What Does Tevet 9 Have to do with Mandela, Saddam, Lincoln?

A short history story on the Hebrew month of Tevet.

TEVET 9 Sets Men Free


NELSON MANDELA – Took Lives! * Funeral Tevet 9 2013

Saddam Hussein Executed Tevet 9

ABRAHAM LINCOLN Emancipation Proclamation signed Tevet 9

BETSIE ten BOOM – Saved Lives!  Died in Tevet

Tevet 9

We celebrate the Emancipation Proclamation of 1862 penned by Abraham Lincoln.

What day on the Hebrew calendar was it? Tevet 9 – The Erev of The Fast of Tevet.  President Lincoln prepared his drafts since July 1962 and gave the final pen to it on December 31, 1862…thus it is dated in 1862 but proclaimed in 1863, January 1 (Tevet 10).

What does this fast represent? It is a fast to return to God’s ways.  Men have always laid a fleece before their Creator and have expected Him to bend to their ways. But our Creator desires to be worshiped His way!

The Israelites would not honor the Sabbath, rest the land every seven years and thus the importance of the Jubilee year.  They had walked away from The Torah for 490 years; unknowingly lost their calendar.  They put themselves into captivity without knowing it.  Thus, Adonai put them into captivity for 70 years in order to bring them back to their calendar, known as The Lord’s Feasts.

Today, in the 120th Jubilee of the earth, men still do not honor The Torah, nor do they expect Israel to rest her land.  And the instruction that did not involve the specific land of Israel of laying themselves to rest on the 7th Day…they saw no need for that rule as they were set free by ‘grace.’  It has come to be that every man and every nation lives by the calendar that he chooses.  On that calendar, almost every day, somewhere in the world man is celebrating some deity other than The Creator.

Israel had King Nebuchadnezzar army knocking at her walls. God told them they would be leaving for seventy years.  One year later after four sieges, they left in 583 BCE.  Today, armies are knocking at her walls again during this last seventy years (1947-2017).

Our first father, Adom, was removed 70 years from completing his day which in heaven is 1000 years.  He died at the age of 930 years.  There is a strong picture appearing as The Fast of Tevet approaches, January 8, 2017, Tevet 10.  We fast because we remember the sins of our past fathers…and actually…. we have continued in that same sin…we do NOT know what day it is.

The Jews in America and around the world do not want to go to Israel where there could be ‘wars and more rumors of wars’ for them.  There are people who don’t really want to know what day it is.  They don’t like their heritage and want to hide it.  Every time the Jew tries to share God’s heritage with others, they are persecuted.  But, by being neutral, Adonai says they will be spewed out.  Adonai makes his creatures responsible for the ‘coins’ (knowledge of G-d) that they have been given and expects growth for the kingdom.  They are to go back to their first love…. The Torah.

Babylon treated the Jews well and they established their families in man’s peace. Many Jews did not want to return to Israel.    Babylon became great as God’s people lived there.  This is a prophecy fulfilled even today.  Businesses flourish when a Jew looks over their affairs.

Babylon became rich and haughty.  God destroyed Babylon for it’s haughtiness and drew King Cyrus from Persian.  King Cyrus had ‘hooks put in his nose’ to help draw the Jews to return to their rightful land. The Jews that did not want to return ended up being under the authority of King Xerxes of Shushan/Persia/today’s Iran.  This king would rule 120 provinces which consumed the entire Middle East.  This number 120 is very important as it shows up continually in patterns.  Even the Suez Canal had 120 miles to be guarded and was fought over.

The story of Hadassah/Esther/Mordecai and Haman are centered in this area of Iran. It was at this time that the Jews were almost annihilated.   It still is Iran today that puts her hooks into Israel and probes and makes her bleed.


President Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation to set any slave free from fighting against being set free.  It was signed by only a few witnesses on New Year’s Eve 1862 and then it proclaimed to the people on January 1, 1863, Tevet 10.

An AMAZING day….  Abraham Lincoln chose The Fast of Tevet to set the captives free!

The Fast of Tevet and the Emancipation Proclamation were proclaimed on the same day.


