They Loved The Torah

GOD Observes AND Responds! 142

God is the Strong Door to His Eternal House – 142

Genesis 11 Man: “Come, so we can make a name for ourselves..”

Gen 11:5 “ADONAI came down to see…’the city, the tower..

Gen 11:6 “..At this rate, nothing they set out to accomplish will be impossible for them!”

Strong (1) Door (4) House (2)


December 14, 2020

Signal: Presidential Electoral Ballots Due December 14, 2020

3 U.S. Code 1 – Every dahlet (four) years beit (2) persons are chosen: 1 President, 1 Vice President

Title 28, U.S. Code, Section 42 – Supreme Court Judges assigned to State Courts of Appeal

World-wide Chaos is World War IV (4)

42% of COVID deaths at Nursing Homes

Trump 42% in Polls 10 days: 10/10/20 – 10/20/2

FOUR million $ judgment against Inc. Biden: $142,000 car

Born 1942: Joe Robinette Biden November 20, Kislev 11

Scripture read worldwide at O’Biden’s birthday: I Kings 1:20…”they are waiting for you to tell them who is to sit on the throne…

I Kings 1:42-53

Verse 48: “Finally, the king said, “Blessed by ADONAI the God of Isra’el, who has given someone to sit on my throne today, when my own eyes can see it.

Dear Friends, We are alive today on this earth at this very moment in time on God’s calendar. He is not shocked by our election results. Sin is being confronted and our enemies scattered.

People say that we can’t know the day or the hour of The Lord’s return. But, The Scripture then retorts back saying that if you are a ‘watcher’ you will see it approach…to see it with your own eyes. There is a generation that will see it with their very own eyes. We are that generation. But, if you just want to ‘rapture out’ and not see it…you’re missing the blessing of seeing it. King David even saw the correct son cast away David’s old enemies. We are seeing God in Action and need to praise Him that we can be part of this war to give action to our faith in The Only Begotten Son…the true heir.

The calendar has been stolen as have God’s times…celebrations. Christians are beginning to grasp the power of the ‘jubilee’ and how it’s pattern also marks to set things free. If we deny God’s calendar we are denying communicating with God. Only a few virgins (Torah keepers) had the correct oil to go in. Theses Torah Teachers are called ‘GREAT’ in the Kingdom of God. If churches are not teaching The Torah as a means of ‘living safely’ on the earth, they are closed. God disperses religions and calls them confusion (Babylon).

Learning God’s language is very interesting. It is not based on any vowels but only consonants. And each word come from a root source of three consonants. We won’t learn that here but we will look at some of a letters picture language.

It is the ‘Dahlet, to open, door’ that is chanted in, ‘Four more years’ at our elections. The dahlet is the door that we open to see what it holds.

The Door of Repentance has to open up first in order to come into God’s House. Then we can grow our tribes (families) safe on the earth. We are to follow the ancient path which is, The Torah. Every generation since Adam has had their own life-journey of following God’s instruction. It is in that life-journey of obedience to God that glory is delivered back to, The Father. Christians should be able to understand this as Jesus is known as, The Living Word. Thus, He is The Living Torah (instruction).

In Jewish teachings they know The Messiach will sit on The Seat of Mosche…which means, The Messiach will give honor to The Torah…filling it up completely…never violating it in one point. In fact, we being in human flesh will break some part of it because of our humanity. But, The Messiach will NEVER violate it which qualifies him as The Messiah that can rule. Thus again, JESUS NEVER was under a law, but was teaching us God’s instruction via Mosche Torah. We fill up our lives via our rabbi Yeshua Jesus. He only could speak The Words given to him by The Father..making them one.

The Father gave himself to us via Yeshua (Jesus). When the breath letter of ‘hei’ is added at the end of Yeshua, we now declare The Father’s name, YESHUAH. We must know the Father’s name and are to know the son’s name. They are the same because they are ONE…and the same. YHWH; Yeshua, Yeshuah.

(The letter ‘j’ is a letter added a couple hundred years ago to the English language. Even on The King James Bible of 1611 it is printed, ‘Iames’.

The Hebraic language holds the ‘secrets of God’ revealed in all things living and non-living. The depth in which God speaks to us is seen in ALL life cycles flowing from creation to now. His communication comes through numbers even in street addresses to the saros series of an eclipse.

Man was created on Day Six. God will renew the earth at the close of 6000 years because it patterns to the ‘day of rest’ being Day 7 or 7000 years. And, it can be patterned again to it’s exact year because the pattern speaks to six again. The Sixth Shemittah cycle are years: 36-42! 42 being the last year! (see below for chart)

Sixth Shemittah cycle began on September 19, 2020. It is Month One Day One, Tishri 1.

It is Rosh Hosanna that heads the ‘civil’ calendar that announces kings.

(Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a Supreme CourtJustice, was removed the day before on 29 Elul 2020.)

Feast of Trumpets two days long on Month One Day One and Two; Tishri 1 and 2.

On November 20, 2020 SECTION 42 was implemented to determine Supreme Court Justice assigned to states to hear the cases coming through that states ‘court of appeals’.

On November 25, the PA Congress heard witnesses to their state’s ‘FRAUD’. Blame included the Pennsylvania Governor, Secretary of State and their Supreme Court. Voting rules were changed for this Presidential election. After over three and one-half hours of testimony, their Congress closed for Thanksgiving to then meet on Friday, November 27, 2020 to NOT certify their election.

Wars are not always fought on a battle field on different soils. They are fought on home soil and now via the airways. Information goes to and fro on our earth moving knowledge in a nano second. Scriptures defines knowledge ever increasing across the earth.

America is said to be it’s FOURTH World War. The Hebrew letter Dahlet is pictured as a door. WWIV is a war via the doors of BIAS media, censored social media, internet, propaganda media, movies with an agenda…fake conversations pressed upon the multitudes for a One World Agenda.

These same formats were was used by the NAZI Party of Germany (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). This poison spread through our world with America leading the way through FORD who was awarded the highest honor by Hitler for his money and influence in America and world.

Our world still buys FORD today because FORD Jr. says, “That was my dad, not me.” The only Nazi’s jailed and hung were but a few leaders found out by the MOSSAD of Israel. America gave Nazi jobs and put them into our NASA programs. Satellites cover our skies holding the world hostage with their 5G that could burn up cities if used as a war machine. Proud Hitler never committed suicide but went into hiding with Venezuela leading the way for hiding these despicable people. These WWII NAZI leaders have caused our WWIII and current WWIV. America is on it’s knees bowing to The Red Dragon of China that has been operating for 5000 years using the theme of Totalitarianism.

These evil influences are alive and well. The Venezuelan Chavez family created voting machines called ‘Dominion’ that altar the popular vote. They can access these machines via internet and change millions of ballots to a different candidate. Corrupt leaders own countries that then cause soldiers to lose their lives fighting corruption in these countries. The Red Dragon doesn’t care what type of government you operate under as long as they can ‘authority’ over the people. A ‘Republic’ is by ‘the people and for the people. This the Red Dragon hates and thus disrupts the elections in those countries.

The U.S. hired NAZI’s to NASA making it’s venues easier to locking down our world. Instead of death camps we are under surveillance at home where we die from medicines overloading our bodies. One prescription can cause body overload. Vaccines make ‘fire’ in our brains so we no longer evens tand up straight. America is a ‘death camp’ by 2020. These NAZI doctors experimented for SEVEN years in ‘Death Camps’, 1938-1945. Even the year of finality (42) was present when ‘The final Solution’ to quicker deaths came. Gas showers for Six millions Jews. Mutilated bodies all in the name of ‘science’.That war removed at least 50 MILLION humans dying to their cause of authoritarianism.

1942 – ‘Death Camps with cremation chambers causing human ash to fall from the skies.

2020 – January – a hysterical Wuhan China nurse cried as she shared a video she made of her pleading for the lives of COVID patients. They were not yet dead as she videoed their hands and feet moving. They were putting them in double body bags to disguise they were alive. In hiding she followed and filmed the victims placed in the crematory. No good-byes to family…no help to stay alive. When Beijing-hired spies duties end, they too are silenced. Cell phones don’t answer…imprisoned or gone.

This Red Dragon’s fire is burning in each COVID person’s lungs. Fire will cleanse our earth to purify it. ASH will fall again in remembrance of all the Jews lost in the Holocaust and also today’s COVID crematories. We must STOP this dragon and cut our nation (horn) off it’s head.

