Can Earthquakes speak? 2017 foretold Russia Russia Russia, Mexico Mexico.

The letter five is the letter Hei meaning, ‘behold, grace. It is pictured as a gate. Not only have we been told by young Nathan that God’s War started in 2015 we have our Creator signaling it through The Two Witnesses. In 2014 and 2015 it will be the smaller witness that will signal us to WAR. The larger witness is the sun and the smaller witness is the moon.

The 2014 eclipse on the full moon of Nisan 15 began what is known as a Tetrad in lunar eclipse lingo. April 1 was Nisan 1…that is a ‘marker’ in time as well. This also is a rare occurrence to have the Gregorian and the Hebrew calendars align. It will do this in 2022 in several months, but not in 2021.

April 1 was Nissan 1 in 2014. And it was to be the day of the very FIRST 7.0+ earthquake in the year 2014.

Yes dear friends…the calendars aligned, the moon spoke in a total black out and the very first 7.0+ earthquake happened on April 1. Nisan begins the New Year of the Jewish Religious calendar. This calendar began with ADONAI’s instruction to his chosen vessel Moses (Mosch).

Our Creator was face-to-face or we say mouth-to-mouth with Moses for 80 of his 120-year long life dying while in full health and composure. His 80 years shadows forward to our earth enduring 8000 years before we see ‘The Change of God’ occur. The 120 years show us the 120 jubilees that will endure before we see it’s total of 6000 years occur before The Sabbath Day for the earth occurs.

We truly are on a program with many witnesses speaking right before our eyes…if we would only LOOK. I have an email named: lqqkingup. We MUST be looking forward to our LORD”S return and not just live to ‘get off’ this planet. Men go to Mars and Woman go to Venus in hopes of a longer life. I would not go to these places as what is coming to ‘EARTH’ will be patterned to ‘The Spiritual’ and that, my friends, is beyond our imaginations.

Now, back to earthquakes being ‘witnesses.’ The ‘rich and famous’ of our world meet in Devos Switzerland once a year to make plans for you and me. They seem to think they are our parents and we can not think for ourselves. BUT….God’s War is still in full gear…thus the January 22, 2021 Devos Summit was canceled per the COVID 2019 world lock down…realized in 2020 and being even more feared as THREE masks were worn by a St. Luke’s doctor I just saw for a normal checkup last week.

2014 – was the Sixth Shemittah cycle that holds doubles and triples aligning with God feeding the children in The Wilderness. The material they baked with what seemed like coriander seed and collected on the ground every morning was doubled on Day Six. This is NOT a ‘new’ theme, but a theme still running through the earth as man was created on Day Six. The first two females born to Adam’s wife Chanoh (Eve) will be born in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. Awan is in the 2nd jubilee in the sixth Shemittah cycle and Azura is born the 3rd jubilee in the sixth cycle. Yes, they were both born in the years 36-42 of their perspective jubilee. And yes again, they were born exactly 50 years apart.

Should we study the jubilee? Yes, as it is The Creator’s pattern. Adam and Chanoah will only have children after the first jubilee ends. Yes, Adam and Chanoah are 50 when Cain is born. They wait 7 years to have Able…thus they are 57 when the ‘second’ son arrives. The children are taught about ‘sacrifice’ as they observe Adam honoring Shavuot which is about the earth’s first offering to be given to God.

Let’s remember that our ancient father Isaac was also late in having children. He marries at age FORTY but does not have children until age SIXTY…producing two sons, Esau and Jacob. At year 6000 we are looking for The Son Yeshua (Jesus) killed by evil Esau of whom is also The Son known as Yeshua the Messiah from the Tribe of Judah.

Isaac’s physical age of marrying at age 40 shows his offspring Yeshua of whom came at year 4000 AM.

Isaac’s physical age of having twins at age 60 shows us TWO sons…appearing 2000 years later at year 6000 from Adam. Isaac never leaves The Land just as The Father never leaves Heaven. It is The Son’s position to rule over earth in The Spirit of The Father. The Son only speaks what the Father says.

