Follow the Science of 2014 Earthquakes

The Science in Twelve 2014 Earthquakes

What stands out to you about these earthquakes? Is there such a thing as ‘spiritual science’?

April 1 – 8.2 Chile (4.1.14)

April 2 – 7.7 Chile (4.2.2014)

April 4 – 7.1 PNG (4.4.14)

April 12 – 7.6 Solomon Islands (4.12.14)

April 13 – 7.4 Solomon Islands (4.13.14)

April 18 – 7.2 Mexico (4.18.14)

April 19 – 7.5 PNG (4.19.14)

June 23 – 7.9 Alaska (6.23.14

October 8 – 7.0 (10.08.14)

October 13 – 7.3 (10.03.14)

November 1 – 7.1 (11.1.14)

November 14 – 7.1 (11.14.14)

Today, on February 22, 2021 we commemorate U.S. Presidents. We took our very first president and celebrated all of them on his birthday. The Lord told Annamarie to look up 2.22 and she found it was our first founding presidents birthday. George Washington was born on 22 in 1732 Two two can actually means: in the beginning, in the beginning.

The U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other key documents were inspired by YHWH. On February 20, 2021 Annmarie’s video showed her bringing forth the visions in her mind. She was telling us YHWH thoughts. In that hour-long time period, The Lord confirmed that he made our founders geniuses and the documents they created were actually ‘covenants’ made byYHWH for America.

God is in covenant with America through those documents. They can never be destroyed on God’s commitment to America, but Americans must protect the covenants or they can be lost. We are to read them ourselves and we can even to the public while standing on corners. These documents are the foundation stones for America. America was raised up to keep freedom on the earth.

I was amazed to hear her almost screaming with intensity about this but it showed the sincerity of The Lord. It was going to be up to us to KEEP these covenants. She also spoke at length about mantels floating above us waiting for the youth to put them on. She told how Elisha accepted Elijah’s mantel and even requested a double portion of it which was granted. She agreed to go to North Carolina on February 22 to put her boots on that ground to pray for them to rise up and have thousands of Billy Graham’s accept the Billy Graham mantle of evangelism. Try to find her podcast. It is our responsibility to pick up the mantles of the people who have gone before us. Great people’s mantles have not been claimed and we must speak whose righteous mantle we want. Mantles don’t go with the deceased person…they are to be passed on.

We are all called to do some part in keeping freedom on our earth. Your calling may be different than mine. And we must verbalize our thoughts as then they will become real. Speak it she said…Speak it out loud and boldly what you want to do for The Lord.

God is speaking right now through common normal people. We can choose to believe these messages or not. I grew up in churches who did NOT use prophesy as they taught that all of God’s words were enough prophecy for us today. But, what I am seeing and hearing today…and since what happened on our property on July 22, 2017…it makes me listen up.

I have learned that this is YHWH’s world and not my world. He is The Anointed One…and I am just a vehicle through whom I’ve chosen to put on a mantle so I can be used to His glory. I never wanted to lay a fleece before God in asking things that didn’t seen within our world’s reach. We had a 60-day old calf born on May 22 2017 raise from the dead after a simple prayer I spoke to see a sign of life before we left this dead calf in this wooded ravine.

It is in FAITH that we move about our earth. Faith is built in different ways. And, isn’t the best faith when we can just have faith because we were told and we didn’t have to see anything special to believe? That is what Jesus said to Thomas. But, because of the mercy of God…we also know that as our days become more stressful…no work…no school…no church…no social life…no hugging…because of the FEAR of death? I decided I would rather die than to hibernate any longer and now I hug people…knowing I might get the flu and that’s okay. My supplements have proven to ward this off.

We should have faith to know all things work together for God’s good. It doesn’t have to be our good.

Where do you look for God?






Pearls are not to be cast before swine. If someone won’t listen about surrendering this physical world for eternal life, then not even miracles will win their soul.

The things I mention above will be for those that believe in Yeshua Jesus blood already. They can have their FAITH built stronger helping them to stand against the wiles of evil.