Americans refused ships with Jews fleeing a holocaust occurring around our world. Jews died on those ships and still were turned away by Americans and other countries. They had to return to their original ports to only dig their own grave to be shot and fall into the big trenches. These actions will be repeated if our our schools don’t teach this history. Black human injustice is a terrible thing but it is actually being done by those who cast blame on others.

The propaganda machine draws on old history which really is no longer valid in most of our land. Laws of NO steering in real estate have worked for years. And all children can attend school of their choice. Friends of tyranny want us to believe we still live back in the days of Pride and Prejudice. If America is so prejudice and full of hate then why did we have a black president for eight years? And, it seems these Dominion machine elections have been manipulating our elections far before 2020?

There is a set course that is laid out for our world and it takes each man to be born at their designated time to have each pattern unfold according to God’s purposes. Each stage of history takes on it’s own character and brings forth men to play out the patterns in their own personal lives. It is in this consistent pattern that we can look back at history and learn from it. Man’s sin nature has not changed.

In the first Adam we recognize sin is in a human being.

In the ‘second’ Adam we recognize that the first Adam’s sin that is in each human as well, is resolved.

The Pattern of forgiveness WITH JUSTICE carries throughout history from Adam to now.

If you don’t discipline your child after his or her disobedience, you and society suffer because that child grows self centered. Discipline is guidance between right and wrong.

Our earth is going through a discipline from their Creator. Many people do NOT want to believe this because churches teach ‘God is love’. They don’t see God’s discipline as real. They have been told viruses will always be with us. The COVID 19 plague/planned-demic was intentional to kill multitudes, remove education, destroy capitalism, mail-in ballot for our world’s election. 2020 will be known as The Fraud of the Century!

God is NOT a softy. People do not understand God’s attributes that are fully on display in our world. He is known by His attributes which is also His names. The thirteen attributes spoken by God to Moses describe the character of God. So, what is His name? His name is defined in his attributes.

Many people don’t give God credit for disasters or the trauma in their lives. Insurance companies even call disasters, ‘Acts of nature’. No one declares God as Judge of the Earth, ie: ‘ACTS OF GOD.’

There is not a hair on your head that God does not know about. There is also not one good or EVIL thought that you will not be held accountable for. God smells us…and knows the true intent of our heart through our actions. People say they give their ‘heart’ to Jesus and yet their smell never rises up as a ‘sweet savor’ before The LORD. Prayers can NOT be heard because the heart never got circumcised unto The Lord. Even as a tiny pimple stinks, think of our bodies that are full of parasites and worms. Humans have a stench in our humanity. Isaiah 29:13, 15. “..What sorrow awaits those who try to hide their plans from the LORD, who do their evil deeds in the dark!”

Each page in the book, Decoding the Book of Jeremiah by Pastor Mark Biltz is a page thinker. I ponder each item looking for a connecting link to The Acts of God via a pattern.

As we look into the Patterns, God sets mankind according to His rhythm that has His rhyme and His deep reasoning. His rhythm permeates our earth. It’s depth is unreal and explodes in the Hebrew and English language. God’s plans are not hidden from us. Matthew 3:5 “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.”

Remember: ‘You don’t know what you don’t yet know.’ This is why The Scriptures tell us to: study daily to show yourself an approved workman of the Lord. The more we know, the more we will be held accountable. Most people don’t want to argue so they ‘agree to disagree.’ Yes, it may take time to listen to a correction of doctrine, Yes, it may take effort to ‘study’ the subject because it is a ‘foreign idea to you. Fresh knowledge takes time to evaluate. Don’t be too quick to pass by information that shows you the character of your The Creator. People live in the ‘fast lane’ of life and don’t take time eto evaluate eternal issues. Much too often they change the subject as they have grown up hearing: “Don’t talk about religion or politics.” That is false statement. They are the two most important topics.

Let’s set sail on the oceans of history on our earth to study about the door that leads to the house. The numbers are 4 and 2. The letters are dahlet and beit. They are pictured as a door and a house. The Son Yeshua Jesus is pictured as knocking on the door of the house. He is the door AND the house; 42.

The Father sent himself in flesh to knock on our hearts. He does NOT remain knocking on the door if you refuse to come walk with him according to His instructions. In fact, the Shulamite woman heard her groom knocking but she ask if he would return later as she just come in from the rain and taken off her coat. She is a picture of The Assembly (church). The church had experienced rain (blessing) in the past but now the doors are closed. The people wanted more than Jesus to entertain them. Soon ‘Jesus’ no longer draw crowds and the church became Rick Warren’s ‘seeker’ friendly…come as you are..okay to leave as you came..but come back again because we’ve removed any ‘instructions’ that offend you. (No Law…only grace?)

Jesus is taking too long to return so we’ll play church our way…,making our own traditions….when the people were specifically told by Joshua, “Do not follow after the traditions of men; the Go’em.”

ALEPH 1 – Ox, strength, God

BEIT – 2 – House

DAHLET – 4 – Door

Mark Biltz book, page 2 Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah we find patterns immediately.

The twelve tribes are also called The Twelve Tribes of the man Ya’cov whose name was changed to Israel. God wants us to follow the life of this Ya’cov / Isra’el and his sons and their families. Patterns will be set to keep us safe on the earth. Patterns are set so we have confidence in God’s programs.

Our lives and our leaders will flow through these same patterns of life activities and life sacrifices to do one thing. What is it? To give our Creator ElElyon the glory (the credit) for all that happens. His ways are not our ways, so we must have faith. Faith is proven through action. Psalms 33:21 “In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.” We trust in his attributes. John 16:22 “You have sorrow now, but I will see you again, then you will rejoice, and no one can rob you of that you.”

Our universe is held together by the very essence of God…spoken by God. The Hebrew language confirms itself 22 letters that also reveal 22 numbers with 22 pictures. It is a complete language with supporting actors confirming itself.

FACTS: Pattern for house; Pattern for clean and unclean

There are 22 specific items created in the six days of creation. Two is pictured as a house. God made earth to be a house of mankind. God made two houses in the beginning; Adam and Chanoh (Eve). They first had two sons…one acted unclean while one acted clean.

God had ‘unclean’ animals go into Noach’s ark by twos (pairs). God had ‘clean’ animals go into the ark by SEVEN pairs (two each). Thus for every two ‘unclean’ animals there would be fourteen ‘clean’ animals saved. That is 2 and 14. It was complete. Numbers 1 (aleph/strength/ox), Number 4 (dalhet/door), Number 2 (beit/house). God’s goal is to complete his house in us on earth…as it is in heaven. God’s house is in heaven is spiritual while our bodily temple is physical. We live on earth in mortal bodies until the ‘completion’ of all things’ which gives us our immortal bodily housing.

The year 2022 says what is means: Twenty is Rosh (Head). The Rosh (head) of the house house is God’s son (ben) Yeshua who dwells within our bodily temple to ‘gimel’ (3) lift us up.

Numbers 1 aleph, 2 beit, 3 gimel show us the strength of the house is the son lifted up. It is Yeshua Jesus lifted up on the stake at 4000 years that is the perfect plan of God to save each human being to eternal life (in the spiritual realm)…for those that will accept this plan.

The first born child Cain would NOT accept God’s plan of proper sacrifice. God accepted Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. One had fat that could burn for a sweet smell reminding us of our prayers. The spoiled child Cain was sent off. A third son came just as God will send Yeshua Jesus to begin rule on our earth in The Third Day (at year 6000).

God’s purpose of dwelling with man on earth has not changed. This indwelling is physical and leads to eternal spiritual life. YHWH’s heavenly house is prepared to dwell at the earth or sitting just off the earth. It is physical with actual dimensions.

Exodus 38:14 – Tapestries are 22.5 long on both sides of The Temple entrance. Noach’s ark sat 22.5 feet above the earth’s highest mountain with the water looking like a veil between the past world and new world. The tabernacle veils represent the old life on one side and new life on the other.

