God’s Patterns Count Omer 17, 2 Iyar – Deadly 2017 Day claims 8000

Listen to Deadly Day 5 min.


Month Two Day Two

Tribe of Issachar

Counting Omer Day “Seventeen”

Zayin (7) + (10) = 17

The Sabbath is a weapon of the Strong Arm of God.

First Temple Construction Began

153 Fish Miracle

1861 American Civil War Began as Confederate guns are fired on Fort Sumter.

1861 Owner Sam Clemens closes down 1000 commercial steamboats as Civil War begins. He goes to Nevada with brother.

1930 Bank Manhattan Trust opens April 30, 2 Iyar. Tallest New York building 928′ surpassing Woolworth Building 791′. (6th Shmittah year)

1940 Winston Churchill British Prime Minister May 10. Head of Coalition government.

1945 Bergen-Belsen liberated. (Anne Frank and sister die two weeks before.)

1983 Corrie ten Boone Holocuast Survivor dies April 15; born April 15, 1892. Born Nisan 18 1892 Pesach Week. Dies 91 years 2 weeks later 2 Iyar Rosh Chodesh 1983. Both Fridays before Sabbath. Born Day Three ‘Unleavened Bread’, died Counter Omer Day 17…she follows the theme, “The Sabbath is the Strong Arm of God.”

2003 EF5 Kansas tornado Gladstone. EF4-5 Liberty I-35

2014 Queen, NY train detrails in tunnel with 1000 people, 15 injured. Bound for Manhattan

2014 Seoul, North Korea train crashes into back of another train. Same Day! 200 injured. Both occur at Erev Sabbath Emor, say.

2015 12 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide April 21. Shemittah year 7, Omer Day 17. Jumia Nepal 5.0. This was a ‘warning’ earthquake. In 4 days, 4.25.15, Nepal 7.8, 6.6 Mt. Everett kills 8000+.

2016 8 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide; May 10: Russia 4.8, 4.7, 4.9; Iran 4.5

2017 5.9 Chile April 28, Erev Sabbath Tazria Metzorah.

2017 6.9 Philippines April 28, Erev Sabbath Tazria Metzorah.

First Temple Construction Began

Miracle of 153 Fish

As I type this, it’s almost too hard to discuss. In this month that Issachar that would have to strive to make it in life we see 8000 people crushed by the earthquake in Nepal. We have the highest buildings and highest mountains telling their pride stories. Many a person has claimed pride in climbing Everett and many a person has claimed wealth by attaching to world trusts. Yes, what do we place our trust in. No matter how sure footed a person it, there is nothing that can save us when our Creator decides to shake us. Why do I say this was from God? Because everything is to make us to set our jaw firmer so we can be hard to fight off our real enemies….as Issachar had to do per our lessons from yesterday 1 Iyar.

In 2017 President Trump was trying to get the United States Embassy placed in Jerusalem. It would take him almost his entire four years to finish up just a few things for Israel. 2017 was his first year and he was told to hold back…as it would take time. I wonder if Nepal wasn’t just for that…. Remember, it’s always about The Father’s Land. And this struck where Noach’s Ark would have sat…yes the highest point on the earth. So, build your buildings, but God has it beat by placing Noach there first. Hmm…there is nothing that God hasn’t done before man even thinks about it.

Wow…and not just Samuel Clemens lost his commercial steamboats but image all the rest of the business that went south…literally…caved in because of men warring between themselves. If we lost 3000 in the Civil War…God just took out 8000 plus at Everett in 2017. Yes again, a very special number. There are other articles on seventeen so don’t get me started here. It’s special for sure with Joseph being with his father for his first seventeen years and only seventeen more once they found each other. Ya’cov (Israel) is about seventeen…even as the 45th President brought twisting and turning to our world and did it beginning in 2017.

Hmm. On 2 Iyyar 1945 Bergen-Belsan was set free and now we see the 45th President again working with the Jewish to set them free. Four plus Five is nine…and that number is not to be played around with. The Tet (9) is pictured as a snake or twisted basket. Yep, that how people make Donald J Trump out to be when in fact, he was all about Israel and helping them. Our jaws are being set tight preparing us for battle. Losing 1000 steamboats is nothing to what this day is about.

Sorry for the doom and gloom today, but we are to put all of this to memory and not forget that we need to act like a wild donkey and work hard to bring The Land back to where it belongs…in Israel’s hands. Issachar deserves it back.

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