Now I can begin. You must open your mind to receive this. I am going to give you SCIENCE since that seems to be the word thrown around today about the CCP virus called COVID but now showing up as Influenza A or Influenza B. It was real but not any more deadly than our flus.

The science can be realized by understanding 2 Chronicles 2:2 – You should always read from the beginning of the text to see it’s real context. Here you are:

2Ch 2:2  Then Shlomo sent this message to Huram the king of Tzor: “[Deal with me] as you dealt with David my father when you sent him cedar logs, so that he could build himself a palace to live in. 

God has always been interested in building us a palace. He is a spirit displaying his power throughout the universe which contains billions of galaxies. And, yet he came down the planet called Earth and talks with you right were you’re at.

He wants earth to be our temporary palace preparing us for The Great Palace. He refers to a Great Wedding Feast. He refers to A Seed planted on the earth that will help us to get to that great Feast. There are many things and ways YHWH communicates with us…including earthquakes…to get us to fear Him…which is to ‘take Him serious’ about his project of living into eternity.

Eternity is real as many people have witnessed it by dying and returning or in visions and dreams…such as the apostle John…such as Nathan dying at age 15 in 2015 on Tishri 15 returning to say, ‘God’s War’ has begun. That Orthodox Jewish boy is now 20 and I’m sure he’s in the IDF military because he knew he wanted to do more than what he felt after he died.

Let’s just say, many of us need those type of experiences to shake us up…and some don’t need to die because they can listen to others experiences and believe.

The mantle that I’m comfortable with is research. I’m drawn to spiritual research in understanding ‘the why’ YHWH does what he does…allows what he allows. I was told by Pastor Mark Biltz when in Israel with his group to look for patterns. It is in these patterns that we see the character of YHWH. When we understand God’s attributes, we can then live safely on His earth. And, it is then that we know how to give Him the glory for what happens in all things.

The Hebrew calendar is my favorite because it tells about God’s plans for the us. And even when I come away with more questions than answers…it’s okay. YHWH will unveil that mystery when his children are ready for that information.

Today, February 22, 2021…the day that carries the strong meaning: In the beginning. Two is the letter ‘beit’ meaning, house, temple, to, divide. When the letter beit is seen it means: in the beginning.

Look at all of the two’s in 2.22.2021. FIVE ‘beginnings’ and next year in 2022 there is no question that NEW BEGINNINGS are going to happen. In fact, in 2022 the Gregorian and the Hebrew calendar align day for day…just as they did in many months in the year 2014 when Kim Clement was giving his prophecies.

2014 was the door that opened to show our future. It then took SEVEN years exactly to reveal the visions ADONAI put in Kim Clement’s head and he spoke them during his concerts. His prophecies were for the whole world to hear because the whole world was involved in January 6, 2021. The White House Rally of all rallies it was deemed. Our 45th President was God’s biggest cheerleader trying to uncover corruption at the highest levels of God’s ordained government.

Kim Clement saw two president but it was so confusing as one had a double mind he said. Other prophets have spoken about these two presidents for America at this time and they agree that we are seeing a type of King Saul before us.

King Saul abused his power and was told his throne would not go to his bloodline but to another. After he fought the soothsayer of Condore his fall was confirmed. He grabbed the Prophet Samuel’s cloak and tore it. He was then told that TODAY the kingdom was torn from you. It was after seeking the soothsayer that he went mad. His appointed years played out but he was not of sound mind even acting like an animal.

David had the anointing from God to be the future king. Saul could not force ADONAI to place it on him so he tried to kill the one that had the anointing.

The prophets today confirm that Donald Trump is our heavenly appointed and duly elected president in 2020. Saul’s consumed hatred for David is seen today in Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. And, those around him seem to a have lost sense of what is right and wrong. What we see is a spiritual battle for our world. If America shakes, the world shakes. We must continue to reference that we can not make man’s choice, the forced choice for God. Our thoughts are not God’s thoughts, nor are our ways, His ways. Isaiah 55:8-9 says it beautifully.