Year 2022.5 AD Will the pattern flow so exact that our Creator aligns the year of it’s delivery to it’s veil dimensions? It is coming…and soon! 2021 looks very promising as does 2022 and six months. God’s War would then be exactly 7 years long (2015-2022). In 2015, fifteen-year old Nathan died on 15 Tishri and returned shortly. He learned that God had started His war on 27 Elul (Month 12 Day 27). He was told that Yeshua’s angel would come soon. Nathan is now twenty years old and qualified for the Israeli military. He returned so he could do more for YHWH. I suggest that he will participate in the very war that he saw from heaven.

Birthday Boy Biden goes OUT on his birth dates: November 20, 2020 and 11 Kislev 2020.

Unhappy 78th Joe Robinette Biden – Born on Friday, Erev Vayetze “He went out: Genesis 28:10-32:3; Hosea 12:13-14:10; John 1:41-51; Kislev 12 5781.

November 27 – Kislev 11 2020 Joe Robinette Biden 78 Hebrew birthday. Pennsylvania Congress votes to NOT certify their President Election because of fraudulent activities. Gregorian Birthday November 20 U.S. Supreme Court assigned to hear states ‘court of appeals’ in fraudulent 2020 voting.

Islam began their calendar in 642 AD. Founder Mohammad’s death year.

Muslim Barrack Obama somehow obtained the Presidential office of the United States for eight years; 2008-2016. He was sworn into this number one office in the world upon, The Book of Koran. Thus,

the 44th president of the United States of America began by insulting the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. And, this president would NOT give any honor to Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu. This 44th President would in fact work against the Nation of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. During this eight years America would be called, Babylon.

Mohammad’s bands of terrorists killed to conquer with those survivors being made slaves if they did not convert to Mohammad ism. One revenging raid in Indonesia failed. At Mohammad’s death they would swear to avenge that failed raid. Soon 350,000 Indonesians went killed, went missing or converted to Islam. Today, China remembers that history and is currently holding at least 350,000 Muslim people in Chinese camps. China is a 5,000 year-old dragon that remembers her number losses. She also is known to have machines that make organ donations readily available. If you are an enemy to China, you just may become an organ donor.

Miracle: July 22, 2017 – 28 Tammuz, 60-day old black Angus died from heat exhaustion in MO resurrects! Named Mattot Massei as that was the Torah Parshah that day. Solar Eclipse Aug

42 Parshah – Torah Study – Mattot (tribe), Numbers 30:2 (1) – 32:42

Book Four of The Torah: Numbers / Barmidbar


Numbers 30:2 “Then Moshe spoke to the heads of the tribes of the people of Isra’el. He said, “Here is what ADONAI has ordered:

Moshe spoke face to face or mouth to mouth…not seeing Him, but hearing every word God spoke.

30:3 when a man makes a vow to ADONAI or formally obligates himself by swearing an oath, he is not to break his word but is to do everything he said he would do.”

Leaders, heads of government, all of us are NOT to break our vows by using God’s name because then we make God a liar. Men break the covenants but God can NOT…He is not a liar.

God’s name can NOT be forsaken. Vows are not to be made unless we can keep them.

Obama’s vows were sworn in the name of Allah. America accepted this for eight years. We have recognized Obama’s god before our Lord thy God violating the first of God’s commandments.

Exodus (Shemot)

20:2 “I am ADONAI your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the abode of slavery.”

20:3 “You are to have no other gods before me.”

20:4 “You are not to make for yourselves a carved image of any kind of representation of anything in heaven above, on the earth beneath or in the water below the shoreline.”

Exodus 36:9 Each sheet was forty-two feet long and six feet wide, all the sheets were the same size.

(TEN sheets x 42′ = 420 feet of veil.)

42×6 could measure in feet, years, weeks, age, generations, ruler ship, earth’s time.

(Yeshua Jesus came, suffered, died arose by age 42, by year 42 AD, Shemittah cycle 6 (36-42).

When cutting their marriage vows with the Midianites before they could cross into the Promised Land they retrieved 420 pounds of gold and silver from Midianites bringing it to Moshe for The Tabernacle.

A 400-year old scroll of The Book of Jeremiah was found by Rabbit Shapira, founder of Ahavat Ammi Ministries who lives in Israel. Pastor Biltz page XIII – had just taught for six months on the Book of Jeremiah. He was currently working on Jeremiah 31. Rabbi Shapira had just read Chapter 31 at the Western Wall Plaza with video commentary. Rabbi Shapira called Pastor Biltz and they were both awed at the hand of God on them as they were walking out their Jeremiah experience together. Rabbi Shapira a few hours later emailed Pastor Biltz as God told him that he was to give this Jeremiah scroll to Pastor Biltz. It was with tears Pastor Biltz would hold this over 400-year old scroll in his hands three days later. It is with this spirit that God has lead him to write Decoding The Prophet Jeremiah

Pastor Biltz baptized me in the Sea of Galilee in 2009. I’ve not been the same since as my heart yearns to study and learn so all can be ‘the greatest’ in the kingdom of God.

Pastor Biltz told me to look for patterns. That has been my intent the last 11 (eleven) years (2009-2020). He saw the lunar eclipses aligning with The Lord’s Feasts and wrote study books about it. These patterns of connecting with The Father moved people into action to study what The Lord’s Feasts mean to them personally.

FOUR (4) Total Eclipse in TWO (2) years! 2014, 2015 – These eclipses marked God’s War. God’s War began as they fulfilled their mission of being a legitimate ‘Tetrad’, hosting four consecutive total lunar eclipse.

The first TOTAL lunar eclipse of the 2014-15 lunar Tetrad occurred on Passover Day 1, Nissan 15, 2014; The next Total lunar eclipse was on The Feast of Tabernacles Day 1 (Tishri 15) in 2014. The third Total lunar eclipse was again Passover Day One but now in 2015. The last Total lunar eclipse was again Day One of Feast of Tabernacles Tishri 15 of 2015.

I was at Lake Paradise, MO attending a wedding rehearsal which is what The Feast of Tabernacles is about…Messiah coming for his Bride. Each year this festival is a rehearsal preparing for the real one.

In Israel, the same day, a Jewish boy named Nathan, age 15, died in his aunt’s bedroom. Family filled the house because of the Feast of Tabernacles in her home. After 20 minutes he revived to tell God’s story. This secular Jewish boy would tell his story to a group of rabbis at the prompting of his uncle. His taped statements went viral via the internet but his parents had it closed down. It can still be seen.

This young man Nathan would become our modern day Prophet Nathaniel. It was Prophet Nathan that told young David he would be king one day. This same prophet Nathan confirmed that Bathsheba’s son Solomon would be king after David. Today’s prophet Nathan confirmed that The Warrior Angel was coming with a sharp sword in his right hand…the hand the south…the hand of strength….it is Binyamin coming..Son of the House of God. He told them that HaShem had started His war. What War? God’s War. When did it start? God’s War began on 27 Elul 5776. (This Creation Day 3 .)

This young Nathan would declare wrath by God to bring God’s peace to our earth. He knew he wanted to do more for The Father so he returned to give witness that The Messiach was coming soon. Five is the letter ‘hei’ shown as a gate and described as ‘behold’. This new prophet Nathan is now 20 years old in 2020 and he would be eligible for the Israeli military. I believe he will participate in the very war that he witnessed in heaven. Israel fights alone losing millions, but they win because His feet come down and shake the earth.

I share this at the time we are said to be in WW IV. We must remember Prophet Nathan’s message from the Great Warrior Angel Yeshua…that He was coming for war..very soon. We must focus on God’ 2015 War that remove man’s peace in order to bring God’s Peace to our earth.

God’s Wars remove man’s peace in order to bring His peace. We are in the fifth year of God’s War. Five is the Hebrew letter ‘hei’ meaning to ‘behold’. Will there be two more years to make up that SEVEN-year pattern we are trained to spot? Ya’cov came out of Laban in year 20 to show us our year 20 and our twentieth century. 2020 has closed more homes (beit/2) than anything else worldwide.

(Enoch 92-93 describes earth’s TEN generations of 700 years each. Worldly Laven follows the pattern of TEN and SEVEN, too.)

Genesis 31:13 – Ya’cov encounters YHWH in a dream who tells him to leave Laven’s household.

Genesis 31:22-23 After fleeing for TEN days from Laban Ya’cov’s entire family with herds and flocks are tired. Laban had not been told for three days and then Lavan chases them for seven days. We see this pattern with Adam and Chanoah. They have specific instructions of being set apart certain days before entering their Promised Paradise. It is three days and seven days which makes ten days with another thirty days which total forty days of being set apart before they are allowed into The Gan of Eden.