SIX is about humanity. SIX connects us to our Creator as He provides everything for us and our generations for 6000 years. It is in the earth’s physical Day Seven that ‘Christ’s Work is complete. He rules for the father as Moses father Yithro showed him how to rule and left and went back home to Midian. Our father stays in heaven always and in Day Eight we will join that realm.

Yeshua Jesus is scheduled to walk among us as The Spirit of ELOHIM walked with Adam and Chanoh. For two thousand years Yeshua has returned to be with The Father. Yeshua is our intercessor as Moses was their intercessor. We know his presence is with us because we are one with the father as he is one with The Father. We see His presence in all things that are created.

Patterns of Creation flow all through history and have never stopped. These principles have never changed but they have increased as more humans occupy the earth….more people leads to more guidance.


Look up Kim Clement prophecies.

Look up Eclipses; Tetrad, Hybrid.

Look up Earthquakes….memorializing wars, people and God’s Calendar.

Kim Clement is a pastor and had some prophecies that are remembered back in 2009, 2013, 2014. He will die in 2016 after a dark dream of two black snakes in his garden. He then has a stroke (snake one) and then dies of heart failure (snake two). He completed his task of warning The Children. He does not get to see Donald J Trump as president as he dies in a year that attaches him to God…Six…the letter vav shown a shepherd’s staff. This letter is seen as connecting man with God. I’m sure he was told, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

2017 is the direction in which I’m being lead next to study in patterns. When Ya’cov’s son Joseph came to them about his dreams in double portion, they snubbed him. Thus, at age 16…with the wonderful connecting letter ‘vav’ we see him not being blessed but double REJECTION sets in…by 10 brothers and his two parents. His little brother Binyamin is only 9 years old when he tells about God’s visions and Binyamin will only be TEN years old when his only full brother Yoseph is sold into the world of Egypt. Binyamin speaks to us about TEN the letter ‘yod’ which is the smallest letter in their 22-letter alphabet but it is so powerful as it’s seen as a closed ‘strong’ hand. TEN children are listed as coming from the loins of Binyamin as they arrive to Egypt to avoid the last FIVE years of a SEVEN year famine. (The two (son) saves them personally sending food home to them and finally by year THREE they have to MOVE out of their comfort zone to see their savior, their brother Yoseph. For FIVE years they ‘behold and are given grace’ with Rachel’s firstborn Yoseph.

Let’s look at God’s War told to us by a young man of whom I now call, young prophet Nathan. He died in 2015 at age 15 on Tishrei 15 on the last Total Lunar 2015 eclipse. It was also Day One of the last Feast on God’s calendar known as The Feast of Tabernacles. This ‘wedding feast’ totally makes sense that this young 15-year old boy would arrive to feast in heaven with his elders but decides to return as he felt he just had not done enough for his LORD. He did not want to live in eternity with having done so little for his Savior.

2015 will host 19 earthquakes over 7.0. The last one will memorialize Pearl Harbor, December 7. Now watch this….we have a natural and we have a spiritual. Our Creator honored the natural disaster for America on Pearl Harbor Day in 2015 … and then our Creator honored Day One of Chanukah…Yes, Kislev 25, 2015 as the spiritual memorial.

This would be life-changer for me…because instead of trying to ‘write’ a book, I changed to ‘writing’ a blog. There were too many things happening so quickly that my ‘editor’ said, “Blog it!”…and that’s why this blog began in the spring of 2015.

When I first watched the video of this young man speaking to his local rabbis in a ‘sheepish’ manor because he now knew The Name…and they didn’t want to know it…I knew God’s War was real. There had been sand storms blamed on Iran and Iraq as they shut down flights even in Israel. These storms shook the earth and this caused The Osama bin’laden Construction cranes to fall and kill over a hundred people. Yes, judgment was meted out for that family held responsible. Then a week later over 1100 died at The Devil’s Corner at Haj i when a traffic barrier wasn’t replaced and people piled up running into each other. I had been watching the Middle East in September at the time of the Days of Creation. True Chaos was upon them.

