DOUBLES: Cows to Presidents

Doubles – Sixth Shemittah Cycle fall 2020 to fall 2021

Four Sets of Twin Calves in 2021

Double Presidents – One Anointed, One Appointed

Double Plagues: CCV19, The Shot

BALAK – Cursing / Blessing

Numbers 22:2-25:9 Micah 5:6-6:8 Mathew 21:1-11

16 Tammuz 5781 * June 26, 2021

King Balak receives a message from ADONAI via ‘unbeliever’ Bilaam

America receives message from ‘UN-anointed’ Biden

First comes the struggle. Ya’cov (Jacob) is miserable taking care of the herds. He suffers in the heat of the day and sounds like he’s being crucified in semblance of our Messiah. He then is freezing cold at night…hates his job…wages changing constantly…can’t see his family as they live in the comforts of home…the kids aren’t being raised up to Laban’s idols. We could say that God was doing everything to push Ya’cov out of Laban’s camp.

And yet, blessings came as Ya’cov saw his herds grow…just as ADONAI sees His children grow as we on this earth seek His ways and not our ways. Hips are out of joint…people not able to walk because of CV19…and COVID calories adding weight to the hips.

Ya’cov’s hip is displaced but only after struggling with The Lord’s angel. Ya’cov had left Laban’s house as an enemy. Ya’cov struggled all night with The Lord’s angel. Ya’cov’s life-long limp would always remind him of his old name and the old ways in which he had lived for twenty years. Something had to change and he knew it had to do with a name. He knew it had to do with his walk. His walk had been off. He had not limped before but would now limp the rest of his life. It was not a ‘loser’s limp’, it was a winner’s limp. He had struggled with God and won. He had not let go because Ya’cov wanted to be blessed…as Abraham and Isaac had been blessed.

Three men that all struggled with God. We remember Abraham the most with having to offer up his son Issac. Isaac was about age 34 when this happened and his struggle came when he allowed himself to be that sacrifice. Yes, he laid there..trusting the God of Abraham…who would now become his God as well. Both of them claimed the characteristic of El Shaddai. Isaac was provided to Abraham by God and Isaac knew his birth was a miracle. He kept trusting in the God of life…not the god of death. He knew he had been born to live…not die! If he did die, Isaac knew he could also be resurrected from that death.

He had to make peace with Laban’s house, which he did. He met his brother Esau as an enemy and left in peace…after giving Esau half of his wealth. (President Trump lost half of his wealth by trying to bring peace to our world for FOUR years. He is our current Ya’cov.)

PEACE – What is peace? Go to the last paragraph of this article. Warren Marcus describes peace very well.

Ya’cov’s hip was displaced after ADONAI fought Ya’cov as an enemy. Ya’cov will walk with a limp to remind him of what happens when he walks in pride. Jews remember these lessons and do not eat meat from the hip area.

Deu 33:11  Adonai, bless his possessions, accept the work he does; but crush his enemies hip and thigh; may those who hate him rise no more.” 

When I opened to Deuteronomy 33:11 today, I immediately connected this to Ya’cov. YHWH had to have Ya’cov’s attention before he could work through Ya’cov. Today, in this CV farce we give witness to people still covering up their smiles and expressions. People are seeing with their eyes…and yet walking away and not believing what is really happening. They don’t see communism when it’s right before their faces. They live in denial.

This is what we’ll see with king Ba’lak and prophet B’laam. YHWH will work through nations that don’t really know Him. He allows them to be witness to His power…and then they can join or walk away.

King Ba’lak’s desire to Israel came from fear. Ba’lak saw what happened to King Og at Edre”i and King Sichon at Heshbon. Was this little king of Mo’av to be licked up next? King Balak was the son of Tzippor which means ‘little bird’.

Hence, the Moabites (Lot’s daughter) never rose up to be as big as some of the other clans. Their sin showed itself when they refused to let Israel cross over their land when they first left Egypt. Even as Israel promised not to use their water or grasslands…Lot’s family refused Abraham’s grandchildren.