We see the number four in forty completing their time (door) to sanctification just as Yeshua is delivered through the door of human flesh to our earth to sanctify us at 4000 years. He is the

‘ben’ son in the house (letter beit)…the Son of God come to build a house/temple inside of us for God’s spirit to dwell.

Ya’cov meets his self-serving father-in-law and lets him search his entire camp looking for the gold applied to several objects. Laven’s images of gold are NOT found because Ya’cov’s favored wife is sitting on them. Gen 31:47-52 They make an oath (covenant) with stones declaring not to harm each other in the future. Lavan swore by his father’s Aramaic language Y’gar-Sahaduta (‘pile of witness’) and Ya’cov called it Gal-Ed (pile of witness) in Hebrew.

Genesis 31:53-54 – May the God of Avraham and also the god of Nachor, the god of their father, judge between us. But Ya’akov swore by the One his father Yitz’chak (Isaac) feared…..

Genesis 32:29 Ya’akov name is changed to Isra’el and he called the place P’ni’El (face of God).

Because Ya’cov wrestled with God he could now meet his self-serving brother Esau. Ya’cov will appease his twin brother by offering half of what he had acquired in his last year in The Land of Lavan.

Ya’cov Leaving Laven in year 20-21 shadows to our earth’s 20th and 21st century of which we are a part of right now. Israel had her holocaust (1938-1945) in the 20th Century. Now we observe Peace Accords with the world in our current 21st Century. From 2008 – 2016 there was no peace because we had a Muslim President showing tendencies to Islam in the Middle East. He even brought Israel’s Prime Minister BB Netanyahu in the back door of the WH…with Obama showing BB the bottom of his shoe which is a Middle Eastern sign of disrespect.

2017-2021 Trump – God’s Time Clock is very accurate with his beloved child Ya’cov…Israel. Yah moved Ya’cov out of Laban’s reach because he did evil to him. Today, Yah moved Israel out of the world’s reach and lifts her up as an example of peace to other nations. This was Pastor Trump’s calling…Yes, Pastor Trump is what I seem to always call him. He is pastoring the nations to love Israel.

Ya’cov Leaving Laven shadows The Third Day since Week Three holds the years 15 to 21 in a Shemittah cycle. When you take the 6000-year history of our world so far and divide it into 2000 year increments you have the last 2000 years being, The Third time period.

Yeshua Jesus came at year 4000. We are now closing out another 2000 years after that…rightfully calling this time period, The Third Day…(of 2000 years).

There are many examples of three-days in the lives of people in the Bible. And, the one that Yeshua Jesus told us to remember was Job in the belly of a giant sea creature. He came out very slimy but was alive just as we will rise up too in that THIRD DAY. I’m showing you all kinds of signs, but Yeshua Jesus said they will not believe miracles and signs in the end of days, but only give them the sign of Jonah. Thus, if we’re still being taught it is just a BIG fish story and not a REAL happening…we won’t accept Jesus rose from the grave either. But, I will keep showing you ‘signs and signals’ just in case you have a circumcised heart and want to know The Father is still in control.

Ya’cov Leaving Laven shadows God’s timing of a day being one thousand years. Thus time is like a blink of an eye to the Lord. But, if we broke it down to find what a half hour of time is since we see that in Scripture being described as a time of silence, what is a half hour of heaven’s time?

A 24-hour day is 1000 years, thus twenty-four divided into 1000 is 41.666 years which is one hour of heaven’s time. We just have to take that in half to find out heaven’s one-half hour of time. That would be 20.83 years.

We might want to keep these numbers in mind because these numbers are close to 42 that permeates God-patterns and also 21 permeates God-patterns. It’s like the fullness is almost seen and yet things happen right before it. This makes it fun so no man can give that exact calculation and it makes The Father in control of all things.

Quickly,,,without a long discussion. The Book of Jubilees states the specific year Binyamin was born. 2186. Fourteen years before that exact beit beit meaning house house number. Thus, we can expect God’s house (Temple) to go up just before. Even Noach has The Flood in year 1333 getting off in 1334 to begin again. This again shows years will pass before the next generation described by Enoch begins. In this case 66 years from getting off the ark in 1334 will pass as this generation begins to grow to begin Generation Three (years 1401 – 2100).

Enoch describes TEN generations of 700 years each…of which Enoch was the last righteous man in the earth’s first generation (0-700 years). Enoch’s righteous line began with reformed Adam and his third son, Shem.

Enoch’s great grandson would be the righteous one in the earth’s second generation (701-1400).

Abram will be the righteous seed in the earth’s third generation (1401-2100)

Yosef (Joseph) will be righteous in the earth’s fourth generation (2101-2800)

Mosch will be found righteous to lead in the fifth generation (2801-3500)

Yeshua is God-Righteous in the sixth generation (3500-4200)

ENOCH 92 – Describes Ten Generations

0000 – 0700 – Generation One

0701 – 1400 – Generation Two

1401 – 2100 – Generation Three

2101 – 2800 – Generation Four

2801 – 3500 – Generation Five

3501 – 4200 – Generation Six

4201 – 4900 – Generation Seven

4901 – 5600 – Generation Eight

5601 – 6300 – Generation Nine

6301 – 7000 – Generation Ten

Ya’cov Leaves Laven after being deceived twenty years and his wages changed TEN times. He leaves in year 20 fighting his way home…settling away from Esau who has control over Abraham’s and Isaac’s wealth. He again walks back into deception….of which he participated with the encouragement of his mother Rebekah, Laven’s full sister. Their father Bu’tel was also a deceiver.

The Third Shemittah cycle with Laven (15-21). Ya’cov acquires two wives over 14 years and his flocks and herds in the last six years. Genesis 31:41-42

The close of Ya’cov’s Third Shemittah cycle (years 15-21) holds Binyamin’s birth indicating The Messiach’s arrival back to earth. Suffered once to die and now returning as king of kings to rule a generation of time. (Will the rule be one thousand years or 700 years. Adam died 700 years short of being 1000 years old. Yeshua may finish up that 700 years to honor the first man. And, another brain teaser…at the close of the 7000 years The Deceiver is released for a short time to try to deceive those born during that 7th generation. Could that be 70 years since it’s one-tenth of a 700-year generation? Israel was displaced for 70 years in Babylon. Adam 930 was short 70 years of living one complete day of one thousand years.

Jews recognize The Messiach has two characters: Suffering and Strength. Ya’cov’s second and last son with his favored wife Rachel, Binyamin is a type of suffering and strength. Binyamin older brother by seven years is also a type of suffering and strength. Issac Newton is our current type of suffering and strength. President Trump is another type of strength and suffering in our very ‘end of days’.

Gen 35:19 As she died she named him Ben-Oni (son of my grief). Thus, the Messiach is seen as ‘the suffering servant’.. But his father called him Binyamin (son of the right hand, son of the south) showing us the pattern to The Messiach will also be ‘King of Kings’.

Binyamin was born to a idol-loving mother of whom her husband told her to ‘ask God for a child’ it is up to him. This almost barren woman was a liar, thief and complainer to God. Her death occurs in the year 2186 from Adam according to The Book of Jubilees. Ya’cov her husband was gone helping Isaac and Rebekah his elderly parents when she gives birth. He returns to find his favored bride dead. Ya’cov’s wife Leah is buried next to Ya’cov in Hebron. I visited Rachel’s tomb that was fraught with weeds outside the area of where the six Patriarchs are entombed. People do help keep her tomb area clean but Muslims control the area. Christians and Jews are not welcome there.

Genesis 31:41-42 I served you fourteen years for two daughters and six years for your flock; and you changed my wages ten times…..

Binyamin son of troubles was born fourteen years before the year 2200 AM. It is just before the 440th Jubilee of our earth. The Door (4) is completing it’s purpose (40). God’s kings were given 40 years to rule. Ya’cov’s Binyamin…patterned to Yeshua Jesus. Yeshua came the year 4000…another letter dahlet showing a large door to history that would not STOP the story but continue you into our future. He came to fill up all the prophecies and pattern laid out for mankind to review even in our day. Yes, Yeshua came to suffer and die but he is also Binyamin..favored now by his father as an only son since Joseph was sold to Egypt. Ya’cov taught Binyamin The Torah (instructions) of God passed to him from his generations of Abraham.

