God’s Patterns – Count Omer 17 – ‘Ground Zero’, The Shifter

Listen Day 17 The Shift
15 minutes


Month Two Day Two – Doubling Factor

Tribe of Issachar – Hired

Counting Omer Day “Seventeen”

Zayin (7) weapon + Yud (10) strength = 17

The Sabbath is the Strong Arm of God

First Temple Construction Began – Ground Zero

153 Fish Miracle

1861 American Civil War Began as Confederate guns are fired on Fort Sumter.

1861 Owner Sam Clemens closes down 1000 commercial steamboats as Civil War begins. He goes to Nevada with brother.

1930 Bank Manhattan Trust opens April 30, 2 Iyar. Tallest New York building 928′ surpassing Woolworth Building 791′. (6th Shemittah year)

1940 Winston Churchill British Prime Minister May 10. Head of Coalition government.

1945 Bergen-Belson liberated. (Anne Frank and sister die two weeks before.)

1983 Corrie ten Boone Holocaust Survivor dies April 15; born April 15, 1892. Born Nisan 18 1892 Pesach Week. Dies 91 years 2 weeks later 2 Iyar Rosh Chodesh 1983. Both Fridays before Sabbath. Born Day Three ‘Unleavened Bread’, died Counter Omer Day 17…she follows the theme, “The Sabbath is the Strong Arm of God.”

2003 EF5 Kansas tornado Gladstone. EF4-5 Liberty I-35

2014 Queen, NY train details in tunnel with 1000 people, 15 injured. Bound for Manhattan

2014 Seoul, North Korea train crashes into back of another train. Same Day! 200 injured. Both occur at Erev Sabbath Emor, say.

2015 12 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide April 21. Shemittah year 7, Omer Day 17. Jumia Nepal 5.0. This was a ‘warning’ earthquake. In 4 days, 4.25.15, Nepal 7.8, 6.6 Mt. Everett kills 8000+.

2016 8 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide; May 10: Russia 4.8, 4.7, 4.9; Iran 4.5

2017 5.9 Chile April 28, Erev Sabbath Tazria Metzora.

2017 6.9 Philippines April 28, Erev Sabbath Tazria Metzora.

First Temple Construction Began

Miracle of 153 Fish

If we start by looking at the number seventeen, we see 2017 held some interesting earthquakes happening on April 28, 2017. It is Day Two of Month Two. These earthquakes happened in different locations, Chile and the Philippines. The two plate lines probably connected, or one set the other plate off. We have two Parshah being opened that Friday night. Tazria (she conceives) draws our attention to the ordinances when a woman has a child. There is a lot of blood and since there is life in the blood, it is called ‘holy’. Blood is key to living and without we die. These lessons point to our Savior atoning blood which is truly set apart to give ‘eternal’ life.

All men will die, and we also have John 21 showing up now with Yeshua Jesus not only giving a harvest of 153 fish, but also telling the disciples how they will die. Yes, they will die ‘for His sake and cause’ but he actually tells Peter he will be carried off to where he doesn’t want to be. Peter is carried upside down on a cross to be crucified upside down…is what I’m thinking.

There is a correction made for them not to worry about the one left behind at the time of their deaths because that is not for them to worry about. That disciple was John. Yes, he will live a long life but not necessarily a pleasant one. Once he is cast off to be silenced on the island of Patmos, he will encounter ‘Saved by His Blood’ man Yeshua Jesus in a vision. In this vision he sees our future and speaks words that perhaps he did not understand. But it is these words that captivate us today.

After writing down his visions he will leave that island and later be slain as well. None of them get captured off the earth. All remain and serve their purpose and thus I give them the name of being ‘Hybrid’ men. They came when there were many ‘hybrid’ eclipse seen in the sky. They were ‘hybrid’ men assigned to a mission and they completed their tasks.

Sons of God is numerically what 153 means. I’m sure there were at least 153 of them and the meaning goes deeper that has already been covered in other articles. So, this special month of Iyar holds John 21:8 in its history of happenings. It is a month of miracles. Isn’t it a miracle that you’re still alive to witness our earth at this time when 26 million Chinese are shut up in their homes and not allowed to come out? Isn’t it a miracle to see the endurance of the human spirit to rise up and fight against this fraud?

Samuel Clemens operated one thousand commercial steamboats at the time of the Civil War. He became one of the most prolific writers of his time. I will call him a ‘hybrid’ that God used to send us a message via the books of Mark Twain. Yes, he was a Jewish writer writing in much color to show the oppression of the south and slavery. He lived it and was able to move on to talk about it.