It would take until President Lincoln’s second re-election in 1864 that the war would stop. Lincoln was a God-fearing man who understood the provocations of God. He realized that both the north and south thought that God was on their side. He could only rationalize as to why God would let this war go on with the loss of life being so great was that perhaps it was costing one soul for every lash that had been laid on a slave. He told the people just that in his second inaugural address.

He was elected in the Spring 1965, spoke with General Grant about his surrender and then attended a play with his beloved wife, Mary.  He was assassinated on Friday evening and on died on The Sabbath, in the month of Nissan at Passover.  Yes, he reminds us of our Messiach who came to ‘set our souls free.’  Yeshua Jesus died for you and me Nissan 14-15 and rose again at Unleavened Bread at Nissan 17.  (Their day begins at dusk.)

The American Civil War ended, and Lincoln’s life ended.   Lincoln’s life was saddened by the death of several sons just as G-d came in the flesh as The Son and died for all.  Lincoln was a solemn man witnessing the bloody battles that took life and it depressed his soul.

We now witness a leader of Babylon of whom held his people captive.  They were prisoners with mass graves found of executions…for just being the wrong religious sect.  There is no religious freedom with Islam.

saddam hussein

This same day, Tevet 9, one of the worst terrorists of our twenty-first century died.  Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging. He was pulled out of a hole in the ground like a rat, then put on trial and hung several years later for the world to witness justice.

This time period on God’s calendar is about slavery and setting men free.

Tevet 10 is when Israel knew it was time to return to their land. They were taken away to Babylon but it would be Daniel that would help train them so they could return.  They needed their language, and they needed their calendar.

Even in Daniel’s eighties, he made sure that the Jews never forgot about The Lord’s Feasts.  He knew it was their calendar.  Today, it is recognized as the oldest surviving language and is being taught and spoken by Hebrew children in our 21st century.

Holocaust Memorial Day– Hitler and a huge number of God’s creation killed their ‘own kind.’   Not only did 6 million Jews lose their lives, in what we know as the Holocaust of 1938 to 1945, but 60 million lives were sacrificed in trying to stop it.  The Jews were a 10 per cent sacrifice to bring The Torah back to the earth.  This 7-year (1 Shemittah cycle) war will begin the process that brings The Temple.

Without a land there can be no Temple; and without The Temple there can be no altar for man to come.  Jerusalem is where The Messiach says He will reign.  Jerusalem CANNOT be sold as no man can own what is Elohim’s.  Scripture declares ‘the earth’ is God’s footstool and ADONAI declares He will reign from Jerusalem.  History has evolved around this City of Light.

Tevet is a month that shows us history to establishing, The Temple.  It is a month of struggle against human slavery of the soul.  The human temple is also where the Ruach Ha Kodesh dwells and we find a strong battle for our souls and The Temple in the month of Tevet.

Nelson Mandela – A man of violence put in prison and then made president….

…just as Hitler was in prison, wrote a book and then made Czar.

In 2013 we were dealing with another terrorist, Nolihlahla, Black Pimpernel, Nelson Mandela. He was a man who believed in violence as a means that was necessary.

President Obama flew to give tribute to this man when he died in 2013.  Canada was treating Nelson Mandela as a ‘hero.’ “He is being likened to Jesus,” they proclaimed.

Nelson Mandela was to be in prison for life. He got out of prison early and with a landslide, he gets to be the first “black” man nominated President of South Africa.

Should we liken him to Obama being the first “black” man voted to be President of the United States?  Many loved both of these ‘black men’ because they were ‘black’ and they all thought both men could them ‘change’ for the ‘black’ cause

Mandella’s father died when he was nine years old. At that time a man was then named chief, and Nolihlahla (Nelson) was given to his charge.  Nolihlahla was circumcised at age 16 in order to be recognized as a man, qualify to marry, be part of any inheritance in society and to be part of their government; for which he was being groomed. A spokesman stirred their hearts by expressing how the black man would always be a slave to the white man. Nolihlahla remembered this and tried to find a strategy on how to overcome this.

Hitler was not raised by a father. He was groomed for election. It would be for Arianism – A supreme WHITE race. This is what happens when humans elevate Darwin’s evolution theories over the biblical foundation of Creation.  Being created in God’s image has no place in evolution.  It, in fact, is replacing G-d.

Obama was not raised by a father.  In 2016, after eight years of being President of the Unite States, Obama is still being groomed for world order.