Yeshua Jesus would NOT live to year 42 AD or live to age 42, but our SAVIOR is patterned back to Noach. The Third Day of our Lord’s as King of King’s return…and His being lifted up after three days in the grave and of whom began a three-year ministry at age thirty was first patterned to The Flood…year 1333 AM. (The book of precise dating..The Book of Jubilees…confirms The Flood dates…we do NOT have to calculate years of genealogies from Adam to Noach to know the real date. In fact, this is the only calculation that is used to come up with 1,656 years from Adam for The flood.)

Noach and Yeshua Jesus suffered, rose up coming out at year 1334…age 34 rising up off the earth to The Father in heaven. Yes, three is the letter Gimel pictured as a camel that lifts up. The Third (Gimel) Day and 34 (dahlet/door) lifted up ark with a door on Yeshua is our Door to The Father and eternal life. Noach’s years of preparing for flood includes year 1330. Yeshua’s age 30 prepares our world for another big shift to OPEN the veil to a new world never seen before. In The Third Day the heaven’s will open their veils and we will see the other side.

Noach’s structure of the ark had a set of instructions (torah) that looked to the future. Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness would have similar dimensions and did Solomon’s Temple take on a rectangle shape with an inner and outer court. YHWH is always showing us on earth what is going on in The Heavenly pattern. As in HEAVEN so on earth should be taken literally. YHWH (The Father) shows Himself through The Son Yeshua Jesus of whom came as The Living Word..known as The Living Torah.

Progressive Patterns point back and forth…like ascending and descending angels bringing reports of earth’s activities to The Father.

What day are they worshiping? Are they keeping their tradition of Sunday holy or my holy day of Day Seven I told Adam to keep holy.

Are they ‘marking’ Month One, Four, Seven and Twelve so their appointments with me align correctly?

What are they eating at my appointments I call, The Lord’s Feasts?

During the Millennial reign of One Day of my son Yeshua Jesus on earth, what clothes will they be wearing? Priestly garments as Levites will be required. Simeonites don’t hear and will not enter.

Decoding The Book of Jeremiah – Pastor Mark Biltz, 2020.

page XVII “…you will discover many crazy anomalies. For instance, the first verse of Jeremiah 25 took place in the fourth year of Jehoiakim.”

Page 1 – Jeremiah was around TEN years old. He lived in the time that lead to the destruction of The Temple. He writes during the days of Hezekiah the son of King Ahaz who ruled at 741 BC. Thus, the years King Ahaz before will be those years that close our a season of weeks….such as weeks 36-42 in the Shemittah cycle.

In 741 BC (20) twenty year old Ahaz became the king of Judah…the southern kingdom. He ruled for sixteen years. AHAZ was the son of King Jotham and the father of Hezekiah. Jotham was born at 761 BC…and 20 years later…by 741 he was a king, a very young king.

Ahaz is our figure in history that closed out the sixth cycle and the last year of that cycle, 42. The dahlet (4) to the beit (4) or we could say that the door to the house ended and a new era rose up…to finish out the fifty-year cycle…or to celebrate the jubilee year where all is set free. Actually, he begins to rule just after a jubilee year 750 BC so he is the new kid for the next Jubilee series.

King Ahaz ruled during a Civil War between the twelve tribes and more specifically, The Ten Tribes of Israel and The Two Tribes of Judah. The Twelve Tribes are in turmoil with each other so much so that only two tribes will remain; Judah and Benjamin known as JUDAH.

Judah the Lion joined to Ben ‘house’/son of strength…son of respect. Benjamin was highly protected since his mother Rachel died at his birth. Rachel’s nurse would care for him. His only brother Yosef, older by seven years, was sold to Egypt when Binyamin was just TEN years old. Binyamin has TEN of his own children when Yosef calls him to Egypt to survive the remaining FIVE years of famine.

Pattern: Enoch tells of TEN generations of 700 years each. At the close of the 7000th year change comes to our earth. God’s shikina magnifies the earth. There is no need the sun or moon for light.

Mankind must die to the idols in their lives. They can no longer steal the souls of others by following other gods. Yosef was the only child for seven years before Binyamin was born. The Father has given us 7000 years alone before we are returned to the glory of The Father. We will be lifted up as kings and queens as Yosef was lifted up before his family. We are given new clothes and housed just as Yoseph provided land and new clothing in Goshen for his entire family every year.

Joseph was 17years old when sold out by his brothers. His father Ya’cov would finally be united with him but only for another 17years before Ya’cov dies in Egypt but is buried in Hebron with Abraham and Sarah and his father Isaac and Rebekah. He finds him acting as second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt just as Yeshua will rule our earth being only second to The Father of who instructs him in everything.

Thirty-four years Ya’cov (and his family) would behold Yosef on the earth. Yosef’s life pictures Yeshua Jesus as they are both seen for 34 years on the earth. Our ‘suffering servant’ Yeshua was in physical form in 17 AD being about age 20. Now we see the year 2017 being a year of triumph for Ya’cov’s children in our 21st century…which began in the 20th century.

Another man will rose up on our earth that endorsed Ya’cov (Israel) and actually was given three peace awards within 3.5 years which is also 42 months. Donald Trump was installed as President of the United States in 2017. He immediately recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol by moving the US embassy from Tele ‘viv to Jerusalem. This led other nations to follow suit making Jerusalem the ‘apple of God’s eye’ to the world in just 1260 days…3.5 years, also 42 months…it was complete.

Decoding The Book of Jeremiah by Pastor Biltz, page 2 –

As the year 742 BC closed we find several godly prophets were trying to get the people of God to mend their ways and stop their baseless hatred toward each other.

“God’s most significant challenges are never with the heathen but with His own children. Some of the greatest prophets – Isaiah, Micah, and Hosea…were trying to have an impact on Israel during this time.”

Hosea 4:2 “only swearing and lying, killing and stealing and committing adultery (other gods). They break all bounds, with one blood crime following another.”

Hosea 4:6 “I will destroy your mother. My people are destroyed for want of knowledge. Because you rejected knowledge (The Torah), I will also reject you as cohen (priests) for me. Because you forgot the Torah (instruction) of your God, I will also forget your children.

The Torah – God’s holy Word written to us via The Bible is our mother. People want knowledge but they don’t want God’s instructions. We are rejected as priests for the Most High because we lack the knowledge of how to be priests. We know about the Son of God but we don’t KNOW the Son of God.

The Messiah was written about so mankind could see God’s character. The ‘suffering servant’ came to walk out The Torah for 33-34 years. He never violated it in one point. Why? Because if he did violate it in one point Yeshua Jesus would be called a sinner. He could never qualify to be The Messiah.

It is humans that can’t keep it. Humans know they will violate it somewhere…they aren’t called to be perfect but they are called to repent when they do sin. The Torah shows mankind that they are NOT to try and be little gods. There is One God…One Son of God and they are united in word and action. We are to be united with them in one instruction because He first loved us by dying for our penalty of sin. There is nothing we can do to save ourselves for eternity except by accepting Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice at that 33rd year of his life when he hung on that stake looking at the tabernacle (ark). We show our thankfulness of being saved by this Heaven’s atoning blood by following The Torah…just as Jesus is known as The Walking Living Torah. We must walk as He walked…in the instructions of God.

The Living Word is Yeshua Jesus…of whom never violated The Father’s instruction in one point…thus He alone can claim to be God himself…The Messiach.

Today, we continue to struggle to bring about godly representatives for our nation. We have blood on our hands and therefore have struggled for 47 years, since 1973 to 2020, to fight for the life of the unborn in the womb. The United States is leading the world by example in abortion. It not only is being held responsible for the blood libel of it’s 60 million and growing abortions, but also the nations of our world’s abortions. Just as a pastor holds more responsibility in giving his congregation real TRUTH and is held more accountable, so is the United States as it leads out by example removing God’s image from the earth.

America is so bloodied that now states such as New York and New Jersey want aborted children born alive to be killed when outside the womb. Murdering babies alive has made states numb to saving the elderly. They put NON COVID elderly into COVID nursing homes which caused COVID spread. Families could not rescue or even visit their parents to give them hope during this planned-demic.

Forty-two percent of COVID deaths happened in Nursing Homes.