The man Bye-den is called, O’biden because he still has Obama’s Den attached to him. Obama’s Den is in charge just as The Keystone Pipeline is being cancelled so the Arabs can control our oil again. That religion controlled for us eight years as they all swore by the Koran. We have played with false gods in America eight years too long and now we play with the gods of China as well. It is a new begining in 2022 as the old will pass away. There can be no other gods before YHWH.

The ‘Golden Calf’ had it’s gold stripped off of it. The gold was put in the water and he people drank the gold coolaid. The assets of wicked men will be stripped from them and they will drown in their own deception.

The earth opened up and swallowed the rebellious Korach followers who wanted Moses and Aaron’s position of power. Our earth has many righteous nations and they do not want to drown in communism. They will NOT drink of the COVID coolaid. They will not take The Shot or even be tested.

The patterns of Pharaoh and Korach will repeat but on a larger scale. Abraham was promised The Land and now we see Zulu’s in Afric calling their land, ‘The Land’. They want all ‘white’ dispelled so they can sell their mineral rights to become billionaires. The ‘dragons’ have deceived the colored. The Zulus have been killing the very hand that fed them food with The Words of God. The ‘black’ has fallen into ‘the pit’ of deception all over out world forgetting the first two commandments…Love the Lord thy God. Love they neighbor as thy self.

These patterns of deception are scientific. They occured once and are being proven to work again. Opening up the earth worked and it will work again. Earthquakes always occur according to Plan. And, they are used to POINT. Go back and look at the earthquakes I listed right in the beginning. What do you note that is special about any of them…especially the very first one in 2014. Is God saying, “You Fools?”

All of creation cries out and we know the sun, moon and stars are His witnesses to everything that happens on the earth. The larger light and the lesser light work together in their seasons to point.

2 Chronicles 2 from the top now…verses 1-4

2Ch 2:1  Shlomo enlisted 70,000 men who carried loads, another 80,000 men who were stone cutters in the hills and 3,600 supervising them. 

2Ch 2:2  Then Shlomo sent this message to Huram the king of Tzor: “[Deal with me] as you dealt with David my father when you sent him cedar logs, so that he could build himself a palace to live in. 

2Ch 2:3  Here, I am about to build a house for the name of Adonai my God, to dedicate it to him, and to burn before him incense made of sweet spices; the house will also be for the continuing showbread and for the burnt offerings presented every morning and evening, on the shabbats, at every Rosh-Hodesh, and at the designated times of Adonai our God. This is a perpetual regulation for Isra’el. 

2Ch 2:4  The house I will build will be great, because our God is greater than all gods. 

Why do we have to know 70,000 men are involved? Because it pints to the earth’s year 7000 when the millennium should close (6000-7000). Why do we see 80,000 more men are involved because it points to Day Eight…or year 8000. This is when the BIG palace arrives in our atmosphere.

What are the sweet spices? The saints prayers that ascend up to be smelled by YHWH. He smells us.

Who is the show bread? Yeshua Jesus is the Bread of Life that will be our morning and evening light.

What is the Sabbath? It points to Year 7000 that concludes The Kingdom Age and delivers us into The Eighth Day. If we do NOT participate in Sabbath we stop showing the picture of what God’s plan is for the earth. By not honoring Sabbath we dishonor and ‘hold back’ The Millennial reign that is planned for our earth.

What is Rosh Hodesh? It is marking the first of every month. It holds YHWH’s calendar in perfect alignment. Without marking God’s calendar there is no calendar. With no calendar man is left to do what is right in his own eyes…and that is just what has happened. No one knows what day it really is.

What are the designated items of Adonai? They are called The Lord’s Feasts….appointments with us. Without these feasts we do NOT comprehend God’s plan since Creation. The Lord’s appointed times have changed by man to Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, etc.

What does ‘perpetual regulation’ mean? It is FOREVER! It will continue perpetually…into eternity we could say. WOW!

