Equinox – On God’s Calendar – A Study of numbers.

by author

March 31, 2021 Day Four of Unleavened Bread and our granddaughter’s 14 birthday. I am not choosing to write about this number today because of her but because fourteen speaks to us. And now she seems to be included in 2021.

I detest horoscopes and do NOT believe in luck. Everything has been ordained by our Creator to test us to see if we will respond to give glory to the one who saved us from eternal punishment that we are so deserving. We are to look at past historical events, life experiences and even a alphabet that shows us the way of communication with our Creator. His spirit established it by means of a letter, a number and a picture all leading us to PATTERNS.

Hebrew was the original language given to Adam. And, further into history we see Yeshua Jesus speaking Hebrew to John in his visions from Heaven.

One is the letter Aleph pictured as an ox to show strength. This number represents Elohim…God.

Four is the letter Dahlet pictured as a door. A door can open, knocked upon or it can be locked; enter or exit.

Numbers can be read forward and backward. 14 can be 41. But, perhaps the first letter has the stronger thought to it’s meaning? In fourteen, the (1) Aleph is stronger because it is first and it already means strength. In 41, the four (dahlet) is dominant…this shows the door to the ox…the door to the strength. 14 seems to say the strength of the door…the first is at the door. (Yes, Yeshua Jesus has pictures drawn of him knocking on the door…He is knocking on the door of your heart to open to Him.)

In God’s language which is made up of patterns, we immediately recognize fourteen as having two Shemittah cycles, or two sets of seven years. (7 + 7 = 14)

The Book of Jubilees confirms that it was 14 years until the year 2200 AM (from Adam) when Ya’cov son Binyamin was born. Binyamin’s life is sectioned into two parts. He is first called, ‘son of suffering’ by his mother Rachel of whom died giving birth to him after a prophecy put on her by her very own husband when he declared whoever stole Laben’s idols will surely die. Rachel was sitting on the gold attached to wooden forms and will lie saying that she can’t stand up because of her monthly blood issue.

She is now a liar (because just maybe…just maybe she is now pregnant and she has lied to her own father about not able to stand up blaming it on the idols she is sitting on. She is a picture of us when we lie and steal for the sake of what we think is owed us. Her inheritance was eaten up by her father as he changed Ja’cov’s wages many times. Rachel is mad and taking vengeance in her own hands whereas ‘vengeance’ always belongs to The Lord. She is taking back what she thought was owed her.

Do we think our parents owe us an inheritance? No, my friends, they only can to pass their on their heritage.

Rachel does die after giving birth to her second son born SEVEN years after her firstborn son Joseph. This SEVEN years is a definite pattern to the 7000-year rule of Messiah of whom is seen in Rachel’s first born Yoseph. Joseph will only have a ten-year influence on his little brother Binyamin before he is sold to Egypt. And, it will this brother Yoseph that saves them all…including Binyamin’s TEN sons from those God-ordained famines.

The next name given to this innocent baby was by his father when he returned from seeing his father was ‘son of my right hand’ which means strength. Yes, just as our Father named his ‘only begotten son’, son of right hand…son of strength.

This innocent baby Binyamin would be born in 2186. Yes, 14 years…2 Shemittah cycles…before the year 2200 which has huge implications to YHWH’s HOUSE being established through human flesh on our earth. Yes, even our year 2022 is pointing to this fact. There will be a leadership change come to our earth and it will last one thousand years.

But, it will only be for those desiring this type of leadership…A Heavenly righteous man that was here once before. That will be a good question, “Is this your ‘second’ visit?”


We have not seen nor heard the horrible things that have been done in the name of ‘saving’ the ELITE human. Organs are transplanted and human DNA is consumed (eaten). This abomination of ‘consuming’ other humans has been revealed during Unleavened Bread 2021 when the most powerful blessing is celebrated on our earth.

The week of Unleavened Bread occurs during Pesach (Passover). Nissan 14 Yeshua Jesus died for the penalty of sin. He will rise up at the close of Day 17…making a total of THREE full days setting ‘captives’ free in another realm.