Right before our eyes ABORTION was judged. The states with the highest abortion rates were scientifically linked to the highest COVID deaths. Foot in mouth. The hospitals that provide abortions were now overwhelmed with saving life. And, the compromised were put on ventilators to surely die. The death wards exhausted nurses, doctors, helpers…they didn’t want to come back to work. “This isn’t what I signed up for. I just want to stay home!” Perhaps their own abortions were back to haunt them?

Decoding the Book of Jeremiah, page 2: “Hosea proclaimed the dismal moral character of those living in the land of Israel during his day. He declared that God had a controversy with His own people. He stated that there was no truth, no mercy, and even no knowledge of God in the land.”

Torah Study Sabbath November 7, 2020. Four days after an election when votes were still not counted, the DNC (Democratic National Convention) names Joseph Robinette Biden the President Elect.

On Joe Biden’s birthday, November 20, President Trump is now declared to have won in 49 states.

What year was Joseph Robinette born? 1942.

Kislev 11, Friday, Nov. 20, 1942. Erev Vayetze He went out Gen 28:10-32:2 Biden acts as a Laven stealing from Ya’cov/Trump. Hunter and Rachel lie and steal the wealth. Obiden, the ‘big guy’ is Esau requiring his relatives wealth or else.

Let’s check the Hebrew calendar for this life-long career politician. But, first let’s look at The Scriptures read all over world on the November 14, 2020 Sabbath. I Kings 1:1-31 is read along with Genesis 23:1-25:18 titled, The Life of Sarah.

On this Sabbath my group of about thirty-five people met in a basement setting for five hours studying the assigned scriptures. We were again reminded how God’s Word comes alive in our weekly lives. King David was patience in bringing justice to those that did evil to him. Once King David established Solomon as King before the people he declared how happy he was to be alive to see it happen.

Many today believe our Messiah is coming and will also say ‘thank you’ for letting us see your throne established on our earth. In between that time and now we must remove our world’s enemies. King David had trouble in his own military with Joab.

Joab would pridefully kill David’s son Absolom when David instructed he not be killed. David wept deeply for the loss of this son…even when this son wanted to kill his father, David. Joab, Obama, Biden, Clinton’s all have committed crimes supporting coos with ‘false’ kings.

The latest coo of Jo’ab announcing Adoniyah as King David’s successor was a false announcement. Biden’s coo has announced him as President-elect when it still is NOT true as of November 24, 2020.

Joab would pay with his life for this ‘false news’. VP OBAMA/BIDEN are following this same false path before the entire world with China, Iran, Venezuela, European Nations all happy since Donald Trump is against their agenda of One World Order. Stealing elections has been the norm even as it is seem in two of David’s sons stealing the kingship from their younger brother, Solomon.

2020 – The ‘Days of Joab and Adoniyah’

The Socialists have claimed victory with the media saying Trump supporters have taken down their yard signs and relented. But, this is NOT true. The PATRIOTS are told be calm with no fighting as the justice system must work in America for America to be America.

The Scriptures being read around the world telling of ‘deceptive’ anointing is happening to the weeks of our earth. History is repeating itself but with different subjects. Connecting these dots is not difficult.

1 Kings passages. King David even being old and feeble supports his son Solomon to be king. He rejoices that he was alive to see that day. Are we rejoicing to be alive to witness to our King Yeshua?

In 2015 we had a Nathan tell us about Yeshua’s return that would be soon. The Prophet Nathan tells Solomon’s mother that David’s other son has already made himself king under David’s military leader Yo’ab. Yo’av ran to the altar and clung to it’s horns. He would NOT go before Solomon preferring to die at the altar. I Kings 2:28-35.. Yo’ab was King David’s General and brother-in-law. Within our own family and within our government there will be manipulation for power.

I Kings 1:50 His brother Adoniyah took hold of the horns on the altar and then came before the king and told to ‘go home’.

(He schemed again on how to usurp power from the throne. Obama/Obiden usurp in 2008-2020)

I Kings 2:22 Adoniyah ask to marry a woman that would make him high in the kingdom. Solomon struck him down protecting the kingdom.

King David at the end of his reign instructs his son Solomon of who his real enemies are. They must each be disciplined as their days of mercy are over. Judgment has to be issued or grace and mercy become mute actions. Prayers from God’s children for righteousness on our earth are answered through removing our enemies. The patience of the saints is important because judgment comes when ‘iniquity’ can be tolerated no more. In November 2020 we are praying for patience to wait for God’s righteous judgment on the ‘blood leters’. There are seven things that God hates. Can you list them?

President Trump has been telling America who their enemies are. He has been firing many and this month another military leader. He is testing them to see whose wide they are on. President Trump has helped Israel’s (King David) rule by bringing peace to the Middle East. Three awards for negotiating peace with Israel in the last three and one-half years. 3 Accords in first 3.5 years with more coming.

No other president has done this. But, the dragon of authoritarianism is alive through China as it grips 42 nations turning them into puppet nations for the good of their ancestry. As long as you build The 5000-year old Empire you can be any type of religion or government you want. You just have to bow to The Dragon’s ways so it can control the world’s nations. 72 million Patriots contest this action and will wait for the Supreme Court to decide this election.

One more look at the number 42. It doesn’t have to be considered a terrible number even if it does remind an individual of their ‘midlife crisis’ period. Wrinkles setting in with the body showing some aches and pains making running more difficult for some. Raising teens is challenging as they find their own view points on life. Yes, 42 reminds us of a time of change in all of our lives and especially for woman…it’s completing a stage of life of having children with the body turning up it’s heat in adjusting.

Forty-two hundred is even the maximum number of hogs in the latest and greatest confinement shed. Yes, 4200 is it’s capacity. My first cousin will soon be operating three facilities that hold 4200 hogs each. That is 12,600 hogs supplying enough manure for his farm fields. That is also a lot of BBQ in a world that should not be eating pork according to God’s dietary laws. This is a clear witness of mankind no longer calling upon the name of God. If we knew God we would obey God. There are not many things that he has used to set us apart on this earth. And, the few things that we can do…we throw out…until we’ve now made up our celebrations and expect God to accept them..

One more farm pattern happened this fall in Iowa to my first cousin as we approach the Total Lunar Saros series 142 eclipse. $4.20 just happens to be the price China was willing to pay for his corn.

China was nervous before the election about President Trump being re-elected for the Presidency. That drove up the prices which were in the mid $3.00. My son and his young son (12) go to help my first cousin who owns about 6000 acres in Iowa. They sit in these satellite\-driven tractors harvesting their crops into the night. My son called us to say that he was pulling a trailer holding 1000 bushels of corn to a grain elevator. He said that at the price of $4.20 a bushel each haul was worth $42,000.

Is this God speaking to us about his son’s return to our earth. The Dahlet (door/4) and Beit (house/2) s shows us a door and a house. We know that God has always wanted to dwell with mankind on this earth. We know that God connects to the Land of Israel. We know that Jerusalem will be lifted up with the seat of government ruling from there. We know that firstborn Reuben, Good-fortune Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh guarded their East Gate. They were given The Jordan Valley with it’s rich pastures for their livestock. The East Gate was first given, but last settled. Today, that same land was given in 1967 Six Day War but not yet settled because snipers are causing an easement by prescription.

This illegal act stops Israelis from settled God’s first land given. We must help Israel to secure her borders as today it is divided. President Trump’s Deal of the Century was making her whole…not dividing her.

Joshua recovered 420 pounds of gold and silver from the Midianites for The Tabernacle as they left the desert after 41 moves in 40 years. Crossing over was their 42 move.

I Kings 18:12 Eliyahu appears quickly to Obadiah on the a road. He tells Obadiah to bring Ach’av to him. Obadiah is afraid of being killed by Ach’av if Eliyahu isn’t there when he returns with him. Respectfully, Obadiah tells him many people throughout the nations have sworn they can NOT find you. (Eliyahu is always flying off in his chariot. Even after handing the ‘mantle’ to Elisha, Eliyahu writes a letter that is delivered to Ahaz.)

“But as soon as I leave you, the Spirit of ADONI will carry you off to I don’t know where; so that when I come and tell Ach’av,and he can’t find you, he will kill me. But I your servant have revered ADONAI from my youth– “

18:15 Eliyahu “As ADONAI- Tzva’ot lives, before whom I stand, I will present myself to him today.”