Little Moabite Balak seeks out the larger crowd…the Midianites for help. Yes, Moses married a Midianite and his father-in-law had been a head leader there. But, now Yithro was a convert and followed the ways of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov God…YHWH. These Midianites knew about this God but never experienced him themselves. Now, they will…as 420 pounds of silver and gold will be retrieved from them as Israel as a nation now leaves The Wilderness.

Israel could not be cursed but they still could be deceived. And, that is what happened…as they walked away realizing The Creator had His hand on them, they said to themselves…then let us assimilate into them…and neutralize them.

Today, we have fallen for the same deception. We have allowed socialists, communists…and those serving The Dragon come into our lives. It is now time to depart. What year is it? It is the Sixth cycle and SEVEN years into God’s War that began in 2015.

We are in the Days of Mana…being fed two government systems by two supposed presidents. There is an ‘anointed’ president and there is an ‘appointed’ president. The anointed president Trump had to struggle with YHWH and be caused to limp….but it is not a ‘loser’s limp’. It is a limp that recognizes who controls all of the universe. President Trump has his ear toward YHWH in seeking His will.

The ‘appointed’ president O’Biden is only for a time to let us observe sin in our world. King Balak’s father is Tzippor. Balak is the son of ‘little bird’. He is afraid of the other nations and goes to them for help. Balak nor Biden can do anything themselves. They both scheme on how to deceive other nations. They both conspire to assimilate their ideals of serving other gods.

Biden is united with ‘Big O’ giving him his third four-year term as president. 4+4+4=12 years of Obama-Islam. Right now our world is run by dictators. We need to have Phinehas (Pinchas) troops step forward. This is the only way to STOP the multiple plagues plaguing our world. A census needs to be taken as to who will take a stand for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cob. (And, I’m not talking about the twelve apostles or twelve disciples…I’m talking about backing The Ancients. The ‘Ancient Path’ is The Torah. Our ‘First Love’ is The Torah..Reread Rev 2:4…and continue to Rev 2:5… This first-love is not a person, but the words of God. And, yet…Yeshua Jesus is now called…The Living Word of God. We are to return to what Yeshua was ‘walking out’ while on earth.

We have gotten out of context and said their ways no longer matter…in our modern era of high rise buildings…our Babel Buildings.

Double and triple cursing and blessing happen in the Sixth Shemittah cycle. 2021 will close out soon, but it’s personality can spill over into 2022. Johnathan Cahn calls it the ‘wave’ affect.

The Gregorian calendar confuses people to think that the new year begins in January. When 2022 on God’s calendar really being in the fall. Yes, Labor Day, September 6, 2021 at dusk begins the Rosh Chodesh for Month One. And it holds the beginning of the New Ecclesiastical year 5782. To repeat, the Hebrew Civil Calendar turns to year 5782….Yes again…TWO (double).

This reminds me of the ‘part pattern’. Not only do we see in part but we seem to participate in part. It is like a veil is set before us but for those that seek after the deeper things, they are rewarded to seeing clearer. An example of this is the three and one-half year tribulation…which is half…with seven years make it whole. Each portion is described…one part being bad and the last half being really bad.

Two has two parts… A house divided (into two) can not stand. We must become whole believing in one thing to see clearly. My belief is that The Torah (God’s instructions) are the same today as they were yesterday. Our God does NOT change. He CAN not change because then there would be chaos in the world. His patterns are consistent and correct. They are to give Him glory and not ourselves….just as have quadruple sets of twins is FOUR 2’s…showing us 42…which biblically in Parshah 42 tells of the tribes (people) and their stages (journey) through this earth.

These patterns show up and we miss them if we are only absorbed into our our little world. Since my retirement from the business world, I have had more time to study and observe.