In November we find out about Nathan’s return from death and what he learned while in heaven. 2015 is a ‘marker’ in our history…and now it’s been FIVE years. Yes, those FIVE years of ‘famine’ are up. And, I think it’s very special that young prophet Nathan could now serve in the military to show himself face to face with The Creator.

2015 – Hei – The Gate; behold.

2014 – Dahlet – The Door; open

2014 (door) and 2015 (gate) show us elements to opening and closing.

Kim Clement in 2014, January 22 – There are two presidents…one is double-minded.

What was January 22….Look it up!! Yes, it is our FIRST president birth. George Washington.

Stay focused on 22 – House, House; Son, Son; temple, temple. Building, building. Beit: In the beginning.

Yes, Beresheit…In the beginning. This are the first letter and words spoken by our Creator to bring our world out of Chaos and into fellowship with God. There is always a beginning with 2022 being a very special year.

2022….Beresheit Beresheit…In the beginning, in the beginning…the first son…and yes, the ‘second’ son. The first son was rejected as ‘false’ messiahs were everywhere even in The Temple. The ‘Second’ son the same as the first but now raised up from the grave and returning as King of Kings….to rule over all The Earth…(temple).

I have already done a separate study on 2015 earthquakes and I will summarize them again shortly as NINETEEN 7.0 earthquakes is a very large number of earthquakes in one year. And probably so if it was ‘the year’ God’s War began.

2014 Earthquakes: 12 – Seven occur in 19 days. From Head of New Year through Pesach (Passover). April 1 – 19 held the FIRST 7 7.0 earthquakes in 2014. This is more than ‘amazing grace’ my friends….it is The Hand of God confirming our earth moving into the 7th millennial rule which should have Yeshua ruling as The Messiach over all. Nine is the letter ‘tet’ seen as a basket with twisting and even a snake that twists…and where do snakes reside? In covered baskets… 2015 having 19 earthquakes sounds very logical.

Now how many earthquakes over 7.0 do you think were in 2016?

Did you guess sixteen? Hmm?

Yes, SIXTEEN. That sure sounds logical again.

I’m not going to cover each earthquake right now. Is there anything significant that can tease us to want to look at them? Yes, the traditions of men are seen. Let me start by saying that man’s good intentions are just that…good intentions. Good intentions of bringing your ‘second best’ veggies as Cain did to that very special feast…does not cut it. Isaiah 55:8-9 states. Your ways are not my ways and your thoughts are not mine thoughts. Please read it. Don’t make your words…my words…you don’t even KNOW me says The LORD.

Next question, How many earthquakes over 7.0 do you think there were in 2017?

Did you guess seventeen? Hmm?

No, but you are close. What is logical is SEVEN!

Can you believe it? Yes, ONLY SEVEN 7.0+ earthquakes in 2017.

Was God asleep? No! In fact He had another PLAN that showed up that would be likened to an earthquake in order to SHAKE us.

This earth ‘mover and shaker’ would be born on a date that was face to face with God. 14 June 1946 was 15 Sivan…just a day apart. He was born on the day before The Sabbath…known as Erev Sabbath. He will be likened to a Moses, a David, an Ezra, a Jeremiah. He will be so likened that people will storm the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021 to STOP THE STEAL of a really gone-wrong election 2020.

This past President’s lights have been tried to be snuffed out before he ever ran for office of the United States presidency. It began in 2014 to 2015…with him running in 2016…and shockingly reigning in 2017.

YES….2 0 1 7 — Look at these numbers! What have we learned about SEVENTEEN..

We constantly see the physical in Joseph being taunted by his family and yet getting elected to be ‘second’ in command over that world. They didn’t know Yoseph and put him in prison…they didn’t know Donald J Trump and keep trying to put him in prison.

Yes, modern Donald J. Trump is the physical to what we know about the spiritual Joseph.