Yeshua Jesus rose up to make The Torah full. He never violated it in one point proving he was The Messiach. He taught us how to live by it in the points that we could. And when we fail, we turn to The Father and repent for that.

The Dahlet (4) door opens again one Day Forty of the Counting of the Omer. Yeshua’s mission was complete and the dahlet to heaven received him on Month Two Day 25, called Iyyar 25. So, for 40 days and 40 nights our Messiah walked among men preparing them for His leaving and for His return.

During these best of times…known as Unleavened Bread which includes Counting of the Omer we can also experience the worst of days…especially since this ‘green tree (Yeshua Jesus)’ ascended to heaven. But, on Day 50 (a jubilee number) men were set free to have The Spirit dwell within them. This special day is called SHAVUOT.

Shavuot was celebrated by Adam through Noach through Abraham and into today. This day is the Best of Times and could produce the Worst of Times. In 2021 that date is May 17. Leviticus 23:15 And, here we are again looking at the number 17 on the Gregorian calendar. But, it is Sivan 6…the number for man…on the Hebrew calendar in 2021. FIFTY means jubilee…to set free!

This week that Christians declare Easter it is also Unleavened Bread, March 28 to April 3, 2021. If you would like to give honor to this, eat only items without leavening in them. As this seems to the ‘holiest of weeks, we can expect it to have great abominations happen during it as well. This is a spiritual battle that shows up in flesh and blood. Yeshua Jesus is The Bread of Life even as he is known as, The Word. We live by every word which he spoke remembering that he could only speak what The Father gave him utterance.

At Isaac’s birth the time clock of 430 years began to The Land. 430 years would pass before this family would be strong enough to be Abraham’s Right Hand. They would cross over into The Land and yet leave a remnant of tribes on the other side to become The East Gate. This same East Gate is being violated this very day in Israel in 2021…another GREAT abomination.

For four thousand years the earth groaned to have The Seed planted. At 4000 years of history, the King Hybrid Seed arrived in the cover of night with the skies screaming with angels rejoicing. Yeshua, the King of Kings was birthed in the darkest of days of history when fake leadership stole parent’s children from them to execute them because of their DNA. In the week that I write this including Unleavened Bread Day 4, Satanists are gathering human DNA.

I can’t even speak of these things because it just seems too unreal. The CCP forces humans organ donation and now America’s latest administration is following suit. Epstein Island woke us up and now Americans are asking for full transparency from this O’Biden administration.

Day of Exposure….The Full Moon Nissan 14 – began serious investigation of huge containment centers holding people who have crossed our borders. Senator Ted Cruse of Texas lead several government officials to the site to expose what the Obama Administration was doing and now it is continued through the Biden Regime . These administration…under the guidance of ‘depopulation’ have joined our world to become a nation of cannibals. Unbelievable deception under the disguise of anti-aging, organ donors and child/human sex slavery. These have to be the most ‘ABOMINABLE’ days on our earth. China is the dragon in our bibles. She has over forty horns (nations) attached to her head. America MUST sever itself from it’s sinister ways.

Planted Day 14 – Raised Up Day 17.

Day FOURTEEN of Month One / Nissan 14 was the executed day to see The EXECUTION of Yeshua Jesus. It was promised to Satan as a punishment AND heard by Adam’s ears as ‘grace’ undeserved.

Adam heard these words to-the-day of being in The Gan of Eden SEVEN years. At year 7000 we will finally be at rest from the ‘deceptions’ of the ‘Deceivers’.

In 2021 the rabbinical calendar calculates Nissan 14 as beginning Friday evening, March 26.

As creation came out of chaos and darkness, this pattern follows throughout history. On the sixth day of the week known as Friday…Nissan 14 began in 2021.

We must realize that deception is going to be heavy in the ‘end of days’. Do rabbis taking the easy road by allowing NASA do their ‘new moon’ calculating for them?

Barley is hard to check in times of famine as in the Days of Pharaoh’s famine or in the days of Noach when the earth was flooded. But, it is the sun, moon and stars in Genesis 1:14 that tells the time of days, months, years, seasons, and moeds (appointments).

No Calendar, No Instruction (Torah) – No Churches

The gentile churches are many. CV19 closed down many with fines piling up as they can not even meet in a parking lot. Controlling governments do NOT want people talking to each other. Schools remain closed as do sports.