I suggest that you sits quiet and look your your mind…be open to praying (being in fellowship with God) constantly…and it is HE that will be your El Shaddai…Providing “supernatural health, peace, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfection, fullness, rest and harmony…as well as the absence of agitation and discord.”

ADONAI started with me today…to get me to sit down and write instead of staining baseboards to close out our basement project that has been a double blessing to us. It has been amazing how each stage was done in just a few days or just in a week’s time. And, we did it honoring The Sabbath.

June 30, 2021; Month 4 Day 20 (Tammuz 20) on God’s calendar.

I finally made a call to Dale to learn about his cow having three sets of twins in 2021 and another lady had a set of twins. When I heard this I did not think about it being the 6th Shemittah cycle.

This pattern was revealed by ADONAI. If I was not aware of 2021 being the sixth cycle and soon to close, this ‘twin mystery’ would have remained a mystery. As I told Dale, it is going to be hard to believe because we are not use to seeing God’s hand this personal in our lives. But, we must give credit to where glory is due.

This week’s Torah portion tells us about the Levites. We also are to be priests just as Levi was to set themselves forth as good examples. Levites teach praise…we must learn to praise and not grumble.

Moses’ Final Blessing on Israel

Deu 33:1  This is the blessing that Moshe, the man of God, spoke over the people of Isra’el before his death: 

Deu 33:2  “Adonai came from Sinai; from Se`ir he dawned on his people, shone forth from Mount Pa’ran; and with him were myriads of holy ones; at his right hand was a fiery law for them. 

Deu 33:3  He truly loves the peoples—all his holy ones are in your hand; sitting at your feet, they receive your instruction, 

Deu 33:4  the Torah Moshe commanded us as an inheritance for the community of Ya`akov. 

Deu 33:5  Then a king arose in Yeshurun when the leaders of the people were gathered, all the tribes of Isra’el together. 

Deu 33:6  “Let Re’uven live and not die out, even though his numbers grow few.” 

Deu 33:7  Of Y’hudah he said: “Hear, Adonai, the cry of Y’hudah! Bring him in to his people, let his own hands defend him; but you, help him against his enemies.” 

Deu 33:8  Of Levi he said: “Let your tumim and urim be with your pious one, whom you tested at Massah, with whom you struggled at M’rivah Spring. 

Deu 33:9  Of his father and mother he said, ‘I don’t know them’; he didn’t acknowledge his brothers or children. For he observed your word, and he kept your covenant. 

  • Deu 33:10  They will teach Ya`akov your rulings, Isra’el your Torah. They will set incense (PRAYERS) before you and whole burnt offerings on your altar. 

Deu 33:11  Adonai, bless his possessions, accept the work he does; but crush his enemies hip and thigh; may those who hate him rise no more.” 

Deu 33:12  Of Binyamin he said: “Adonai’s beloved lives securely. He protects him day after day. He lives between his shoulders.” 

Deu 33:13  Of Yosef he said: “May Adonai bless his land with the best from the sky, for the dew, and for what comes from the deep beneath, 

Deu 33:14  with the best of what the sun makes grow, with the best of what comes up each month, 

Deu 33:15  with the best from the mountains of old, with the best from the eternal hills, 

Deu 33:16  with the best from the earth and all that fills it, and the favor of him who lived in the [burning] bush. May blessing come on the head of Yosef, on the brow of the prince among his brothers. 

Deu 33:17  His firstborn bull (Yeshua)—glory is his; his horns are those of a wild ox; With them he will gore the peoples, all of them, to the ends of the earth. These are the myriads of Efrayim; these are the thousands of M’nasheh.” 

Deu 33:18  Of Z’vulun he said: “Rejoice, Z’vulun, as you go forth, and you, Yissakhar, in your tents. 

Deu 33:19  They will summon peoples to the mountain and there offer righteous sacrifices; for they will draw from the abundance of the seas and from the hidden treasures of the sand.” 