There will always be two things operating. There will always be a spiritual and a physical. They confirm each other and they confirm God in our lives. These two things (physical and spiritual) let us know ADONAI is real.

SEVEN 2017 Earthquakes – Perhaps Donald J Trump was so earth shaking that The Creator thought he was all most of us could handle as he fought for America’s freedoms while casting down One World Thinking that lead to compromising idols…and idolatry…and bribery…murder, slave trade. Slave trade seems to be a very polite word for ‘prostituting’ our children and our own bodies.

DECEMBER 25, 2016….Last 7.0+ earthquake for 2016. CHRISTMAS DAY 7.6 Puerto Quelion, Chile. (Yes, Q)

It was the year of Hilary Clinton was to win the election. No one new who this ‘David’ was and if he would ever really rule Israel….Abigail’s husband Nabel said. Yes, no one knew this businessman Trump except for his television shows and buildings that carried his name on them. Yes, he would run and WIN…the Dominion voting machines had assured Hilary a victory…but they had not set the algorithms high enough for her to steal the election…and she shockingly lost. The next time they would make sure there was a PlannedDemic so mail in votes could be manipulated. Yes, 2020 saw 75 million voter protest that their President Trump did not win. Kim Clement’s prophecy told about it at the beginning of The Signal. 2014…The Signal , 2015 The War Began.

2016 – 16 earthquakes

2017 – SEVEN 7.0+ Earthquakes in our world. SEVEN…our world was to come to rest. In Seventeen it was The Days of Joseph….He was lost for 17 years and then found for 17 years by his family and father. Thirty four total years to ‘hei’ ‘behold’ The Son.

Many governments believe they were SET BACK in their agendas of bringing One World Rule to The Nations.

They were so SET BACK that the 2021 Davos was called, THE RESET!

When Joe O’Biden says, “We’re back…back to what? GLOBALISM?

January 10 7.3 Tabiauan Philippines Tevet 12

The Fast of Tevet TEN is a fast created by those who are sorry ADONAI had to send them off to Babylon. It took a couple of years to have all of them submit to King Nebuchadnezzar. After 2.5 years the King of Judah submitted and went…he lived but those who held him back died. TEVET 10 is the first breach of Israel’s walls that lead to their final captivity.

Trump is only the ‘second’ president to CARE about the people. President Stephen Grover Cleveland was the first according to Kevin who heard from The Lord in 2016 to support Donald J Trump. This first earthquake in 2017signals our walls are breached. We will be carried off if we do NOT listen to the prophet Donald J Trump of whom is playing the role of Jeremiah…who was under ‘house arrest’ up for 2.5 years until he could give The King of Judah a better message than being hauled off. The message would not change to REMOVE the idols from The Temple. Jeremiah even knocked over the giant statute of Dag trying to destroy it. Jeremiah had no good message so he continued unable to marry and under house arrest.

Trump tells the world to ‘GET RID OF SIN”. STOP WAR. STOP UNFAIR TRADE. STOP ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and let all men live free.

They tried to ‘impeach’ twice. His entire presidency was about getting rid of him. All time by Democrats was spent in harassment, because they did NOT like his words of KINDNESS to the people.

January 21 7.9 Panguna, PNG – Trump’s First Day as President. Inauguration January 20.

WOW! One of the most elaborate Presidential inaugurations in history is memorialized the next day on TEVET 23 (Month Ten Day 23 or Month Four Day 23).

The FIRST day of Donald Trump in office a near 8.0 earthquake shook our world at Papua New Guinea. Impeachment, impeachment only rang from The Elitists tearing down Trump walls. Jerusalem would be secured as Israel capitol and our embassy moved there. Peace Accords were designed and implements more than any other president in history. Yes, a 7.9 I’m sure felt like a 8.0 as our world will never be the same after Donald J. Trump. Sin was to be revealed and cast down.