And, when these groups finally do meet they are now dividing During this time of quiet, intentional descension has been bred through the media and Netflix endorsing black over white. Even Chinese people are now unsettled because of China not being forthright in their responsibility in this bio-weapon called a virus. To me is properly named when called, Plague. In fact, it is God’s Worldwide Plague which closed our world up at Passover last year….exactly when The Israelites were told to ‘stay in’ over night so they would NOT die.


The Land of Goshen still had light and did not experience the TEN plagues that lasted a year. In the end the Egyptians were glad to hand over anything needed by the Israelites as they left. In fact, many that were strangers to the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov joined the six million march and left Egypt as well.

In Arizona a large mega church lost two thousand members because of TOO much ‘social justice. When it came to the point of now black being better than any other race…even white…it stepped outside the box called, ‘ALL LIVES MATTER’. Christians are to love each other…not dominate each other. The ‘social justice’ pendulum had swung itself too far to the left.

And, even that we think people should resolve these small differences, it is our Creator that causes testing. Recite The Lord’s Prayer and it says, “Do not lead me to be tested.”

After you realize The Father’s cause for testing, you will realize the seriousness of the correction of closing down ‘the church.’ Just the one serious element of dismissing our Hebrew heritage should be cause enough. When you dismiss The Sabbath, you dismiss the very element that shows us YHWH’s plan for us at year 7000.

When you dismiss The Lord’s Feasts…you no longer have a way to come together to celebrate all the element of YHWH. When you operate on a man-made calendar, you truly lose communication with Elohim. Thus, as in the days of Noach…man no longer knew God…they no longer called upon Him.

Our world and churches still love Julius Caesar. Those ‘bill of goods’ began back in 167 BC when Alexander’s four generals took over when he died and ruled Israel according to ‘other gods’ first.

Julius Caesar was born in 100 BC. He self-proclaimed himself a god. Even as a god…he died at age 56 in 44 BC. His two Senators killed their world’s god. But, even Christ said to give to Caesar what was Caesars…and to YHWH what was YHWH’s.

Julius Caesar had joined the Romans thinking that went back to when they destroyed The Temple in 167 BC They forbid worship on the Sabbath and forcing all Jews to work on Saturday. Today, churches are fined for opening for worship.

The Romans killed at least 10,000 Jews over three and one half years until some gentiles (known as Macabbeans), wanted God’s presence back on the earth. They came to encourage the Essenes to ‘get back into the fight’ instead of hiding at Qumran. We have found their hidden scrolls and they hid The Word of God so it would still be found years later. They even took their own lives at Masada rather than be forced to honor the god Alexander, Baal, Tammuz or Molek. Diana is a new name attached to old the goddess, mother of Tammuz Astarte. We see her at Starbucks and Sheva at The Collider in Switzerland.

Today, we endorse these same gods known as Diana of whom we honor at our Olympics. We have Buddha and fish sit in our homes for good luck.

Do we have idols? Yes, and so it be that as in the days of past we honor The Sun God. We have not advanced because ‘Christian Churches’ have been deceived to honor Sunday as their sabbath. So, now we give honor to The Sabbath Sun God. The Sun God is seen on priests clothing.

Getting rid of Sabbath, burning up Torah Scrolls is getting rid of the festival called, “Rejoicing in the Torah” which closes our the eight-day festival of Succot…which declares the 8000th year for our earth. Who will be there? Christians don’t even know about it…because they are taking part in removing it.

Yes, they are part of the removal of people looking forward to The Millennium at years 6000-7000. When you don’t honor God’s Sabbath first established with Adam in Genesis, you remove God’s future history. You are definitely taking part in hindering humanity to seeing God work on our earth.

Would you shut those people out of your house? YES! And thus, we have a plague that is to continue they say…..for those wanting large church settings…on Sunday!…it will still be a NO go.

And what is interesting is that God’s children think ‘the world’ is being disciplined and not themselves.