Deu 33:20  Of Gad he said: “Blessed is he who makes Gad so large; he lies there like a lion, tearing arm and scalp. 

Deu 33:21  He chose the best for himself when the princely portion was assigned. When the leaders of the people came, he carried out Adonai’s justice and his rulings concerning Isra’el.” 

Deu 33:22  Of Dan he said: “Dan is a lion cub leaping forth from Bashan.” 

Deu 33:23  Of Naftali he said: “You, Naftali, satisfied with favor and full of blessing from Adonai, take possession of the sea and the south.” 

Deu 33:24  Of Asher he said: “May Asher be most blessed of sons, may he be the favorite among his brothers and bathe his feet in oil. 

Deu 33:25  May your bolts be of iron and bronze and your strength last as long as you live. 

Deu 33:26  “Yeshurun, there is no one like God, riding through the heavens to help you, riding on the clouds in his majesty. 

Deu 33:27  The God of old is a dwelling-place, with everlasting arms beneath. He expelled the enemy before you and he said, ‘Destroy!’ 

Deu 33:28  So Isra’el lives in security; the fountain of Ya`akov is alone in a land of grain and new wine, where the skies drip with dew. 

Deu 33:29  Happy are you, Isra’el! “Who is like you, a people saved by Adonai, your defender helping you and your sword of triumph? Your enemies will cringe before you, but you will trample down their high places.” 

When Dale bought our three pregnant cows in 2019 he heard the story of what h happened on July 22, 2017 of our calf raising up after being prayed over knowing it had died. I told him about twelve first-time mother’s all safely delivering their babies on their own…which people say was a miracle. I told him about some of the dates they were born and they were on The Lord’s Feasts. He bought the three cows for $1,000 each knowing they would drop a calf in a few months. He was truly getting a good deal. I just knew my husband was done having that many babies on our small property. Dale was told he was buying ‘special cattle’.

Just how special…we didn’t know. But, now after two years…he too is sitting back with is jaw dropped…having FOUR sets of twins to deal with.

Our personal heifer Smokey by our former bull Aleph Taurus was covered on Parshah 42 Mattot Massei (July 18, 2020) by Dale’s bull I now call, Jerusalem. (This bull had built his own generation (city) of 67 in one year…Jerusalem was returned to Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.)

We thought our cow Smokey Mountain would deliver her firstborn in the cold of April 2021. She held this baby off until May 29, 2021. She would deliver just like her family…at The Sabbath…and a special Sabbath it was….’When you set up’. Just as our Messiach is coming soon to ‘set up’ his rule on our earth. We are the lights set up in our world that point to His coming. Read the first verses of Parshah 40… Numbers 22:2 Even this verse 2 2 2 says, beit beit beit, house house house, mishkan mishkan mishkan, temple temple temple. Yes, He truly is setting up to return. Are you a LIGHT shining forth and talking about His return?

And, it was Memorial Day weekend when we gave memorial to all of those that fought for America’s freedom. We had one cow give birth to her firstborn on Memorial Day in 2017…thus, her name became Freedom. Our property had it’s first calves born all over it’s 36 acres beginning that year…2017. We had them grazing the entire property via white electric fence. And, no wonder they would break through it…one had her baby in the neighbors field and would leave to nurse it. Yes, then the bull and the others followed. 2017 was a hot year but at least they had our woods to hide and have their babies in. Our property truly was anointed with many firstborn’s blood…just talking aloud…but it makes sense…since our property is called, El Shaddai…and it’s His blood anointing that saves us. Life is in the blood….and it is anointing.

Adonai told Moses to tell Aharon (a firstborn) how to set the lights up in front of the Menorah in the tabernacle. (The first born resurrected from the dead (Yeshua Jesus) is coming back to the earth to finish what was started.)

