Measure for Measure – Binyamin

April 15, 2020 was suppose to be America’s deadline for filing your taxes to Uncle Sam. That day was released because of a plague. Today, is also another ‘release from work day’ set up by a festival called Pesach. The Eight days of one week of Passover released our Savior from the grave on Day Three which set ‘captives free’ into eternity. It is an ‘eternal celebration’ commanded by the God of Abraham, Isaac, Ya’cov and David.

There are SEVEN celebrations that always point to the coming of Binyamin (Benjamin in English). This single important figure in our world’s history has billions of books writing about this one conclusion….God is real…active…and planned all of this from the beginning to finally reach an end result of creating a group of people that over ‘Eight Days’ concur they want to belong to this set-apart club.

Today, is Nissan 21, Unleavened Bread Day 7 and Counting of the Omer Day 4. Three things are happening at one time…all to lead us to an ETERNAL KINGDOM. Therefore, if we do NOT know how to remember the purposes of these celebrations that all point and measure, our Creator is NOT obvious thus making it imperative to awaken our world from obliviousness.

Pesach (Passover) is about coming out of Egypt (our world) through a cover of blood (God’s Lamb), coming through baptismal waters (The Flood waters of Noach / The Reed Sea with Mosche / Jordan water crossing with Joshua) shown through many examples.

The Suffering Servants are many with Abel being slain over winning the heart of their first sister. Ya’cov had a favored wife of whom he lost at her giving childbirth Binyamin. David favored Bathsebah another man’s wife. God has a very special bride chosen which keeps running away. This chosen Bride has many bridal attendants that look on in amazement of how she treats her future husband. They get so annoyed with her that they just want to cast her out and marry her future husband themselves. So, in order to become His Bride…the only way is through adoption since they are NOT part of that chosen seed. There is HOPE to become part of this Bride but they truly will never replace the ‘chosen’ bride that was to perform duties that only a ‘chosen bride’ can perform.

Binyamin’s tribe grew just like all the rest of Jacob’s tribes, but it was Binyamin that almost was annihilated by his own kin. In fact, Binyamin only stayed a tribe because a few Binyamites hid in the forest to survive the other TEN tribes completely wiping them out. These couple of hundred men would be allowed to chose from some of Judah’s young virgin woman that came to dance before them. It was up to that woman to accept being a Binyamite bride. As history rolled out, we find that the TEN tribes that occupied more of the northern areas would be dispersed and it would be those Judaeans and Binyamites that came to serve our Creator at The Temple in Jerusalem.

So, let’s go back to Binyamin’s original beginning who also had TEN sons by the time Ya’cov’s family of 70 positioned themselves in Goshen in the land of Egypt.

Measure for Measure is not so much seen in favoritism, but in pattern. Ya’cov had first loved Rachel but was forced to marry Leah first because she was the firstborn child. This bride shows us the priority of suffering is first. If there was no suffering…there would be no real appreciation for salvation from that suffering. It follows the measurement of dark always comes before light. It follows the measurement that once something is born is begins to die.

All must die…a plant…a baby that goes old and finally leaves the earth. A virus can only grow old and lost it’s punch. When it mutates it is always a weaker strain. Thus, the Spanish/Swine flu of 1918-1919 killed around 78 million people around our world. A hundred years later there is till no vaccine, but it also does not have the strong punch to kill as it first did. HIV known as Aides is acting the same way. Why give a vaccine when it’s punch is almost gone! So billions of dollars were given to pharma and yet no vaccine for these diseases that crushed many lives.

We know our Creator is working in many increments of numbers. He has many parts to The Body of Messiah and when they come together they form a graft with pictures of people’s lives that all point to one eternal purpose: Our Eternity with God.

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