Now, let me ask you this… What will make you believe this? First, like we said at the beginning, this is for ‘Believers’ in the God of Adam, Enoch, Noach, Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov, David and Yeshua who is God. If you believe in King David’s lineage, that will have a physical ruler/King of Kings come to the earth and reign for a thousand years, you will want to embrace these verses and study them.

Now, what did God do to them at Mt. Sinai? Yes, he shook the mountain…and he had smoke, fire, lightening and thundering to what purpose? Yes, to scare them…… into believing that YHWH was real.

They did believe and said to Moses…we will do all that YHWH says, but you talk to Him because if we do we will surely die.

Today, God is acting just as He did then…but worldwide. The earth opens and swallows and the flood waters cover and swallow. Is that a mean god? Well, if you had a people who were told not to worship other gods and they continue to bring a ‘Buddha’ statue into their home, what would you do? And, then the Buddha lover marry into your family assimilating your grandchildren into following these ‘lucky’ charm gods…what would you do? Hmm.

Okay…back to the Science of earthquakes. Yes, clear Science….that proves God is

  1. Real.
  2. Active

Let’s begin with a year that was earthshaking. In 2014 it was Year Six of it’s Shemittah cycle where things are doubled in blessing or cursing as patterned in the Israelites and strangers being fed for forty years in The Wilderness. They were fed every day picking up mana from the dew of the ground in the morning. On Day Six they would pick up double their allotted amount to eat on The Sabbath / Day Seven. They were trained in The Sabbath…God did not work in supplying their food need but He doubled it on Day Six. I tried this on our land in 2014 and we had double hay that lasted for 2015 as well. My husband was not testing this science with me so he hired his hay man to come and bale in 2015…which was Year Seven..the Shemittah Year. (And, I know this is suppose to be for in The Land of Israel, but I had dedicated our land with the name El Shaddai walking all over it and I wanted to see what YHWH would do.)

In 2015 there was so much rain that the hay could not be brought in and when it was cut it had more rain on it and that hay man said to me…you can just keep the hay…I won’t take it because it’s really bad by now. Thus, the hay that I said not to cut, got cut but was a bad cut…and sat there for several years never able to even be sold.

It was the 2014 hay that carried us through with our new herd of 14 heifers purchased in 2014. That hay fed them into 2016 when we finally had another good crop of hay to feed them. But, the 2017 hay had the Total Solar Eclipse cross our property and that hay year failed all over Missouri. Yes, I watch, record and wait to see the Hand of God on us. The Day-Six program set out to be perpetual on our earth was applied to our small 36-acre property. This year is 2021…year Six again…and now I must again watch and record what happens. Right now we have so much hay from this sixth year that we would not need to bale hay in 2021. But, year seven does not start until Fall and so the REST year will be for the 2022 hay crop. I will test it once again…by giving the hay away if my husband insists on baling it. It is NOT mine but for the stranger and foreigner if he has us bale it.

Now back to the science of earthquakes.

2014 – Year Six – Double blessing/cursing

2015 – Year Seven – Shemittah Year

2016 – Year One

2017 – Year Two

2018 – Year Three

2019 – Year Four

2020 – Year Five

2021 – Year Six – Double blessing/cursing

2022 – Year Seven – Shemittah year

God’s calendar begins in the fall whereas the Pope Gregory calendar begins mid winter/January.

Thus, God’s Civil year calendar begins usually in September…and was called Month One. When Moses brought the Hebrews out of Egypt YHWH was preparing their departure to pattern The Messiach’s death and resurrection. Thus, a new start of such was given to Month Seven which today is called Nisan. Thus, in the spring…as Yeshua’s Jesus seed was put into the ground to then resurrect we have another New Year with Month Seven now also a Month One for their ecclesiastical calendar.

Month One from Adam to Moses – In the fall, called Tishri

Month Seven from Adam to Moses- In the spring, called Nisan

This is not confusing as Americans have several calendar starts as well…such as when taxes are due and when schools open and close.

What makes this easy to understand is just think about who is speaking to who. If the discussion is before Moses…then Month One begins in the fall. If the discussion is after Moses, he brings them out of slavery in the spring…just as Yeshua Jesus was the seed put in the ground in the spring.

