down with digestion problems making it just easier not to eat.

Older people seem to lose their sensation for thirst and must be told to drink. And, this new plague puts people in bed for three days again not wanting to feed their bodies. Not eating starves the brain and our nerve endings. The fever comes and puts fire in the brain leaving scares to overcome making the victim not able to think sharply like they did before being sick. People are losing their communication skills and need someone to help them refocus on purpose.

China has had many of it’s cities and farms under six and nine feet of water this last week. These crops failures are seen as next years famine, which is about six months away. Famine of God’s word in our world shows up in the famine of food. Our world has many of it’s borders closed which causes food shipments to stall.

People were told to stock up for a few weeks which turned into a few months and now the argument is about one year!!! Are we crazy? And to defund police means your neighbor will be your new policeman…. REALLY? Will the stronger neighbor come to borrow and finally steal the lessor’s food and property?

The sheep bleat for help. The human race is pleading for food.

The human race is pleading for an answer to a planned demic purposely aimed at starving one-fourth of our world. People are pleading for the simple answer of CV. Qorine (hydroxy….) given twice a week along with the mineral zinc cancels out our problems and yet the ‘hirelings’ refuse to give out a product that has even worked pre-emptively for 65 years.

Why are we pleading? I believe we first must plead for the spiritual awakening to happen in us. We can be healed physically by El Rapha (an attribute name) of Elohim (God). I am told that God is just science. People are no longer having a personal relationship with God. If we do NOT call him Father, does he hear our pleading as a father would? A father should always be about obedience. When we are disciplined by God, it does not mean that we have been rejected spiritually, but it means our physical walk may need correcting.

Those that listen to God’s Word, can be healed. Yeshua Jesus was sent to heal the sick, not the healthy. And, it is God that knows when a person is sick spiritually.

Isa 42:14  “For a long time I have held my peace, I have been silent, restrained myself. Now I will shriek like a woman in labor, panting and gasping for air. 

Isa 42:15  I will devastate mountains and hills, wither all their vegetation, turn the rivers into islands and dry up the lakes. 

Isa 42:16  The blind I will lead on a road they don’t know, on roads they don’t know I will lead them; I will turn darkness to light before them, and straighten their twisted paths. These are things I will do without fail. 

Isa 42:17  Those who trust in idols, who say to statues, ‘You are our gods,’ will be repulsed in utter shame. 

Israel’s Failure to Hear and See

Isa 42:18  Listen, you deaf! Look, you blind!—so that you will see! 

Isa 42:19  Who is as blind as my servant, or as deaf as the messenger I send? Who is as blind as the one I rewarded, as blind as the servant of Adonai?” 

Isa 42:20  You see much but don’t pay attention; you open your ears, but you don’t listen. 

Isa 42:21  Adonai was pleased, for his righteousness’ sake, to make the Torah great and glorious. 

These words I had to show you before we see Moses admitting his guilt of being deaf, blind and not listening….Moses will NOT get to cross over into The Promised Land, and yet he is seen with Yeshua Jesus at The Transfiguration. Moses is still helping advance Yeshua making sure Yeshua fills up everything said about him…everything spoken through all the prophets… which proves Yeshua Jesus is now God’s Living Torah. Moses and Yeshua are both synonymous with The Torah / The Ancient Writings. Moses brought the written words of which now Yeshua Jesus shows us how to live out those written words.

Isa 42:22  But this is a people pillaged and plundered, all trapped in holes and sequestered in prisons. They are there to be plundered, with no one to rescue them; there to be pillaged, and no one says, “Return them!” 

Isa 42:23  Which of you will listen to this? Who will hear and give heed in the times to come? 

Isa 42:24  Who gave Ya`akov to be pillaged, Isra’el to the plunderers? Didn’t Adonai, against whom we have sinned, in whose ways they refused to walk, he whose Torah they did not obey

Isa 42:25  This is why he poured on him his blazing anger as well as the fury of battle—it wrapped him in flames, yet he learned nothing; it burned him, yet he did not take it to heart. 

Let us now take this Torah Portion ‘Pleading’ to heart. We want to make sure we are not forbidden to Enter the NEXT Land.

Moses Forbidden to Enter the Land

Deu 3:23  “Then I pleaded with Adonai, 

Deu 3:24  ‘Adonai Elohim, you have begun to reveal your greatness to your servant, and your strong hand—for what other god is there in heaven or on earth that can do the works and mighty deeds that you do? 