May 29, 2021 Smokey’s temple (body) successfully delivered her firstborn, a bull calf named Beha’alotcha (when you set up) Aleph (first), in the dark after 9:00 pm as Sabbath closed. She had walked all over her fenced-in seven acre field on The Sabbath. She then delivered her baby in the dark but yet by the full moon of Sivan 18, Month Three. (Nissan, Iyyar, Sivan)

We saw her Black Angus calf standing up and drinking from her just after midnight as our car lights found their shadows across the field. The moon gave us their profile so I could walk to her. I had to know that they were both okay. Her two friends Oreo and Mishkan were still close by as well.

Smokey, just now a two-year old, appreciated having her year-old half-sister constantly by her side and her tall horse friend Oreo, now age 22, to guard her. Mishkan (temple) was born at the end of February 2020 with Dale’s help. She is a full sister to Mattot Massei (the resurrected calf). She was agreed to be purchased on Tishri 1, Rosh Hosanna, Day One of New Year, Feast Trumpets, 2020; sixth Shemittah cycle began.

Mattot Massei full sister finally arrived to our property on Tishrei 15, Day One of Feast of Tabernacles 2020. She had an ear tag with 67 written on it. I immediately placed her at The Six Day War of 1967. Yes, she was making her mark about The Tabernacle. She truly was about The Tabernacle so she was named Mishkan…which means, tabernacle.

Mishkan was a half sister to the cow named Smokey Mountain. Our former bull Aleph Taurus was both of their father. Different mothers but same powerful father…who produced 42 in his short time with us.

Mishkan was there with Smokey Mountain as she delivered her firstborn Aleph. It was likened to The Wilderness tabernacle where YHWH lead the people by smoke during the day and fire by night. It is beautiful how names come together to remind us of the things still important to the one of whom creates all things…and yes…in His time-line..not ours. On His Feasts and His sabbaths to return us to The Torah…return us to His ways so we do want His ways when He steps upon this earth.

Little Mishkan had her own story and looked very meager as an eight-month old calf when she arrived in the fall of 2020. She had been born early in below zero cold weather. She was saved by her owner Dale of whom brought her into his barn to care for her. We do not have a barn and now I know why that cow was sold to that owner. He would save her life.

That heifer calf born at Shevat described in Zechariah 1-2 as The Horseman that go out to remove peace from the earth did have her mother Montessa accept her back after he cared for her. This owner was astonished that she took her back. Now, for the ‘second’ time, Montessa would have her baby given back to her and raise up again. In 2017 Montessa was dehydrated herself from 90 degree heat in July and after walking and walking looking for her calf for three days…and after it died…and then rose back up on it being sixty days old…she knew her calf and licked it…and they both mooed at each other in acceptance…she accepted him back. The Torah study that day on July 22, 2017 was called Mattot Massei meaning The Tribes and The Journeys of the children of Israel. Thus, his name Montana was changed to Mattot Massei. He was accidentally loaded into a trailer to then be raised by our hay man who fell in love with him and his sweet personality. He would not go to the slaughter but sold at eighteen months, a heavy weight for sure. We don’t know who bought him at the sale, but then he was not a ‘lucky’ charm but a venue to tell the great story of God being real in our lives.

(And my grandson just bought one of Aleph Taurus granddaughters (Ellie Mae) as a breeding heifer and her owner says that she is just so sweet and follows him around. I think he only let her go because he knew we were the original breeders and they loved our bull Taurus. So many fun stories in our lives and the kindest people who love animals.)

We also saw this mother cow Montessa accept an orphan calf to nurse as it’s mother Mataya died when it was thirty days old. I had a mug made with two calves nursing from her. What a wonderful thing to see! Cows do not normally allow another calf to nurse. We had all three nursing mother’s take care of this orphaned calf. Dale has a special cow to nurse his orphans. These cows took care of their herd’s needs.

