CHINA Largest Navy! Trump Shakes Earth with Darkness!

Shemittah Year Fall 2021.

Do we see God’s Time Clock for earth’s history increasing? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” And, the Mother Dragon is producing nations that produce after their own kind.

2021 is the SIXTH Shemittah cycle with The Seventh Shemittah cycle beginning this fall. 2021 holds double and triple blessing or double and triple evil for those defying our Creator. China has increased 300 fold since 2017…just in five years when she owned one air craft carrier. Her ships are on schedule to number 400 carrier that will control The Nations which hold seas of people. (The Sea represent people. Horns represent nations.) The Red Dragon has many horns (nations) attached to it’s head and it’s spine going down into it’s tail that sweeps into New Zealand.

My friend said that on March 4 we will be ‘marching forth’ just as it sounds. And what happened? Yes, YHWH marched forth with great turmoil in triple portion….THREE earthquakes to New Zealand…the land of rich minerals.

8.1, 7.4, 7.3 all with six hours of each other. Tsunami warnings were issued to very distant lands because the shifting lifts the oceans floors causing water to surge up and onto land.

THREE earthquakes in The Sixth Shemittah cycle….totally makes sense as double mana was given on Day Six…for man created on Day Six. Where did they happen? AT the New Beginning…at The International Time Zone. Yes ON the International Time Zone where it’s NEW just to the WEST which is New Zealand. AMAZING signals to us if we just pay attention. We are EIGHT hours from that time zone. ADONAI created all people….so think and watch what happens around the world in their time zone… And amazingly, this EIGHT hours from New Zealand shows us The Eighth Day…new beginnings.

Biden and China are the best of friends and so this fleet was well under way before the Trump Administration. These quakes memorialized inauguration days of president who went along with The Central Bankers to whom America now owed millions of dollars for war debt. Biden will increase wars to increase this war debt which keeps America in servitude to ‘elites’ who run ALL the dragons via control of the world’s currency.

In the day of no television, no internet and no flying machines…kings were scheduled to rule for FORTY years. Today, we allow the president of United States to govern for a tenth of that time…(a tithe of time)…Four years. Today, we have to get use to change because in one day a new mandate can be set forth or canceled by the stroke of a pen. One double-minded man just voided out what took years of multi-nations coming to an agreement .. creating jobs for Americans and Canadians to come a conclusion on…such as the Keystone Pipeline…a devastating day when Joe O’Biden shut down jobs and sent oil prices at the gas stations to surge. 2021 will be known for ‘phase two’ of destruction. First health in COVID 2020 and now future jobs canceled in America will go overseas to BUILD, The One World.

Each nation should become responsible for itself. I certainly didn’t expect my dad to pay my way through life. I left home, got a job…and learned how to work to make a living…and I passed that skill to my children…and it is what we still can call today on March 5, 2021 FREE to make a living. And, the more your work, the more you get to have…it’s called freedom.

But, CHINA is an old dynasty over 5000 years old onnected to old dragon ways. Devour by fire power. It has risen and fallen many times in history…but this time…wow…yes..when it seems the worst…is when God’s Glory is scheduled. In the last Presidents with Nixon being one, China has been left unchecked to stealing technology from Americans by sitting in their universities and copying American’s patents.

Copy Cat China has some very smart people and we should love each other. But, when your brother steals your business to start his own…you can count on a family feud. This unapologetic member of the world only wants to live by strength and NOT peace. With strength to lead is okay if this brother does not kill and mange human beings in order to be the world’s strength because then that is duplicated and goes against, ‘Thou shalt NOT kill’, ‘Thou shalt NOT steal’.

PATTERNS of Behavior – Communision Controls People making them slaves. Democracy Frees People canceling slavery.

PATTERNS of Strength – Spiritual first – Following God’s instructions of righteousness brings physical blessing. God always says what He will do for us….but we MUST first…do something. Good behavior is rewarded with good. Bad behavior will always end in disfavor.

