God’s Patterns on Count Omer Day 10 – Nissan 26 – Suleiman II

Count Omer 10 - Connects Suleiman with Mohammad and Corrie ten Boone.  Let us love all God's children.
Listen Suleiman 16 minutes


2022 Shemittah Year – April 26

Counting Omer Day “TEN”


Yud – Hand ‘

1642 Suleiman II born, Nisan 25, April 15. Sultan of Ottoman Empire for four years, November 8, 1687 to June 22, 1691. Sunni Islam, Father Ibrahim.

1862 New Orleans falls – Nissan 25, April 25. Calendars match day for day. Civil War, Union gunships pass Confederate forts and demand New Orleans; within two days the Union controls the mouth of the Mississippi. Erev Sabbath Kedoshin (after the death). Count of Omer Ten

1939 EF5 – Waynoke Oklahoma April 14 – Tornado half mile wide, 73 mile path. 11:00 pm Vici 50 buildings gone. 12:15 am Capron Railroad cars derailed. 7 die 34 injured, $104,000. One third of town gone and new brick building. This is 72 years before 2011 EF5 on Count Omer Nine, Nissan 24.

1947 Jackie Robinson first game – 1949 National League Most Valuable Player Brooklyn Dodgers.

2004 CL – Cindy Lambardo returns from heaven Omer 10. Entire family died: husband, son 23, son 25 that day agree in heaven that she should return Shemini (eight)

2013 7.0 Indonesia earthquake, April 5, Erev Sabbath Shemini (eight)

2014 6.2 Tonga Erev Sabbath Kodoshim (after the death) April 25, Nisan 25. Calendars match day for day. 2014 matches 1862 exactly with same Sabbath when New Orleans falls to Union. 6.2 Earthquake matches year 1862. 152-Year Anniversary. Both Count Omer Day Ten!

2015 9 4.5+ earthquakes in world; low, But, Russia 4.6, Shemittah year

2015 Israel Copper Project with Jim B visiting Israeli officials, Sanhedrin members on Copper Scroll Project. Jeremiah, Zechariah bury temple treasures. $1,179,300 B, Tuesday, April 14, 10 Omer.

2016 7 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide…very low: Russia 5.7

2018 6.2 Chile April 10, 10 Omer

Suleiman II born on April 15 is likened to what we just found about Corrie ten Boone birth date is April 15. Corrie, born a gentile on Nissan 18 during Passover and died on April 15. When you are born and die on the same day it is considered a completed life as Moses and others did this. Suleiman II was on the opposite team we could say because he is born outside Passover. Daniel speaks of the Ottoman Empire rising up again on our earth and we see it here.

Mohammad’s Islamic calendar starts from his death in 642 AD. We see this man Suleiman II born EXACTLY 1000 years later. It seems he will drive Islam forward and keep the Ottoman Empire on the earth ruling it just FOUR years. They made movies about these Suleiman that I watched. It makes me feel like I know them slightly and their culture. It’s interesting that he and Mohammad are connected to the number 42. It’s a number of ‘the close of a matter.’ It is the last year in the Sixth Shemittah cycle (40, 41, 42) and then we move into Cycle Seven which holds the numbers or years: 43 to 49. After that comes the jubilee number which is fifty….the theme of ‘release’.

These Suleiman are part of Daniel’s vision standing at the Tigris River on Count of Omer NINE. Nine is the letter ‘tet’ represented the twisting we see in a basket and a snake. Hmm…they put snakes in baskets don’t they….a full embodiment of the meaning of the letter Tet (9).

Daniel sees the statue on Day Nine Count of Omer. This is now Day Ten the actual embodiment arrives to earth.

When did Daniel get his vision of the governments that would reside over the earth? Daniel was a young man arriving to Babylon where he was really even put in control when King Nebuchadnezzar went crazy for awhile. Daniel was among the leaders who taught them the Hebrew Language so they could return. The language connects to The Calendar…which is The Lord’s Feasts. It all goes hand-in-hand. Yes, those that would exit Babylon knew the language and The Torah…which is The Lord’s instructions. I find this more than interesting that we can see The Father’s time clock in history span 642 from one side of The Son’s coming to the BC side about being the same amount of time when Daniel in on the earth.

Our Creator raises up the simplest of people to start things in motion to bring His glory to our earth. Yes, everything is working together to HIS good…that is seen after TEN Enoch generations are done. His generations were 700 years each. After ten generations we reach 7000 years. Yes, the year of fellowship with The Creator who began this program.

Okay, I’m curious now. I’ll go back and find the Hebrew dates of his reign. Here we go…I wonder what we’ll find?

Sultan of Ottoman Empire for four years, November 8, 1687 to June 22, 1691.