Mandela was not raised by a father. He was groomed for election. He would throw off WHITE.

Why do they call Mandela, ‘a contradictory man’? He is seen kissing everyone from the Palestinian Arafat to the Jews.

We have a Mandela who represented the poorest of people and if his wife could live the ‘rich and famous’ lifestyle, then it gave their people ‘hope’, is what they wanted others to believe.   His election in 1994 was about being BLACK.  Many blacks would die because of him.

President Obama was not raised by his father. Obama was groomed for election. His election was ABOUT black.  But, he is NOT about black, but about Muslim.  Muslim do NOT like black.  It is a sad deception that happens to people.  He used his black appearance to bring forth his Islam beliefs…even swearing in on a Koran instead of The Holy Bible.

God allowed both of these men to be a president of a country. Obama is not from the United States, but a type of Arab Muslim known as Wasabi. A wasabi is a sect that hides what he really is for the sake of the (their) good.

I don’t dislike anyone for who they are; red, yellow, black or white! I dislike what Mandela did, and I dislike what Obama has done and is still doing.  These men both sent the ‘black cause’ further into despair…while the ‘black lives matters’ thought it was to their good.

People who have done evil in this world should not be given any, ‘Honor.’

breakingisraelnews.com December 11, 2013. “Mandela heaps praise on four Puerto Rican terrorists who had opened fire on the US House of Representatives in 1954, wounding five congressmen.”

“We support the cause,” Mandela said, “of anyone who is fighting for self-determination, and our attitude is the same, no matter who it is, I would be honored to sit on the platform with the four comrades whom you refer to” (New York Times, June 22, 1990).

“In November 2004 when Arafat died, Mandela mourned his old friend, saying that “Yasser Arafat was one of the outstanding freedom-fighters of this generation.”

He accepted the “Gaddafi Prize for Human Rights from Muammar Gaddafi, whome he referred to as “our brother.”

Give honor to whom honor is due. Here are some people who gave their lives for ‘righteous’ sakes and others the world has dug out of a hole to stop their deadly leadership.

On Kislev 30 Corrie ten Boom’s (The Hiding Place) sister dies at Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Two days later, Tevet 2, Mandela dies. These two people both died (in different years) and stand before the same judge. ten Boom saved lives, and Mandella took black lives. What do you think the Avenger says to them?

We have freedom fighters for the Lord and then we have freedom-fighters for their own agendas.

Kislev 30 – 1945 Betsie ten Boom tortured and murdered. Her mother and father had died in 1944 about ten months before Betsie’s own annihilation.   Kislev 30 is one day before Tevet 1.

2017:   Four-year Anniversary Nelson Mandela death.

Tevet 2 – 2013 Nelson Mandela dies peacefully with a world of delusional leaders paying homage to him. BORN: AV 9 (Fast of AV-worst day in Israels history) (I personally give no tribute to this man of death.)

Tevet 4 – 1908 – Italy 7.2 Earthquake kills 72,222 and over the next five years 110,000. (1908-1913)

(Jews were in Ghetto 315 years; 1555-1870) God cleared the prisoners; then avenged their deaths.)  Martin Luther left the Catholic Church 1522 ish and The Reformation began taking (killing) Jews with it.  The Ottoman Empire was expanding in 1522 ish with Constantinople becoming Istanbul.  The Catholics and then the Protestors (Protestants) all chased the Jew to kill them….as the Ottoman Empire expanded…. with the latter two of these sects believing in One God.  God is avenging Jacob’s children allowing the Ottoman’s to gain massive land holds.

Tevet 4 – December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor Bombed by Japan

December 7, 1944 – 8.1 Earthquake Japan

December 7, 2012 – 7.3 Earthquake Japan

December 7, 2014 – Kislev 15 – Typhoon Hagupt Philippines 1.2 M evacuated. One-year Anniversary same day same area 2013 lost 7500 on Sabbath, 6th Shemittah cycle.