Deu 3:25  Please! Let me go across and see the good land on the other side of the Yarden, that wonderful hill-country and the L’vanon!’ 

Deu 3:26  But Adonai was angry with me on account of you, and he didn’t listen to me. Adonai said to me, ‘Enough from you! Don’t say another word to me about this matter! 

Deu 3:27  Climb up to the top of Pisgah and look out to the west, north, south and east. Look with your eyes—but you will not go across this Yarden. 

Deu 3:28  However, commission Y’hoshua, encourage him and strengthen him; for he will lead this people across and enable them to inherit the land that you will see.’ 

Deu 3:29  So we stayed in the valley across from Beit-P`or. 

Moses made several mistakes involving pride during their 40-year journey in our earth’s wilderness. Staying across from Beit P’or tells us that they stayed near the valley of their sin. Balam could not curse Israel because God had blessed them, but the prophet Balam did help Israel to ‘walk away’ from the ways of God. The plan to intermarry with the gentile Midianites worked just as it works today. We have married our world and can NOT go into The Promised Land.

Verse 3:23 shows us Moses telling how he pleaded with God to let him go in with the people. But, God became very angry and named a new person to lead them into The Promised Land.

This picture shows our generation today even The Name of the one that will lead us into The New Promised Land. In the King James it will read Joshua. Okay, so where is this Joshua? No, there is no letter ‘J’ in the Hebrew language. In the Greek alphabet the letter ‘J’ was introduced just a few hundred years ago. In fact, if you look at the original King James Bible it was imprinted with the letter “I”. It was called, The King Iames Bibles.

As I watched onc of the last Indiana Jones movies with my grandson, one of the steps to reaching the ‘chalice’ was he needed to know how to spell out the name of God. When Indi (Junior) stepped on the letter ‘J’ it broke a part with him almost falling through the hole. Then he chose the letter ‘I’ and he could continue to the next stage of reaching the chalice.

Even movie makers know that the letter ‘J’ was not valid in the days of Moses. It is in the detail that we can live or die. In fact, the Hebrew ‘I’ is written as the letter ‘Y’. So, now let us examine the name Joshua. Yoshua is it’s correct spelling, which definitely changes it’s sound. God adds the letter ‘hey’ representing his breath to many of his children’s names. Sarah was Sari and Abraham was Abram. Thus, we know Joshua’s name is really Yoshuah as he certainly had the breath of God on him.

Yes, Joshua’s name was pronounced as Yeshuah. Joshua not only pictures the action of Jesus being The Messiah bringing the children into The Promised Land, but even his name is spelled the same as our real Messiah coming to deliver us into our new world….YESHUAH.

In Moses pleading with God he begins a pattern that we see come forth in the future of Peter declaring Christ should NOT go to the cross and die. Moses was the first to have one of those ‘get behind me Satan’ moments with God. God’s anger could rise up because if God had granted Moses request to lead the way into the promised land, we would be looking for a different type of leader now. In fact, Moses had been a murderer and now we would be looking for a sinner. Yes, a reformed sinner, but still a sinner. Instead we are looking for a ‘sinless man’ who WAS murdered….and who rose up and brought others with him from the grave…just as Joshua brought only new believers with him out of The Wilderness.

God has a righteous anger when mankind tries to change His patterns. Any change in pattern could negate our world seeing Yeshua as our coming Messiah.

This word pleading means – gift, grace, show favor.

Satan was working in a very subtle way even giving extreme compliments to God…reminding us of God saying that you did many miracles in my name and yet I do NOT know you. Whoa is us who have done or seen miracles and yet do NOT give God the credit for them.

Deu 3:24  ‘Adonai Elohim, you have begun to reveal your greatness to your servant, and your strong hand—for what other god is there in heaven or on earth that can do the works and mighty deeds that you do? 

Moses blames the people for his error. You (leaders) said you wanted to go check out the land when we should have just gone in. Joshua did go check it out and saw the same giants but looked to God as being greater than the giants in their memories.

We come to the verses where God takes Moses and shows him all of the land from the east, west, north and south that he would not enter. In fact, as soon as his speech to the Israelites was complete he would die. Moses takes 30 days to write the summary of their travels told in The Book of Deuteronomy. This book gives us more detail so we better understand the ways of God.

