‘little gods’ fighting against ‘The Resurrected Goad’

Jesus ask Paul why he was kicking against the goads? Why was he fighting against the Torah instructions taught by Gamliel? Jesus had sat with Gamliel and they decided in ‘resurrection from the dead.’ Paul was shocked to experience Jesus who was the full embodiment of The Torah which Paul believed in with his whole being. But, the school of Shemi held to ‘no resurrection’ after dying. Paul had decided to follow those teachings.

The correction came on the ‘road to Damascus’ by Paul eyes no longer able to see. Jesus was saying, you love God but you are blind to me. Paul would be the one to travel to the area of Rome where Julius Caesar had ruled. He was hailed as a god along with many others in Corinth and their world. Paul had to shut down the Caesars and gods of that day. We must shut down the ‘gods’ of Ruth Bader Ginsberg of who just happens to be born the day Julius Caesar died. Yes, their ‘god’ died just as ‘goddess’ Ruthie died. All must die…but what is the legacy that is left behind?

Let’s learn more about the ‘gods’ of our earth. We must be Pauline’s who fight for The Torah along with ‘Resurrection’. The Greeks called him Paul, but his Hebrew friends knew him as Sh’aul.

Self Proclaimed ‘gods’ – Ides of March

Two High Judges – One Roman, One American

Julian Calendar * Hebrew Calendar

Julius Caesar Dictator * Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

44 AD Gaius Julius Caesar died March 15 ‘Ide of March’

RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsberg born March 15 ‘Ide of March’

March 15, 44 BC Julius Caesar was glorified as God by The Roman’s Senate. Julius The Anointed.

March 15, 44 BC was Adar 27, Month 12, Day 27, a month God’s Temple is established by Hebrews. Month 12 is the LAST month. Day 27 is a dark day (no moon…hides for 3 days) at the Rosh Chodesh.

The Tsar Julius lifted himself above God replacing the Hebrew calendar with Julian calendar. The Universal Church via Pope Gregory elevated themselves above God by creating Gregorian calendar.

Gaius Julius Caesar (JC -Jesus Christ), savior, who sows seed.

Born: 100 BC July 12 (100 – 44 BC) Rome Italy, Roman Republic. Assassinated age 55, stabbed. Born: 17 Tammuz – Worship of Golden Calf.

Temple of Caesar, Rome 41.891943 degrees N 12.486246 degrees E

(One hour of Heaven’s time is 41.6666 years)

Office: Dictator (49, 48-47, 46-44 BC); Consul (59, 48, 46-45, 44 BC)

Political Party: Populares. Awards: Civic, Crown

By 51 BC Julius greatly extended The Roman’s territory; invaded Britain and built a bridge.

On Ides of March 44 BC rebellious senators led by Brutus and Cassius stabbed him to death.

Month Four (March) Ruth Bader Ginsberg her temporary temple (2 – dwell) is brought forth (42). Born 15 March 1933; Ides of March. 17 ADAR.

She is likened to Noach’s Flood year 1333. The three is the Hebrew letter gimel pictured as a camel. Noach was lifted up 22.5 feet above the highest mountain of our earth at Mt. Everest. She is born in a very strong year of 1933. Born a Jew that could have been killed during The Holocaust (1938-1945). Lifted up Lifted up (Ruth). Noach is triple emphasized with being lifted up.

The letter dahlet is the number four and is pictured as a door. RBG is born in month four on the Gregorian calendar. Her door opened to be the highest judge on the earth over seas of people.

She is a self-made woman striving to elevate woman above men. In God’s eyes woman are co-equal, both genders equal before God. The male is not to elevate himself above the woman but protect her in love as her design has less muscle mass geared to bringing forth children.

Days of PURIM begin 15 Adar. RBG is born 17 Adar. 1 = Aleph, 7 = Zayin: Strong Weapon.

July 31, 2020 – AV 10 (Fast of Av Day 2) RBG hospitalized for non-surgical reason.