December 7, 2014 – Kislev 15 – Muslims riot in Australia, Blacks riot in Ferguson, MO, Berkeley CA, New York.  Sunday, Shemittah Year

Tevet 5 – 1903 8.0 Tonga earthquake

Tevet 5 – 783 AD China 200,000 die

Tevet 5 – 2014 Flight Q 8501 Lost 162, Indonesia Air Asia, Juanda International to Singapore Changi Airports, Sabbath Shemittah Year

Tevet 7 – 1994 Oslo Accords

Tevet 9 – Abraham Lincoln final penning of Emancipation Proclamation

Tevet 9 – Saddam Hussein executed

Tevet 10 – FAST OF TEVET

Tevet 10 – 588 B.C.E.   Jerusalem Siege

Tevet 10 – Emancipation Proclamation 1863

Tevet 10 – Holocaust Memorial

Tevet 11 – 2004 8.1 Macquarie Island

Tevet 12 – 1945 Corrie ten Boom set free from Buchenwald (by clerical error)

Tevet 13 – 1642 Isaac Newton Born

Tevet 13 – 1970 8.1 Indonesia

Tevet 14 – 2004 9.2 North Sumatra – 227,898 die

Tevet 16 – 2011 7.2 Sumatra

2015 12 slaughtered at Charlie Bebdo magazine by two Al-Qaeda, Shemittah

Tevet 18 – 2015 Four Jews killed at Bakery by one Al-Qaeda, Shemittah Year

2015 – QA8501 Flight Found – 40 bodies, 122 missing, Shemittah

Tevet 19 – 2015 France synagogues closed Sabbath.  Shemita year; has not close since WWII.

Tevet 19 – 1515 Austria Jews expelled

1971 – 3M Jews now back home in Israel

Tevet 24 – 2015 Jewess Paris Policewoman ran down intentional.  Shemittah Year

We have a pattern of men without fathers rising to power. These boys try to prove themselves to be men through exertion over other men.  They never had the opportunity for acceptance at home. These boys were lent over to evil leaders who are bent on destruction and who had no real personal blood-ties to the boys.  They did not care if they personally died for ‘the cause’.   Evil leaders speak to young hearts and turn their them toward evil. Evil leaders don’t feel responsible as they are not their real sons and are not to be held accountable for their horrendous actions.  ISIS uses this same premise as did Hitler.

In 2015 on Tevet 16, 18, and Tevet 24, people in France were murdered for their views.  II update this article with Russia having been at wat most of 2022.  We have had a plague in 2020, 2021, 2022 with many dying in nursing homes as there is not enough help to serve the needs.  There is another plague planned for 2025 announced by Bill Gates….who was in charge of the last population control plague.  This report is still good to read but needs updating.

For the first time since WWII all the synagogues in France were closed.  Still in 2015, it was unsafe to be a Jew and it has become worse in 2017 for anyone to express their viewpoint…and especially on the internet.

Freedom of speech in the world is leaving.  President Obama has handed the United Nations the rights to rule the internet beginning January 1, 2017.  Our liberties truly have been given away by this presidency.

2016 is a legacy of attacks on Christians and Jews by terrorists. Europe is no longer safe, and Syria has been left decimated.  Our leaders have failed us and kept their old agendas of structuring who will run our world.

I will fast to commemorate why the Israelites had Babylon touch their walls and finally in a year they would be carried off to Babylon for seventy years.  The Fast of Tevet is not just a day but a time period about slavery and yet… what it takes to be ‘set free.’

We must remember the past and select our leaders carefully…. It is NOT about the color of man’s skin, but about God’s instruction that lies within his heart.  The Torah of G-d will not go out into the world, if it is not given honor by the nation’s leaders.

The nations will suffer because they neglect to give honor to the ‘set-apart’ nation of Israel.  This nation was entrusted with The Torah, and they are known as The People of the Book.  This Book must be given honor because it is The Torah, that when agreed upon our earth, is agreed with in the heavenlies.  It cannot violate itself and therefore is always true.

TEVET – We are a slave to righteousness…. when we love our LORD and serve Him.  We are no longer slaves to sin….  Let us be a ‘Righteous’ people and learn from the ones that have been ‘set-apart’ to teach us, The Torah.

Let us join those that mourn, submitting themselves to their Creator for the sins of their fathers.

Let us FAST on Tuesday, January 4, 2023.  The FAST of TEVET.  Tevet 10….Honoring all the slaves that are set free through The Messiach.

I heard a statement, “Your life is about what you have done and what you still can do for others.”


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