The Civil War killed over 3000 people who were supposed to be brothers and sisters not only in The Lord but also in their bloodlines. The Civil War lasted too long as Abraham Lincoln made the comment that perhaps it continues every day for the stripes laid across a Negroes back. He was shot as he called The War to end. A new money system would go, and The Bankers didn’t like it.

Today, we still see men being removed because of ‘money exchange’ in our world. We seem to wonder why we are at war when actually many believe it is a type of ‘business’ that employs others. What a terrible cost of life and limb. We blame wars on land grabs even as we witness our Creator in His own war for The Land he chose to represent. Canaan is still first on his mind as the tribes born to Israel (Ya’cov) were to make it ‘pattern’ of correct instruction on our earth. If they don’t rise up, The Torah does not get to be embraced by the children that were told to bring it to the world.

In 1945 The Holocaust ended in the 7th Shemittah cycle the Total Lunar eclipse Saros Series 145. 145 equals 10…’yud’..strong hand. In 2017 this same Saros Series 145 pops up on August 21 when our 45th President is in first year of presidency. Does it seem a strange thing to you that people are wearing 45 on their heads? Most of America has come to agree that the 2020 election was stolen with evidence even showing up in documentaries. What happens when the wrong team gets in? It goes back to ‘The Bankers’ influence our world.

Yeshua Jesus said to give Caesar hat is his since his picture is on the coin. Today, we have come to the point of no picture on a coin because they want ‘invisible’ money. Yeshua Jesus had coins and so we to have coins in our future. That metal comes from the earth and has always been God’s standard of trade. It is not bananas, but God’s metals.

War crashed Samuel Clemens money flow. 2 Iyyar saw the tallest banking trust company rise up on our earth in 1930. Isn’t it interesting that the holocaust years were 1938 to 1945…7 years. Hmm…first we had WWI which they say caused WWII. All men are manipulated and we see a man addicted to drugs slaughter 6 millions Jewish people and 50 million in the world before it closed out. Today, we have a man on drugs to stay awake. If we learn anything, we must learn that the man in office is just a puppet for those wanting their power to control our world. This dragon of Revelation has many heads controlling many countries. It was our #45 who allowed himself to lose half his wealth to ‘the cause’ of the kids. Ya’cov allowed himself to lose half his wealth to Esau to ‘the cause’ of his kids.

I believe in Patterns. It is not too farfetched to look at the few simple facts of history sitting before us and determine how God thinks. He will not be duped and Iyar 2 (Month Two, Day Two) in our year 2022 is powerful. God has His House to go up on this earth…and what else happened today?

Yes, Construction of The First Temple.

Do we need to say more? Hmm!

In this month of ‘second’ chances we see miracles. We see Issachar being hired to work which follows what his name means. We see them getting a large piece of land because when they worked, they prospered. When we work for The Lord, we too will prosper. We don’t have to be the head of the family like Reuben and Judah were. We just have to be hard workers and go through the difficult time always standing for freedom and righteous. We have to write books and articles like Samuel Clemens that had a deeper message of freedom to it.

When I review of more that could be said we see the ‘double’ factor on Hebrew: 2/2/22, 2 Iyar 2022.

1861 – Two events: Guns fire, people leave.

1930, 1940 – Government with British control.

1945 – Two weeks sooner and Anne Frank and her sister may have lived.

1983 – Corrie ten Boone dies on the day she was born…a double!

2003 – Gladstone and Liberty Missouri EF 4, EF 5.

2014 – New York, North Korea trains derail…Same day, Erev Sabbath Emor, say.

2015 – God’s War begins in 2015 – 8000 die Nepal, Mt. Everett – Noach’s had been there first.

2016 – Two countries: Russia, Iran absorb half of 4.5+ earthquakes (4 of 8)

2017 – Two countries: Chile, Philippines large EQs signal double Pesach Tazria / Metzora.

First Temple’s Construction means there was a ‘Second’.

Double earthquakes in 2017 far from each other. Double train accidents far from each other. And yet, very few 4.5+ earthquakes on 2 Iyar. But who did they go to? Yes, Russia got THREE and IRAN got a 4.5. Hmm… why does the USGS automatically program earthquakes at 4.5? I would say God did that. He is always pointing us to a number that we need to stop and think about. Four plus five is nine. Tet…twisting like a basket or snake. Yes, this ‘snake’ is still with us twisting our minds say from the Torah so we don’t look deeper into a language that just might reveal God on our earth.