God always corrects his children. It is ‘The Church’ that has to start walking in YHWH’s instruction. It is of no matter that you think Jesus rose up on Day Eight a Sunday. He did not…it was on Nissan 17. It is a date, not a day. It is Pei – mouth – He will rise up all over the earth by WORDS spoken by the mouth.

It is a circumcised heart that is important.

Even as King Saul said he was sorry for keeping King Agag and all the best of the cattle and sheep alive for a more perfect sacrifice, the kingdom was removed from him.

King Saul”s anointing fell off him as Samuel declared “This day your kingdom is being torn from you.” I Samuel 14, 15, 16…read it all.

We see that if you lose YHWH’s anointing on your life, you grow weird in your looks and your thinking.

We are reminded of King Sh’aul mistake and are told to remember to remove the “Amaklites’ from our lives…and our government.

Today, we have a king over us that is NOT anointed and his mind is not sound. O’Biden is the rejected King Sh’ual. He may eat grass as a bird one day as King Sha’ul did. King Sha’ul ends up falling on his own sword which he wanted to use against David.

Today, we may see death to those by the very means they have tried to execute our world in their ‘call to arms’ for social justice to burn down cities.

Cain had his house fall on him at his timely death. The book of Jubilees describes his death by stones because he killed his brother by a stone and buried his body under stones. So, when we hear that the ‘stones’ will cry out it is because Abel’s blood was on those stones.

FOURTEEN – Back to those patterns and how it applies today. It has a numeric value of 50 and is the letter nun. It means to connect to man without interruption. Nun is symbolic of FAITHFULNESS, Soul and Emergence. It is primarily a description of YEHOVAH, because His faithfulness continues without interruption. It is also a final letter which give a value of 700 as well.

In 2014 Kim Clement gave prophecies about the United States having two presidents. For SEVEN (7) years no one understood until Trey Smith put it together. He is a man inspired by God just for our ‘such a time as this’ theme. These men were sent to us as prophets so we can see God’s hand on us.

And, when did Kim Clement talk about TWO presidents? On 2.22.14. What is 2.22? It our first President George Washington’s birth date. He a house house house man.

Our (1) FIRST president to show our world what the House of America was established to an example of freedom to our world. The House of Freedom came through our Bill of Rights, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence. In another prophetic vision at 2.22.2021 Annamarie spoke that YHWH made our founding fathers geniuses to know to write down these words.

She said these documents are God’s Covenant with America. She said that it will be through God’s Covenant with America that the rest of the world can join in this Freedom Covenant as well.

Kim Clement saw two presidents…calling one anointed and one double minded. Kim Clement saw January 6, 2021 when American’s had the letter Q on their shirts. The quest for a righteous (set apart) nation was YHWH’s idea. Q should be honored as it means head…YHWH is our head.

Q – Quph is the 19th letter with a numerical value of 100. It is pictured as the back of man’s head It is symbolic of Holiness and Sheltering. Quph is to be set apart. Psalm 119:145-148

Pei is the 17th letter pictured as a mouth. It is symbolic of ‘speech’ and ‘silence’. Pei has a numeric value of 80. Pei also has a final form having a numeric value of 800.

We definitely can consider the number 8000 being shown to us as well. The Millennial Reign will close at year 8000. And, it will close out with The Deceiver and his followers being cast into The Lake of Fire that burns for eternity. But, just before that 7000 years closes, The Deceiver will again be released for a season on our earth. I think that it will be for 70 years since Adam was shorted 70 years of life from being One Day Old (1000 years) and Israel was removed for 70 years while in Babylon. The Deceiver will be right on schedule.

We must have ‘feet on the ground’ to claim territory. Prayer need to be verbal and specific. A hidden heart cant be heard. We must speak out loud how we want YHWH to use us in this battle to keep freedom on our earth.

PEI – Mouth – Letter 17 –

Joseph SPOKE to his brothers by his pei (mouth) about his visions. And, isn’t it interesting that he was seventeen years old. His parents thought he was being proudful which passed to his brothers. Yoseph’s father Ya’cov spoke with his mouth which would cause him to lose Joseph’s mother when she gave birth to his brother Binyamin. Now Ya’cov by the words of his pei would this time lose the son that was trying to tell his family their future. Ya’cov causes the loss of his favored son by the words of his mouth..pei.