One jubilee of time later (50 days) on 29 Elul 5780 she is removed to stand before THEE Judge of the universe. It was her last day and it was also the last day of the Hebrew year 5780. Eight means new beginnings. RBG started her eternal new beginning at ‘the judgment seat of God. Did she repent laying there on her deathbed or did she really dictate to our world, “My replacement should be made by the next president.” Did she really torment God’s chosen from her deathbed?

29 Elul – Last day on Hebrew calendar.

1 Tishri – First day on Hebrew civil calenar.

RBG is first woman to lie in state at The United States Capitol. For 2 days, on The Feast of Trumpets that is two days long, people came to pay tribute to this Supreme Court Justice of 27 years. Feast of Trumpets called her out to be judged before her JUDGE. Awarded a million dollars for being an advocate for GENDER freedom (LBGT), and rights to murder children created in God’s image.

28 Tammuz, (Rosh Chodesh no moon) – July 20, 2020 – RBG has an infection that begins her walk to death. This is the same date that our 60-day bull calf died and rose up at 9:00 pm with temperatures still hovering 90 degrees.

28 Tammuz calf , (Rosh Chodesh no moon) – July 22, 2017 Mattot Massei (tribes journeys) rose up with asking for him to give a sign of life by lifting his head and hoof. Unintentional words became a miracle before four human beings as the dead calf lifted it’s head and sat it on a raised up right hoof. He held there and all stood in awe and praised God for his mercy of life and for ‘seeing God real’ right before their eyes.)

30 Shevat, (Rosh Chodesh no moon) February 25, 2020 – Trump Tweet: Sotomayor, Ginsburg should excuse themselves from “Trump related’ cases.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Obituary by Bonnie Laux

written November 30, 2020

A judge was born on the Ides of March. What are the, Ides of March?

This judge at the young age 13, as a young Jewish girl, will write an expose’ on The Holocaust. Her family told her her heritage. In her last years of life she will compete with 500 other contestants for a million dollar prize. We wins this prize for her support of ALTERNATE gender lifestyles.

WHOA is her. Whoa she has truly come undone. She started with The Torah and ends violating it.

Her commander-in-chief would criticize her for being bias against him…she was an unfair judge…not a constitutionalist. She became very bias to the left. She had correctly supported the rights of woman but now those very woman would twist her thinking about the unborn. The ‘unborn’ would not have rights. She moved the highest court system in America toward abortion for her 27 years.

(Roe v Wade 1973-2020)

RBG was an A-Z judge. She legislated for LBGT through XYZ and every other letter that could be attached to it. She was an ALL inclusive judge.

Her President chastised her on February 25, 2020. That day, 30 Shevat, began her exact 150-day count to her death; exactly three jubilees of time. It was the time of the releasing of the horsemen to remove man’s peace from the earth…in order to bring God’s peace.

30 Shevat – Month Eleven, year 5780.

In 150 days she was scheduled to DIE. (In 150 days of water being held on the earth Noach’s family would live).

She was given a tweet that sounded around the world from her President. He did not want her involved in anything to do with him. He considered her an evil judge.

150 days later on the last day of the Hebrew calendar 29 Elul 5780 RBG (LBG) died. Heritage would always be a Jew. But her ‘inheritance’ from The Father could be altered.

She was a Jew and should have known The Father’s Calendar. All sins are to be repented of by 29 Elul in order for a new year to bring a happy life the next year. RBG (Radical for Bisexuals and Gays) did not get to step foot into that new year. She was removed after God let cancer slowly eat at her body. She was put in a coma type state to keep her out of pain. Hospice killed her.

Month One Day One is ‘The Day of Judgment.’ RBG would certainly account for much at her Bema Seat judgment.

Month One Day One and Day Two are known as The Days of the Trumpet blowing. Cheering, yelling, trumpet blowing and shofars are raised up for two days. Also being celebrated is the head of the month called Rosh Chodesh. The moon hides for three nights so you don’t know which night it might reveal itself.

