by Bob Ward

Covert Thinking

June 29, 2021 Balak Study * Humans today still follow King Balak!

Both of Lot’s daughter’s eyes were fully open when they saw Sodom, Gomorrah and other cities destroyed by fire from heaven. Yet they deceived their father continuing to endorse assimilation by lust.

King Balak is King of the Moabites.. a generation of people from the DAUGHTER of Lot.

King Balak and Prophet Balaam had their eyes opened to the fact that Israel could never be cursed. Yet, they walked away defying God. They knew how to deceive the Israelites….through lust. Get the Midianites to assimilate with the Israelites….after all, Moses married one!

Numbers 25:5 Moshe said to the judges of Isra’el, “Each of you is to put to death those in his tribe who have joined themselves to Ba’al P’or.”

This had to hurt Moses…especially when the order came to kill all the woman and youth who were involved in the deception. After the cleansing 420 pounds of silver and gold were retrieved and taken into The Tabernacle. Yes, the assimilation included Israel’s wealth…the God of Israel’s temple riches.

Next week in the Mattot Massei readings we hear this: Numbers 31:1 “ADONAI said to Moshe, “On behalf of the people of Isra’el, take vengeance on the Midyanim. After that, you will be gathered to your people.”

Moshe had a hard job….Over 24,000 died because of that deception to assimilate into a people group that served other gods. Thou shalt not have any god before me is taken very serious by our Creator. Mosche saw it happen and did not stop 24,000 people from doing it. It not only struck the rock instead of speaking to it and he not only allowed the twelve to check out the land making sure they thought it was a good idea when YHWH already had said..GO… Mosche made some mistakes…big mistakes…and now would NOT take that final step into The Land. He is honored and yet there was discipline. This is what we need to see. Our intentions are not good enough. We must STOP sin when we see it. What is in your family that you just gloss over because it’s easier to stay friends with whatever initials get created next? LBGT to XYZ.

Today, I see witness the same thing… people lose a spouse when quickly another comes along to marry and lay claim to that inheritance…many times leaving the children with nothing. And, just lately I witnessed a sexy lady marrying a very elderly man…to appease his sexual desires I’m sure. This was a Christian man who gave into lustful eyes….what can I say? The lusts of the flesh are high right now and children’s inheritance to pass to the grandchildren is at risk…and it’s going to foreigners who know how to please. Who can’t be cursed? Those that follow The Torah….they know not to marry someone who has a previous spouse living. It’s still called adultery. To dress provocatively is not allowed in The Torah. A woman should not dress as an adulteress.

And now you know the theme or pattern that is playing out today in our 21st Century.

Three and half years of tribulation…and then another really really bad 42 months. Yes, 42 months and then another 42 months is how it plays out…for a total of 7 years.

To see what? To fully see that YHWH’s children will survive…those that follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov….which means doing The Torah…will survive…and yet we see many people follow after the lusts of the world. This is the battle ground my friends….Deception!

2019 – 2021 CDC is the Chinese Dragon’s Conspiracy

Covert name: Chinese Coronea Virus

Three years of sterilizing our Minds and Bodies!

Third Phase: The Selective Seductive Stealth Sterilization Spike Shot

2021 The Spike Shot is the sterilization shot.

1. We must protect our children from being sterilized. Little girls sit next to their grandmother who was given The Shot and then start bleeding out.

  1. We have been deceived using birth control to control our lives. We must repent! Encourage our world to be ‘Be Fruitful and Multipply.”

We are disobedient to The Torah when we don’t.

Whatever sword we choose to fight ADONAI with, it will be the sword in which we perish. Birth control only started in 1950. Seventy years later the CDC plague is sterilizating the human race.

Eve was redeemed by having children. She was able to obey that instruction. Woman today choose to be disobedient. They hinder generations of believers from being born…when in fact, two people…the parents have become as Cain…murdering their relative.

Encourage your children to have children. Set up your inheritance to raise up grandchildren.

Have a Fund for large families only. Why leave this generation with more money when they just spend it on themselves and their ‘world vision’?

Protect the next generation or it won’t even be born.

Do it now. Yeshua Jesus is returning to earth.

2020 – 2021 – Ya’cov left Laben’s house after 20 years.


Son of Ya’cov’s right hand (strength) was born just before year 2200. 2186 years from Adam. We are likened to that right now. It is almost year 22 for Ya’cov returning to his father’s house and Yeshua leaving The Father’s House to RETURN to earth.

REPENT FAST PRAY so, “The Sterilization PLAGUE” STOPS! It is after our children.

We know ADONAI lifted up America so people could be free! Let us join together now in harmony to strike at the enemies hip and dislocate them.

The Lord’s Angel struck Ya’cov in the flesh after he had twelve children and Rachel was pregnant with Binyamin. He had no other children after that.