This is what I want you to see. The 2014 earthquakes should shake you….just as Kim Clement’s prophecies in 2014 were shaking people but they would not understand them until this last month.

We are in the days of Prophets and in the days of the earth quaking. When does it happen…at the perpetual appointments.

You are either going to see this, or you are just going to let this continue to pass over your head…and just hope the ‘rapture’ takes you out before all of this happens. Personally, I have a hard time with complacency. I spend my time understanding ADONAI’s appointments because I’ve never been one to NOT know what God is trying to say to me.

Here we go.

February 22, 2014 – Kim Clement gives prophecy about seeing two presidents on our first president George Washington’s birthday. He lifted his hands and the people in his vision lifted their hands. He shouted and the people in his vision also shouted. When he turned to see them they had Q on their shirts. Aleph to Q …not A to Z.

He was seeing the January 6, 2021 Trump Rally that just happened six weeks ago. He spoke about it SEVEN years ago in the Sixth Shemittah cycle.

May 27, 2014 – Kim Clement had another concert but I haven’t listened to check it’s impact.

June 14, 2014 – Kim Clement at concert gives more detail about two presidents…David with a stone for little man of North Korea. He saw Donald Trump walking with Kim of NK. What was June 14? Donald J Trump’s birthday.

Yahweh gives Kim Clement words about presidents who are not even running for office. He says it is Trump but Donald J Trump does not yet even know he is running for the presidency of the United States. In fact, when Donald Trump is president he makes he statement, “I don’t even know why I’m doing this. It’s certainly not because I need money.”

Kim Clement will die in 2016 before Trump is ever president. God will quiet this man of prophecy because his words are enough; just as Jeremiah could say no more than what had already been said for three straight years while held in prison by the king of Judah. Jeremiah was only released by the King of Babylon once the King of Judah submitted to being moved to Babylon. Unbelievably is was Jeremiah’s own king that held him captive because the king didn’t like YHWH’s judgment of being taken to Babylon for setting up idols in The House of God.

Yes, we have a big earthquake happening where a king defies what God’s prophet confirms. This is a government crisis just as Korach had with Moses. Today, we have the same crisis for the first time in America’s history that the voter’s opinion makes no difference. Mad men have sworn themselves in to lead our world. This shows that God’s Law no longer reigns in their hearts. Like in the days of Noach….And, they no longer called on the name of God which means they no longer obeyed what God instructed.

There was no new word from God for the King of Judah except what had been said before….get all the idols out of the House of God…and Jeremiah knocked over the statue that was standing in The Temple.

We are at a time of God knocking over all the idols in America. If we do NOT remove those in power that honor other gods (like Allah) then we will be carried off. No Muslim, no Buddha lover can be in Congress. There is One god and our God will have no other gods before him…let us not forget this.

Now, let’s get back to when the 2014 earthquakes happen. There will be TWELVE (just like the 12 tribes of Israel) 7.0+ earthquakes in 2014. But, Kim Clement was an earthquake shaking himself. No 7.0+ earthquake happens until the date Moses brought them out of Egypt. Nisan 1 was also the date that all the tribes had divorced their foreign wives and children that did NOT want to follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. You will find that in the book of Ezra.

And, what is even more amazing…April 1 – known as April Fool’s Day was also Nisan 1. It is a very rare thing for these two calendars to align and be in agreement with each other. April 1 was Nisan 1. It was The Religious New Year. And, it was not just an earthquake of was a the BIG one…Yes, it was 8.2 hitting Iquique Chile…with devastating power. People were swallowed up on that Head of Year and Head of Month. Our Creator was face-to-face with mankind. All could see what day it was.

Did I know it was a special day? Yes, I sat in Arizona in a friends home wanting to write a book about

God’s Hand in earthquakes..and I had waited almost two years for another 8.0+ earthquake. There it was and that is when I began my blog because there was constantly too much to say.

April 1 – Nisan 1 – 8.2 Chile New Ecclesiastical Year

April 2 – Nisan 2 – 7.7 Chile

That 7.7 should speak to us about The Sabbath. 7.7 is a big aftershock….it shook the world to see such devastation.