PATTERNS of an Invisible Creator – “These are my witnesses – they see and hear everything on earth. There is a large witness and a small witness. The ‘sun’ sees things during the day and the ‘moon’ sees things at night. The earth is YHWH’s witness as well. The mountains will cry out and the seas will roar. In the physical, mountains represent kingdoms and the seas represent the people. In the spiritual YHWH will shake the nations…actually with volcanoes and earthquakes…and wind storms…and fires…and hail, snow…and yes, sunshine! These natural things were created for us to ‘see’ God’s thoughts and witness His actions.

PATTERNS in a Language – A language that has three legs to it. A letter, a number and a symbol. When you add them up…you don’t need a dictionary…you can describe it by it’s powerful trinity.

In 2021 it is the Sixth Shemittah cycle. It directly relates to Adam being created on Day Six…and thus God deals with mankind in a serious way in cycle Six. In the year 2021 we see three sets of seven years. (3×7=21) The Bible is not just a book of stories, but the bible involves people’s lives and feelings that will play out in a very similar way in the next generations lives. We should pay close attention to the story line and especially ask yourself why did I need to know what year this was…what year this king ruled and who was beget by whom. The Bible is full of details…ask YHWH to answer your questions. He’s waiting to show you!

What I want to get to is these earthquake and how they are very specific. Yes very specific in date, in giving remembrance and in even in correction. I can confirm to your that 7 out of 19 7.0+ earthquakes in 2014 were hosted April 1 to April 19…it was Nisan 1 to Nisan 19. Yes, Passover Celebration. WOW…people…get on Yah’s calendar and you’ll see him. In 2015 on December 7 Yahweh issued that year’s last 7.0+ earthquake memorializing 1941’s Pearl Harbor. Whoa is us if we can’t see God giving memorials so we DO NOT forget to remember to remove evil.

What people are missing is that they don’t get what else happened in the past on or around that same time period. Our Creator has each month being lived out how it was lived out by His children in the past.

I can tell you that President Trump was portraying the prophet and priest Ezra at the same junction in history. When Ezra called The Tribes to get rid of their foreign families coming out o Babylon President Trump stood before us and declared PRAY. He was Ezra in December 2020. In 2021 January through March we all know that President Trump went quiet as there were no more words to be said. In fact, most of his rallies had been so predictable of what he was going to say….but it was the confidence in which he said anything that gave you hope for the future. We knew he wanted to fight the enemy of righteousness.

We just can NOT join communision or socialism being fed to us by the resurrected Generation Mein Kompf. Hitler’s struggle is NOT America’s struggle. Americans comes from every ethnicity and should not be lied to that we hate each other. This mistrust of each other has been put into the human mind to divide them so they perish without hope. Whites are hated…and blacks want a ridiculous reparation? Chinese-looking people are now being hurt…are they Americans born here and serve America? Please people let’s be kind and love your neighbor!


There have only been TEN 8+ magnitude earthquakes beginning with 2011. Ten Years…Ten 8.0+ earthquakes. They use to be every couple of years, but now they happen sooner. And, the people seem to lower the bar and make it harder to have an 8.0+….so when we see a 7.9 it is very tempting to count it as I know the Japanese have a lower threshold.

If we say April 15, what will Americans associate with that date? Yes…Income Tax Deadline.

If we say March 4, what did Americans associate with that date? Yes…Inauguration Day. But, not our current inauguration Day…but the one acceptable to our Founding Fathers. George Washington was inaugurated on April 30, 1789. He ended his presidency on March 4, 1797. John Adam was inaugurated that day and from there after Marching Forth with new presidents on March 4 would continue until Harry S Truman of whom became president when God removed FDR on April 12, 1945. Truman would recognize Israel as a Nation and war began. The man from Independence Missouri that believed in Israel’s independence shockingly won a second term. It was the end of America Marching Forth and it shifted to the Month of the Zechariah 1 horsemen….the month of Shevat saw Dwight D Eisenhower be the first president to inaugurate on January 20…in 1953.