This is the theme..”you don’t know the day or the hour” unless you are watching. Watchers will know that day and hour but just not the year. Watchers know the ‘season’. They know the Lord’s appointments known as mo’dim. Season means appointment….not spring summer winter fall. God operates on his appointments, not ours.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a set time on the earth.

After twenty-seven years (1993-2020) of being a Judge over The United States, she now stood before the Judge of the Universe. Trumpets were blown when she was called out. Trumpets were blowing for two days all around our world as The Lord’s Feast of Trumpets was celebrated. Celebrating Rosh Hosanna…the beginning of the New Civil Calendar was in FULL operation. Repentance was still being sought so the judgments of Yon Kippur would not strike. These are called, ‘The Ten Days of Awe.’ I’m sure RBG was in ‘awe’ of what heaven and hell are like.

She was judged and taken away from the earth to no longer pass her will upon our world.

America has been allowed to rise up to set ‘standards’ for the rest of the world. That is a great responsibility especially when it comes to God’s Law (instruction). It can NOT be altered.

Do not murder. Honor the covenant of marriage. No sodomy. Honor parents…don’t put them away.

This woman’s birth, life and death were on a set course as per her Maker… just as we all are. This woman would be held more accountable for her actions because she was not only a ‘teacher’ of men, she placed herself as ‘judge’ over them. And she was placed in the highest courts of our earth.

Her replacement Amy Barrett knew her job was to honor the United States Constitution. Our judges should be ‘constitutionalist’ and not ‘individualist’.

BBG gave into deceptive minds and moved her judgments away from God’s judgments. She stood before her judge with trembling knees. Cancer of the pancreas, cancer in her lungs tell us she was breathing the wrong air….was she listening to ‘whiny windbags’?

Her organs could not purify all the poison thinking. God was gracious to let her have her mind so she could repent to the end of her life. When people are given time to say their good-byes then they are also given time to repent of sin against those they have offended and God.

Let’s look at God’s action on her life. After all, it is only His hand on us that matters. Mankind wants to be saved from fire and doom, but do they want the love of God on them?

If you love God, you will seek His ways….which are found via His calendar. At this time in history Americans are living on Pope Gregory’s calendar. Muslims live according to a calendar that honors their leader Mohamed. China follows their ‘red dragon’s’ calendar (of which has woken up).

Jews follow a Hebrew calendar that honors the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ja’cov. Judge RBG should have given honor to her king via the calendar of her heritage. She knew about the ways of God, but that does not mean that she accepted them. In fact, in America we learn there is only a NT to live. The churches are now closed because they taught that God no longer operates under the OT. When, in fact, there is no dividing marker. The disciples writing after Jesus’ resurrection only verifying what the ancients have already said about God’s instructions of how to live on the earth.

This is NOT a salvation issue, my dear friends, but a LIFE issue. It’s about a PERSONAL relationship (called being reborn) into The Messiach known as Jesus Christ. We come into this relationship by His blood and His resurrection. We then come into relationship with The Father via His calendar…which are seen via Mosche. Mosche was given the words that next would come Yeshua Jesus living out those words confirming them…never violating them…which would disqualify Jesus from being our Messiah.

It’s so simple for a child to see this, but churches argued with God and thus are still shut down…as of December 8, 2020 with a plague from God.

We all get a physical beginning and we each get a spiritual new beginning. Let us learn from this woman as she’s like Eve who led Adam into deception. Eve was created on Day 13 of Creation. Ruth is born in year 33. Co-incidence? No! In these ‘last days’ pattern will play out that were from the ‘first days’. Eve repented but there is always consequence for sin. Eve’s passed to all woman…that they would have pain giving birth. (I just saw a chicken drop an egg almost into my hand, and it didn’t cry out at all.)