April 11 – Nisan 11 – 7.1 Panguna, Papua New Guinea (Yeshua chosen as king on Nisan 10 just as all lambs are chosen on Nisan 10 for slaughter on Nisan 14) Yeshua retreats to wilderness so as not to be made king…He must go to the cross. He resurrected Lazarus on Nisan 7. In seven days he was scheduled to be The Lamb.

April 12 – Nisan 12 –7.6 Solomon Islands, Kirakira – Yeshua is at Solomon’s Temple with disciples.

April 13 – Nisan 13 – 7.4 Solomon Islands, Kirakira – Yeshua walking with disciples.

April 18 – Nisan 18 – 7.2 Petatian, Mexico – Yeshua resurrected on Nisan 17, Shakes earth and heavenly throne to place blood on Heaven’s altar…returns to walk again with disciples. At least 500 captives set free…dead bodies rose up with him and now walk the streets too on Nisan 18. Counting of Omer Day 3; Unleavened Bread Day Four. Yeshua Jesus is the Bread of Life.

April 19 – Nisan 19 – 7.5 Panguna, Papua New Guinea – Yeshua and disciples and over 500 free captives that rose up still walking and celebrating resurrection. Pesach in full swing. Day Five Unleavened Bread.

Pesach eight days Nisan 14 to Nisan 21

Unleavened Bread is Seven days long. Nisan 15 – Nisan 21

First Fruits is Nisan 15

All of these point to our Messiach and take another study.

SEVEN 7.1+ in 19 days. All earthquakes commemorating the Lord’s Feasts of:

First Fruits, Unleavened Bread, Pesach and the Counting of the Omer.

These are incredible shaking in 2014 along with Kim Clement’s prophecies…and yet it will take SEVEN years later for YHWH to reveal these things. We could feel Passover shaking…but we could not see our future as Kim tried to describe it. Now, all is being revealed as sin is shockingly being revealed.

What is next in 2014. Hmm. In 2021 my UPS delivery man who has honored The Lord’s Feasts for many years before myself…told me a message Yahweh gave him in 2016.

Yah told him to support Donald J Trump because he would be the only second president who would truly care about the people. So, he said, I did. He has at least eight children I think and one of them ran for House of Representatives a few years ago but corrupt financing stopped his son’s win. He is a very credible man and I believe what he tells me. Then, he said he was curious about who the other man was that ‘cared’ about the people. God told him, President Grover Cleveland.

I did my investigating and truly found similarities with these two men God rose up to help the people. I have told this story earlier and thus I will bypass all of that information here, but let you know that it has been confirmed to me this week again about YHWH’s chosen leaders. The next earthquake will give memory to this great president who also head around the Supreme Court because it would not act. He gave 8,000,000 acres of land back to the people and broke up the Railroad conglomerates that were hurting the people. He also wanted gold and silver to be our currency…just as in the day of Yeshua who was sold for silver. Grover Cleveland tried to cleave to our land as he saw The Central Bankers begin their debt on America guiding us away from the gold standard.

He was the 22nd President but they ruined the economy and he didn’t get re-elected but worked the next four years to come back strong as our 24th President. He died at age 71. I believe Donald J Trump will follow this pattern of new beginnings and Grover Cleveland by being given his rightful position as president by 2022…and reign through 2024 as God does miracles right before our eyes. And, they both had young brides with Grover Cleveland being the first president to marry in the White House. There was 28 years difference in his wife who was the daughter of his partner…of whom he helped when she was forlorn. Like Trump he married a wife who respected him…being thankful for the opportunity of being married to a kind man. I like that Donald J Trump married a foreigner and stranger we could say that also appreciates the value of freedom. These are very special people who came from the ‘playboy’ set of society and now moved to be ‘anointed’ as Yoseph wore the coat of many colors. Melanie also wears ‘clothes of color’ stating her elevated position of anointing by God at this time.