We sing about these being The Days of Elijah indicating our Messiah appearing quickly to us. but what about being in the Days of Elisha his successor? II Kings 2:24. After Elisha heals the water which was causing woman to miscarriage he is made fun of by some young boys as they call him, ‘old baldy’ which means fool. “…put a curse on them in the name of ADONAI; whereupon two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.

FORTY-TWO – A number that completes Day Six. It’s the last year of Week 6 described in The Book of Jubilee and Enoch. Here is an example so you can visualize the day, week, year, cycle we’re in.

Week One – Year 1-7

Week Two – Year 8-14

Week Three – Year 15-21

Week Four – Year 22-28

Week Five – Year 29-35

Week Six – Year 36-42

Week Seven – Year 43-49

Abraham born 1914 AM

Isaac born 2014 AM – (Tetrad signals Isaac’s birth)

2015 Begins The Third Day

Years 2015 to 2021 is The Third Week

God’s War Signaled by 2014- 2015 Tetrad

Nathan: “God’s War Began 27 Elul 2015.”

Marilyn Griffin moves into The Torah 2015

Bull Taurus b. Adar 28, March 19, 2015

Shemittah Year 2015

written 2015 ‘Yood of ELOHIM’ Writing On Our Walls

Meine Meine

Found Wonting

MARCH 20, 2015

Vernal Equinox Total Solar Eclipse 29 Adar

on Sabbath Vayikra, Rosh Chodesh

March 20 2015 stands out for many reasons. After writing the article on Pointing Forward and Backward, I looked for perhaps one more clue about the balance being shown in the universe and God’s Torah. I found something most intriguing. Look at this….all happening on the SAME day! Not only would there be a Total Solar Eclipse this day, but it was also the Vernal Equinox. And, it was announcing the Sabbath.

What was the reading for that Shabbot? Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26; Isaiah 66:1-24, Luke 1-3; according to ElShaddai Ministries 2014-2015 calendar. To put this all in perspective, I suggest you read the scriptures for yourself.

Do NOT be found wonting.

Unique Precursors to each witness.

Hybrid Solar eclipse 2013

Announcing Eclipse

What happened just before the eclipses of 2014-2015? On November 3, 2013, 30 Cheshvan we had a very unusual solar eclipse. It was the Erev of Rosh Chodesh, a very dark time. This solar eclipse did one of everything that it could. It acted as a Partial, Annular and Total Solar eclipse. It is a rare thing to have a Hybrid Solar eclipse. This solar hybrid introduced the coming Tetrads – Four Blood Moons – which would each have their own uniqueness to them. They begin at Passover and end at Passover. I would call them the Pesach Blood Lunar eclipses with two Feast of Tabernacles Blood Lunar eclipses. The ‘hybrid’ solar were sandwiched in the middle.

What happened just before The Lord’s Feasts of 2014-2015? It would be on November 28, 2013 that was the First Day of Chanukah. It was also Thanksgiving Day for the United States. I was the last time for a thousand years that this would ever happen again. I lived with sadness in my heart that mankind would not rededicate themselves and be thankful for God’s Torah. It was also the day Comet Ison could be seen from the skies. It was 25 Kislev, the day the Maccabees reclaimed the Temple in 165 BC after Antiochus Epiphanies set up Zeus for three and half years as god. They called it Thanksgivach.

What happened before the Torah was given at Mt. Sinai with Mosche? The priests of Korach had to be killed for their part in setting up the golden calf. The gold was melted from the calf and put in the streams of water. Those that drank from the waters died. There was a plague but the people had to be purified.

Wow! Each happening had a precursor that judged men. In fact, the world’s precursor picture is Adam. His entire lineage was wiped out by the flood. Noah was given a rainbow as a sign. It had two purposes…the earth would never be destroyed by a world-wide flood again. And, the second part of the rainbow covenant sign would be that the next time the earth would burn.

The earth will burn to be purified for the millennial reign. The Creator of our world IS a jealous God. The bones that lie in the earth defile man and then man is reminded that he is just ‘common’. It is for all bones to burn up so no bone can contaminate the earth or man any longer. In fact, we are told that as we go in and out we will see these bones and be reminded of what once defiled us. Nathan in 2015 at Feast of Tabernacles Day One tells us they are Obama’s bones.

His bones were not broken at The Stake…He was pierced through for our transgressions…. This Suffering Servant was set apart….Holy for us….to be searched for.

We have a GADOL (Big) God. It comes down to a simple truth of seeking His face as Mosche did on that mountain. I don’t need to escape to the moon to see Him but in the eclipses He is signaling us.

Jubilee Year is year one

Extra data on 42 – still collecting and summarizing:

Ministries New Life office sits at 4200 block.

Ministries New Life first met for one year at 4200 Sycamore

BML lives at 4200 block

The Shoah Leawood at 4200 – 4300 mile block

Israel sits at 40-42 latitude

Calves born at 42 degrees

Calf raised up on Parshah 42 – Mattot Massei

Half sister bred on Parshah 42 – Mattot Massei

Heifer – Mishkan – Mattot’s full sister – Agreed to buy on Rosh Hosanna, Tishri 1

Delivered to El Shaddai Estates on Feast Tabernacles Day 1 – Tishrei 15 = Name:Mishkan

by Bonnie Laux November 22, 2020

EXTRA DATA – Patterns earth being 6000 years old when change comes. Patterns to Yeshua age of destroying death by his resurrection. Patterns to time marked every 50 (jubilee) years. Shem 500 years is 10 jubilee (10×50), 10 patterns to Enoch 92 describes 10 generations of life on earth. Enoch’s generations are 700 years. Seven is ‘release’. These men are released to death or life.

Lemech dies at 777, Noach born year 733, Abram leaves Haran age 75.

Three – Gimel – life up. Noach is first lifted up pointed to Yeshua lifted up…both with wood.

Flood year 1333 – Noach age 600

Flood Ends 1334 – Noach age 601

Noach lived another 350 years (600 + 350): Total 950; Genesis 9:28 (Short one jubilee living One Day)

Noach born year 733 (1333 minus 600)

Noach died year 1683 (733-1683)

Shem born 1235 (Daniel: “Make it to the 1335th day to be blessed. In 100 years Shem has righteous seeds)

Flood year 1333 – Shem age 98

Flood Ends 1334 – Shem 99

Shem has Arkapeshed age 101

Shem lives another 500 years: Dies age 602

Shem lives 1235 – 1837 AM

Abraham has lineage child Isaac: 100

Abram 1914 +175 yrs = 2089 d.

(Israel was being formed in 1914. Let us also walk forward to the year 2089 AD for Avram having fruitful children.

1975 – Abram leaves the fires of Kasdiym heading toward Lebanon in fourth (4) week in fourth (4) year. The letter dahlet means opening, entrance, door.

Abram leaves Ur Chaldean age 60….stays in Haran 15 years. He ventures outside of Haran for 25 years when Isaac is finally born at age 100.

Adam’s age: Cain: 52; Abel 59; Awan 66

Our Creator waited 50 years (1 jubilee) before multiply humans on the earth. The earth had a jubilee of rest before sin began multiplying.

Adam 930 was short 70 years from completing one day of Heaven’s time of one thousand years. This 70 years is a generation of time. It is the time Israel was held in Babylon. I believe it is the number of years that ‘the deceiver’ will be let lose on the earth at the close of Day Seven. It completes a pattern of completion for Satan to deceive our world….when ‘the second Adam Yeshua’ is reigning.

Jubilee Chapter 12:1 And it came to pass in the sixth week, in the seventh year thereof (42), that Avram said to Terach, his father, saying, father! (2) And he said,, Behold, here am I, my son. And he said, What help and profit have we from those idols which you do worship, And before which you do bow yourself? (3) For there is no ruach in them, for they are dumb forms, and a misleading of the heart. Worship them not; (4) Worship the ELOHIYM of heaven, who causes the rain and the dew to descent on the earth and does everything upon the earth, and has created everything by his word, and all life is from before his face.

In the year 1942 from Adam God has moved Avram to speak to his father’s heart. It will be in that exact timing again (year 42) that we are to remove the idols from our lives. Avam destroys his father’s idols and later Nimrod will tell to leave the area.