Ruth Bader, a Jew born in New York on March 15, 1933. March 15 is the day Roman Julius Caesar died. Thus, this ‘ide’ or (15) of March became memorialized keeping Julius a god before us. We even have plays that continue about that time period keeping those people in our minds. Christians go along with this and dismiss Chanukah as not for today.

God’s Temple was lost in 167 BC, but after Daniel’s ‘abomination of desolation’ happens, the gentiles (Maccabees) help the Jews win The Temple back in 163 BC. Tens of thousands of Jews and Maccabees lost their lives to bring back God’s presence to our earth. When Alexander died his four generals divided his territories with the Seleucid generals causing havoc in Jerusalem.

Ides of March. Ide is day 15. (The day Julius Caesar died). He was born year 100 BC and removed via assassination in 44 BC. The word ‘anoint’ is ‘cristos’. He was called, christ..one who could save them from their enemies. He was their savior. Born in a jubilee year when counting by 50. Removed after 55 years in year 44 BC. 44 sits in the seventh week, which struggles to set all things free. Week 7 is the future millennium which also is seem as good but not perfect as ‘the deceiver’ is once again released at it’s close. The Sabbath is our weapon just as it was given to Adam to use as his calendar of fellowshipping with God.

Week 1 0-7

Week 2 8-14

Week 3 15-21

Week 4 22-28

Week 5 29-35

Week 6 36-42

Week 7 43-49

Ruth Bader born 17 Adar ( Purim Day 3)

PURIM (to draw a lot) is honored at 14, 15, 16 Adar. Haman drew a lot as to when the Hebrews would be totally annihilated off the face of the earth. Some time later after that lot (day) had been chosen the Hebrews destruction would begin. Esther’s people began to fast and pray in sackcloth. Three days before their executions were to begin she fasted for three days and nights and then went before her king and invited him to a banquet. Her banquet is a pattern to our banquet with our future King. And, we know we are to stay in this battle for a righteous earth.

The Fast of Esther is commemorated on 13 Adar; Month 12, Day 13. February 25, 2021.

The time of Lot (Purim) of 15 Adar had now come. It was a ‘day of death’ which will be re-visited by The Romans in 44 BC when god Julius Caesar died on March 15.

Esther’s Ide (15th) of Adar would also be memorialized by the Hebrews calling their own fast and prayers at a full moon.

The Hebrews had come out in full view of the world in year 517 BC. They left beautiful Babylon at 517 BC. Numbers are very important and not mystical….although they are amazing! At the fifteenth of every month the moon is full…when you’re on The Hebrew calendar. So, the year 517 is still FULL in history…and memorialized for The Hebrews.

When Abraham was about to leave the area of Haran he went outside and stood amazed at all that God had created. It was Nissan 29…a dark night. He stood amazed that God could even hide the moon for three days. And, we know this is to picture God in the flesh hiding in the earth’s grave for the three days and three nights. There is always darkness before there is light. Even, to day we can look forward to light, since our world feels so dark right now in 2020. Two is the house, temple. God is showing His strength to bring His Temple back to our earth. 20 is the letter Resh. Is is pictured as the head of a man. Yes, The Head Man is coming to Temple with us.

December 14, 2020 there is a Total Lunar Eclipse with it’s Saros series being #142. Again, we have the last week of the Sixth Week screaming to us about the days of man that we live in. It’s a very dark time for us because we haven’t demanded the correct calendar to celebrate.

The pattern for life and death is seen in a full moon (15). It is seen by the entire world. That is why a Total Lunar Eclipse is so special….it is seen by those in it’s path. It reminds us that there was darkness before there was light. Our world comes out of chaos into the light. It’s a pattern that reminds us of our salvation that comes because of The Messiach that overcomes darkness.

Seventy years had passed, just as the earth’s 7000 years will pass. The 7 relates to the Hebrews removal to Babylon. They were removed from their ‘chosen land’ for not resting in Yahweh’s instruction (torah) of resting the land where they dwelt.