Donald J Trump has the next Total Lunar Eclipse on May 26, 2021 Saros series 121 occurring on his Hebrew birthday: Sivan 15. President Grover Cleveland died 38 years earlier on Sivan 25. They are even yoked in the days of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the earth known as Shavuot, Day 50 of the counting of the omer known as Sivan 6. Yeshua walked the earth 40 days and 40 nights before leaving in Month Two, Iyyar. These two men connect with Yeshua walking the earth in Sivan.

EIGHTH 2014 earthquake: 25 Sivan

YES, our 22nd and 24th President Death Date: Sivan 25.

June 23, 2014 – 7.9 Little Sitkin Island, Alaska. Sivan 25.

Number 9 of 12

October 8, 2014 – 7.0 Southern East Pacific Rise – Tishri 14

How much more could God shake us and point? ….the next earthquake is The Feast of Tabernacles. People are setting set up camp on Tishri 14 as Tishri 15 is a sabbath of rest. Many drive for miles and set up weeks ahead of this festival and invite friends to tabernacle with them. My UPS driver and his wife may spend two weeks hiking at Mt. Zion Park some years. THUS, this is a WOW earthquake!

So far, the 2014 earthquakes are all seen clearly as from Creator by those who know his calendar. What a shame our world is in when we do things according to our pleasure and not YHWH’s pleasure. These earthquakes are shaking us up to LISTEN to the voice coming from the fire and lightening. The feasts have been called dress rehearsals preparing us for the real thing. I’m beginning to realize they are ‘real thing’. Because our earth is not participating in them YHWH is opening up the earth and swallowing us. Perhaps YHWH is done pointing and is now in a worldwide correction. We must REPENT from pulling back from God’s ways and RETURN to setting His ways on the earth and refrain from our ways.

I am writing on Day One and Day Two before The Fast of Esther. Many around the world are fasting so we are not annihilated as a people group. They wanted to kill all Jews and today, I kid you not, we are in a month where ‘the white’ is scheduled for destruction. Zulu blacks have cleansed the Africon (white man) from The Land. The instruction in 2021 is NEVER feed a white person. Isn’t that a deception from the TOP in Sweden where the ‘elite’ rule from.

FOUR BLOOD MOONS – called a Tetrad.

And, on Tishri 15 2014 this day held the 2nd of four Total Blood Moon eclipses known as a Tetrad. This 7.0 earthquake and Total Lunar Eclipse announced the 2014 Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles.

This is one of those, “Where were you?” moments to remember.

Oh yes, Nisan 15, 2014…hosted the FIRST of the four Total Lunar consecutive eclipses on Passover Day One. How much more can God speak to us? I will tell you two things that He spoke to me. My first granddaughter Kira is born on Day One Feast of Tabernacles…Tishri 15…my oldest son. My granddaughter Reese is born on Day One of Pesach (Passover)..Nissan 15. She is the only ‘redhead’ in our grandchildren and plays soccer with great intensity and power.

How do I see God? In my life confirming his Appointments. What does that do to my faith? Believe me I have a strong faith because I see him in my life everywhere. Oh by the way, back in 1970 I married my husband on a Saturday in a Catholic church. Now I’ve learned that the calendars aligned day for day and it was Yom Kippur..Tishri 10…Day of Judgment / Atonement. WOW again…I definitely am atoned for as well as my husband now by Yeshua’s blood. And, I am to use this as a testimony for judgment as well. It’s our choice to obey the feasts…believe me…I would never stop from what I see. It’s where we see and experience ADONAI who made us.

NISAN Review:

Month of Nisan Pope Gregory and Hebrew calendars align date for date so all see.

Seven of 12 2014 earthquakes at Pesach

Nisan 15 – First of four Total Lunar eclipses in 2014-2015.

Nisan 15 – Granddaughter born March 16, 2010. Calendars one day apart.

The TENTH 7.0+ earthquake will also align with The Feast of Tabernacles.

October 13, 2014 7.3 Intipuca El Salvador – Tishri 19. Day FIVE of Succot.