Yeshuah Jesus was taken to the top of probably this same mountain (top of Pisgah) and shown all the kingdoms of the earth. He tempted him in saying that he had been given charge over all of it and it could be Jesus’ rule now if he just stopped proceeding to the cross. Yeshuah overcame these temptations of taking the short cut and obeyed The Father…not thinking himself above God even as He was God.

Moses is now told to strengthen and encourage Joshua. Moses (a mere man) will later realize that he was always being used to picture the future. He would again encourage a Joshua, but whose name was said corrected as the Name of God..Yahovah (Yeshuah). And, the ‘second Joshua’ was set to ‘the pattern’ of Christ returning The Land to The Father.

Today, we see The Land that was then called, The East Gate. The ‘East Gate’ was assigned by Joshua to Gad (good fortune) and Reuben (first born). These two tribes requested to be the ‘East Gate Keepers’ for the other tribes as they would sit opposite of the Jordan River to protect that border. It is Manasseh that will also join being East Gate Keepers as the Land became huge in territory on that east border.

Manasseh and Ephraim are Yoseph’s two sons born in Egypt. They are Hebrews but also represent the Gentiles of our world of whom are grafted into the ways of The Torah…God’s righteous way to live on the earth.

Yoseph and Binyamin are full brothers born seven years apart. They only got to spend ten years together before Yoseph was sold into slavery by his half brothers. Their lives resemble Israel today in both their suffering but soon to be King of our earth. We should always consider them as a whole in purpose. Binyamin was persecuted by his half brothers just as Yosef was sold into slavery by them. These brothers love each other always. Both show us the suffering patterns of our Messiah even as Binyamin seems to have done wrong to a priests concubine and this tribe is almost eliminated from the earth. Yeshua Jesus was almost eliminated from the earth as well but resurrected for his bride when all seemed lost. These mysteries are patterns that we live into today. It seems our world is lost and at the same time The Bride is growing up and desiring that her husband come save her. I do believe we have a remnant that is looking for our King to come.

Even Roger Stone tonight on the Huckabee show declared his faith in Jesus Christ in a personal way. Yes, faith is growing through suffering.

It is of no surprise that when God chooses a leader to bring about His Land to our earth that we see these patterns of suffering and kingship through leaders…once sinners…but now telling of their faith.

Donald J Trump, in times past called a playboy, has been taken from ‘the world of Egypt’ and transformed as king over the earth. He may seem proud, but I think he’s grown to suffer for the higher calling God has purposed for him. He and his family even admit that they don’t really know why they’ve left ‘it all’ and are fighting for our world as they are. And, anyone that comes in contact with this family, seems to be torn in pieces by ‘the dogs’ for just being their friends. Even our very special Attorney General Barr was ripped to pieces on, The Ninth of Av.

Christians must know that God is now pleading for a righteous earth. The Scriptures that we read can be taken personally each and every week. We MUST encourage and strengthen this family that has fought for God’s Land to be returned. Israel is a name that demands respect. When Moses hit the rock instead of speaking to it…he was claiming glory for himself over God. When Moses allowed man to first examine ‘The Land’ to make sure it’s what they wanted…that was wrong.

It is wrong for us to define what heaven is in order to make up our minds if dying for Jesus is worth it. We GO IN my friends, because we have faith that our Creator knows what is best for those He created. We have a loving God..not one that promotes ‘death to all’. Suffering comes because of man’s pride. We have a black and white judge…It’s this way or that way…NOT both ways.

You can obey God’s instruction (The Torah) or you can chose NOT to obey the instructions of God.

Judgment is predetermined. All of The Torah is connected to blessing because it shows us how to live safely on our earth. And, there are instructions that tell us that there are special blessings for adhering to them….just as there are instructions that bring ‘NO’ blessing at all…and some that bring ‘curses’ on ourselves.

Deu 3:29  So we stayed in the valley across from Beit-P`or. 

This is where they cursed themselves….they fell to marrying into the Midianites. They married the foreigners who showed them their gods…saying they could serve many gods…of whom they even gave their gold and treasures to that were meant for God’s Tabernacle.

When they left to cross over they collected 420 pounds of gold, silver, etc. which was put in The Tabernacle for safe keeping. They had to kill all those that had fornicated with them before they were clean enough to move forward to The Promised Land.

The Tribes taken to Babylon will leave for 70 years and upon return will again have to leave those fornicated with before they can even reset The Temple’s foundation stones. We too have fornicated with our world and MUST remove anything about it from our homes and our lives. If we do NOT, we will become part of this plague that physically is causing death.