The land crying out for 490 years of not being allowed to rest every seven years violated God’s calendar. If the leaders weren’t instructing the people to give the land rest, then the leaders were also not teaching any of The Torah which included The Sabbath rest. It’s an all or none program with God. One program confirms God’s other programs which finally at the ‘end of day’s’ we should be aware The Messiach’s return in nigh. Instead we just say, “We’re tired of watching, it’s been too long.”

Week 7 holds 7 years to bring about completion which falls to the year 49. The fiftieth year belongs to year one and begins the next Shemittah cycle.

The land has it’s own torah (instruction) of feeding man for six years and then resting one year. It would be a pattern placed on the earth for all mankind to apply. It began with Adam being created from the clay on Day 6. It was Month One Day Six. He was instructed (given a torah) to care for the land six days and then rest it for one day (day seven).

By 587 BC, Solomon’s generation was so busy building things that they could not take a year off to rest the very land that grew the trees for The Temple and their homes. In 517 BC they would return from Babylon, but they would not be able to rebuild because The Torah needed to be written down. Memorizing The Torah and speaking it by the mouth was and is called, Oral Torah.

In order to bring the people back into the land they must be taught the calendar, the language, and The Torah of God. And, that is exactly where we are today. We are coming out of Babylon and returning to Oral Torah. We are returning to the language, the calendar, and The Lord’s Feasts. If we reject these things, we are rejecting God’s will. It is His purpose to have His children functioning in his full instructions. That is how He will know the ones that are His. They know Him because they see He functions through the same instructions given to Adam, Noach, Abraham and Moses. The instructions only increase because there are more people with more problems. And, you only apply the instructions that you can do. Not everyone was a priest (Levite), not everyone is a woman to apply those ‘clean’ laws, etc.

A New Shemittah Cycle: 2017

In 2017, another BIG shift happened when a Donald J Trump became president of the United States. His actions of setting men free from tyranny would permeate our world. This president would reprimand the Jewish woman born on the Ides of March / at PURIM. Our congress would replace a Ruth (married to Gentiles) with an Amy which means, ‘Beloved’. In just a few short weeks from Amy replacing Ruth, Amy would strike at Ruth’s city of New York to determine shutting down churches violated an American citizen rights of religious freedom.

One Sabbath year of no rest multiplied every seven years caused SEVENTY years of NO rest which covered 490 years. SEVENTY Sabbaths were violated and so it would be 70 years of not being on The Land.

This is a definite pattern running through our earth. It is on a 7000-year program. The earth’s age is at it’s ‘Sixth Day’ or 6000 years. We must go by the Hebrew calendar. Many calculators of the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars agree that our years are off by 210 years. We can push the dates forward but no one seems to want to do that. Thus, we still feel the ravages of our earth’s churning and filling up Scriptures but we’re confused on timing. 5781 + 210 = 5991.

I personally don’t need the number to exactly come to 6000 because I’ve been running biblical patterns that show God working ahead of even numbers and then also behind. Noach is an example of the exact numbering and yet it takes them time to start having children again. I see havoc on our earth which is trying to produce a new generation of righteous children.

I always ask myself, “Why does God want me to know this?” Why is it important to know Methuselah was 604 when Noach (the one righteous man who is allowed to start again) was born. And, why is it that Noach will start having kids at 604. It’s a pattern…to our future. It may not be year 6000 but 6004 and beyond that people finally turn to The Torah…so we can get on with God’s programs and not man’s traditions.

Yes, Adam was created on Day Six to work six days, as our earth toils 6000 years. And, the sixth year of a 7-year Shemittah cycle is key as well. It is year 42…Door to the House. Who is the door to The House…YESHUA.. But now He comes with a sword in his hand…He is pounding the door down in order to RESET The Temple that most humans ask, “WHY, do we need a temple?” It will be the greatest memorial to God on our earth. It will be high and lifted at Joshua’s East Gate, the land given to first born Reuben, good fortune Gad with Gentiles grafted in with the half tribe of Manasseh guarding it. Yes, the Gentile is grafted into this battle of protecting and claiming The Land for God’s peace on this earth.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died as Shemittah cycle SIX began along with the year 5781.