In 2021 the special cow Montessa had another successful delivery bringing forth a heifer calf without incident for her owner. She was not among those that had twins. She is a medium sized cow. Montessa was protected and did not die as some cows did in that 2021 herd as the calves were too big for the first-time mothers to deliver. She was named Montessa in 2015 because my sister moved out of the subdivision Montessa in Gold Canyon Arizona. It’s nice to name and date things so we remember our own history as we watch The Hand of God on us.

Cattlemen could not believe how many babies we had without incident. Many commented and stood in awe of our 100% conception and our 100% survival.

July 18, 2020 – Sabbath, Mattot Massei – Tribes and Journeys – Smokey Mountain, Mattot Massei’s half sister took the bull that brought forth B’haAlotcha Aleph born May 29, 2021 born as that Sabbath closed at a full moon.

2021 –

FOUR sets of twins calves by same bull (I just named, Jerusalem) – Sixth Shemittah Cycle

Dale: Personal three cows each delivered twins

Heifer / Heifer

Bull / Bull (both now banded)

Heifer / Bull

Same bull: Another lady’s cow in 2020 delivered twins.

These are all in the Sixth Shemittah cycle.

Bull Jerusalem serviced Double Fields –

2020 – Two Fields

Bred 54 cows in Field One

Bred 13-14 cows in Field Two; Smokey Mt on July 18, 2020..(Mattot Massei Sabbath).

2020 – Bull Jerusalem was put down in September 2020. He was stifled in rear legs and could no longer mount. Two younger bulls did not function so Jerusalem had to come to two field in 2020. He served 67-68 cows successfully. But, it ended his life as he could not longer stand.

Thus we see that this owners 2022 crop is not able to be serviced in 2021 and he is upset with the two bulls he purchased last year. It will be a quiet year for his owner if he can not find bulls to service first-time heifers who needs to have their firstborns be small.

We will NOT be taking our first-time mother Mishkan to be bred as this type of bull as not been found. And, now for some reason my husband told me this morning that he would like to give our mother Smokey Mountain a year off from having a baby. She did just turn two years old and has a baby at her side. I can agree as looking out for the health of these animals comes first.

Also in this, I see that aligning with the Seventh Shemittah cycle. Even in our own little herd of two females it will be a year-of-release for them. It will be a year of renewal and growth for their bodies. Mishkan can be bred at age two and Smokey can be bred when she is three….the spring of 2022. Their temples will be stronger and they will be more mature. I am at peace about this because it fits with The Shemittah cycle for our earth.

I already spoke with our layman to lay our land quiet next year so it could renew itself. It is not required outside of Israel but perhaps we are to try and see? I did try and see…and the hay of Shemittah year 2015 was wet not worthy to be stored. So even as I requested the land to rest…and it did not…our Creator turned it to hay that sat for years without being fed until we had a drought in 2017. When we fed that hay I think it is the reason we had the cow Mataya die. She was lacking nutrition and the land was not providing it…and that hay did her no good.

Can 2022 be a renewed year for our earth where we have learned to rest in YHWH’s ways? I pray so, even as I pray that could be the year our Savior returns…as His people rise up and pray for His return…for His incorruptible body (temple) to return to us!

Back to the story: I believe there is glory in the details:

Half Sister to resurrected calf is bred on same day…but THREE years later.

Smokey accepted bull Jerusalem July 18, 2020 (Sabbath, Mattot Massei Torah Portion). This is the same day that her half brother by bull Taurus Aleph rose up from dead on July 22, 2017. This is only by the ‘Hand of Elohim’ that this could happen. Simply another wonder of all of these cow miracles.

She would be one of the last to be bred in 2020. Dale’s one single bull successfully bred 67-68 cows in 2020…an incredible feat..constantly breeding…with FOUR of those cows producing twins.

City of Jerusalem was returned to Israel on 6/6/67 after the miraculous: Six-Day War of 1967. It was the 7th year of the Shemittah cycle. It was the Count of the Omer Day 43 (FORTY THREE). Forty Two is the last number in the sixth cycle counting up to the jubilee year of 50. 43 is the first in the last cycle of the seventh cycle which sets free…at year 49.