The Pattern of “No Torah’ is not hard to understand. It’s obedience or no obedience to God’s ways of living on His earth…His Land.

Now, let’s continue with the answer ADONIA gave to Moses when he had pleaded earlier with him to be able to cross over and see the hillsides of grass that even went into the Levanon (Lebanon). (This shows us the extent of the view from the top of Pisgah.)

Deu 4:1  “Now, Isra’el, listen to the laws and rulings I am teaching you, in order to follow them, so that you will live; then you will go in and take possession of the land that Adonai, the God of your fathers, is giving you

There is NO question about what it takes to go in. We are lead by ‘what Yeshua Jesus’ does. He is the Living Torah walking out listening to The Father about laws and rulings. Yeshua is our leader that goes in and takes possession of ALL kingdoms of the earth during the Millennial reign (one thousand year reign) with Yeshuah Jesus ruling our earth.

Deu 4:2  In order to obey the mitzvot of Adonai your God which I am giving you, do not add to what I am saying, and do not subtract from it. 

In order to obey them we can’t change them.

We can never add other instructions or take away any of the instructions. They are set in stone and are the foundation stones upon which our world is built…with Yeshuah Jesus as the ‘cornerstone’ of this assembly.

Deu 4:3  You saw with your own eyes what Adonai did at Baal-P`or, that Adonai destroyed from among you all the men who followed Baal-P`or; 

Deu 4:4  but you who stuck with Adonai your God are still alive today, every one of you. 

Many stick with Adonai and with Yeshua Jesus…and will live into the next Promised Land…every one of us. Those that first believed this will rise up first and then those of us that believe it will rise up to be with The Father after them…but at the same time.

The Angel of The Lord (Yeshuah) comes with a sword high lifted up at war with our world. His instructions (Torah) is the sword. We live by this sword and no other sword. The sword in His mouth is known as The Word of God. We have the written word and Yeshua is now our Living Word that showed and will show us how to live on our earth. That is what we should hunger for.

Let us look to The East Gate for His two feet to touch down. As His feet touch our earth a great shaking will happen where all things shakeable will be shaken…and those things (patterns) not shakeable will be unshakable.

If we study God’s patterns, we will NOT be shaken…but be alert knowing our redemption draweth nigh. Our Redeemer is at war carrying a sickle separating the wheat from the chaff.

Why should we be obedient to The Torah? Moses is The Torah giver just as Yeshuah lived out every prophecy spoken in it about him.

Deu 4:5  Look, I have taught you laws and rulings, just as Adonai my God ordered me, so that you can behave accordingly in the land where you are going in order to take possession of it. 

Yes, my friends, we are going to have to behave according to The Torah in this Seventh millennial reign. The Kingdom comes in because we are obeying God’s instructions.

We do NOT give up this fight against socialism, but we push forward bringing God’s ways of freedom back to our earth.

Deu 4:6  Therefore, observe them; and follow them; for then all peoples will see you as having wisdom and understanding. When they hear of all these laws, they will say, ‘This great nation is surely a wise and understanding people.

I finish this portion of ‘The Pleading’ knowing I will continue looking at it this week. I have been convicted of the Hebrew date Tevet 11. It occurs in December. It is attached to patterns of righteousness even as it is the date I just saw that Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant in Israel on January 6, 1982. He was not able to tell about it until the ‘Abomination’ was seen on our earth. He died in 1999 and still this information was not revealed until now 1.5 million people have seen the live video his group made showing it.

Yes, after years and years of himself and others looking and looking The Ark holding The Ten Commandments, it is now being revealed. Why now? Because it could only be revealed when the ‘mark’ of the Antichrist could be seen.

The ‘Mark’ is defined as you will not buy or sell unless you obey what is ‘opposite’ of God’s Ten Commandments.

I ask you to go down the list of instructions…not carried over by Moses…but Yeshuah…to know how to teach our world to live righteously on our earth.

His ‘perfect day’ of finding it attaches to a Hebrew fast put on themselves. The Fast of Tevet recognizes Israel’s sin of not obeying The Torah. It is the first day that King Nebuchadnezzar successfully breached Jerusalem’s walls. It would take four attempts and then it was done. Thus, four fasts are connected to Babylon with Tevet 10 being the first.