She died on Day Six (Friday)…the evening before the Head of the New Year called Rosh Hoshanna, which also began Day One of The Feast of Trumpets which also just happened to fall on The Sabbath. This does not always happen my friends. Day Two (Sunday) continued to celebrate The Feast of Trumpets.

She was a critical judge that pitted herself against God’s Laws…do not murder…a man should not lie with another male, nor a female with a female. Let us not forget that this judge was REMOVED on 29 Elul. It is the darkest night of the year even being the last day of the year.

29 Elul is also rosh chodesh a vert dark tine. It began the New Year of Civil calendar. Month One and the head of a New Year.

29 Elul is also the ‘thirtieth day of repentance’ during the month of Elul. Elul only has 29 days so the 30-days of repentance take one day from the previous month of Av. Av 30 is the first day of repentance. As we look at this, we see that three months are honored and affected by ‘repentance’: Av Elul Tishri; ie. Aug. Sept. Oct. ie. Month 11, Month 12, Month 1.

Month Twelve of Elul is known as ‘the king is in the field’. Our king is drawing closer and closer to mankind to hear his heart. Every deed, thought and preconceived sin should be repented.

The Fast of Esther and the Jews moved God’s heart so He moved the earthly king’s heart to decide that the Hebrews could defend themselves against an ‘evil edict”. The king’s decree had been given under false pretense via Haman deceiving him. Today we live under false pretense again in The Torah…having to hide even from our families to participate in it. And, we have false elections all over our world with world citizens feeling deceived by their false elections.

God can issue new decrees for us. He heard the hearts of the people and gave King A, ‘option B.’

King Ashauerus had fallen for Haman’s ‘fake news’ issuing a ‘blood edict’…”ALL Jews in 21 provinces are to be exterminated.” The Second Edict: “All Jews could preemptively defend themselves.”

All of this happening in Month Twelve. ADAR – The month a self-made man Julius Caesar would die and his followers would call him their savior. Ruth Bader Ginsberg born this same ‘ide’ day will be heralded the savior of woman’s rights and the LGBTxyz agendas. Just like Haman, Ruth is the deceiver that tricked our kings to murder an entire generation through whom The Messiach wants to return.


Ruth is Haman –

Ruth set herself up against her king (Trump) just as Haman set out to deceive his king (Ashauerus) .

President Trump is Ezra –

The days of judgment were once again upon The Tribes of the patriarch Ya’cov. Americans know they are being judged. But, they really don’t know of what to repent! She is feeling The Days of Ezra trying to cut the ties that Babylon still holds on her. But, at one year exactly from ‘Impeachment Light’, it seems The White House is struggling to keep it’s lights on. It happened on 20 Kislev 2019 and I will publish this to yhebew.com December 18, 2020 which is 20 Kislev 2020. The one-year anniversary of President Trump speaking to us from Wisconsin asking us to pray.

After a year of leaving Babylon The Jews find themselves camped outside of Jerusalem, not able to go in. The walls have been torn down and need rebuilt. They would have to fight on one side of them and carry brick and mortar on the other side of them. They would be fighters and they would be builders…all for the sake of The Torah….which would bring The Messiach. We are definitely in The Days of Ezra trying once again to have God in the flesh arrive back to earth to reign over us.

A year after the Jews returning from Babylon, they were enjoying life; but they were NOT enjoying the presence of God. ADONAI told the priest Ezra that they were unequally yoked. They had taken foreign wives. They had children by these foreign wives that did not know the ways of Yahweh. These foreigners were immediately disqualified to even help build, The Temple.

