Praying Against Red Dragons

“ADONAI, you established children on this earth to give you glory. I come to you today on January 5 2021 to ask you to cleanse our government of evil not letting fraud rule our nation. Please leave us your anointed man, Donald Trump, in leadership.

You gave us a man of worldly values labeling him: The Last Trump. Many trumpets have sounded during his call. You have opened the gates to say NO to the murder of babies, children and humans. You have exposed: pedophiles, pornography, sex trade, unjust weights and measures.

On May 26, 2021, you give us another confirmation of your chosen vessel Donald J Trump. He is a portent signaling us of how dark we have become. You birthed him on Sivan 15. June 14, 1946 was a full moon. He was born as the parshah reading beha’alotcha (when you set up) was being read throughout all the world. You set him to be a billionaire living within our ‘sodoms’. But, you also sent Abraham’s faith to him asking him to ‘come out of her’. These tests have been needed to change him and us.

You set The Fast of Tevet in election year 2020 on Christmas, December 25. You confirmed that we should not participate in ‘good intentions’ but what is real. You had set two Fast of Tevets in 2001 as bookends to the United States 911 attacks. New York’s financial towers and our Pentagon fell on 9.11.2001 in the middle of The 10 Tevet fasts.

Yes, King Nebuchadnezzar has been knocking on America’s walls but you have been busy building Trump Walls. Your trumpets have been sounding throughout our earth. Please help us to hear!

We apologize for not being on your calendar honoring your festivals and knowing the fasts that you honor. You had canceled Christmas 2001 and we didn’t know it. You canceled Christmas 2020 and we didn’t know it. What else don’t we know? We didn’t know because we only follow our own traditions and not the things that you allowed to be established in your name. Do we even know your name? How can we know you if we don’t know your ways…your character? Please continue to speak to those that seek your face. Even in the slightest manner of perhaps looking at a clock or receipt on a paper that you signal with a number that is important to you. Let us learn your alphabet so we can know what you’re saying to us. Perhaps it is just to say ‘hello’ to us. Then we can say, “Hello Adonai, I love you!”

In the year of 2001 you orchestrated two ‘Fast of Tevets, January 5 and December 25. That is amazing in and of itself. Then you talk again through our personal family. This daughter-in-law, that loves ‘personal borders’, was born on, The Fast of Tevet on January 5. You show us themes such as your temple coming, borders that need established in Israel and on our own soil. You knocked down America’s walls to wake her up on 9.11.2001. Thank you for waking us up to who are our real enemies of your democracy that you established for our earth.

Our enemies are now at our doors and had already entered our homes. That ‘911 Wake Up Call’ caused ‘The Insurrection Act’ to be created on October 26, 2001, which was 9 Cheshvan.

President Trump in 2020 envoked this act as many ‘red dragons’ had infiltrated America’s highest offices. Cheshvan 9 was the last day Noach gave witness to his world to REPENT. Cheshvan 10 you closed the door (dahlet) to his house (ark) (beit). You knew this ‘Insurrection Trumpet’ would sound in the sixth Shemittah cycle in 2020…again showing us 4 and 2. The opening of your door to your house….42. We are closing history at year 6000 and you are ready to walk into our world at Israel’s East Gate. We thank you for these signs and signals via your witnesses the sun, moon and stars.

Protect us ADONAI as we seek your face and submit to the punishment we deserve. But, lead us not into hard testing…as we are without a Shepherd…we are a Torahless people. We love our shepherd Jesus but we don’t know who he really is. Forgive us as we do NOT know what we’re doing. The Deceiver’s children are everywhere and we know not what is true. But, we know that you are true.

In the name of Yeshua, the resurrected God, we plead to you Revelation 15 as we do fear and worship before you to glorify your name alone. Protect our Gates and rise up Israel’s East Gate that President Trump showed them how to reclaim. This is where your feet come down and settle it all.

Donald Trump’s life is similar to the worldly King David who saw his strength through a census. We had a census in 2020 and the plague began as we said, “How Great ” we are when it is Your NAME that makes everything great.

We put our lives into your hands just as King David knew you to fair be in judgment.

David lost 20,000 people in that plague because the people were involved in the sin. We are involved in our nation’s sin because we don’t stop it’s sins. But, your 2020 Ezra (Trump) spoke to us before he was impeached. That same day Ezra had stood before Judah, Benyamin, all tribes and told them to divorce their foreign families they married over 70 years in Babylon. They left fasting and praying and returned to say “No” to impeaching the priest Ezra’ and “Yes”, to going before their own judges to resolve their marriage with the Babylonian world. They agreed that your presence was more important.

I repent personally that I have failed to accomplish Revelation 2:5. In all my 800 writings it seems I have failed to return people to your instructions.

Please give President Trump and America your Spirit of Truth. It is your Spirit within us that moves our hearts. Please bring King Yeshua back to our earth, ADONAI. Then we can burn every Bible and commentary with man’s opinion. We only want your true instructions within us. We want to teach our children and grandchildren from what burns in our hearts that you place there. We know you alone are the Aleph Tav….The First and Last ELOHYM . “


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