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This will be my first podcast. In the last month my blog host WordPress has now added an audio feature to their hosting format. I will pray to speak clearly.

I began with Word Press in 2015 creating the blog name, ‘’. I wanted my this blog site to be called, The Hand of God. But, it seemed any name that I applied for was already taken. Then, I found my fingers type ‘yhebrew’ and it was accepted. I knew then that this blog would go much further than declaring God good…it would looked in ‘Why” he did things. We are in his priesthood and we are to search out the ‘secrets’ of God.

Not only would these discussions and patterns show us why the Hebrew language is important to return to our earth, this blog can actually created more questions than answers. It is designed to get us to ‘think’ outside the box’. We seem to put God in His place in our lives. Letting Him function outside ‘the God Box’ has let us experience Him in every aspect of our lives.

It is not the man in the pulpit that we will stand before at the Bema Seat. In fact, most pulpits are still closed today on March 24, 2021. And the sheep (Christians) are having way too much Social Justice being demanded upon them and it is splitting up the herds causing further separation. And, isn’t that what it’s about? God is seeking his ‘remnant’ that wants to be pure in all things…following the original instructions!

On April 1, 2014 it was Nissan 1 2014. On that Month One Day a 8.2 earthquake hit Chile on what is known as April Fool’s Day.

Exactly seven years later of establishing this blog I can now verbally speak to you. Over 800 articles have attached themselves to this site. It is spelled either yhebrew or I hope you pass this site to those that seek to see the patterns of God on our earth.

My background – Born a Catholic and married a Catholic boy…just like my parents requested. Then, a Baptist lady entered our lives that taught us, “Be Somebody, God doesn’t take time to make a Nobody.” That lady moved my life and my sisters lives. We learned how to treat people special and how to hug.

I fell in love with teaching love. Home Interiors Inc based out of Dallas, Texas. I grew up three other units encouraging them to succeed in this theme of loving your home and husband. When I had worked several years to become a Sr. Manager, politics from within kept telling me to wait another year.

The final blow sucked the life out of me when it’s sweet founder Mary C Crowley succumbed to cancer. She held a ‘graduation party’ in her hospital room with videos of the past, cake and balloons decorating her room. She was graduating to seeing Jesus.

Mary C Crowley was raising two children on her own coming through The Depression. She was accepted to work at a five and dime for free. Yes, she was willing to work for ‘free’ to prove herself worthy of being paid. Today, March 24, 2021 my husband and I each received $1,200 stimulus money from our government.

Our country is moving away from proving ourselves worthy of work to them chanting, “We (the government) will take care of you.”

We say, ‘no thank you’ because the strings that come attached with these so called ‘entitlements’ is for America to be in more debt to The Central Bankers. It is they who have always wanted to control our world. It is God who made our first founders brilliant men and gave them the words to write in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and our Constitution. This is what our youth must READ and adhere to so America can stay the example of freedom of religion which is freedom of our souls to our world.

Have your wages changed? Here is what Mary C Crowley did. She worked for free to prove herself worthy. She won ‘sales of the day’ by selling each customer a spool of thread as an ‘add on’ to their order as they checked out. She began ’employee of the month’ and was hired.

After age forty she would grow a multi million dollar company based on Christian principles by building the value of the home. Our first born son would crawl in and out of those Home Interior boxes. I had been recruited by my delivery room nurse in 1973. Now I could stay home with our son and work a few times a week. This was the foundation that turned me into the person I am today.

That year in 1973 America legalized abortion. This son was not aborted and at 47 years old is a National Guard Airman Boom Operators. He is a full time Fire Captain and their Chaplain…. and a church deacon raising up four of his own home-schooled children making us great grandparents in July 2021.

After Mary C Crowley died her manager’s wages (requirements) were changed several times causing many to leave. When people don’t feel valued they leave.

I tell you these short story at age 70. I have many stories to tell but chose to dwell on those who helped make me into the person I am. This precious lady left a mark on America and in every home as she taught us to prop up our husband since the woman were taken from Adam’s side. The man is to lead his house as Christ leads ‘the assembly’.

Our Lord never crushes us but was crushed for us.

I tell you just a little of Mary’s story as in these COVERT days, we are making life and death decisions.

People are tucked away gaining what my sister calls, COVID CALORIES. Death seems to be coming closer as fear of death strangles relationships and our own bodies.

People are so afraid of breathing and yet they are being convinced to inject this ‘Geno’ into themselves when this bio weapon has a 99.97 percent survive rate. The patents for COVID began in 2013 with movies shown in 2015 that “The Corona Virus’ was planned for you and coming to your city soon.

In 2016 the wrong person was elected as President of the United States than whom The Central Bankers had chosen. Donald J Trump can be likened to Stephen Grover Cleveland who ‘cared about the people’. Both of these presidents would try to bring back ‘the gold standard’ and both would have their economies shut down. I write about these men because they are ‘current’ and applicable to our lives today.