Ya’cov will only see his son again face-to-face (mouth by mouth) for only a pei of years. Yes, he will behold this son as a Pharaoh of the all lands but for only seventeen years after he finds him. Ya’cov stands before Joseph and Pharaoh at age 130. He dies at age 147. Ya’cov beheld his Yoseph for 17 year as a ‘suffering servant’ to his family and for 17 years as ‘second’ in command to Pharaoh. A total of 34 years which is how long our world beheld the suffering servant Yeshua at 4000 years from Adam.

In 2017 YHWH established another man who left his four-year reign seeming as a ‘suffering servant.’

Donald J Trump became our 45th President in 2017. He was God’s mouthpiece. He didn’t need a script…He spoke his own mind. He was anointed to show our earth what freedom meant. The people didn’t understand him at first and then they declared him their Pharaoh above all other presidents…being called, “Loved” over any other president because he showed he cared about “the people.”

Just to be curious…how long were the son and the father separated?

Joseph was born in his father Ya’cov/s 14th year with Laven. Yeshua is placed in the ground by The Father on Nissan 14. YES….Yoseph and Yeshua align in ‘suffering’ and ‘rising’ up to rule all the earth.


Ya’cov was 40 years old when he left his parents Isaac and Rebecca. He left in a hurry with only a staff in his hand to flee from his twin bother Esau that was threatening his life..

Ya’cov was 54 years old when Joseph was born (40 + 14).

FOURTEEN plays a role in righteous leaders. Yoseph is born at the end of the ‘second’ Shemittah cycle of Ya’cov being with Laven.

Just as Ya’cov’s son Joseph will have two sets of seven years; one set being fruitful and one set being famine. Ya’cov had SEVEN years of bride famine and the next SEVEN years of fruitful wombs.

In 7 years Ya’cov gained TEN sons and ONE daughter….(Binyamin is born after they leave). Binyamin is a picture of YHWH’s leadership not coming from a foreign land. Our Messiach won’t entertain foreign worship but will only participate with his family that is in harmony of one language.

Yeshua Jesus feet will touch down on The Land walked by Abraham’s family. He is NOT setting down in America. This is seen in Isaac of whom never leaves The Land. Isaac’s wife Rebekah leaves The Land…just as The Bride will lift up to then return. Our Father never leaves Heaven’s glory but sends The Son.

Visionary Yoseph is sold to the world of Egypt at age 17. His father Ya’cov would have been age 71 (54 + 17 = 71) when his firstborn son was sold.

Visionary businessman Donald J Trump was age 71 when he set foot on Israel’s Land in his first year as President of the United States in year 2017.

Yes, the first year of Ya’cov’s RETURN, in which he did behold his father and his bride (Ya’cov’s mother Rebekah) was the 21st year that closed out the 3rd Shemittah cycle.

22 is the number that begins the fourth Shemittah cycle…as we see in year ending in 7, the second cycle ends in fourteen, the third cycle ends in 21.

We see prophetic numbers in Ya’cov’s life with Laban. Just as we talk about The Lord returning in The Third Day we see Ya’cov leaving at the end of his third cycle with the world of Lavban. In fact, Ya’cov’s 21 years could be portrayed in our year 2021. In fact, it is even the 21st century and 2021 is the 21st year of that century.

So, let’s take a big breath…. Ya’cov is known as Israel. His death at age 147 was a portent showing us when his name would once again rise up on our earth….1947. His family was fighting to be recognized as a nation in the fall of 1947…with a man from Independence, Missouri finally doing it. Harry S Truman had become President of the United States with a memorial built even showing the menorah given to him by Israel in 1948.

Ya’cov dies at age 147 and resurrects as a nation in 1947.

Ya’cov lost his favored son for 59 years.

Ya’cov is without his wife first wife Rachel’s firstborn son from age 71 to 130.

(130 – 71 = 59). Fifty-nine years of missing his favored firstborn.

Even his father Isaac does not give birth to any child until age 60. …not 59…but sixty years old. Six is the number for man and also the time allotted for man to work out their salvations on earth.

