The Patten to Messiah’s Return

Messiah’s Return

The Pattern To The Messiah’s Land

Abraham married his half sister. Same father but different mothers. We are patterned as sisters to our groom, Yeshua Jesus the Messiach (Messiah), We are related and should NOT fornicate (join with) our world. We have a very jealous Elohim. We do NOT want to marry the wrong groom. Our groom is looking for a bride that has a circumcised heart toward him alone. He is zealous for his instructions for us so we stay safe on the earth. His wedding vows point out the blessing of marrying Him or the evil that can happen to us if we fornicate with the wrong groom.

God’s instructions are not burdensome. They are easy when yoked to Him. Foreigners and strangers have stood around and watched the Armenian Abraham all through history. They had admired his Elohim (god) and many joined following Abraham as he walked the earth. They also wanted to be friends with Abraham and made oaths with him to secure their safety even after their die with their sons like King Abimelack did. This is how the well at Beth’el got it’s name. And, this is where Isaac’s wife Revkah was found watering the camels and sheep. It means, “Well of Oaths”.

The path to right living comes from knowing our past. It is about seeking friendships of those whom love the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ya’cov. You should never jump into a marriage without knowing their family! You are really marrying this family. Laban caused Ya’cov a lot of grief and thus we learn to be careful about greedy in-laws.

The Gentiles (those strange to The Torah) are hearing the voice of God rumble from above and their feet are moving from the earth moving below them. Did they answer “Yes” or “Amein” to everything before they even knew what the instructions were? Yes…they said, “We will do ALL what Elohim says. “You listen Moses to God and then tell us, lest we may die during getting the instructions.”

We love our Messiah Yeshua Jesus for dying for the penalty of our sin.. Yes, we all sin even in ignorance. Yes, we must REPENT for things we don’t even know we are doing wrong. Abraham marrying his half sister came to be found to be sin in Deuteronomy 27:22. We now know that their curse lasted 100 years. They proved their love to each. Sari willingly went off to King Abimelech.

When you accept The Living Word (Jesus) as your savior, you are accepting to walk as he walked. He walked The Torah out perfectly. We are NOT God come in the flesh as Yeshua proved to be. He alone could heal tzara’at (leprosy.)

The struggle in Yeshua’s day was so many factions of Jews and so many different schools of teaching. Today, we have the same factions…called churches…each having many doctrines.

I would that ALL doctrines stop being preached and get back to TEACHING what The Torah says in how to live our lives. If we do not know what was meant from the beginning, we are just leading more sheep to the water well and not finding the right bride to marry. We are making oaths at the wrong well my friends. We will not find the bride Rebecca that was willing to be a servant to many.

Is Jesus not The Living Word? Yes! Then live as He lived. He honored Day Seven…not Day Eight. He ate kosher…not scavengers. Will you have pork BBQ at your wedding feast? If so, then you do not know God’s plan for our earth. We are to have nothing to do with sin. Any scavenger represents what they eat…they eat badly. We are to eat and see that it is good. Good words should come from your mouth…as good clean food goes in.

Yes, it all comes out in the stool the same. And you do NOT die if you eat blood….at least not immediately. YET…our Creator has set a standard for us and shows up in behavior. Our Freedom in Christ is that we are free to be set apart in him. We are no longer tied to the strangles of idolatry in this world. We can CHOOSE to eat clean. Our heart is circumcised first and then the flesh.

Do NOT tell others they can’t wear a tassel at their waist or something around the hand if the Holy Spirit has convicted them otherwise. Each will walk their path according to how the Spirit moves them.

Why do we laugh at what God has made convicting for some? That is rejecting the Holy Spirit and it causes haughtiness that is to be cut off. STOP being haughty, Jew and Gentile.

Jews are to be ZEALOUS for The Torah and teach The Gentiles…the foreigner…all those strange to it’s concepts. These are the ones that will be great in The Kingdom because they walk out The Feasts.

Is Jesus done away with because he is not physically present on our earth? No!

Is The Torah done away with because The Temple is gone and Christ is come? No!

The Temple is now within you. The Christ (anointed one) wants you to live as he lived, walking in Torah. He saved us by the shedding of His blood on a stake. Abraham even saw far into the future. If he could raise up Yeshua, he could raise up his Isaac. And, it was in the exact spot on our earth.