At age 17 Joseph is sold to Egypt. In 2017 a new Joseph lead our world. His enemies and his Republican brethren worked continually to place him in prison. And our Joseph was even falsely accused of sexual misconduct. His son tried to run away and turn to the enemy probably in love for his mother during those allegations. Donald’s other son would divorce his wife as his family was tormented because of this leadership.

All those that study The Bible should recognize many characters playing out very quickly in one man. We truly stand amazed for such a time in which we live…and perhaps it is to prepare us for an even more amazing man that will also set his foot down at The Eastern Gate….right were President Trump and Joshua stood.

SEVEN – letter Tsade – a weapon to bring rest…change.

Here we are again thinking of those that went before us influenced by the Aleph (1) ox (God) and the Tsade (7) a weapon. Yeshua Jesus declared that he was Lord of The Sabbath. He will bring rest to The Nations…His blood and resurrection brings REST to the weary.

  1. 7.17.17 – Nikol’skoye, Russia – July 17, 2017 (7.17.17) WOW…what can we say?

FIVE sevens – the weapon is Sabbath, the weapon of Sabbath, the weapon Sabbath, Sabbath fights for us, Sabbath is perpetual.

UPDATE: March 4, 2021 – First 8 point earthquake with two over SEVEN to New Zealand on the day our presidents use to be inaugurated. Many thought President Trump would be our president on American soil and not a foreign soil…where president like Stephen Grover Cleveland were inaugurated. INSTEAD of The Great Political Quake….INSTEAD of the STEAL being STOPPED….INSTEAD of Republicans taking back America…our Supreme Court turned down even hearing about THE STEALING of an American Election. Instead, it was announced today that ALL Supreme Court Justices have been vaccinated. So what does our Creator think about this?

THREE Earthquakes to New Zealand on March 4 also 20 Adar 2021. YES….OUR World shook with an 8.1 and it was preceded by a 7.3 and 7.4 to the same New Zealand Kermadec Islands. NO Presidental Inaguaration….NO Righteous leader installed to lead YHWH children. Our Earth SHOOK where MINERALS are a treasure. Perhaps YHWH (Lord of Hosts) just shook every mine shaft and closed them off. No more stealing from YHWH’s treasures.

UPDATE Again on March 5, 2021…I just read an article that connects to what you’ll see thoughts come forth about the number Seven and the number One. 7+1 = 8…which shows ‘new beginning.’ After you read about Trump being age 70 and 7 months and 7 days when becoming President…it will tie together with a 7.17.2017 earthquake…and now we have one more thing to consider that was a major WAR items for our world. On 7.17.2017 China had it’s very FIRST Air Craft Carrier arrive in the waters of Hong Kong. It was their very first ship built….and now just FIVE years later in 2021 they have the largest Navy in the world…with a goal of 400 carriers very soon. America had a lower number in sight but no deadline to build these carriers. CHINA owns the seas of our earth and will control The Nations from these floating air craft carriers.

THUS…I had to step into this article because God place this CHINESE Red Dragon on the earth on 7.17.17 just as it was my grandson’s 17th birthday (born in 2000)….just as Trump was 71 yrs and 1 month old…just as Trump sat over the waters of the nations and encouraging them to support ISRAEL. Just as the 7.7 Russia earthquake played out on 7.17.17. That day the words Russia, Russia, Russia weren’t known yet but they would be a new slang for false acquisitions that Trump was in bed with Russia….and instead they hated Trump to be president of whom ruined their oil industry. CHINA’s first air craft carrier taunted North Korea’s people…and was a forerunner to The China Virus spread to via the seas of the Nation. And, a false president is walking on America’s soil…while The Last Trump stands in awe as whatever I say, they want the opposite. He gives a speech on March 3 and told us to get the vaccine…hoping we would NOT. We are in an upside down world…where you don’t know what to believe when someone speaks. This update is being posted in the beginning of this writing…as things are moving so quickly that we MUST see God’s hand in all of this. The physical comes first and then we witness the spiritual.