June 6, 1967 was 28 Iyyar. Month Two Day 28. It is called JERUSALEM DAY!

Yeshua Jesus left for heaven’s altar on Counting of Omer Day 40.

ADONAI and Yeshua sent Holy Spirit to enter man on Counting of Omer Day 50.

The Holy Spirit is our instructor on how to keep God’s instructions (Torah) while we live on the earth.

Balak – June 26, 2021

Day of John Laux 90 Memorial Mass, Fairfield, IA

Nine Children; A great great grandpa!

Bilaam’s Third Oracle

Num 24:1  When Bil`am saw that it pleased Adonai to bless Isra’el, he didn’t go, as at the other times, to make use of divination, but looked out toward the desert. 

Num 24:2  Bil`am raised his eyes and saw Isra’el encamped tribe by tribe. Then the Spirit of God came upon him, 

Num 24:3  and he made his pronouncement: “This is the speech of Bil`am, son of B`or; the speech of the man whose eyes have been opened

Num 24:4  the speech of him who hears God’s words; who sees what Shaddai sees, who has fallen, yet has open eyes: 

Num 24:5  “How lovely are your tents, Ya`akov; your encampments, Isra’el! 

Num 24:6  They spread out like valleys, like gardens by the riverside, like succulent aloes planted by Adonai, like cedar trees next to the water. 

Num 24:7  “Water will flow from their branches, their seed will have water aplenty. Their king will be higher than Agag and his kingdom lifted high. 

Num 24:8  God, who brought them out of Egypt, gives them the strength of a wild ox. They will devour the nations opposing them, break their bones, pierce them with their arrows. 

Num 24:9  “When they lie down they crouch like a lion, or like a lioness—who dares to rouse it? Blessed be all who bless you! Cursed be all who curse you!” 

Num 24:10  Balak blazed with fury against Bil`am. He struck his hands together and said to Bil`am, “I summoned you to curse my enemies. But here, you have done nothing but bless them—three times already! 

Num 24:11  Now you had better escape to your own place! I had planned to reward you very well, but now Adonai has deprived you of payment.” 

Num 24:12  Bil`am answered Balak, “Didn’t I tell the messengers you sent me 

Num 24:13  that even if Balak would give me his palace full of silver and gold, I could not of my own accord go beyond the word of Adonai to do either good or bad? that what Adonai said is what I would say? 

Num 24:14  But now that I am going back to my own people, come, I will warn you what this people will do to your people in the acharit-hayamim. 

Balaam’s Final Oracle

Num 24:15  So he made his pronouncement: “This is the speech of Bil`am, son of B`or (little bird); the speech of the man whose eyes have been opened; 

Num 24:16  the speech of him who hears God’s words; who knows what `Elyon knows, who sees what Shaddai sees, who has fallen, yet has open eyes: 

Num 24:17  “I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not soon—a star will step forth from Ya`akov, a scepter will arise from Isra’el, to crush the corners of Mo’av and destroy all descendants of Shet. 

Num 24:18  His enemies will be his possessions—Edom and Se`ir, possessions. Isra’el will do valiantly, 

Num 24:19  From Ya`akov will come someone who will rule, and he will destroy what is left of the city.” 

Num 24:20  He saw `Amalek and made this pronouncement: “First among nations was `Amalek, but destruction will be its end.” 

Num 24:21  He saw the Keini and made this pronouncement: “Though your dwelling is firm, your nest set on rock, 

Num 24:22  Kayin will be wasted while captive to Ashur.” 

Num 24:23  Finally, he made this pronouncement: “Oh no! Who can live when God does this? 

Num 24:24  But ships will come from the coast of Kittim to subdue Ashur and subdue `Ever, but they too will come to destruction.” 