Many wanted President Donald J Trump in 2021 to inaugurate, not on Washington D.C.’s foreign land, but on US soil. But, the Republicans have RHINOS…Republicans that are not real republicans and the fear of failure stopped The Return to Marching Forth. Dwight D Eisenhower would be the 34th president (17+17 or Q+Q) which carries it’s portent into today’s politics… another story another time as they say.

March 4, 2021 – 8.1 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand; 7.4 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand; 7.3 Gisborne, New Zealand.

March 4, 2021 – Announced that Chinese Navy now the largest in the world. (America is second)

I just updated my last article with the most interesting information of how President Trump is connected to Day Seven…YHWH’s chosen day for us to see His Power. We have to stop our daily routine…as COVID as done to us…and LQQKup…to Heavens witnesses (the sun, moon, stars) and ‘look up’ information to seek knowledge so you become as wise as a serpent, and yet calm as a dove.

Trump was chosen just as you are chosen. YHWH knew the exact day the child Donald J Trump was to be born. He knew that when he was age 70 and 7 months and 7 days that he would become President of what was the greatest nation on the earth. YHWH (The Lord of Hosts) used this man to SHOW us just how specific YHWH is in ALL His plans for our world. And, YHWH is just as specific with the date that China rose up and was seen in all of her pomp and Navy Military stance on July 17, 2017….. Yes, the number are 7.l7.l7. Trump’s presidential 1st year was 2017. He would be the 1st to honor Israel and help her set her borders. On 7.17.17 there was also a 7.7 earthquake.

Hmm – 7.7 EQ on 7.17.17. China’s very 1st Air Craft Carrier honored with dignitaries on board in Hong Kong waters on 7.17.17.

How many Aleph (1) and Tsade (7) can we count? Be sure of this….we know that The Sabbath (Day Seven) is YHWH’s weapon. It is in this REST that we draw near…with YHWH and fellow believers…to see The Hand of God at work on our earth.

It’s Sabbath and I want to read that portion before tomorrow’s gathering in KC. I just had to write one more article since we just had our 11th 8.0+ earthquake…now in TEN years. I will label is Adar 20 and Inauguration Day. It is just like our Creator to celebrate all those men that he made geniuses to design our Constitution. And, what is still amazing is that God’s War began in 2015…and two years into it…He marks it with a ‘righteous’ leader who will CARE about the sheep. Five years later we see that little dragon with one ship on the earth’s seas now ready to have over 400 on the earth’s waters…truly this Dragon has many fire-flaming dragons ready to consume any nation that will not succumb to her goal of controlling our Creator’s children.

This story line will play out just as 2020 was a plague brought via China changing our wages TEN times as Ya’cov declared his wages were changed TEN times and he left in year 20 of arriving to Laven’s house. He leaves with two brides and YEshua Jesus is coming for His two brides. He suffered and we will suffer…yes, The Suffering Bride. He rose up and we rise up…The Bride wed the groom that has prepared a NEW LIFE in Day Eight for us.

I write this to give you hope. We MUST hold fast even as the Dragon’s tail ships itself around our earth…consuming islands with them handing over their minerals rights. I want you to ‘mark’ March 4. Burn it into y our memory. It was a day of inaguarations and now our Creator just inaguarated China…or any nation that wants to consume New Zealand and her minerals rights. I believe these THREE earthquakes Marched forth on March 4 to crush the entry to those minerals rights. A time of relection must be taken of who owns the earth and all that is in her. YHWH owns it and we are his children. His children will be given the mana that is dropped into her. It will be the righteous that STAND UP and say….not to baby murders and youth prostitutes must be stopped. The woman is to be respected and is NOT to be a whore. May we teach what honor is. May we survive to tell these stories of March 4 as we are inagurated into eternity.

Build your faith my friends….YHWH is in control and He will give His riches to wipe out a nations debt to whom will CARE about The People. It will NOT be given or we could say…the value will drop and they will see that in God’s space time…gold is used for pavement. LQQKUP…our salvation is nigh.

On 7.17.2017 China had it’s very FIRST Air Craft Carrier arrive in the waters of Hong Kong. It was their very first ship built….and now just FIVE years later in 2021 they have the largest Navy in the world…with a goal of 400 carriers very soon. America had a lower number in sight but no deadline to build these carriers. CHINA owns the seas of our earth and will control The Nations from these floating air craft carriers.

