Virginia – ‘Festival of Shakings’

“Virginia In The Hands Of God”


1811   1875   1929

This story begin February 25, 2015, 6 Adar.  I am sitting in Arizona as a ‘snow bird’ and just getting blog in place.

Our country is in a mess with terrorists ready to strike America’s malls and land.  ISIS is creative in trying to impress the world with how vile they can be on U-Tube in their executions of Christians, Coptic Christians, Jews and just any one that does not align with their radical view of Allah.

I want to share now the actions of a Living God.  Pastor Mark Biltz has found a key to The Lord’s Feasts aligning them with Four Blood Moons in 1948, 1967 and now 2014-15.  Many pay no attention to this phenomenon.  When I heard about this I had NO idea what The Lord’s Feasts were and so it drove me to understand what he was trying to tell the world.

Since 2008 I have been studying the Hebrew side of our bible and actually went to meet Pastor Biltz and his group when they hosted a tour to Israel.  It was my life dream and my husband agreed to let me travel to Israel.  I tell you this because after verifying what I was hearing, I too became awed at what our Creator had in place for us.  We have just been on the wrong calendar.   I will be the one to stand before Him and I do want to be told, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

I was blessed to speak to a group last Yom Kippur about The Lord’s Feast in the Kansas City area, and now I will get to speak to a bible class on the Blood Moons this next Tuesday.

So many things have happened in our world just in earthquakes on these special dates that I have a book ready to go with many stories, but I find it hard to get it ‘out there’ as I continue to see God’s Hand in more than just earthquakes.

This blog was established to get the information in people’s hands as I continue to write. The book will have many more exciting stories with more detail than I can do on this blog.  I plan to share the stories as they occur on the Hebrew calendar this year.  Pray for the book to find a publisher.  Thank you.

So, who is doing these earthquakes?  Allah?  Buddha?  Hmm!

Please read the study on Isaiah and Jeremiah that I just wrote today as that will share with you WHY our Creator is doing this.

You will want to study the Hebrew months.  They are foundation to your ‘excitement level’ in seeing God operate.  I will do my best to explain it to you….but believe me….this is a BIG DEAL.  What we want to look for are patterns.  That is all I was doing today.

Little old Virginia has been around a long time and has lots of history.  I won’t go into the history part.  But that could make for a good book just in itself.

When I found THREE major earthquakes happening the same day and a day apart, I was shocked.  Then I looked at the years they happened and the number of years between the quakes.

When I think of Virginia, I think of government.  Washington, D.C. is a small area surrounded by Virginia and Maryland.  We lived in Laurel MD a short time span and I worked in Virginia when my husband was in the Army.

It is a very pretty area, but they have lots and lots traffic on their Beltways.  A shaking of anything major should be of grave concern.  The site states that earthquakes in the east will be felt much stronger because they are on more rock that causes shaking to travel.

Kislev 15 – Maccabees win the Temple back 164 B.C.E. They clean it for TEN days…

Kislev 25 – Chanukah Day One –  Temple is re-dedicated known as, FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS


KISLEV 25 – December 11, 1811 – Shocks felt from Madrid First Quake

64 Years Between Quakes

KISLEV 24 – December 22, 1875 – 130,000 sq kilo, 2/3 of Virginia, parts N Carolina. (Day of Remission Afterwave.  Day of Remission: September 29, 1875)

44 Years to the day

KISLEV 24 – December 26, 1929 – Charlottsville, Virginia, Albemarle County, (6th Shemittah cycle – double cursing or double blessing).

Day of Remission is the last day of the seven-year Shemittah cycle.  It can have lots of release before it and up to a year after.

Menorah for Temple
Israel – Menorah for Temple

Ready for another impressive date?  How about PASSOVER – Yes, in a SHEMITTAH Year!

NISSAN 15 – April 23, 1959 – VI (6) Chimneys fell for 7,500 sq kilometers.  Shemittah Year of Release!

Messiah is Risen
Messiah is Risen

No….Buddha had nothing to do with these earthquakes!

   to be continued……….

Japan Budha Memorial

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