Num 24:25  Then Bil`am got up, left and returned to his home; and Balak too went his way. 

What acts did they do when they had blinded eyes?

Num 23:27  Balak said to Bil`am, “Come, I will take you now to another place; maybe it will please God for you to curse them for me from there.” 

Num 23:28  Balak took Bil`am to the top of P`or, overlooking the desert. 

Num 23:29  Bil`am said to king Balak, “Build me seven altars here, and prepare me seven bulls and seven rams.” 

Num 23:30  Balak did as Bil`am said and offered a bull and a ram on each altar. 

These SEVEN altars represent 7000 years of earth’s history. For seven thousand years men will prepare altars to appease their gods and God. They do this with open and closed eyes. Unbelievers will see powerful witnesses of God and yet with open eyes…walk away. They will hear the future and yet walk away. They will hear of miracles and still walk back into their old lifestyle.

People saw a calf rise up from the dead after themselves inspecting it and yelling at me…”It’s dead, don’t touch it anymore.” As we walked away, we gave one last plea for life…and it was given!

Judgment on the Whole Earth

Isa 24:1  Look! Adonai is stripping and destroying the land, turning it upside down and scattering its inhabitants— 

Isa 24:2  cohen and commoner, slave and master, maid and mistress, buyer and seller, lender and borrower, creditor and debtor. 

Isa 24:3  The land will be completely stripped, completely plundered, for Adonai has spoken this word. 

Isa 24:4  The land fades and withers, the world wilts and withers, the exalted of the land languish. 

Isa 24:5  The land lies defiled under its inhabitants; because they have transgressed the teachings, changed the law and broken the everlasting covenant. 

Isa 24:6  Therefore a curse is devouring the land, and its inhabitants are punished for their guilt. It is why those living there waste away, and the people left are few. 

Isa 24:7  The new wine fails, the vines wilt, all the revelers sigh, 

Isa 24:8  the happy sound of tambourines ceases, the shouts of merrymakers are stilled, the joy of the lyre ends. 

Isa 24:9  They no longer sing as they drink their wine, strong liquor tastes bitter to those drinking it. 

Isa 24:10  The city of chaos is shattered, every house closed up; no one can enter. 

Isa 24:11  In the streets they are crying over the wine; all joy has faded, cheer has left the land. 

Isa 24:12  In the city, only desolation, its gates are battered beyond repair. 

Isa 24:13  Around the earth, among the peoples, it will be as when beating an olive tree, as when gleaning the grapes at the end of the harvest. 

Isa 24:14  They lift their voices, singing for joy, shouting from the west to honor Adonai. 

Isa 24:15  So in the east, honor Adonai; in the coastlands, honor the name of Adonai, the God of Isra’el. 

Isa 24:16  From the farthest part of the earth we have heard them sing, “Glory to the Righteous One!” But, I say, I’m wasting away, I am wasting away! Woe to me! Traitors betray! Oh, how the traitors betray and betray! 

Isa 24:17  Terror, pit and trap are upon you, you who are living on earth. 

Isa 24:18  He who flees at the sound of terror will fall into the pit. He who climbs up out of the pit will be caught in the trap. For the windows above have been opened, and the earth’s foundations shake. 

Isa 24:19  The earth cracks and breaks open, the earth crumbles to pieces, the earth trembles and totters. 

Isa 24:20  The earth staggers to and fro like a drunk, sways back and forth like a watchman’s shelter; its transgression weighs heavy upon it; it will fall and not rise again. 

Isa 24:21  When that day comes, Adonai will punish the armies of the high heaven on high, and the kings of the earth here on earth. 

Isa 24:22  They will be assembled like prisoners in a dungeon and shut up in prison to be punished many years. 

Isa 24:23  Then the moon will be confused and the sun ashamed, for Adonai-Tzva’ot will rule on Mount Tziyon and in Yerushalayim, with his glory manifest to the rulers of his people. 

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