Question, “What will you do?” “Will you clang your lamps (light) together to scare off the enemy? When God’s children unite in God’s Torah (instructions) to bring God’s Feasts (not man’s traditions) back to the earth…then Messiah arrives as we say, “Blessed is He that comes in The NAME of YHWH.” Because His Words are The Words spoken by The Father heard through The Son, Yeshua Jesus. He is coming to speak them to all the world….all books will be thrown away…He has the Last Word and that is all we need because He is The Living Word.

ADAR – Last Month on Ecclesiastical calendar.

ADAR 20 – TEN days left before Nisan 1 – HEAD of NEW YEAR – A Dark night begins a FULL promise of Passing from death to life…Passover is Pesach. The earth shook then too…and over 500 rose up out of their graves.

These are powerful days and people are begging to be set free.

China is Number One because, “When we are weak, YHWH is strong.”

Exodus 40:17 On the first day of the first month of the second year, the tabernacle was set up.

40:21 Then he brought the ark into the tabernacle, set up the curtain as a screen and concealed the ark for the testimony, a ADONAI had ordered Moshe.”

ON the next SABBATH….SIX days from this writing…on Saturday, March 13, 2021…that evening as Adar 29 faded away…leaving the ‘fasting days’ behind that we shared with Esther and Israel, The Tabernacle is to be SET UP this very DAY….Nisan One.

In 2014 this day was memorialized…April 1 was Nisan 1 with the calendars being face-to-face with each other. No one was without excuse to see the POWER of The LORD of hosts…involving our earth with earthquakes: The last earthquake over eight was on May 24, 2013 with a 8.3 issued to a favorite wise king (at least when he was young he listened to Yahweh) SOLOMON. Yes, Solomon Islands had a 8.3 in 2013 on 5.24.13 which was Sivan 15 on the Hebrew calendar.

Do you remember how I told you God points to things? Here we just find another revelation about Donald J Trump. Men can’t do this…but YHWH does this. The 8.3 earthquake occurred on Donald Trump’s 67th birthday in 2013. This man would SHAKE the world. This May 24, 2013 earthquake was a portent indicating what God was going to do with our leadership in order to expose SIN all over the earth. This May 24, 2013 earthquake is going to pattern to a Total Lunar eclipse on May 26….again Donald J Trump’s birthday in 2021.

All creation will cry out. We just don’t see it because we’re not on the correct calendar. We only see the Gregorian calendar with all of man’s traditions and not the Hebrew calendar that shows what The Lord wants to celebrate. It is interesting that as I’ve taught myself to learn The Lord’s Feasts my faith has grown because I see His attributes and can see how He’s feeling about us.

TRUMP’S Hebrew Birthday: SIVAN 15 (June 14, 1946)

May 24, 2013 – Sivan 15 – 8.0 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake

May 26, 2021 – Sivan 15 – Total LUNAR eclipse

CHINA might shake our seas but GOD has HIS leaders shaking and giving signs to The People. REPENT so the mountains don’t fall on you or the earth does NOT open up and swallow you…. Korah’s entire family was swallows up and Cain’s brick house fell on him because he killed his brother with a stone. However you commit evil that will be on your head as well.

China rules by fire power and she will go down by fire. We know the earth is to burn off it’s chaff…Communism in that chaff. We MUST be free to worship and if governments and leaders won’t LET GOD’s PEOPLE go…they will have cities burnt down. We must remember that YHWH allowed The Temple to burn…(the gold was melted off by Roman soldiers for their wages). YHWH will burn cities so we can’t return to where the SIN was committed.

People are moving out of these “sin cities” and moving to ‘Free states” where His righteousness is freely taught.”

Sex slavery…pedofiles…drug trafficking is going down. Cities are being cleaned up. Many are retiring from their BIG corporations…some commit suicide…their kingdoms are falling. The Temple (the earth) is being renewed right before our eyes. The Dragon’s are losing their ‘king pins’ and will continue to fall into The Fall when the 7th year begins. All will all that will fall. AMEIN. Stand in awe as The Giants come down with just a ‘stone’…called The Last Trump of God….born on a full moon Sivan 15…at the Holy Spirit poured at Pentecost.