Plagues are about stopping sin. Plagues lose lives. Plagues stop pregnancies…as even King Abimelech’s entire kingdom could no longer conceive children until Abraham’s bride Sarah was returned. Will we be the same with no children being born on our earth until The Bride is claimed?

Read my previous article about Double calves being born…and now no bulls available for 2022 birthing for my cattle farmer who had four sets of twins this year….Yes, in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. It is following the pattern of manna being given in double portion on Day Six and none of the Seventh Day.

Are you resting on Day Seven? The Lord Yeshua Jesus declared that “I am The Lord of the Sabbath.” He says what you can and can’t do on it. So, are you overruling what He said? Hmm… Are you a Sunday worshipper? Then you are only looking to ‘fly out’ of here and not enjoy Day Seven…the Millennial reign with King David’s lineage ruling…Yes, his name is Yeshua Jesus. Day Seven people are following The Torah which shows the next plan of our earth’s history to be a one thousand rule proving man can live in righteousness as He is righteous to lead us. Then we have another battle where evil is let lose for just a little time…then Day Eight.

By not resting your property on The Sabbath and yourself…you are removing the pattern that shows Day Seven. Please stop doing that. REST on The Sabbath. I remember when ALL stores closed on Saturday in my small town. Our actions show our world that God is alive and well…He operates through us. Don’t say you SEE him and then walk away and disagree with Him! Then you’re a child of Balak…a Moabite.

COVID calories are enlarging hips….they will stifle so man can not impregnate nor will a woman produce. Don’t be delusional my friends. Scripture does not lie to us….the serpent is the deceiver. And, what country has it as it’s symbol? Don’t buy or sell to them… If made in a Totalitarian country…do NOT buy or sell.

The FINAL years will be ones of great delusions beyond measure.

I pray our mellowed-out minds will NOT accept the Moabites suggestions.

What is the FINAL answer? READ this…because we will see this happen…clearly…in full view…we will see this happen….YHWH does not will happen my friends. And notice the great detail….and especially the gold and silver taken back to where it should have been…to serve in The Temple. Yes, His temple makes a statement of power. Thus, if you remove Isra’el you remove YHWH’s power structure. that can NOT happen.

Vengeance on Midian

Num 31:1  Adonai said to Moshe, 
Num 31:2  “On behalf of the people of Isra’el, take vengeance on the Midyanim. After that, you will be gathered to your people.” 

Firstborn Aharon has died. Second born Miriam has died and now third born Moshe has had his death announced.

Num 31:3  Moshe said to the people, “Equip men from among yourselves for war. They are to go and fight Midyan, in order to carry out Adonai’s vengeance on Midyan. 
Num 31:4  You are to send to the war a thousand men from every one of Isra’el’s tribes.” 
Num 31:5  So out of the thousands of people in Isra’el, a thousand armed men from each tribe, 12,000 altogether, were mustered for war. 

Several battles have been fought and yet they were not a readied people. Old leadership had to be removed as promised. Phineas is a priest and also in charge of the utensils and trumpets for the war. Yes, priests married…unlike today in the universal church….which flows into the deception of ‘don’t multiply’ you’ll be distracted. Pinchas was authorized by Moses and his father El’azar to STOP the plague…just as Yeshua is authorized to STOP sin by His blood.

Num 31:6  Moshe sent them, a thousand from each tribe, to the war; he sent them and Pinchas the son of El`azar the cohen to the war, with the holy utensils and the trumpets for sounding the alarm in his care. 
Num 31:7  They fought against Midyan, as Adonai had ordered Moshe, and killed every male. 

Num 31:8  They killed the kings of Midyan along with the others who were slain—Evi, Rekem, Tzur, Hur and Reva, the five kings of Midyan. They also killed BILIAM the son of B’or with the sword. 

Thus, the prophet who could not speak a curse but also did not HELP Isra’el was required to die. We can NOT just sit buy and let our ISRA’EL fight it’s battles alone…we are to HELP protect her. Thus, we are just wagging tongues for Jesus with no action to protect The Hebrew/The Jew/ The Torah.

So what is about to happen here? We see those beautiful woman and children of those Israelites were saved from death. We see that they are brought right into The Camp that is ready to cross over The Jordan to teach The Nations about YHWH… These people have been in Torah School of 40 years and now YHWH is expected to bring these people along? Think about it….it was the stranger and foreigners that came out of Egypt with the Israelites that were the biggest destrament to them. They deceiving them by turning their heads to want to go back to where the food was great…and now the work didn’t seem that bad…hmm.