Jeremiah told the Israelites to go quietly into servitude to Babylon for 70 years. He said that it was God’s purpose for them to accept judgment for their violation of The Torah.

Seventy Years – Adam was shortened 70 years from being one thousand years old because his sin would cause him not to live a full day (1000 years).

Israel would safely remain in the ‘world of Babylon’ for 70 years. But, they could NOT assimilate and then they must return to Jerusalem. These 70-year patterns are what show us the amount of time that “the deceivers’ will once again occupy our earth at the end of the Seventh Day. If Enoch states that a generation is 700 years, then the last and tenth generation he speaks about could hold 70 years in it’s closure when ‘the Deceivers’ are let out once again to deceive ‘the children’ of the world. It is an estimate of time…not exact…just as Israel was 70 years old when President Trump came to support them when no other president in our world would. Israel was 70 years in 2017 when our earth saw the dawning of Donald J Trump…a boy his aunts prayed for God’s greatness on him.

Israel’s time line is now 73 years in 2020. Our father Abraham shows a pattern also as he left his father Terah’s house and the city of Haran at age 75. Abram took his barren wife Sari with him. He will walk the earth for 25 more years before seeing The Promised Seed. Our Israel was recognized by a US President Harry S Truman as a nation in 1947. Israel will be 100 years old in 2047. This number also patterns to Jacob of whom God changed his name to Israel of whom died at age 147 in Pharaoh’s house also lifted up as a king. He will enjoy his relationship with his lost son for only 17 more years. Thus, he had enjoyed his son for seventeen years and then was reunited with him for only another seventeen years…showing us another pattern of which showed up as Donald Trump in 2017 as President endorsed Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. And, I like that that the two segments of seventeen add up to 34 which shows us the possible year or age of Messiah death, burial and resurrection.

Babylon happened after 490 years of NOT setting aside The Land Sabbath every SEVEN years. They, too, thought this ‘Sabbath’ thing was an ancient idea…not for them at that time in history. It was easier to follow the ‘silent’ gods of whom you made them who you wanted them to be.

I close with information about today, AV 11, 2020.

Sabbath To Plead is on August 1 which is AV 11 on the Hebrew calendar. (One is Aleph showing strength)

On AV 11 – Noach sent out The Black Raven from the ark looking for a sign on life on the earth.

Did the black raven come back? NO!…A huge BIG, “NO”>… What was he doing? Eating flesh my friends…eating flesh of the people floating and animals floating in the water. AV 11 – The BLACK death scavenger bird did NOT return to Noah.

AV 11 – Today, our Torah teacher had to fly to a distant state for a distant relatives funeral. A FUNERAL..a death funeral. (Our class was canceled.)

AV 9 – Our weekly bible teacher buried his wife on Thursday on The Fast of Av. His wife struggled with cancer for four years. They both just recently overcame The COVID. He told me that their CV smelled liked a dead mouse. They both got it early and contained. Quinine in his arthritis med helped him and her cancer treatments helped her recover….both over 70 years old.

AV 9 – The Fast of AV – Both Temples were destroyed that day and both World Wars began this day. Jews kicked out of Spain by August 1…9th Av…and many more horrible things for Israel brings this 21-day Dire Strait period to a close.

These are DEATH days my friends..with The Torah Portion named: PLEADING.

God is pleading for us to know Him. I’m not even able to type ADONAI because some of my readers don’t know what it means. I don’t even type AV without explaining it because not many know it’s a month on the Hebrew calendar. I have to type Jesus after Yeshuah so people will accept reading my articles.

So, you tell me….are we paying attention to ‘eating clean’ or ‘Keeping The Lord’s Day Holy’ when we don’t have a clue about The Messiach that is coming to our earth to rule and reign. Wouldn’t you like to be called the ‘Greatest’ in the Kingdom of God and not the ‘least’? I would!

Please read The Torah Portion this week…it’s what is happening on our earth right now. Take it serious, my friends. I got a call from Hebrew roots friends today and now Canada has ask them to leave after six years. They wanted to be with their daughter, her husband and their small grandchildren…but NO… pay us $5,000 a year for health insurance which they never went to a doctor once while there in six years. And, if their daughter and her children want to visit anyone in the United States, the husband has to exit Canada with them showing his permission for them to leave him.

Our world is holding our freedoms captive and we bow to it.

I’ll be posting about Abraham Lincoln next as he is tied to Tevet 10. On the day that King Nebuchadnezzar was allowed to breech the walls of Jerusalem, President Lincoln will issue The Emancipation Proclamation of 1863.