The Feast of Tabernacles is Seven days long and one extra day added called Shemini Atzaret to remind us to rejoice in The Eighth Day. And then one more day is celebrated called Simcot Torah….rejoicing in The Torah. Yes, people may still hang out and continue studying The Torah…the bible.

Tishri 15 – 22 is a time to celebrate….22 (new beginnings…a new time).

Tishri 23 – Simchot Torah – Rejoice in God’s instructions

ELEVENTH (11) 7.0+ earthquake in 2014 – Amazingly it’s 11.1

Aleph Aleph Aleph….The strength of Yahweh permeating us a message. Aleph is one and shown by a picture of the head of an ox in ancient times. YHWH is first and our strength. When repeated the number or letter gets stronger and stronger in meaning. This was a serious earthquake.

11.01.2014 – 7.1 Nndoi Island Fiji

Cheshvan 8 – was a Sabbath called Lech Lecha meaning Get yourself out. Gen 12:1-17:27 Abraham was told to leave his country and go to where ADONAI would show him. Cheshvan 8 is about Noach’s flood. They are in the ark and the door shuts on Cheshvan 10. We can believe that the earth was shaking below them with earthquakes. This 7.1 was to remind us of God’s sovereign hand over man’s sin in judgment. This day has Methuselah death being recorded in Genesis 5:27. He was the oldest man on earth.,,969 years. Even this righteous man shows us 9 and 6 and 9..twisting numbers for man and not yet complete at 70.

Number 12 Earthquake could be likened to the twelve tribe who was just glad to be counted as part of the family…Ashur.

November 14, 2014 – Aleph (1) and Dahlet (4)…God in charge of the DOOR/OPENING.

7.1 Kota Ternate, Indonesia – Cheshvan 21 – Friday – Erev of Life of Sarah. Genesis 23:1-25:18 It tells us how long she lived and how Abraham went to mourn her. God is mourning us…we don’t call on Him by not attaching ourselves to His ways. His tears fall to the earth and yet his mercy and grace causes judgment to be patient…and now the people should be silent. Abraham’s first love has died at age 127. He was tested to kill her only son. She has moved away in fear he’ll do it again taking Isaac with her. He will marry at age 40 just as Yeshua came at 4000 years. But, Isaac does not have children until age 60 showing us at year 6000. Then twins are born who give him double trouble or the problem of inheritance and it is the same today. It would be good to learn the difference between having a heritage and an inheritance.

What powerful meaning in just 12 earthquakes over 7.0…YHWH’s number to bring us to REST showing us The Sabbath/Day Seven.

The twelve tribes gave us these feasts as they passed over Egyptian water. That baptism experience changed their way of worship. Now we celebrate it’s memory through Pesach (Passover). They tabernacle in the Wilderness as seen in The Feast of Tabernacles for 40 years showing us Yeshua Jesus being that Pesach lamb 4000 years later.

These TWELVE earthquakes speak to us in Spiritual Science.

These twelve shake at The Lord’s Passion for us. They shake again as He ascends to be with us at Feast of Tabernacles. He shakes us so we become preachers like Noach with such strong faith that move about life with actions that no one understands except between you and God. These earthquake celebrate leaders who truly care about God’s sheep.

It’s been there from the ‘beit’ beginning of Genesis where Adam also worshiped through sacrifice. Cain didn’t get it where Able did. Why are we back to murdering each other? Because we left the Beit…the beginning. When we reject Creation we have to be shaken to remember….to go back to our first Love…The Walking Living Torah-man, Yeshua Jesus now walking in the spirit of the Torah. Yeshua completes God and he completes every word spoken by The Father.

The spiritual science shows God is in control. The science points to perpetual covenants on our earth. The ‘spiritual science’ shows YHWH uses His feasts to act on. The ‘spiritual science’ shows YHWH will talk through His children to communicate. The ‘spiritual science’ shows patterns that move through history so God’s children “See” him in all His science projects. We are the science, my friends. Are you seeing clearly through the tube of glass? Yes, the veil is being lifted…and God’s Covenants will endure!

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