I want to back up in history to look at when Constantinople was taken over by the Ottoman Turks. The month this Sultan is born is Month One, Nissan. Month Two is Iyyar and then Month Three is Sivan. Thus, in Month Three on Sivan 21 (3.21.1453) Ottoman Mehmet wins Constantinople and changes its name to Istanbul. May 29, 1453 they pray at Hagia Sophia, cleansing it to be a mosque. Istanolpolis ‘to the city’. Rome has five hills on which Constantine built Rome. The next are of five hills that also sat on water was this area which he named Constantinople…now Istanbul. Mohammed married Catholic Magdalene joining these religions early on. But, Mohammad’s lineage spread through leaders instead of blood which still causes their different factions today.

Kislev 13 5448 (Wednesday, November 8, 1687) to Tammuz 5 5452 (Tuesday, 22 June 1691) died.

Kislev 13 finds the Maccabees fighting to win back The Temple by 15 Kislev. It was taken over by the Antiochus Epiphany 167 to 163 BC. Yes, his rule resembles removing The Temple. It is a mental war for The Temple since the gold on it’s stones were removed by the Roman soldiers in 70 AD. And it being torn down and it’s soil salted in 71 AD.

Not only is this Ottoman sultan reminding us to fight for The Temple, but also The Torah. He dies on Tammuz 5. My calendar notes this:

Tammuz 5 – 325 Council of Nicea on Sabbath July 3, Christianity begins in full force. Convoked to reconcile clergy. Passover, Sabbaths and anything Jewish is thrown out. Instead of Jews stopped being killed, the Crusaders still killed Jews after what looked to be a Peace Agreement.

Can I just say right here…that if we do NOT as Christians accept this information as truth, we will remain part of the problem? The Torah can NOT be thrown out because you throw out God’s calendar. If you throw God’s calendar out, you can’t see him in operation…even in just what this study is showing us. It is not only about Jesus….it is about The Hebrew side of our history, and we become a Daniel and teach its language and culture, so we don’t forget who our God really is.

In these last days, we must face the facts that we have Israel back in her land and her language is back. If we don’t build upon that, we are just another Suleiman…another Ottoman Empire…still implementing Nicean Creeds to destroy God’s Torah. This is so very serious my friends!

We must accept Jesus as Hebrew with a Hebrew name Yeshua. He lived The Torah and is called The Living Torah never violating it. We must do what he did for his last 40 days on earth. Bring it back in its correct form. Not adding to it or taking away. There is great catastrophe to those that remove anything of God’s that is meant to draw men to himself. Your name will be removed from God’s Book of Life.

For those that want more information on Suleiman’s death day of Tammuz 5, it was Year 19 of solar cycle 195. A lot of test (nine).

It was year 17 of lunar cycle 287. Seventeen aligns with Joseph being sold off to the world at age 17 and then he only saw his father for another 17 years before Ya’cov died at age 147. Things to think about.

One last point about Tammuz 5. Five is the letter ‘hei’ for behold. It is pictured as a gate.

What we see on this date is Moses’ brother Aharon coerced into building a figure for the people and they put their gold on it to honor representing God. God said never to make a figure to represent Him…never. On Day 17 Moses hears all the partying below and even before he sees the golden figure, he throws down the tablet knowing they would never want to keep The Words of God.

We are in those same days, where we throw out The Words of God because we like our own man’s interpretation of The Bible we’re sold out on. Marten Luther was in the 1600 as well…and was also part of ‘getting rid’ of anything Jewish.

We live in a New Age my friends which shows us The Temple is coming back to earth. 2022. It is fully about The Father bringing back The Son. But he will only come when this earth is filled up with The Torah. There will be a remnant turning back to it. There were more Seders in this city than ever before. People want to return, and The Church is hearing their plea. AMEN!

As we continue down this calendar to look for patterns, we see Abe Lincolns Civil War winning access to the Mississippi via New Orleans. Now, in 2014, the year the Total Tetrad begins, and God’s War signaled, we have the same day for day and Sabbath for Sabbath. It’s an 152-year Anniversary of freedom that would come by 1865. From this New Orleans 1862 takeover in just a few days…it will be three more years until the Civil War ends in 1865. Yes, the three-year war program is seen here that we are all familiar with from our bibles.

Can we say that God is exact? I believe so. In just typing these days of Nissan up we can see patterns that bring War to our earth and patterns to peace. We are all simple people but are also called to great thing just for this moment perhaps.