Slaves were set free from fighting and dying for their own slavery.

First spoken on September 22, 1862; Hebrew Date: 27 Elul. …… SAME DAY: (note: God’s War began 27 Elul 2015 according to Nathaniel (age 15) from Israel who died on 15 Tishrei 2015 returning to tell us this.)

Second and last spoken: 10 Tevet, 1863...Fast of Tevet!

“That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one-thousand eight hundred and sixty-thee, all persons held as slaves within any State, or designated part of a State, the people thereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.”

“In the Battle of Gettysburg PA July 1, 2, 3 1862 (Tammuz 14, 15, 16) and the victory of Gen. Ulysses Grant at Vicksburg, MS July 4 (17 Tammuz /Fast of Tammuz..Israel’s 2 of 4 fasts) were considered the turning points of the war, federal forces turned back a Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania. Lincoln’s speech was delivered more than four months later, at the dedication of a national cemetery to buy the battle’s casualties. Source: 2013 Foxnews.com”

These great happenings are not a coincidence with our Creator God. Every day is marked as special and patterns the past or the future. Thus, this great battle in the month of Tammuz – the worship of the golden calf…should be of no surprise.

And next…to have the Emancipation Proclamation given for a second time recognizing slaves free on The Fast of Tevet..is truly the ‘Hand of God.’

Emancipation Proclamation January 1, 1863 – TEVET 10

On September 22, 1862 (27 Elul) First proclamation to set slaves free.

They did NOT set them free.

He issued it AGAIN on New Years Day 1863.

The Fast of Tevet!

AV 11 – Today (Aug 1, 2020) – USS Grant died 135 years ago. It was July 23, 1885. He lived TWENTY years after President Lincoln’s assassination in 1865.

President Lincoln welcomed General USS Grant back to Washington on April 14, 1865 to introduce him to the cabinet members, allowing him to receive the praise he so richly earned. The next day April 15, 1865 President Lincoln was assassinated…dying the next morning on the Sabbath, Nissan 19.

I close now with one last statement about the times that we live in. At this time, we can watch on YouTube the documentary that shows The Ark of the Covenant being found. Yes, the solid gold container that carried the Ten Commandments has been found. But, it was impressed upon archaeologist Ron Wyatt that it is not to be shown until ‘the mark’ was going to be required for the people on our world. Ron died in 1999 without showing the ‘ark’ video to any outsiders.

But now, we are seeing it and it has been viewed by 1.5 million viewers. Has it made a difference in lives? Do people believe it? Right now with COVID there is no access to it via a tour. Is it ready to be seen? Can it be touched and people live? I believe all of the above…but in God’s timing.

What day God allow him to find it on January 6, 1982?

What day was that on God’s calendar? Tevet 11

God impressed Ron that it was in Jerusalem after his life-long search for it. Then, it took him two years to return to keep searching the walls of Jerusalem and permission to break through underground tunnels. It was a stag mite that hung down that moved him closer to it’s find.

The Fast of Tevet is about The Walls of Jerusalem. Ron Wyatt spent two years searching those Jerusalem walls and on Tevet 11 ADONAI allowed him to touch it…and he passed out.

Watch the documentary.

The Pattern of Tevet 10 and 11 show us breaking through Jerusalem’s walls.

God is pleading with us about The Torah that is to stretch out on our earth.

Ron Wyatt found The Ark on Tevet 11. When we fast with those that fast we do it so those days can be turned into good days. This is exactly what has happened.

December 25, 2020 – Tevet 10 – Fast of Repentance

December 26, 2020 – Tevet 11 – Finding The Torah

Today’s Torah Reading: Deut 3:23-7:11; Isaiah 40:1-26; Matt 4:1-11; 22:33-40; Mark 12:28-34; Luke 4:1-13; 10:25-37; Acts 13:13-43; Romans 3:27-31;1 Tim 2:4-6; James 2:14-16.

Deu 4:13  He proclaimed his covenant to you, which he ordered you to obey, the Ten Words; and he wrote them on two stone tablets. 

Deu 4:14  At that time Adonai ordered me to teach you laws and rulings, so that you would live by them in the land you are entering in order to take possession of it. 

The Kingdom that is coming will have these same laws and rulings reigned over by Yeshua Jesus…known as King of Kings…Lord of LORDS!

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