We are to be SHOCKED. The WORLD will be shocked….and The DRAGONs are shocked as ‘centralized’ evil crumbles. It’s the most incredible happening in our lifetimes….stay repentance and pray for EVIL to come down. All Amalek’s must be remembered to be removed. Communision is Amalek.

Marching Forth on March 4 2021. Ya’cov has left Laben and heading home to The Father. We are too. Every sign tells us The Son has to have a ‘new’ name because it’s a ‘new’ beginning. Idolatry in our entire family and spouse must die…with only Righteous living following the teachings of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. These are our founding father’s…they were the ones promised The Land….not the disciples, nor the apostles. They are all messengers to The Seed that was planted and now rose up. We are going back to The Land…The Garden. We will not only HEAR His voice, we will now SEE Him…see God in Him.

Amein…Shout with joy…as Evil is crushed. Hear and Obey…and ‘watch’ the mighty Hand of God expelling sin.

EXODUS 40:17

As Day Light Savings Time Begins…we also begin a Religious Near Year in Israel and on our earth. The Temple was ready in the second year….and it is now 2000 years from The Seed Yeshua our Messiach that was planted in the grave and then rose up on the third day…What day? Yes, in the 21st year…in the THIRD Day… (7 + 7 + 7 = 21)

Ya’cov left Laven after working twenty years and having his wages changed ten times. We just had wages changed many times in 2020 after a CENSUS was called in America. We are now living out Ya’cov struggling with YHWH to know The Name. YHWH has no name, but He has attributes. He gave Ya’cov a new name…ISRAEL…One who struggles with God. Israel is to struggle with the world to make it righteous. First to the Jew means the Jew is to carry The Torah to the world. We see this even as Scripture tell us that as many as 10,000 Gentiles may chase after one Jew to hear what they think about the instructions within those text. And, today we see that radio can reach thousands at one time.

The One Messiach carries us to The Father. We are One going into eternity because we struggled to have a new name given to us…a new heart…a circumcised heart. It is The Torah that points and describes a ‘suffering servant’ and a ‘king of kings’. Gentiles see The Messiach and the Jew sees obedience to The Father. These two are now coming together…not because of annihilations but because of loving each other. The Jew is commanded to teach Torah to the gentiles but it has been the ‘haughty’ gentiles that resist.

Adar 20 begins a time period to finalize these things so The House gets in order. Nissan 1 is ‘NEW’ spiritual beginning. The New Ecclesiastical Year begins Saturday night..March 13. Tishri 1 is “NEW” civil beginning where the king is coronated. I write this with urgency to tell you…their year 22 (son, house) begins this fall. They do not wait until our January….God’s calendar speaks and acts upon the past…to how us our future. September 7, 2021. Seven is jumping out at us as the year 5782 begins on September 7, 2021. If you’re not resting on Day Seven….you won’t see what is about to happen. And 21 jumps out because Ya’cov was struggling with his brother Esau as well and had to give up half of wealth to appease him. And, who just gave up his yearly income as president? And who is it said lost half his worth while president. Yes, Ya’cov is a portent to many people right now, and especially the one who also has been acting out Joseph on our earth….Donald J Trump. Whose side will you be on? There are always to choices….Cain Abel, Isaac Ishmael, Yacov Esau, Trump O’Biden.

The shofars are blown to announce The King that could show up on Labor Day..September because Israel is hours ahead of us. So, let us remember this Labor Day and REST from our work…because all JEWS will stop working for TWO days Tishrei 1 and 2….because they don’t know when they’ll for sure see that sliver of the moon…so they look for two days. That shows us He returns after 2000 Day Two.

Happy Head of the Years…celebrate your struggle to KNOW your ELOHIM. The greatest in The Kingdom will be teaching and leading out in The Torah. No more books my friends, it will be burnt into our circumcised hearts.


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