What do you think when you look at the number 59. Five is the letter Hei represented by a gate. Nine, is the letter tet, seen as twists in a basket or snake. 59 – Behold a twisting at the gate.

We could say it was the last year of hurt for Ya’cov that came via his other sons twisting the truth about them selling his son Joseph to Egypt. His sons too were all found to be liars.

At age 130 Israel (Ya’cov) was starting a new life being protected in Egypt. Perhaps in the 60th year this Pharaoh too had found that Joseph’s brothers could finally be trusted. Fifty-nine years of deceit could have been hard for Ya’cov to swallow with his other sons.

It was a new ‘beginning for Ya’cov just a it Adam was created on Day Six and the Millennial reign is scheduled for years 6000 – 7000.

And, another interesting tidbit is that the first two females’ born to Adam’s wife Eve (Chanoh) were both in the Sixth Shemittah Cycle.

Yes, the first two females were physically birthed by Chanoh in the Sixth Shemittah cycle of their perspective jubilees. They are born a jubilee apart (50 years) exactly and yet both in the Sixth Shemittah cycle.

This is another portent that The Bride (Israel) will be given new life in years 6000-7000. King David would have an eternal kingship that the Messiah would sit on David’s throne.

Trump was age 71 on June 14, 2017.

Kim Clement saw January 6, 2021 seven years earlier in 2014. It was 2.22…George Washington’s birthday and it was 6.14 Donald J Trump’s birthday when Kim gave in detail that he saw two president in the White House…one anointed and one double-minded.

Silence came on January 20, 2021 at the O’Biden inauguration beholding a false messiah (president). President Trump gave the name O’Biden indicating the Obama reign had not ended. There were now even more ANTI’s in this fake administration.

I say fake because it was never anointed by God. This is the first election that open Communism was voted in over the objection of 78 million Americans declaring their votes were stolen.

I began this article to discuss a day that is an equalizer. The number FOURTEEN has been chosen by our Creator to be that day. It will be at the full moon that our Savior will die for all men’s sins.

But, what day is the Spiritual Equalizer? Day 17 – Resurrection Day of Yeshua.

Yes…The Seed was placed in the ground on Nissan 14….

Yeshua Jesus had 40 stripes applied to him that ripped the flesh from his body. God in the flesh then died of any horrible sin ever committed or to be committed that had a death penalty connected to it. Yes, it was the ‘penalty’ for sinning that concerned The Father. Ya’cov had left his father’s house in fear of his brother killing him just as his son Joseph would have his brothers nearly kill him.

You see it is within our own church family that we argue the most. Thus, it is The Church that God is disciplining in this plague that is declared to continue…and sadly those getting vaccinated will have their DNA changed because it is NOT a vaccine but a change-agent.

In 2021 Ya’cov hip was put out of joint and he was given a new name. You also will get a new name as you suffer for the ’cause of Christ’ as they say. As you ‘teach’ Torah to others, it will be your family that rips the flesh from you because there is only the NT to live by.

In 2014 – SEVEN years ago prophets were speaking of our day. They saw 2021 and couldn’t understand it themselves because the words were so confusing. Who would have believed that we would have a King Saul ruling….trying to destroy the David King that was next anointed. (Did you know that Donald J Trump is from the Line of David?)

Our days are going quicker as now we only have FOUR years for our U.S. Kings to reign. You might as well make it FOUR days as the old kings just keep ruling from afar and yet from within.

The Equinox is God’s. There are two days in a year that our earth has equal darkness and equal light in a 24-hour period. It occurs in the fall and the spring. While I was in Arizona it occurred. I was very fortunate to learn about this and weigh it…as I still do in my heart.

It is not NASA who should be setting our calendar but it is the sun, moon and stars The Lord says.

It is not the barley as during Joseph’s famine there was no barley to set the new year. But, there are always God’s two witness in the skies somewhere on our earth. We first hear about these witnesses known as the sun and moon at the time of Creation.

Here is the secret to knowing when the Rosh Chodesh occurs. The Head of Months happens in the spring and the head of the year happens in the fall. Each are important to mark or we would miss Yeshua Jesus first coming and also miss his second scheduled by that equinox.

