The Impossible People?

Who are these Impossible People?  Who has gone beserk?

For the last few days I have been moved to research Constantine The Great.  After doing so, I’m wondering what was so great about him.  He died on Shavuot.  After seeing that, I really wondered about him.  He hated the Jews!  He stopped anyone from having a Passover or Seder service.  He forbid anyone from resting on the Sabbath and you were persecuted if found observing any of The Lord’s Feasts.   The Jew was allowed to be persecuted.  And, forget circumcision (the covenant sign).

This man declared Easter to the be way of the NEW church to celebrate Jesus’ death.

He declared FREEDOM OF RELIGION! Freedom?????

That my friends is someone that went BESERK.

My blood has been boiling for a Shemittah cycle (7 years).  I was raised Catholic and went to mass almost every day of my life.  We lived one block from the church and school.  I walked to church every morning to attend mass and then off to school directly across the street to eat that egg sandwich with wax paper stuck to it.

I was raised to love Jesus.  Life was happy!  I almost became a nun and then boys showed up and they were cute.  I was born on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, August 15.  My middle name is Mary.  I vowed to be pure for my husband and I was.

Now….why does my blood boil today?  I am now 65 years old soon and there is not a day that I don’t still talk to Jesus.  But, I became a born-again believer in 1977.  We just had our daughter baptized into the Catholic church when someone questioned me about heaven and hell.  I could not definitely say that I was going to heaven and that made me study the bible to find out if I could know for sure.  I found the truth there and have been studying ever sense.

The spirit in me doesn’t let me rest if there is any unknown question I have.  I am talking about my eternal life….  I am not going to trust it to just any pastor or bible commentator.  God tells me that it is up to me to study to show myself approved a workman unto the Lord.  If I have a spirit of love for him, then how can I not find out how to live for Him.  Don’t you want to know what your spouse likes so you can pleasing?

After traveling through life as a born-again Christian and going on missionary trips to Haiti and Cairo things once again changed.  In the Shemittah cycle 2007-2008 my spirit was lead to SEE the land of IsraEL.  In 2009 I flew alone and landed in Tel Aviv.  I wondered if this group from Bonney Lake WA would remember I signed up to tour with them.  They did find me and my roommate was from where I lived.  She is still  a blessing to me!

So, when I read these stories on IsraEL, I have a mind’s eye of what they are speaking about.  My blood is boiling and I can hardly type my thoughts right now.   What can I say to my wonderful friends and family and you so that I may not offend you with words that should pierce your soul to make you search to show yourself approved a workman of God.

The best thing you can start with today is to read the article that I read that confirms and touches my soul so deeply that I am moved to tears for you.  To see truth some times is very hard.  If you see this truth my friend, then you may face rejection.  If you reveal this truth, as I am trying, your friends may change.  If you are up to this challenge then go to:, June 9, 2015, Opinion article, Christianity Gone Beserk.

Who are the ‘Impossible People’?  The Jew!  The Rev David Kim, head of the World Evangelical Alliance, entitled his paper at a conference in Bethlehem, ‘How to Deal with the Impossible People – A Biblical Perspective.”  I would have thought it would be a lesson on Hamas or ISIS. Maybe the paper would have been about Muslims uprooting Christianity for the last 2000 years.  But, no….it was demeaning….IsraEL.

The author of ‘Christianity Gone Beserk’, Steve Apfel, did a more than outstanding work on his article.  Here are a few quotes from his article June 9, 2015.

“Christendom right now is in dire straits.”

“Even under Muslims in medieval times the burning and slaying and pillaging to near extinction is dwarfed by the scale of what’s happening now.”

“Historian Tom Holland reckons we’re witnessing the total extinction of Christendom in the Middle East.”

“Everyone is ignoring the growing danger to Christians in Muslim countries,” bewailed Mano Rumalshah, the Bishop of Peshawar. “European countries don’t give a damn about us.”  “Not quite.  The Archbishop of Canterbury gives a damn…….Justin Welby, head of the Church of England had to say after seeing the “mass graves” of latter day martyrs.  “I have no illusions about this.  But historically the right response of Christians to persecution and attack is – it’s the hardest thing we can ever say to people, but Jesus tells us to love our enemies.  It’s the hardest thing when you’re violently attacked.  It’s an indescribable challenge.  But God gives grace so often for that – to love our enemies.”

