Scavenger Hunt for Thanksgiving and Birthdays

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

(Ages 2 – 100)


How to get pointsKeep your scores on this paper.

Identify your scavenger items from attached sheet. You will write on this sheet the location you found it, or put it in the ‘Scavenged Thank Box’ as per instructions on your attached sheet.

Play as often as you like Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Play Cards or _______: Your score is YOUR points.

Play game of your choice: Each player winning on that team scores 5 points.

Play Slap Jack or War: Each win is 5 Points.

Board Game: Each win is 5 points.

It’s a House Walk – Each time you walk from _____ house to _____ house receive 20 points. You don’t have to touch the houses but you can instead touch the mailbox or gate. No limit on this house or street walk (In the country we walked Hill top to Hill top or horse gate to LP tank.)

Be a Good Deeder: Do a good deed for someone without them knowing it: Tell Constable ______ so they can score your paper. 10 points. )Limit 2 or 20 points

Tattle Gooding: Tell something good on someone. Tell Constable _______ to score your sheet. 5 Points. Limit 2

Thankfulness: Write each on a 3.5 recipe card and put in ‘Scavenged Thank Box’.

Write down what you’re thankful for in the last week. 5 pts. Put your name on this card.

Write down what you are thankful for in the last year. 5 pts. Put your name on this card.

Write down what someone else is thankful for. 10 pts. Put and your name and their name on card.

Did someone find a jar of beans or macaroni or candy? Closest guess wins 20 points.

Guess and write the number here:______.

Answer Questions for 5 Points each.

  1. What U.S. President Designated the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving? _______
  2. What U.S. President changed Thanksgiving to the Fourth Thursday in November so it would boost sales before Christmas? ____________
  3. When was the last time Chanukah Day One was on Thanksgiving, the Fourth Thursday?
  4. When will it occur again?


  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. Franklin D Roosevelt
  3. 1761
  4. 1,000 years

Nominate a Constable of Games. We used the person whose name began with a C. If this person is too young for the job, they had an assistant who was older to help them. This person must be responsible and willing to be involved over the couple of days if you play that long. They will need to make sure people get their “Thank you cards” filled out and put in the box.

Items can be visually identified around the property inside or outside by the Scavenger Planner. A separate sheet could have one or several items identified by the Scavenger Planner. The game player would then write down what they found or if they are to collect the item, they will put it in a “Scavenger Chest” made by Scavenger Planner. This can be made from a shoe box to an old wooden box with a lid on it.  Take a paper identifying the box and tape it to the top so people can identify it.

The bean, macaroni or candy count may have some serious players who challenge the count. It’s a fun time! The planner could fill 1/3 cup of the item and count that. They could then multiply that number by how many 1/3 cups went into the jar to fill it. Yes, it is just a guessing game…not to be taken too seriously.

The ‘Thankful’ cards should be put in what is used for the “Scavenged Thank Box.” Once all participants have filled out cards, you may gather the group together to read the cards aloud. They do not need to know this will happen. They just need to write what is on the top of their heads and not a long sermon. We then had each person take a turn and draw from the box. That person read the “Thankful card” and all the others had to guess who it was. I can’t tell you how much fun this was….

The secret is to help the little ones write their cards. The second secret is to “encourage” the teens and adults to do it as well. Being “thankful” is sometimes a new thing to do and writing it down may take time. This was my favorite part of the Thanksgiving weekend.  It teaches how to be thankful which is many times taken for granted.  The Scavenger Planner could thank those that participated for being ‘Good Sports.’

You can add more of your own scavenger or activity items. We had teens swimming across the pond to retrieve the boat that was in the middle.   Then they would pull the boat back to the shore for points.  You could give points to have it rowed back, too.  The older kids were doing it so much that they were giving their points to the little kids, which was again, showing kindness to another.

You can go to a Dollar Store and find prizes for the little kids.   Or, the highest scores help ‘clean up’ or whatever is needed. This weekend is about giving and being thankful. We found that those who earned points easily were the ones helping the little ones to get points or they were choosing from the “prize” table for those less fortunate in their schools back home.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – This hunt can be about speed or it can just be about accomplishing it.  Spread the ages out on the team if you need agile people to climb a tree. We had four teams, so four of the same items were placed in the same spot. Each team must only take one of the items…this got crazy as some liked to cheat….again lots of fun.   As people get older, it can be about going for a walk.  Put younger kids on the team to walk those extra distances when you put a hula hoop in the tree that is by the liquid that waters the cows.

This was lots of fun and the kids ages 2-18 loved it. Parents will want to have good walking shoes on or a four-wheeler to pick them up when they wear out from the trek around your property. We had an electric golf cart for the babies and non-walkers so all could participate. Of course, a hay rack ride incorporated into this would be fun, too. It’s a Scavenged Hay Rack….every one rides and the kids run to scout out the items to be found as they arrive to the point of something hidden. The adults could be singing the next clue. Use your mind and be creative. The goal is to have FUN being a family.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt – Once when we did the above hunt, I used the birthday gifts that people brought for four people that we were celebrating birthdays. Each team had a ‘birthday person’ on it’s team. The team found the location specified and chose one item from that location. The teams were sent out to different locations but eventually they all arrived at each of the locations. When all teams arrived back to the house, the birthday person on the team opened the packages and as a team they guessed whose gift it was. They gave the gift to whome it belonged. This was lots of fun. The secret: People need to bring gifts.

P.S. Our, Kira (15), added a part to her hunt and took a selfie of our 3.7 pound Yorkie, Zeno, in the mailbox. Poor Zeno….it’s not the owl or coyote that will be the end of him….it will be the Grandkids….lol.

Outdoor Activities:

Scavenger Hunt

Bike Racing

Four-Wheeler racing

Foot races

Gunny sack races

Kit Flying

Soccer games

Volleyball game




Swim racing

Target Shooting

Galilee Fish skeleton
Galilee Fish skeleton

One thought on “Scavenger Hunt for Thanksgiving and Birthdays

  1. We have done quite a few ‘scavenger hunts’ are our property this year. I thought I would share some of the ideas. It brought to my mind, “What is a cleaned scavenger? The bone I’m featuring came from the Sea of Galilee in 2009. When I was baptized in the living waters of the Sea of Galilee, it’s waters were very low. I reached down and found this fish bone. It was scavenged by other animals. A catfish is a scavenger. Is this the scavenged bone of a scavenger?
    Last question: What is a ‘Clean Scavenger’? to be continued….


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