We should prefer The Land in Israel to declare the New Moon each month and especially the two new year starts. It has always been assigned to that land to declare the things of Elohim. If they continue to choose to follow a calculated formula chosen through NASA, then I may want to look into the matter and check things out for myself….after all, if my worshiping on the right day is connected to this very calculation then I best take some responsibility as well…as much as I don’t want to.

In Arizona you have plateaus (small mountains). I remember going to this special location with several hundred people gathering at the San Tan mountains. Many met at the evening to see the moon and the sun at the same time on their perspective horizons. But, it would be those coming in the morning that could declare the new month. It will be Mark Webb of Living Messiah that will make sense of this. I will publish his paper he wrote in 2010 soon.

Josephus speaks about the watch until noon.

How to Declare The Month by Mark Webb

“When the month is ending, you will notice each morning before the sun rises that the moon keeps waning until one morning it is barely seen. The moon looks like the waxing crescent in the west at sunset. The next morning you will not see the sliver at all in the East, you will then have 12 hours until the new day begins that evening to declare Rosh Chodesh.”

…..So, with the witness being seen in the morning in the East, you have twelve hours to gather the nation and have a Rosh Chodesh celebration at the time it should be, in the evening.”

“This answers the question about King David saying tomorrow would be Rosh Chodesh. … Perhaps his watchmen had seen the witness that morning when no sliver was visible, thus he knew tomorrow would be the new moon.”

“This also lines up with the Scriptures that talk about the second day of the new moon. Remember after declaring Rosh Chodesh there are two evenings most of the time, before the sliver is seen again.”

It is in the morning watch, when you can see the moon in a sliver and you can see the sun rising up. They sit next to each other. That is the day you mark…but that is NOT the new month. You have to come back again to make sure it didn’t show up again… two more mornings.

The First Month – The Year by Mark Webb

Something tells the barley when to grow….it is the sun. After the equinox the days will get longer and warm the ground causing growth again.

“By using the return of spring declared by the sun at the equinox and not barley or anything else, …I will always be in alignment with His creation.” Once the equinox is determined, which is either March 20 or 21 on the Gregorian calendar, then the first covered moon after that date is the first month or the return of spring.

“:All over our earth there sun dials…even in England. These sundials keep everything in order for the planting and harvesting.”

I’ll post his papers soon…

We come out of darkness into light as in creation. When the moon is seen with the sun in the morning watch then they would light fires on the hills to signal the New Ecclesiastical year in the spring and in the fall the new Civil Year in the fall. The Spring brought our Suffering Servant whereas The Fall is to coronate Kings.

I close this with. In 2021 we read in the news that there would be two full moons within thirty days or a month. And, because NASA had declared the 20th of the month as Spring we are lead to believe that it is the day of all being equal. But, this is NOT true in 2021. We again need to have a discussion since these two moon bring Pesach too soon. Passover is after spring begins. Thus, some will celebrate Pesach in April since the equinox occurred on Nissan 17 in 2021. Some rabbinic calendars pre-calculated the equinox to be Nissan 14 so Pesach was declared in March.

Truly there is not enough time for the ground to warm and grow any barley so even common sense shows us that the Pesach to be honored by our Creator will be in April…30 days later.

With so much division in our world…and now to have this even out of alignment. Life gets to be much doesn’t it. But, we are to take a big breath and THINK…we certainly have the time to think don’t we. Let us take these next thirty days and just keep celebrating the YHWH sent Yeshua to pay for the penalty of our sin. And, let us look up and learn how to track for ourselves…in our own wilderness…when the Equinox fits into our lives because even Enoch said we were to keep count so we did NOT miss the Lord’s Festival by ten days. Wow…He is speaking of this as well.

Easter has had terrible earthquakes. Earthquakes even give remembrance to Pearl Harbor December 7 a gregorial calendar date. We have a creator that works in and through all things even when we confuse HIs days.

It may be a remnant that will be The Teachers or Leaders in the Kingdom soon to come. These will have studied the ways of YHWH and will be rewarded by leading as did Mosch even though he had murdered in retaliation for his brothers being beaten.