“Hold onto Welby, the consoler of Christians drowning in blood, while we revert to people of another faith.  When last did a Jew kill a person for being a Christian?  When last in the Holy Land did Jews burn down a church?  When last was a Christian converted to Judaism under pain of death?  Yet where do churchmen aim their diatribes?”

Kim’s paper on how to deal with Jews had a cross covering a menacing-looking part of Israel’s anti-terror barrier.  Author, Steve Apfel, states that in 1949 there were 34,000 Christian citizens living in Israel and today there are 168,000 with their large graveyard showing how they have prospered in IsraEL.

He comments on Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu having no love for the Jewish people but only ‘hate’ for the ‘impossible people’.  Tutu, “The Jews think they have a monopoly of God.  Jesus was angry that they could shut out other human beings.”  But, it is the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza that have caused half of Tutu’s flock to flee, says Apfel.

He quotes the new prayer for the Palestinians authored by the Anglican, Evangelical Lutheran and Catholic composed for the World Council of Churches.  This was headed by Kairos that lobbied church synods to declare the ‘occupying’ Jews a “sinful” people.

You know….I’m just tired of typing about it.  I repeat myself so many times that God sent His son to die for the sins of our world.  He announced it in Genesis with Adam, Eve and the serpent present to hear.  He announced it all through the ages, OT and New Testament.  The Jews keep telling us their stories and we keep killing them.  Today, the Christian has turned to a path of NO Torah in their lives and are experiencing no protection which is found in God’s instructions, called The Torah.  Christians have thrown it out…and now ask “Why are these things happening to them?”  Many are so relaxed because they expect a ‘lifting away’ from all these troubles.  But, they are not seeing it happen.  Will they get INTO ACTION finally?

Men have misunderstood the bible in that they think this part does this for you and this part is just the history of the book.  Men keep messing up the words of God and even the Pharisees added their own fences (making them higher) to protect the people from falling.  They are the ones that added the rule of washing the cups.  They tried to trick Jesus and all Jesus did was to take them back to the original teachings of Mosche.

In our trying to be so perfect in this ‘word for word’ study since the printing press came about…we have become so critical within ourselves that we have now become 38,000 denominations.  Oh My Goodness People!  What must Jesus think about that?

Paul has become the most misunderstood man in history…What must Rabbi Sha’ul think of that?  By the way, God never changed Sha’ul’s name to Paul.  He was called Paul by the Greeks.  But he was a Jew and Roman writing to Jews or converts most of the time.

Another by the way, the Hebrew name for Jesus means, Salvation (Yeshua).  Sounds just like ‘Ye’ in Yes, ‘shu’ (shoo), ‘a’ (soft a).  It’s not a hard name to say, but it says a lot.

Sin is described in Hebrew as violating Torah.  If men remove God’s words (instruction/torah), then they will feel the wrath of their own sin.  They bring judgment on themselves.

The Pharisees added many things and the Christians remove Jewish things and add their own traditions and expect God to accept it.

Our lives have to be lived according to Torah or we die.  You don’t eat with the enemy. You preemptive strike your enemy before they strike you.  We have gone so far from God’s instruction manual that we don’t know what to believe in order to live.  Therefore, we curse ourselves into destruction.

I must end this as it is 1700 words now.  I will write on Constantine in the next writing.  Oh yes, Constantinus ended the Roman crusades that killed believers; but he left out those “impossible people.”  They were not to be wandering Jews, my friends.  They were to be wondered after.  People are to love Jesus/Yeshua that chose to come as a Jew and will return as a Jew.  Will you recognize Him?

He will return with NO books to print, and will write His instructions (torah) on your heart.  In fact, He has written it on my heart.  When I study and understand His ways, they keep me safe.  He is writing on men’s hearts today.  And, could it be, that these hearts for Torah will bring that revival that causes the return of Messiah.

Thank you for searching to find Him in His Words.  It may save your life today and He definitely saves you into eternity.

Impossible People Part II next….

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