Jubilee 12:8 “Keep silent, my son, lest they slay you.” And these words he spoke to his two brothers, and they were angry with him and he kept silent.”

Avram is picturing Yeshua being silenced by even his peers…going to the slaughter as a lamb.

Avram now gets married to Sarah as Yeshua desires to marry His Bride the assembly.

Jubilee 12:9 And in the fortieth jubilee, in the second week, in the seventh year thereof, Avram took to himself a woman, and her name was Sarai, the daughter of his father, and she became his woman.

It is year 1964 when Avram is 50 years old and Sarai is 40 years old.

Yeshua came for The Bride at year 4000 from Adam. Avram was 50 setting the bride free her family. Five is ‘hei’ behold…now she could become Sarah when she has her name changed by adding the ‘hei’ to it. Her name is changed when she at age 90 has Isaac. Isaac will set men free because of God’s promise of land for his family.

1942 AD – A Holocaust year closing out / bringing about centuries of history to: The Land as a nation in 1945.

1942 AM – Avram tells his father and his two brothers to STOP making idols for Nimrod. It was the end with new beginnings to come…of a marriage for Avram in a Jubilee year when he was age 50 which means JUBILEE.

The exact day of Avrams marraige to his bride was 39.14 jubilees of our earth.

1950 plus 14 years….1964.

1950 plus 14 years plus three years…1967 for brother to find his bride.

1950 plus 14 years plus three years…

Haran takes himself a wife and they have Lot in year 1967. This is the year of the Six-Day War of 1967. Six days of God fighting for Jerusalem…seen in Lot…of whom lived closed to Avram but not exactly with him because of both their large herds. Avram always looked out for Lot.

Jubilee 12:10 “And Haran, his brother, took to himself a woman in the third year of the third week, and she bore him a son in the seventh year of this week, and he called his name, Lot.” (FOUR years later Lot is born in year 1971. FOUR years from Lot’s birth in 1975 Avram burns the idol house down which kills Lot’s father, Haran.)

This is Avram’s brother, Haran. They married in year 1967 and had Lot in year 21 of that Shemittah cycle. Thus, Lot was born in 1971 AM. (Just as Jacob’s Rachel gives birth to Binyamin in year 21 as three Shemittah cycles close of working for wives, family and herds with Lavan.) Lot suffers losing his father and Binyamin suffers losing his brother. Also, both leave their father’s original homeland. But, both Lot and Binyamin will be treated as kings during their lives…provided by their relatives: Lot by Avram, Binyamin by Joseph in Egypt….both blessed by strangers outside their homeland.

Avram burns down House of Idols: Age 60; year 1975

Adam’s (created) house completed on Day Six. Noach age 600 when God re-created the earth via The Flood. Earth 6000 years old when God purifies it.

The churches idols and traditions must be burnt down at age 6000 years.

Jubilee 12:12 “And in the sixtieth year of life of Avram, that is, in the fourth week, in the fourth year (17) thereof, Avram arose by night and burned the house of the idols, and he burned all that was in the house and no man knew it.

(In 2017 Donald J Trump began burning down the idols of America shocking the world.)

12:13 And they arose in the night and sought to save their elohiym from the midst of the fire.

(And fire from the dragon of China sought to put out the fire and save themselves with Dominion voting machines.)

12:14 And Haran hastened to save them, but the fire flamed over him, and he was burnt in the fire and he died in Ur of the Kasdiym before Terach his father, and they buried him in Ur of the Kasdiym.

Avram’s brother Haran died in the fire Avram set in year 1975. Avram is 60 years old in year 1975. Avram was 71 years old when Lot was born. Avram at age 75 will take Lot age 4 and be responsible for him. Avram will leave very heavy hearted as they now leave that fire (ur) that happened in the area of and travel into the land of Lebanon and into the land of Kena’an, land of Haran. (Perhaps they named this town in memory of Haran.)

Jubilee 12:15c …”Avram dwelt with Terach his father in Haran two weeks of years. (2 x 7 = 14 yrs) (16) And in the sixth week, in the fifth year (year 34) thereof, Avram sat up throughout the night on the New Moon of the seventh month (Nisan 29, in spring) to observe the stars from the evening to the morning in order to see what would be the character of the year with regards to the rains, and he was alone as he sat and observed. (17) And a word came into his heart and he said: All the signs of the stars, and the signs of the moon and of the sun are all in the hand of YAHUAH. Why do I search them out?

(20) Deliver me from the hands of evil ruachot who have dominion over the thoughts of men’s hearts, and let them not lead me astray from you my ELOHIYM, And establish me and my seed forever that we go not astray from henceforth and forevermore.

Avram asks why he should search out the signs? It will be in these lunar eclipses that The Lord’s Feasts will hang. They are marked at a full moon. They run their course over eight days. They are SEVEN months apart.

Noach began his construction on Month One Day One and his roof is removed on this same day Month One Day One. It is a fall harvest celebration.

Noach’s water hold themselves on the earth 150 days. The date will be the next Month One Day One that is set when Mosch leaves Egypt…to be known as Pesach (Passover). In Babylonian times this Month Seven and now another Month One will be named Nisan. It is in the spring.

On Nisan 29 Abraham is praying about darkness of men’s hearts. It is a dark night with the moon hiding for three nights. Month Eight is coming the next day…with new beginnings just as we see The Eighth Day pointing to The New Heaven and Earth arriving to our atmosphere in the future.

Dark days turn into light. Year 42 is a dark year….as it closes it bring light to our world once again. Year 43 is the beginning of Week 7 that holds years 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 and finally year 49. These years are still working toward total freedom of the jubilee year of 50.

The United States has had some very dark presidents in the past years. President Donald J Trump is a goal oriented business man and to be President of the United States to help it’s patriots win back their freedoms, he took on the job of being our president. It has been a horrible life experience for him in the physical. But, in the spiritual it has been God who has moved the hearts to have his team seek to truly bless Israel. It is The Land that is key. It is Avram’s walking on particular land that secured his rights to it’s future….God’s future purpose for it.

When would God tell Avram to leave Haran? It would be year 42 of that Shemittah cycle.

Jubilee 12:28 “And it came to pass in the seventh year of the sixth week that he spoke to his father and informed him, that he would leave Haran to go into the land of Kena’an to see it and return to him.”

Yes, it is that incredible LAST year of 42 that has been permeating my life since our 60-day calf rose from the dead with a specific fleece answered in his resurrection. July 22, 2017. 27 Tammuz.

FORTY TWO is forcing itself upon our earth in blessing and in cursing. It is a blessing to see these days come as King David told them on his death bed. He had a young female to keep him warm just as God wants us to be that young innocent bride never having known a man. King David did not violate her but built a relationship of trust with her that she would keep his old body warm so he could live to see his son Solomon be king. We are that bride…without stain or wrinkle.

Enemies will hold tight wanting to die instead of asking forgiveness…just as Joab held to the horns of the altar when Solomon wanted to convict him of his misdeeds. Another person would ask forgiveness and it was given….but if he stepped outside the city he would be killed. Years later he did go to retrieve something and thus he sinned and was killed…even as he returned to his city of refuge. Another death we witness was Solomon’s brother who sought Solomon’s sister as his bride. That union would have compromised Solomon’s rule so the plotter was removed by death.

I believe we are entering year 43….which is in Week Seven. We are leaving the 45th Presidency in question. Will we see number 46 47, 48 and finally 49?

These things are up to God. But, we can know for sure His plans if we just read the writings of the ancients and keep fresh in our minds The Hebrew Calendar…it’ God’ calendar! He is operating on it in The Heavens…. and yet we can still see dimly on our calendars. Wouldn’t you rather see clearly?

LOT is 19 leaving Haran with Abram and Sarai.

Avram is 75, Sarai 65.

Thanks for reading this. It’s long and may not make sense at times…but the ways of our Creator are deep….and yet simple.

The next items of interest will be about Sue Bader Ginsberg. When we put her life on the calendar she aligns with Julius Caesar of whom dies on March 15, 44 BC. She is born on that Ide of March. They both denied God’s calendar. In fact, Julius will create his own calendar removing the Hebrew. Ruth will change God’s Torah of DO NOT KILL by aiding abortionists and alternate lifestyles. What happens in America happens around our world.

They both are deified people being adorned by our world as TOP leaders to be respected. What does God say when looking down at their end results?

Soon to be published…

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