Patterns ebb and flow through our earth. In 2020, 2021 and 2022 we are seeing the patterns of Ya’cov’s life with Laven. Please, we MUST stay focused on Biblical patterns to see God in control of all of this.

Jacov felt hopeless as his relative changed his wages ten times…but he completed 20 years. In year 2020 people were having their wages changed. In year 21 Ya’cov’s two brides, eleven sons and one daughter left their father’s homeland to return to The Father…Yes, Ya’cov was ready to go home to his fathers land. Sin is being revealed in 2021 as America must also be given a new name. Her goal is to purify her lands and be rid of those that don’t care about God’s children.

We see The Messiach coming pictured in Ya’cov’s son Benjamin. His mother had to die because she was a liar and thief. She violated Torah and our Messiach can never violate it. He needed a mother who loved the god of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. Ya’cov named this child born in 2186, ‘son of my strength.’

Yeshua chose to suffer first in order to honor The Father. We will first ‘suffer’ in order to see our strength is in The Father’s hands.

The 2014 – 2015 Blood Moon Tetrads signaled our earth from the heavens that God was beginning His war. These four Total Lunar eclipse all occurred on just TWO of The Lord’s Festivals; Pesach and Succot. Gentiles say Passover but in Hebrew it’s Pesach. And, two Total lunar eclipses occurred on Month Seven Day 15 known as day one of The Lord’s Feasts of Tabernacles or Succot.

Interestingly, we would have two granddaughter’s born on these exact dates. Our oldest granddaughter was born on Day One of The Feast of Tabernacles, Tishrei 15. Our fourth granddaughter was born on Month One Day 15, Nisan 15. Did we know this twenty-two years ago in 1998? No! Did we know this about our only red-headed granddaughter born in Arizona in 2010? No! Did we know that we were married on Yom Kippur 1970? No! But, we know these things now as God has revealed them to us.

Month One Day Fifteen and Month Seven Day Fifteen…both full moons. We would be married on the ultimate of days….Yom Kippur…Day of Atonement also known as Day of Judgment. And, in 1970…the Hebrew and Pope Gregory calendar saw each other face-to-face in that month of October 1970.

Yes, October 10 1970 was Month Seven Day 10 known also as Tishrei 10. We were married on the sabbath. Two Catholics kids who didn’t understand one thing about the Hebrew calendar were married on the Sabbath, on Yom Kippur with both calendars being aligned. Our paths were being lead by God.

We have been married FIFTY years…a jubilee of time. And, I was born in 1950 in which 50 means jubilee. A 9.0 earthquake killed 150,000 in India the day I was born. And, the Universal Catholic Church created August 15 to be a holy day to Mary the very day I was born. In fact, my middle name is Mary.

So, is it hard to see through clearly in all the haze that surrounds us? Yes!

If you strive to ‘build up’ God’s house…He will build your house.

My husband allowed me my heart’s desire in 2009. I could make a trip to see The Land. Israel is where it all began. Pastor Biltz of Bonney Lake Washington baptized me in The Galilee. I prayed at the Wailing Wall and gave ALL I had to him who gave it all to me.

On July 22, 2017 at the Parshah 42 entitled Mattot Massei meaning ‘The Tribes, The Journeys’, we had a calf come back to life after I prayed to see this dead 60-day old calf show us any sign of life before we left back to the house in the dark of that AV 27 hot summer night. When the words came out to see it’s head lift up with a hoof…I almost repented of the prayer being a fleece before God and apologized…but still prayed, “And I pray this in the name of Yeshua, HahMessiach.”

Immediately, the calf lifted it’s head and sat it’s head on it’s front right hoof. Four of us watching thought the calf was going to stand up…but instead it relaxed and tucked it’s sweet head into it’s tummy. We were in shock and awe with not my words but Ya’s words coming alive in that calf.

Today, I am NOT that cautious Baptist, but have an open mind to the Spirit of God on us. I saw him before and now I see Him even more. I do NOT believe in horoscopes and can’t even use the word ‘luck’ in my vocabulary. But, I do smile at least five to six times a day as I see God’s hand in the things around me. People say the word is ‘favor’…and perhaps so. I pray for all of us to have FAVOR with The Lord.

I will close my very first verbal podcast with this thought. When we proclaim God in his attribute of being El Shaddai…provider of all…we will see him in our lives as YHWH. This is how it was for the children coming through The Wilderness.

First, they recognized ADONAI provided all their needs. Then they could step forward and trust Him in their wars. Because they had belief, they got to see The Waters split open again as they stepped into the waters of the Jordan River to cross over. It was the young who crossed over…and only TWO old men crossed over…Joshua and Calev.

Are you a Joshua and Calev in this time of COVID. Do you see The East Gate as yours to fight for?

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