How much faith do we have to have to push the RESTART button and help bring The Torah back to our earth? His return depends upon our earth crying out for The Living Torah to return. How do we think Yeshua will reign? With the Torah. He won’t beat people with his NEW version of the Bible?

The Torah will already be in operation. The peoples in the millennium will walk together in harmony enjoying the Rosh Chodesh, Rosh Hoshanna, the Sabbaths, Pesach, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Feasts of Weeks (Shavuot), Trumpets, Yom Kippur and the wedding… The Feast of Tabernacles.

If you still have to ask what these events are…then you are still a student. Participate in them so you can teach in this new age coming. It will last one thousand years and then The Great Day Eight.

SEVEN Festivals to REMEMBER to draw men to our Creator YHWH.

We know not these things because our shepherds have leaned on their own understanding. Now it is time for all good Christians to come to the aid of The Torah. It is our Creator’s ways for us to be safe on this earth and to fellowship (celebrate) all that He has done for us.

“Stop Studying Torah” was said to myself and other Gentiles by a prominent Rabbi recently at a Sunday night gathering. He wants The Nation of Israel to lead the way. He wants rules set up around the world so Israel is still lifted high up off the earth. He wants conformity. And in reaching these goals…working at it since 2013…his frustration has reached it’s height when he finally said what was on his heart. Just “STOP Studying Torah”. Wow…these are anti-christ words.

No rabbi, the command was to go to all the world and share the good news of The Kingdom being available to the Gentile as well. With Yeshua’s atoning blood first and then The Torah which endorses that truth…that He is God come in the flesh. If I can’t say God’s name and yet he says I can say Yeshua all I want, then this rabbi has NOT accepted Yeshua as God…Elohim in the flesh.

“Stop Studying Torah” is said to me by my family, Christian believers, friends and relatives since 2007 when the scales were taken from my eyes.

All I can say is “Get Behind Me Satan.” I just wrote about that subject and now I repeat myself.

Peter did NOT that Yeshua had to fill it up…not violating it in one part. They missed The Messiach because they didn’t want a new kingdom on the earth. They wanted their own kingship to remain……

Forty Two is about generations of peoples on a journey for six thousand years. It total is Six. It is the last number of the seven years that make up the Sixth Shemittah cycle. I’ll show it to you because our days are drawing to an opening that will change our earth. The 42nd year becomes so dark that when light comes it will not be mistaken. It will come in the sky…shaking everything that even the stars fall.

Shemittah Cycle 0-50 years

Cycle One 0-7 years

Cycle Two 8-14

Cycle Three 15-21

Cycle Four 22-28

Cycle Five 29-35

Cycle Six 36-42

Cycle Seven 43-49

50 Jubilee is year ONE starting again.

Our earth is at year 6000. On the Hebrew calendar it is year 5782 on September 7, 2021. This Civil calendar marks the years. Scientists conclude we are about 210 years ahead. If so, it is 5992 this fall.

I will agree with this as we see the birth pains all over our earth with The Dragon taking the lead in it’s destruction…all for the good of the globe:…less animals…less people..less resources…less everything.

When you are against multiply on the earth, you have hit the Center Core of our Creator. From Adam to Noach to Abraham the Torah commands we go forth to be fruitful and multiply to fill the heavens in eternity.

17 AD – Yeshua on Earth

27 AD – Age 30 Yeshua died

1917 – Balfour Accord that brings The Nation of Israel in 1947-48.

2017 – Donald J Trump…last trumpet.. declares Jerusalem Israel capitol.

2017 – Israel 70 years old as Trump is 70 years old.

Abram’s 70 grandchildren going down to Egypt for about 210 years…the 430 years to the Land Promise. Isaac’s birth began the 430 year time line.

Ya’cov finished TWENTY (20) years of labor with Laban. We have finished the 20th century.

Ya’cov left in Year 21 with Laban chasing him…made peace…but lost Rachel to death as she took her father’s idols as an inheritance she knew she had been denied.

Just before year 22 Rachel gives birth to Binyamin…Son of her sorrow…Ya’cov renames him by 8th day Son of strength. Yeshua will arrive according to PATTERN.

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