In December 2019 President Trump quickly called a rally in Wisconsin as his ‘impeachment’ seemed imminent. Wisconsin’s Trump supporters was organizing to come on December 15, 2019. This is the same day that Ezra calls the two tribes to come to Jerusalem. After three days they come to Ezra. On 20 Kislev Judah and Binyamin arrive to see Ezra weeping, fasting, praying and wear sackcloth crying out at the entrance.

On 20 Kislev, President Trump stood before Wisconsin and our world via television to sadly announce his own ‘impeachment light’. It was the same day that Ezra stood before their tribes to announce YHWH’s concern of being entangling with the enemy.

December 13, 2019 President Trump set off of Air Force One to speak in Wisconsin. He paused to announce, “It looks like they want to impeach…but it feels like “impeachment light.” We can look back and see how distracting President Trump’s entire four years was besides losing his many businesses. His sacrifice for America and ‘world peace’ has been by the ‘hand of God’ on him.

Ezra could have been ‘impeached’ as the heads of tribes of Judah and Binyamin returned to their camps to discuss the High Priest Ezra’s proclamation. (Any heart not willing to follow God’s Torah would have to be divorced.) What would they do? Ezra was left wondering for ten days when they finally came back and told him their decision. On Day Ten they ask for more time. And, yes, the Democrats came back and wanted more time. Both came back and said, “We will do it!”

Binyamin and Judah wanted to go before their own judges to settle matters at home.

The Democrats wanted their own witnesses and didn’t want to follow Republican rules of law.

Binyamin and Judah came back from going to their own judges by Month Seven Day One. It was Nissan 1 or April 1. President Trump ended the ‘impeachment trial’ to then have the planned covert operation of COVID presented to him…March 6 he closed our nation…so Easter was shut down as was Passover 2020.

Month Six – Shevat:

February 6, 2020 – Prayer Breakfast with Pelosi…President Trump resented that Pelosi said she prays for him. He told her to not pray for him as he thought she would only pray evil on him.

February 6, 2020 – Impeachment Acquittal.

February 7, 2020 – Dr Li dead. He and his family were reprimanded by Beijing for being the first to alert other doctors about people dying from the virus sent by China.

February 8, 2020 – Saturday Sabbath Torah Reading named: when he sent. Ex 13:17-17:16

February 12, 2020 – 10,000 new cases in Wuhan China.

The world goes into hiding.

Even Hadassah and her family had gone to hid among the nations in order to survive ‘The Return to Jerusalem’s Chaos.

At one year from leaving Babylon God confronted Ezra that The Temple could not be built by foreigners. Yes, the tribes of Judah, Binyamin and others had to return to their families to confront these issues. It was Month Ten (Shevat) when they found out their problem. They would take the month of Adar to go before their own judges to separate from those in their families that did not want to follow the ways of YHWH. They stand before Ezra on Nisan One Day One (Month One) to tell Ezra that they had gotten rid of all foreigners in their lives and they were ready to build.

They could NOT rebuild Jerusalem until they separated (divorced) from those not wanting to follow the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Our world can NOT rebuild itself when attached to Lawlessness. Lawlessness is being instruction less…without God’s instruction. The tribes left their families in beautiful Babylon…they didn’t want to leave what they had helped build the last seventy years. King Cyrus took over Babylon and was very kind to The Jews. It was a slow return.

November 8, 2018 age 85 Cheshvan 30 – RBG falls breaking three ribs. She had used her power to advance gender parity (LBGT).

August 24, 2019 age 86 Completes pancreas cancer treatment.

August 24, 2019 – receives $1 million prize, Beggennen philology culture award; 500 other applicants.

February 25, 2020 – Chastised by her President, Donald Trump in tweet – It was Shevat 30; Rosh Chodesh (dark night) – RBG dies in 150 days, FIVE months. (Letter hei is 5 meaning: behold)

July 20, 2020 – Infection – 28 Tammuz

July 31, 2020 – Hospitalized, non surgical – 10 AV (The Fast of Av 9) RBG dies in exactly 50 days!