And how often do we have EF5 tornadoes? We have then 72 years apart. One on Count Day 10 and the other on Count Day 9. They are anniversary EF5s. And, how old is our Israel? She was 72 years old when they booted PMBB Chaitanya out of office and also our President Trump of whom both of these men helped keep peace on our earth. From 2020 until 2022 is two years. Peace has been a very loose canon. We think of Russia as good because we’re tired of war. We have Ukraine deemed as very sinful and thus Americans have a hard time with backing her. Our minds have to stay focused on His peace. His peace comes in evil men. His peace comes with good men who rise up and come away from being evil. The Bear Russia may think they are Christian but what Christianity do they represent? Even Islam believes the Bible and yet religions attach their own leaders to give it that fine tune.

1947 Jackie Robinson first game – 1949 National League Most Valuable Player Brooklyn Dodgers.

Jackie was the first black person to be in major league baseball. If we look at the horrible misunderstanding of God saying all men are created equal, we now have a season of time that brings correction. Two years after the holocaust ended our world was thanking all colors for their help in WWII. Everyone loved Jackie Robinson as well as my husband.

The propaganda around color was spread by Hitler but began in Darwinism…one man’s opinion spread, and evil leaders bent it to their persuasion. Yes, one black man made a difference in shaping world opinion. Ham was not the father of Jackie. All of them were dark skinned as the body helped protect itself from the sun. When man stayed in cooler climates that generation’s skin adapted to the amount of sun to absorb.

In fact, we know that darker skinned people don’t absorb as much vitamin D which is necessary to enhance other vitamins. These people have been more susceptible to disease and have died sooner. And, yet without chemicals added to lighter skin to protect it from the sun’s rays, they have more chances of skin cancer. We will all die my friend. It is what we do with the time we are given that concerns The Father.

2004 CL – Cindy Lambardo returns from heaven Omer 10.

Cindy’s story is personal. She alone can hold the loss of her family in her heart while she at the same time tells us how glorious The Father’s ways are.

2015 9 4.5+ earthquakes in world; low, But, Russia 4.6, Shemittah year

2016 7 4.5+ earthquakes worldwide…very low: Russia 5.7

On Day Ten…which I have considered the ‘yud’ (‘) representing the closed hand of God, we see the earth quiet down in the number of 4.5+ earthquakes. But on Count of Omer Ten, we see RUSSIA being held accountable. Russia, Russia, Russia! Held in the Hand of God…best her people repent!

2013 7.0 Indonesia earthquake, April 5, Erev Sabbath Sh’mini (eight)

Large earthquakes like this happen often on the Erev of a Sabbath. I take seriously the Parshah that they point to. Sh’mini to me looks to The Eighth Day! It will be a blessing to see our earth at rest and people no longer violated. Yes, people are violated every day. All parties lose their self-worth and without The Father lose hope. It is not just earthquakes we should fear but the shaking within our own families when we don’t respect or protect each other. We are hearing many awful things about the lawlessness of promiscuity, and we just want to close our ears…but we can’t.

The next thing I would like to challenge myself to is to memorize the order of the Torah Parshah. Then I could go right to those books and see what topic The Father is dealing with on the earth.

Sh’mini (Eight) Leviticus 9:1-11:47

The Lord Accepts Aaron’s Offering

Leviticus 9:1  On the eighth day, Moshe called Aharon, his sons and the leaders of Isra’el, 

And when will we be called to order? On The Eighth Day!

Lev 9:2  and said to Aharon, “Take a male calf for a sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering, both without defect, and offer them before Adonai. 

Lev 9:3  Then tell the people of Isra’el, ‘Take a male goat for a sin offering and a calf and a lamb, both a year old and without defect, for a burnt offering, 

Lev 9:4  and an ox and a ram for peace offerings, to sacrifice before Adonai; also a grain offering mixed with olive oil—because today Adonai is going to appear to you.’ ” 

Lev 9:5  They brought what Moshe had ordered before the tent of meeting, and the whole community approached and stood before Adonai.

Who BECAME sin? Yeshua bore it all upon himself and The Father had to look away. That is worse than the torture our Messiah went through…to have The Father rip open the heavens with His weeping and his emotion shaking the foundations of our earth…because God in the flesh bore every sin past, p resent and future.

9:2 – A male: Yeshua, Without Defect: Observed The Torah in every part a male could.

A year old: not a baby being slaughtered, but a living being with common sense about them and yet innocent enough that no man had put a yoke to them. It was still free from mankind’s wrath. It was not used to pain but only being loved…by The Father.

We, the whole community will stand before ADONAI.

2018 6.2 Chile 10 April, 10 Omer (10.4 Big Buddy)

What is just one thing I gleam from this last happening on the calendar that fell on Count Omer Ten? The Hand of God always lines up. April 10 was Day 10 of the Count. I take everything into consideration. Don’t be afraid to look into the deeper things of God. They say there are more than 70 levels of depth…and yet there is right and there is wrong.

Thank you for looking at Day TEN of Count of the Omer reported in 2022.

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