No…the ‘deceivers’ must stay behind…and now…removed by the sword they lived by. These woman and children and animals don’t know the ways of YHWH. It took A Wilderness Experience for this new generation to rise up and be able to cross over. We are the same…this world will be cleansed and a remnant will take one thousand years of teaching from Messiach Yeshua on how to live into eternity. If people don’t want to live that way…a final cleansing happens again…it will be another Bo’l Peor time. This Torah study is what you want to wrap your mind around. It is the pattern that will play out again and again through our earth’s history.

NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME!…. No Dragon Gods…No Islamic Gods…No BUDDA gods…No New Age thinking…only the ELOHIM above all other elohim’s. YHWH…learn his name my friends…learn his attributes because that’s is who ELOHIM is to us. AMEIN brother and sister!

Num 31:14  But Moshe was angry with the army officers, the commanders of thousands and the commanders of hundreds coming in from the battlefield. 
Num 31:15  Moshe asked them, “You let the women live? 

Perhaps it’s easier to kill men when they have a weapon to strike back…but woman and children? Yes, this is where people say that the Old Testament is too bloody and they use it as a reason to say it no longer valid in our modernized world today. Really?

You are deceived…because it began with being deceived. If a mind can NOT be open to learn about the one who made them…and all the universe gives testimony that there is a god…then that stubborn person had better live well on earth because that is all there will be. Men want a woman to cook for them and to give them pleasures of the flesh. But, what is a woman designed to be? A bride to be lifted up and presented to The Father. She is adorned in raiment that is pleasing and righteous. She is NOT a ‘babe’ or ‘slut’. She is a helpmate designed in a fashion that a man will come home and multiply seed on the earth. It’s a perfect pattern to complement our Creator who lifts up his body of believers. He multiplies himself in us. He will not curse the bride that loves him. They are each other’s beloved.

Num 31:16  Why, these are the ones who—because of Bilam's advice—caused the people of Isra'el to rebel, breaking faith with Adonai in the Por incident, so that the plague broke out among Adonai’s community! 

Num 31:17  Now kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman who has ever slept with a man. 
Num 31:18  But the young girls who have never slept with a man, keep alive for yourselves. 
Num 31:19  Pitch your tents outside the camp for seven days. Whoever has killed a person or touched the corpse of someone slain, purify yourselves on the third and seventh days, you and your captives. 

Our earth will be purged after 7000 years as YHWH can not touch death. It has to burn and be purified in order to be cleansed. Yeshua comes in The Third Day and Seveneth Shemittah cycle. Seven is always connected to release. 2022 is definitely release…and points to house house house. The Temple was cleansed by fire in 70 AD so the Jews had to go out into the world. They carried The Torah to the world and the world just keeps killing them for it.

Their blood is being avenged today. It is God’s spoken words that will remain and Yeshua Jesus is known as The Living Word. Every word he spoke was only from The Father. He confirmed YHWH’s words…never violating or removing one word. Man today continually adds and subtracts from The Words saying they are NOT for us today. These leaders will be removed and a new generation of Pinchas will rise up with The Sword of ALL the bible in their hand. We see this today as pastors are defining The Shema…they are returning the sheep back to The Sabbath. The young leaders will watch the old pastors pass away and MUST stop all the bad jokes about woman…and men…and only elevate The Assembly by telling these stories so our world does walk across that New Jordan…with only virgin brides that have never known the ways of deception.

Num 31:20  Also purify every garment, whether of skin or goat’s hair, and everything made of wood.” 
Num 31:21  El`azar the cohen said to the soldiers who had gone to the front, “This is the regulation from the Torah which Adonai has ordered Moshe. 

Trees will burn…even men are known as trees. We must be planted by good water and become green as Yeshua was that green tree while on earth.

Who can go in? Those washed in our savior’s blood. Blood is all of the earth’s life source. The life is always in the blood. Therefore, do not eat blood…that is a Torah principle.

Num 31:22  Even though gold, silver, brass, iron, tin and lead 
Num 31:23  can all withstand fire, so that you are indeed to purify everything made of these materials by having them pass through fire; nevertheless they must also be purified with the water for purification. Everything that can’t withstand fire you are to have go through the water. 
Num 31:24  On the seventh day you are to wash your clothes, and you will be clean; after that you may enter the camp.” 

Yes, at year 7000 we will enter into a new camp…a renewed earth. Everything is right on schedule. Year Seven begins when six is complete…year 6000 has occurred and thus we see plagues coming upon us. People are always on schedule to die. Dying is a natural process. What scares people is not knowing what awaits them. When we do as The Father speaks…we should have no fear. Do NOT kill/abort is key him…because He is the God of LIfe…not death.

Love God alone

Have no other gods before you.

Honor the Sabbath

Do not kill.

These are a few of DO’s we just talked about. They must be taken serious. Even the demons knew who Yeshua Jesus was…but they didn’t want to DO as He did.

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