September 18, 2020 – Dies, Friday. – 29 Elul. Last day of year/last day to repent before Rosh Hoshanna / New Year 5781. Sixth Shemittah cycle begins next day on Sabbath, Feast of Trumpets.

Born March 15, 1933 on Ides of March.

Assassinated 15 March 44 BC – Julius Caesar

Cancer: Pancreas

Cancer: Lung

First woman to be honored at U.S. Capitol.

Second woman on The U.S. Supreme Court.

Jimmy Carter assigned her when she was a moderate. She closed out 27 years on SC as a LEFT liberal.

November 24, 2020 – Three-story mural painted on a building in New York East Village. The Hebrew date: 8 Kislev:

Kislev 8 – The Maccabees were in the final days of winning back The Temple. 10,000 Jews died to see the presence of God back on our earth. At 10 Kislev The Temple is won! Next, TEN days to cleanse it from idolatry. Ezra’s men divorced their families leaving them to the riches of Babylon.

Enoch describes TEN generations of 700 years each to reach a final cleanse so God’s presence is welcomed. December 11 to 18, 2020 are the eight days of Hanukkah known as The Festival of Lights. The Light of our world is coming bringing clouds of witnesses with Him. Games with a dreidel were played to trick their enemies when in truth they were planning war games to bring back The Temple.

Week Seven WAR GAME players – Bush, Obama, Trump.

Opponents End Game: One World Order! Creator’s End Game: Yeshua to rule earth.

44 BC Caesar died March 15 – Declared God by his Senate. Honored as savior, Julius the Anointed One.

44th President of United States – Barrack Obama. Swears on Koran not Bible..OBAMA-NATION. Democrats adored him but now are waking up as elections have been controlled by Venezuelan Dominion machines.

43 President George Bush – One World Order.

Week Six Year Seven (42) Ends with The Clinton’s in charge…Earthquake in Haiti sets Hilary back from going to Israel. Clinton Foundation set up to pilfer money.

42 President Bill Clinton (Wm Jefferson Blythe III) gave us Hilary – No Conscious, One World Order

“Obama’s bones and his friends bones will held in memorial for all the world to see.” This is the prophecy of 15-year Nathan on 15 Tishri 2015 who died on his aunt’s guest sofa on Day 1 Feast of Tabernacles. God’s War began 27 Elul 2015. Nathan returned as he wanted to do more. Nathan saw a war where Israel was alone. He can now be part of military as he is twenty.

As Nathan returned from seeing the levels of joy and the levels of heat he saw two mighty legs of the warrior messenger of Yeshua who had piercing fiery eyes. “I am coming soon…tell them..I’m coming soon.”

“Yes, you will know him..,many know him.” “He can smell you….He knows your heart!”

“Elohim (God) started his war.” What war? “Elohim’s War.” When did he start it? “27 Elul 2015.”

Daniel’s feet of clay and iron are deteriorating. The Red Dragon of China is no longer a mystery. God’s War was signal by The Four Blood Moons of 2014-2015 set at Passover and Feast of Tabernacles. It began with dust storms in Iran and Iraq killing many. It continued to shake a large mosque with Osama bin’laden’s construction craines falling on people and killing over one hundred…followed by a pile at Ramadan killing over one thousand. These things happen within two weeks of each other just before The Days of Creation: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 Elul; 1 Tishrei.

Chaos came first and we continue in chaos since then. President Donald Trump is Ezra to call out the children to repentance in order to build our world to peace and unity away from Babylon…away from nations that kill babies.

Good-bye Ruth BG. There is a new world coming and God’s children will multiply on the earth with no power stopping it. Good-bye RuthBG. Marriage will be between one woman and one man as The Torah describes. Good-bye RuthBG. You now have stood before your judge and I’m sure wish that you had not listened to the little minions here.

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