This study was on 14 which again led us to the life Ya’cov. We have many chapters to draw upon that point to our days right now. As I personally record this podcast it will only post 30 minutes. I’ve decided to NOT cut this article short so now you must read the rest of it yourself. Thank you for listening to my heart.

My heart breaks that we can’t find balance. It seems we use to, but now we’re extra busy entertaining kids at home. What does it take to search the skies for Him. There are so many ways to see God in our lives…even the day we were born or the name we are named can persuade us to become what?

My last statement that has weighed on my mind. While visiting with first and second cousins ages 60+ a retired male teacher made the statement when I was asking the men around me what was truth? We were discussing the horrible situation we felt we were about to leave to our children and grandchildren.

This brother-in-law retired teacher cousin said, “Isn’t truth what each individual decides for himself about something? Isn’t what they believe their truth?”

I had always heard statements like that but I had never heard it said directly to me. I sat stunned and actually my brain was trying to process what he really was saying to us. It sounded so philosophically right. Not one of the four men sitting made a comment.

I immediately came to my senses and brought it back to The Bible. I said, “The real Truth, comes from The Bible. It is not what man thinks…it is what God thinks. Our standard for thinking must always be based on The Bible.”

I came late to our cousin’s 73rd birthday party because I had been a Living Messiah’s Sabbath service. I did NOT want to leave as it was so powerful and so anointing with the Spirit. I was about one and one-half hours late arriving this party and was ask how my class went. I told my cousins that I get so excited about what I learn that I’ll probably write about it. And, thus you see that I am.

I don’t like being deceived and I’m praying that you and my friends will read this to KNOW that God is real…that He has directed in Q to show up exactly SEVEN years later when 2014 became prophetic to our world. We are in a battle my friends…and I do believe that 2014 was a signal…from YHWH that our Creator is opening The Door (14) soon. It was the first year of the Tetrad of four consecutive lunar eclipses. They were signals at Israel becoming a nation in 1948 and a Tetrad occurred again on The Lord’s Feasts in 1967 when Israel won Jerusalem back in a SIX-Day War.

Now in 2014-2015 we KNOW they signaled God’s War….His War of Return.

We rejected the current King David to stay on the throne even as it was proved he is from the House of Judah…a true son of David.

We are mere humans but with minds that can go back to the beginning and learn the Hebrew alphabet. It’s not hard and then you can do more than read your Bible every day. You can LIVE and walk out your relationship on how purposed it for our earth.

Happy Pesach….today is Nissan 16 with 17 beginning tonight…the evening of March 30, 2021.

Why is it important? Because it is Resurrection Day….this year celebrated o a Tuesday/Wednesday…not a Sunday.

Go ahead a give memorial to it…but it’s NOT the real day my friends.

No Easter Eggs or bunny rabbits for me. How do they point to our Savior….except perhaps representing new life. Fine!

Did we just talk about being crushed. Yes, Ya’cov was crushed and finally left….and we will finally leave our Egypt as well. My prayer is that Christians would learn about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov and give respect to what has been since the beginning of our earth….God’s calendar.

Did Lavan come to visit his sister Rebecca? Or did Rebecca go visit Laven? I don’t know that answer. But I would say they kept in communication since that is the family they were willing to have Jacob marry.

We are that wife Rachel of whom stole Ya’cov attention with her looks….but she would still complain about not having more children and ya’cov told her to talk to YHWH about it. She did not have ‘favor’ on her life and we see her lying, coveting and stealing from our very own family. We smile at each other because we are ALL right in our own eyes..

I close now with PEI – Mouth…I always seem to say too much. But I MUST open my mouth or be held guilty at The Bema Seat of not confronting false teachings. There is a remnant and it seems to sadly be getting smaller..

Bless you my friends. There is a Seder this month in March 2021 aligned NASA’s calculations. March 27 to April 3, 2021..Nissan 15 to 21. Then on April 26-27 you could participate in Pesach Sheni…Passover outside The Land. This way if these calendars don’t meet eye to eye…as this year seems to be in conflict…you can still give honor to whom honor is due…our Messiah Yeshua Jesus.

Don’t miss either…it’s always good to be in communion with God’s Hebrew calendar.

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