Look at the physical numbers… 17+17 = 34. This patterns to Joseph first 17 years with his Ya’cov. Then they only have 17 years together when in Goshen Egypt. A total of 34 years showing a ‘suffering Joseph’ and a ‘king Joseph’. 34 years is Yeshua’s age of resurrection and he was on our earth in year 17 AD. 1 + 7 = 8 showing us the physical Day Eight and also the spiritual at 8000 years when the millennial reign ends. There is to be a ‘short’ window for ‘Deceivers’ to be released to our world…and then they are permanently removed. I believe it could be 70 years as that is how many years Adam was shorted from living one full day which is one thousand years. I also think this because Israel was removed to Babylon for 70 years. And, I believe this pattern follows the tithe which is ten percent. This tithe of ten per cent could apply to Enoch’s time line of a generation being 700 years. Enoch 92 describes ten generations of 700 years each which then brings history to a close at year 8000.

(Grandson E was 17 on 7.17.17 as he was born in year 2000. It was his golden’ birthday…being the age of what year it was.)

Once again, this is about our 45th President. Their theme with him seems to be Russia, Russia, Russia. And, yes, this 7.7 earthquake was in Russia…pointing to Donald J Trump and Patriots sifting and severing but continuing to be weapons for God’s Kingdom.

2017 Earthquake #FOUR

  1. The BIG One! To Mexico, Tres Picos. September 7, 2017.

SEVEN in 17. The week, a year, Day Seven of Creation and all the patterns of 17 that have been discussed over the last several years on this website…

2017 Earthquake #FIVE

  1. Ayutia MEXICO – 28 Elul – Dark night. King is in the Field is spiritual. Trump is in the world’s field is the natural. Trump wants Mexico wall…LEFT says NO to walls.

2017 Earthquake # SIX

7.3 IRAQ, Halabjah – 23 Cheshvan, Sunday IRAQ will shake under Trump who kills terrorist leaders.

2017 Earthquake #SEVEN

7.0 Tadine, New Caledonia 1 Kislev, Rosh Chodesh – FIRST day of month is dark. Kislev is fighting for The Temple by Maccabees. They win on Kislev 15…cleaning it for 10 days…

Theme for 2017 Earthquakes – President Trump sees that America’s walls are being breached. He is trying to STOP them from continuing to pursue Babylon. His policies infuriate The Nations as his theme was “America First”, “Make America Great Again”. He told countries that they should try to make their country great. Each country should help itself by building up it’s people.

Then Trump incredible ‘inauguration’ was second to none.

His first day at work hosted a 7.9 earthquake. He spoke so that the ground shook.

Russia Russia Russia is confirmed with hoaxes…severing seven earthquakes sifted those in office.

Trump King is in the Field by September 2017 with Mexico’s wall on his mind. It is a FULL moon for all the world to see.

MEXICO continues to flare up after it’s 8.2 on September 7, 2017. 28 Elul is back to being dark and not much positive getting done.

It is dark out at the 7.1 earthquake on 9.19. Two nines are very severing number. 28 Elul is a dark night with the Rosh Chodesh soon. It is three days and nights of complete darkness on our earth.

IRAG shows up on 23 Cheshvan with Noah’s flood still on the earth. America and the world rock from so many changes even in Iraq where leaders will be wiped out by the Trump Administration.

In SEVEN days on 1 Kislev the SEVENTH 7.0+ earthquake shakes on a dark night where the moon is just seen in a sliver. The earthquakes hit appropriately in his first year. He wonders what he got into and he starts firing many who were left over from the EIGHT idolatrous years of Islamic rulings.

Eight years of idol worship and now only 3.5 years of Trump with so much distraction the Democrats didn’t submit anything other than things that would get rid of our freedoms.

The First Trump Year of 2017 is seen with Earthquakes in countries that abhor him.

They begin as Donald Trump knocking on the walls of our world. You have been sinful and must change….

His FIRST day at work – A Sabbath he knows to honor. Shemot (Names). He find the names of those that hate righteousness. He will play their game to unveil their names.

