Biden’s Berisma conversation 2015, 2016

Grzalki elektrgezn

American Voices – Leaked tapes about VP Biden getting rid of Ukraine’s Gen Prosecutor Shokon that could hurt Hunter Biden in failed energy company Berisma whose officer was found corrupt.

One billion grant of American money given to help Ukraine protected against Russia.

Biden wanted failed bank Pivatbank closed before President Trump realized it was a failed system. The money had to go elsewhere. (Perhaps Hunter and Beresma used that bank to sift money through.)

27 Elul 2015 – 5775/5776 God’s War begins – Cleaning Up – Month Six Day Twenty-Seven

Biden’s Battle Begins: Qid Pro Quo happens when Prosecuting General Shokon forced resignation

Biden has to clean house as Beresma with son Hunter Biden on board of Berisma Oil crashing.

21 Kislev December 03, 2015 – (Won Temple Kislev 15) – Kerry calls to Clean up Berisma failure.

This is Month Nine Day 21, 5776 First Shemittah cycle (Kislev 15-26 cleaning up Temple).

Poroshenko pleased Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and everybody welcome it as a very strong position for anti-corruption position. Inspector Gen. Your minister of your embassy…not prosecutor..but Secretary of State could be the ambassador. General Shokon I will speak with Biden about that. He will have a more detailed conversation about that.

9 Adar I (extra month) -February 18, 2016 – Poroshenko confirms this is “Second Step in Keeping Promises.”

Moses born and died Adar 7

Poroshenko: “Even as there as been no corruption charges that he’s doing nothing wrong. I ask him to resign in his position as a state person. And despite the fact that he has a support in the power And as a finish of my meeting with him he has promised in give in me a statement of resignation in one hour ago.

Poroshenko: My second step in keeping my promises.

Biden: I agree.

12 Adar II – March 22, 2016 – Main Month (Esther Adar 13)

Biden: Tell me that there is a new government and prosecutor General…sign a commitment for the billion dollars. That is what we’re prepared to do but NOT before the IMF pieces are written.

Poroshenko: The political motivated figure…Proise Licenka. I take all the political figures out of this process.

Biden: “Repair the damage that Shoken did… Now we’ll sign that loan guarantee.”

Poroshenko: In one day we changed the law. We have a new General Inspector.

5 Iyyar – May 13, 2016 – Friday the 13th, Erev Emor Day 20 Omer

15 Cheshvan – November 16, 2016 –

BIDEN: Privatbank must be closed. Governor of bank you will be standing with her when she moves forward. Kolooysky a pain. Tuesday Finance Governor inside account November 22 have Earnest and Young audit.

(Flood Ark doors Closed 10 Cheshvan, 15 Cheshvan…family is waiting for judgment just as the auditors are also called in to clear Ukraine’s house.)

Petro Poroshenko says it will be a clear transparency. In just one day before he spoke to VP Biden, no other …it goes immediately from first day of September it goes immediately to new Prosecutor’s office,

New anti corruption office.

John Kerry: Because clean up of that prosecutor’s general and inspector general. Office of IG already Mr. Sacklasy as we agreed.

Gen Prosecutor Shokon: I think I will speak with VP Biden. Have clarity of steps forward showcase our successes as we continue forward.

Other God-things in 2015.

Prophet Nathan 15 years old in 2015: YAH”S WAR Begins 27 Elul – 2015

Month 12 Day 27 Religious calendar

Month Six Day 27 5775 Civil calendar

Total Lunar Eclipse 2015 – Nisan 15, Tishrei 15

Earthquakes – 2015 7.0, 8.3 Chile

Biden’s Berisma Battle Begins – 2015

2015 Earthquakes

September 11, 2015 – 27 Elul – Creation Day Three

September 16, 7.0 Illapel Chile Fast of Gedalia Tishrei 3

September 16, 8.3 Illapel Chile Fast of Gedalia Tishrei 3

September 28, 2015 – Tishri 15 5777 – Feast Tabernacles Day One Tetrad 4/4 – Total Lunar Eclipse

December 3, 2015 – 21 Kislev – (Cleaning House Temple 163 BC 15 Kislev to 25 Kislev)

John Kerry, Secretary of State calls Petro Poroshenko. Shokon I will have a detailed conversation about that. Kerry: Need Shokon gone in order to get billion dollars.

February 18, 2016 9 Adar I – Extra Month Cleaned House – Shokon resigns not corrupt, in one hour.

Moses born and dies resigning to death in full health – (Adar 7)

March 22, 2016 – 12 Adar II – Main Month of Adar – Fast of Esther – 13 Adar, Purim 14, 15.

Three day FAST: 11, 12, 13 Adar II.

May 13, 2016 – 5 Iyyar Day 20 Omer, Erev Emor Sabbath; Friday 13th.

November 16, 2016 – 15 Cheshvan – Ark door closed 10 Cheshvan, Flood begins; Privatbank must be closed. Biden says: Trump will be upset pouring money into a failed system. Billion dollars is to swing the vote. Shoken gone so any concerns now goes straight from concern to new Prosecuting General….changed law about how prosecuting generals handle matters. In one day, so Ukraine could have billion dollars for future campaign.

Voter Fraud and Corruption Fraud: Got rid of the prosecuting general who was pursuing the owners of a failed oil account that Americans funded with Hunter Biden on the board. Judy says it was just a front for funneling money.

This, my friends, we should investigate as ties with countries that are willing to line the pockets of our Congress and higher and lower should NOT happen. Thank you Hannity for NOT letting up.

I pray this information can make some sense…We do see on the Hebrew calendar that the theme of that time does apply to this scandal .

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