Seventeen Patterns

On Nissan 17 we investigated 17 AD – Yeshua Jesus was alive on the earth. We need to ask ourselves what was he doing and what did his skies look like? Many said he was born 8 BC and then 3 BC became popular and now 1 BC is considered. Let’s look at 1 BC as it connects to seventeen.

1 BC – Year 3760 – Shemittah cycle 1

Year 17 of 198 lunar cycle

Year 8 of 135 solar cycle

I like the 135 solar cycle because it can pattern to Daniels 1335th day...if you can make it to that day then you’ll see blessing. Yes, in the heavens we certainly saw blessing come to the earth at 1 BC. Year 8 of 135 shows wholeness.

Year 17 of 198 lunar cycle makes sense. Yoseph was signaled twice by this time duration when he was put in the ‘dark’ at age 17 when sold to Egypt and dropped in a cistern. Then after another 17 years with his father Ya’cov in Goshen it again goes ‘dark’ for Yosef as Ya’cov dies at age 147. Ya’cov stood before Pharaoh at age 130. Simple math shows they enjoyed each other for only another 17 years before Ya’cov’s ‘lights’ went out. It was truly a sad day with all of Egypt traveling to Hebron to bury him with is ancestors…Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebekah and Leah. When righteous men leave the earth, the earth feels that light missing.

I want to step way back in the past to when baby Binyamin was born when Rachel died. The Book of Jubilees states that it is year 2186 from Grandpa Adam. When we push forward in years, we find that Yeshua comes exactly 1600 later in 3786. The 1600 makes sense because it aligns with Noach being 600 when entering the ark and Adam created on Day Six…plus other six patterns.

If we push year 3786 forward another 100 years, it makes it year 3886, which is 1700 years from Baby Binyamin. What does that look like? What year would it be on the Julian calendar? Right at 100 AD. What was happening? We know the gospel was traveling out to the other countries and the groups who added other ‘gods’ to protect them were not happy to just have ‘one’ god. It would take its toll the further they got away from Jerusalem. It was another shift at 1700 years from BB. And, by 300 AD Constantine was born with his mother in charge and they set up the new rules. Yep, 2000 years later…The House of Torah came tumbling down with Jewish killed and maimed.

Year 1601 was Shemittah Year 7 – The SEED had set ‘captives’ free even bringing many back from the dead when Yeshua Jesus rose up from the dead on Nissan 17. Yes, seventeen, a BIG shift.

2017 – A BIG shifter… A sinful man…a playboy…a game show host…marrying several women…became president of the United States…because at age 70 he shifted. He became aware that was a Creator that had bigger purposes planned for our earth. He would DJ the world with God’s ‘Trumpet’ call. All the world wanted at that time was ‘change’. And they got it! And then they didn’t want it! And so, they crucified him at every corner of his life. His children felt the toll as well and his son’s marriage ended in divorce.

What have I learned from Iyar 2? It’s a day of doubles just as it’s letter ‘beit’ means. It leads to ‘change’ on the highest mountains of The Creator’s earth. Eight thousand dying was the ‘price’ of pride of climbing the highest mountain on the earth. Our earth will close out at 8000 years with a program that is so powerful that the earth’s foundation will shake and burn everything that’s on its soil.

I call it Counting Up to the Holy Spirit Day Seventeen. He came on Day Fifty perfectly showing us the Year of Jubilee when all is released and set free as planned by The Father from the beginning.

There is no room in The Kingdom of God for contention. I was reminded of that again last Sabbath. But, in order to not have contention be a mainstay in a family, a little contention may be necessary to set things straight. God does just that. He loves peace but the contentious man will be set in his place in order that the whole world does not suffer for the sake of the spoiled.

Beit – Two – House

Yes, it is the month to concentrate on The House…God’s House to come and yours that you are building. We are not to leave our families but stay with them. Do what Yeshua Jesus did. He endured even though he had to hid from the ‘abortionists’ who turned into killing children TWO years old and younger. They try to take the human that was once in a womb and still kill it when it come out. And now it is called hospice. Yes, people leave this earth on their children’s schedule so even Christmas is seen or not seen as they just increase the morphine.

Sweet Sixteen but now Seventeen….all grown up and wanting to get married. Yes, at 17 a mother is allowing her daughter to get married as they go off to the military. They will celebrate them next year, but this is better than having them fornicate by living together.

Yes, 17 is another ‘ground zero’ to think about. I pray we handle it wisely.

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