RUSSIA is third…because it’s always RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA

MEXICO – Walls MUST be built – Drug cartels, Evil MUST be Stopped 8.2 and 7.1 in September.

IRAQ – Trump targets terrorist leaders.

KISLEV 1 – A New Month of Dedication to bring Light to The Temple. He stays the course as America realizes what type of President they have. He loses friend and family to stay under God’s House Arrest…as he is a Jeremiah, an Ezra, A Cyrus, a Yoseph and now a true son of David from the Lion of Judah.

SUMMARY: Seven 7.0+ Earthquakes in 2017 memorialize what Trump’s Presidency will be consumed with.

Russia, Mexico, Iraq, Presidency, Dark Days, The Temple all signaled in 2017 through only SEVEN earthquakes. Yes, they are what consumed our thinking through our world’s affairs and Trump’s reign. And, I think they will continue for a total of SEVEN years as the next Admin tries to undo what Trump successfully did.

We are on opposite poles right now. And, Valdimer Putin of Russia Russia Russia stated at the Davos internet conference that he is very worried that we just might start a tit for tat in blowing each other up. He said that it would be the end of civilization as we know it.

Russia sells the war machines to those mongering war. It concerns me that Russia is concerned and the O’Biden Admin is not…. The new double-minded president has liked conflict in the past and is already liking it again. They think war is good for business. And they like being in control of who lives and who dies.

After looking at the 7 of 12 earthquakes in 2014 all happening in 19 days from April 1 – April 19…we should get concerned. Why? Because our Creator is pointing us to something through earthquakes. You don’t have SEVEN 7.0+ earthquakes in the year of SIGNALS occur at Passover without showing concern.

Let us Lqqk Up an give recognition to our Creator and Repent of all sin and past sins. We MUST be a terrible people to still NOT be allowed in full church. It is there that God is seen and felt. This planned demic has grown us into ‘church tv’ people. God’s is not missed and his name is no longer being sincerely called upon.

God is NOT missed. Why do we know this? Because the people would be screaming louder. They are NOT screaming about church…but about having to homeschool their children. They are seeing that ‘home schoolers’ are very special parents who truly are involved in the growth of their children.

Yes, you can scream…but just make sure that what you want is really what you want. Trump got much more than he bargained for. He is now playing out Ya’cov’s life of realizing he had to give up half his worth just to survive in the world. Esau accepted one half of his goods and didn’t think twice about taking it. Trump is a spiritual man who knows that man is wicked and it is hard to find a leader that is good. Trump gave up his entire presidential pay of $400,000 a year. He is selfless because he ‘CARES’ about The Sheep.

When the earthquakes come and give us ‘signals’ we should pay attention. This next Total Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 121 in 2021 occurs May 26. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know what day that is. Yes, on the Hebrew calendar it is 15 Sivan…Yes, President Trump’s birthday.

God is telling us that I gave you a Jeremiah with a message, but you only wanted to keep him in prison. I tell you, He is my David and you will NOT put out his lights as much as you want to. He is my David…born in full light at the time of the Holy Spirit. My Spirit is on him and all those in America that support My Choosing…My David. He will rise up in 22 and 24…just as My Grover Cleveland did. I appoint your presidents and right now you have TWO. One Anointed in full faculty of his mind and one that is double-minded that won’t walk in my honest ways…of NO abortion…no bribery…and just court systems. I’ve put up with 50 years…Yes, a jubilee of time and it is now DONE.

My Ruler will reign…but you have to repent to receive him.

The next Total Lunar Eclipse on Donald Trump’s birthday is my signal of disappointment to the world. You are a dark world and only seek to kill and destroy life. I am done with you and it YOUR light that is going out. These are my servants says The Lord. I raise up whom I will and I cast them down…because you the people are DOUBLE MINDED.

Watch my next signals…in the next TWO years. I am coming and I am coming soon. In 2022 it will be mouth to mouth once again with the world. There will be no excuse for any man not to know what day it is. My man will arrive and reign on time. In the Fall sin will fall away and the seasons will rise up for righteousness sake.

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